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Greeked in Turkey

by HedonistMax©


Following a run-in with the local authorities, faithful wife, mother and all round goody two shoes, Jenny, soon found herself transformed into a human shish kebab.

Last year my husband and I were to go to Turkey for a much-needed holiday. He had been working especially hard for several months (He was an electrician) and we had booked ourselves two weeks as a treat to ourselves. However, less than a month before we were due to depart he was offered a large contract that would keep him in lucrative work for over a year. I was very irritated when he first suggested canceling the holiday. However soon realised that it was for the best. He was a very conscientious provider for the family and I knew he wouldn't enjoy the trip if he had to turn down the work. It transpired, however, that our daughter, Sarah (then just 20), could take his place at no extra cost and so that was arranged and we set off for Turkey.

We had a lot of fun together for the first few days, shopping in the markets and lying by the pool in the hotel. But it soon became obvious to me that she would be far happier spending time with people her own age. Also, as a pretty young woman, she was attracting a certain amount of attention from both the local men and other tourists.

One evening, a group of about half a dozen German students in the same hotel asked us to join them on a trip the next day to see some ruins and then go to a quiet beach. They very kindly included me in their invitation. I tactfully made my excuses and insisted they should go without Mum.

Just before we turned for the night, Sarah suggested that we go for a walk along the beach. However, we had only been out for five minutes when a man appeared in the darkness and grabbed her small handbag. There wasn't much in it - just a few pounds in local currency and the room key - but we were quite shaken and fled back to the hotel.

The staff there was very helpful and comforting. They moved our things to another room for security.

The next morning before Sarah went off next morning, she and I walked to the police station. The two policemen behind the counter were awful - an older one, who deigned to get out of his chair, and a younger one, who spoke about two words of English and just leered at Sarah.

After about five minutes I was at the end of my tether with trying to communicate with them and burst into tears. At that point the door behind the desk opened and a very distinguished looking police officer walked out. He spoke curtly to the other two before asking us, in excellent English, what the problem appeared to be. We were invited into his large office, coffee was brought, and the details of the crime were recorded - the officer reassured us that everything would be done to find the bag, hoped this would saying that he not spoil our visit to his country. He was so charming.

Feeling a lot better, Sarah drove off with her new friends and I spent a relaxing day reading in the sun.

It was late afternoon when I got a message in the hotel to say that the police had found the bag and the culprit, and that I was welcome to go round at any time and pick it up. So I showered, changed and went straight over to the police station.

The insolent older man on the desk was very much more respectful now and ushered me straight into the back office. The officer was sat at his desk but got up to offer me a seat. He told me that, in such a small community, they had easily found the thief and produced the handbag. We chatted for some time, during which time he told me his name was Mehmet.

The time must have flown by, because I suddenly noticed that it was getting dark outside and the officer got up to close the shutters at the window. He then walked around the back of my chair and leaned over and spoke quietly into my ear - this came as something of a shock, although I must confess that I found him very attractive. He asked me what sort of man my husband was to allow such an attractive wife and daughter to come away alone together?

Despite the fact that I should have been outraged at this effrontery, the sound of his voice so close to me and the touch of his moustache on my neck sent tingles down my spine that I had honestly never felt before. With this handsome stranger on a balmy evening, I suddenly felt a very long way from home and free of the duties of a wife, mother and respectable citizen. Rather than get up and leave, as I should have done, I stayed sat in the chair as he continued to whisper in my ear.

His fingers touched mine and he reassuringly stroked my hand. Shivers flowed though me as his fingers trailed up my naked arms. I let out an involuntary gasp as his lips found the nap of my neck. The gasp became a deep moan when he cupped my breasts, my nipples quickly hardened, stroking them with his thumbs. I could soon feel myself getting damp between my thighs.

All the time he whispered, telling me how beautiful I was and what he was going to do. He pressed on hand down to my belly, which was now full of butterflies and massaged it through the thin material of my summer dress.

