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A Fair Punishment

by UKCuddlyGuy©

Joseph worked for Lambert, Gould & Associates in the City of London. He was a fast rising junior partner, with aspirations of making senior partner in the next year. It was late on Friday, all of the other lawyers and staff had left for the evening, it was just Joseph and his secretary Kelly left on the top floor of the office building the company owned. Joseph was working his dimly lit office, sitting in his charcoal grey Armani suit trousers, white shirt and dark grey power tie, but had loosened the tie and rolled up the sleeves as he knew he still had a long night ahead of him. He was going through the paperwork on the Nicholson merger, when he noticed a discrepancy. There was a sum of money that had been claimed as expenses on LG&A's last invoice that he hadn't approved. It was only £10,000 - small change on a deal worth many millions, but this was the first thing he noticed, there may be more.

Joseph called Kelly in to his office. She walked in wearing her usual professional but sexy outfit - a white sheer blouse, tight dark grey designer pencil skirt, with black silk stockings and black high heels. Her hair was tied back in a very professional high pony tail and as usual her make-up was immaculate, including her perfect glossy red lips. She was absolutely gorgeous, but Joseph knew that it would be unprofessional to act on his almost uncontrollable urges. That didn't stop him fantasising about Kelly constantly though!

"Kelly, sit down please. There seems to have been £10,000 invoiced to Nicholson Ltd for expenses that I have no record of" he said. "The invoices are drafted by me, finalised and sent out by you, so there are only two of us that could have put this item on there - and I know I didn't..."

"I'm so, so sorry" Kelly pleaded, "I thought it was a tiny amount and I really needed the money, I can't afford to pay for clothes like this on my salary and I know I need to wear them to keep up appearances working here"

Joseph walked round his large dark walnut desk and came round behind Kelly's chair. He put his hands on her shoulders and said "I can understand that, but unfortunately, it's really a legal problem now. That's a considerable crime, as well as a huge abuse of my trust in you. Assuming you don't have the money to pay it back, I need to consider some other way of keeping you out of jail..."

Kelly felt one of Joseph's strong arms slip around her neck and within two seconds everything went completely black.

She woke up slightly cold and bent over, with her upper body lying down on Joseph's dark wooden desk. She was groggy for the first few seconds, but quickly noticed that her blouse and skirt were missing and that she couldn't move her arms. Her arms were tied using silk ties to two of Joseph's desk drawers at the far side of his desk. She was forced flat on top of the desk, her high heels and long legs were fortunately at the right height to make it not too uncomfortable against the edge of the desk.

She started to panic, went to call out for help and noticed that her mouth was full of material. Joseph had taken her black lace panties off, put them into her mouth to act as a gag and used another silk tie around her head to hold them in place.

"Well, woken up have you?" a voice gently said, "I came up with a way of punishing you for abusing my trust and breaking the law, without needing to get anyone else involved. I'm going to fuck you hard, that way I get some pleasure from having to cover up for your fuck-up!"

Kelly heard Joseph's footsteps coming up behind her. She felt his strong hands rubbing up the length of her legs and started to shake her head and mumble. She'd rather go to prison than be fucked like this, tied up like a piece of meat or some street whore. His hands grazed her naked pussy and she tried to wriggle to pull it away from him.

He smacked her right ass check hard with his hand, leaving a clear red hand print. Kelly felt the pain shoot through her and let out an involuntary scream, muffled by her panties stuffed into her mouth. "Kelly, this is going to happen, it just depends whether you want it to be pleasurable or painful, but it's going to fucking happen!"

He went back to gently touching her slit, rubbing his middle finger up and down the length of it. Although she didn't want it to be like this, Kelly felt her resolve weaken. Her pussy started to tingle and get damp. Joseph noticed this and stuck his finger in to her tight pussy. "You like being tied up like a little slut and teased like this, don't you?!" he said, not expecting an answer but enjoying talking to her when she couldn't answer back. Kelly knew that Joseph was the boss, but she was an incredibly smart lady and gave back a lot of playful sassy remarks to Joseph when they were out of earshot of others.