His large hands then moved beneath my armpits and pulled me up from the chair. He turned me to face him. For a second we starred into each others eyes. The look of burning lust freighted get thrilled me. Our lips met in a hot kiss as he pulled me to him. For a moment I resisted his tongue pressing on my lips to enter. However his persistence and my horny feelings, made me open wide to his probing tongue.

His fingers traced up and down my arms and back. His touch was slow and deliberate as he ran his fingertips up the inside of my legs and thighs. One of his hands slipped down and pulled my dress up at the rear so that he could caress my bottom. Squeezing and gripping the cheeks in a sexy manner, getting ever closer to my anus. Both his hands slipped into my knickers, kneading and pulling apart the cheeks of my backside.

'You have a wonderful arse my darling. Does you’ husband fucked it?' He whispered. I felt panicked by the thought of being fucked in that way. He noticed the tremor in my voice as I told him I had not. He returned to gentle and soothing words and kisses.

He then began to unbutton the front of my dress and pushed a hand inside to pull my breasts out from the confines of my bra. My dress fell in a heap at my feet my bra followed, only my panties stopped me being completely naked. He cupped my left breast in his hand and began fondling it and pinching my stiff nipple. As he pressed against me, I could feel his hard erection. My cunt flooded with moisture as I imagined him sliding his smooth brown cock up me. Soon he was all over them, licking and nibbling one nipple while pulling at the other.

His lips made a magic dance on the whole of my breasts as one of his hands slipped between us slipping into my panties and cupping my pussy. I could feel his thick fingers rubbing across my steadily moistening slit as he teased me. His fingertips stroked up and down my slit helped by my leaking sex juices.

I felt defenceless, yet highly aroused, as two fingers sank deep inside my wet cunt and started churning around. I was blushing furiously as I heard squelching sounds as his fingers moved around. I could feel a wet trickle snaking down my inner thigh as he moved his fingers in and out drawing out my juices. Then he added a third finger and all three shuttled in and out as his thumb located my clitoris and stroked it rhythmically. Like most women my clit is extremely sensitive and the slightest touch sets me off. I was helpless and was going to allow him to do whatever he wanted with my body.

'I am going to fuck you as a beautiful woman should be - like you’ve never been fucked before!' He whispered in his sexy Turkish ascent as his fingers continued to work on my pussy.

He was still holding me tight in his arms as he rubbed the hardness of his erection against my sex mound which was only protected by the thin fabric of my panties. Mehmet tweaked my nipples then ran his hand down to my waistband, slipped his thumbs inside and, as he knelt, pulled them down. I seemed on auto, and I just stepped out of them as he cupped my bum and kissed my fanny, parting my lips with his tongue.

Mehmet backed me up to his desk and I sat on the edge. I spread my legs wide and arched my back, as he slid two fingers into me and moved them slowly in and out while his thumb played with my clit. I expected him to stick them in and frig me off, but instead he reached out with both hands, he gently took hold of my labia and held them apart, taking long, slow laps at my cunny as he moved deeper into me.

The feeling was almost indescribable. I grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled him even closer towards me, arching my back so that he could get even deeper. I had never actually been frigged by someone's tongue for any length of time and I was rapidly regretting not getting someone to do it before. My husband had gone down on me once before, but it was just for a quick lap, then he me suck him. I would give a little then we just fucked with me on my back.

After just a few minutes of his tongue flexing inside me, I was already close to coming again and I could feel myself beginning to go over the edge. I started to pulse from head to foot as an orgasm built up in my guts and then washed over me. It was the first in years and it took me by surprise.

Before I could recover fully, Mehmet began to work his way back up my body, his fingers remaining to spread my juices all over my lips. He moved up to kiss me and I could see how effective his work had been - his face was covered with my drying love, juices - but I didn't care. I just wanted him inside me.

Mehmet had other ideas, (‘One good suck deserves another!’) pulling me from the desk and putting his hands on my shoulders he told me to kneel down. I slipped down his hunky body until I knelt, eye level with his crotch. Taking my shaking hands he guided them to undo the belt and fly buttons of his uniform trousers. I looked up to see his eyes burning with lust above me.

His trousers slipped easily down his thick muscular legs. Under he ware large old fashion jockey pants, they bulged with his cock. I gripped the elastic waist band and pulled them to his feet. A penis that was twice the size of my husband’s confronted me. Mehmet settled himself into the chair and, taking the initiative, clasped his cock in one hand, the back of my head with his other and guided it towards my mouth. The effect on him was very gratifying and as I gained confidence he started to groan and thrust his hips upwards.

Soon, his thrusts increased in intensity, his prick swelled even thicker and with a deep groan he ejaculated into my mouth. For the first time in my 44 years, I drank a man’s sperm as it pulsed down my throat. At first the spunk tasted bitter and salty but I soon grow to like the taste.

I was a bit disappointed, as, with my husband, that would normally have been the end of things. However, sensing this, Mehmet reassured me that we had only just started, telling me that he would now be able to fuck me for longer. He was as good as his word, for his cock hardly seemed to go soft at all after his orgasm.

We stood and I grabbed his cock and started to pull on it, getting it really stiff as I my lips locked onto his mouth and kissed him deeply, tasting my hot cunt on him as my tongue baffled with his. Pulling him on top of me, I fell back onto his desk. He lifted my legs and spread them wide, exposing my cunt and arse for his pleasure. I could hear a reassuring 'squelch' as he parted me and entered.

I suppose we should have used a condom to be safe, neither of us seemed bothered and it felt good to have a good man's cock in me again after all this time!

'Come deep inside me, fuck me till you come.' He started to move in and out of me, expertly varying his strokes as the sweat began to build. I was already in heaven at this early stage. I have never felt so filled as he pounded into me with savage lunges that drove the breath from my body. I raked my nails down his back and into his bum; kissing him harshly all over as he took me on a roller- coaster of a fuck; pulling all the way out and then shoving it all the way into me as I gasped for breath and clenched my teeth to stop myself from crying out.

Suddenly I felt his cock harden, felt him begin to strain against me and I realised that he was coming. I was writhing on his cock, lifting my hips to meet his every thrust and acting like a complete slut. I shouted loudly for him to fill me up and make me pregnant just as the delicious explosion welled up between my thighs. Mehmet caressed my legs and breasts. Then, suddenly, he griped my thighs and thrust his hips hard against me. I cried out as my orgasm took me into heaven. Mehmet‘s as all those unfulfilled years were swept away by a shuddering orgasm - and then that glorious sense of fulfilment as I felt him coming and prick pulsed for what seemed like ages, warm spunk flooded into me.

After a few minutes to allow me to come back, Mehmet pulled me to him. He kissed me hard, his thick tongue darting between my lips and exploring the inner part of my mouth, his hands squeezing my naked breasts while his fingers teased my nipples into even more throbbing hardness. I feverishly returning his passionate kisses. He kept squeezing my naked breasts and titillate my pulsing nipples until I could again feel a liquid fire blazing in the depths of my pussy. His still ridged cock pressed into my soft belly. His mouth smothered my heavy breathing.

He backed me to the wall and lifted me up. I slipped onto his hardness. Filled with is cock again he proceeded to bounce me up and down on it. I gripped around his strong neck, hanging on for all I was worth. Our bellies slapped together, his balls slapped on my arse as the breathe seemed to be knocked out of me. This was fucking, this was crude hard fucking and I was loving it.

I lost track of time, we could have been fucking for moments – it could have been ages, however suddenly I came once more with such force that we both fell to the ground. I rode his cock until his cream filled me again.

There was an awkward silence as I collected my clothes. Having been so crude, he was now his charming self again. I had to confess to him that I felt as though we had used each other and said how surprised I was at myself. I also reassured him that I'd had the most extraordinary evening. I was grateful that the other two policemen were not in the outer office when I left, that would have been too embarrassing. I am sure they heard me!

Sarah was still not yet back from her day out when I returned. I was so exhorted that I just trough off my clothes and without washing slipped into bed and was soon fast asleep.

She spent much of the next two weeks with her new bunch of friends and I returned to have more fun with my hunky policeman but it did not turn out that way. You will have to read my next installment.

Written by: HedonistMax

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