Joseph then crouched down and put his tongue very gently on Kelly's clit. A shudder of excitement went through Kelly, like an electric spark. "Ohh, I think my little slut likes that! See, if you play along, you might enjoy it - if you resist you'll feel more pain. It's up to you!" he whispered and went back to gently touching her clit with his tongue. While he was doing this he took his finger and started to play around again at the opening to her slit, touching gently around the lips of her pussy and teasing around the entrance.

Kelly's resistance had completely melted away as she felt her breath quicken and her pulse increase. Strangely the wood of his desk didn't feel cold at all now. Joseph stood up again, but kept playing with her pussy with his fingers. He spat on her asshole and she could then feel his other hand start to play around with the entrance to her asshole. "I bet you have a lovely tight ass too, I wonder which hole I should fuck tonight?!" he asked rhetorically, for it was obvious to both of them that it was completely his choice.

He bent down and started to lick Kelly's asshole. "If I'm going to shove my cock in here in a minute, I need to get it nice and wet" he said and carried on licking and poking his tongue in her ass while playing with her pussy with his hand. After a couple of minutes of this, with Kelly writhing and feeling the waves of pleasure going through her, Joseph suddenly stopped and stepped away.

Kelly tried to look over her shoulder to see what was going on, but couldn't get the right angle to see much. When she heard his belt buckle undo and his zip come down, she had a mental picture of him getting naked. As much as Joseph thought she was gorgeous, but couldn't have normally done anything, she'd been fantasising about him too. His large manly body was exactly Kelly's type and she had spent many a lunchtime playing with her pussy in the ladies toilets, wishing he would fuck her.

She heard him step close, felt his hands on her hips on top of her Agent Provocateur black suspender belt and then quickly afterwards his hot hard cock at the entrance to her slit. She felt both the embarrassment at being tied up and used, with the excitement of having a fantasy of hers fulfilled (fucking her powerful boss). She felt the head of his cock push past her wet pussy lips and in to her hole.

"Fuck! That's really tight!" Joseph exclaimed breathlessly. He pushed in further and Kelly felt his cock fill her up as he pushed it all the way in. Joseph held it there for a moment, knowing that fucking this gorgeous vixen while she stood bent over helpless in black lingerie and heels had the potential to quickly send him over the edge. He then slowly pulled out and pushed back in again. Kelly felt the familiar heat in her stomach, the building to an orgasm she so strongly desired. Joseph fucked his cock in and out of her, hearing her start to squeal with delight.

"I'll make a deal with you - I'll untie your arms and un-gag you, if you promise to not do anything stupid? At the end of the day, if you make it difficult for me I can easily choke you back unconscious again from any position, so you'll only end up causing yourself more pain in the long run" he offered. Kelly thought for a moment and then slowly nodded. Joseph reached forward, his cock still embedded in her tight slit and untied both of her hands. Kelly found that the movement of his cock inside her made it really difficult to concentrate on the freedom from having her hands free.

He then untied the silk tie from around her head and removed her knickers from her mouth. Kelly stretched her mouth and got used to the feeling of being able to move her jaw again when Joseph started quickly pounding his cock in and out of her. This felt amazing to her and she quickly started to gently squeal in delight as his balls banged hard against her clit. He reached forward for her arms, grabbed her hands, pulled them behind her back and pounded away. Kelly found the rhythm of Joseph pounding his hard cock in to her while pulling on her hands too much and came in a screaming orgasm, her body shaking with pleasure. It's just as well the office was empty, the noise was unmistakable. After a few more strokes as Kelly calmed back down, Joseph pulled his cock out of her.

He lifted her up so she was standing upright and turned her around. He held her face and kissed her deeply, while she tried to recover her breath.

He broke the kiss, "look at my cock, it's all slick with your juices" he said, "you'd better clean that up" and he pushed gently on her shoulders to make her squat down. She took his cock all the way into her mouth, feeling the head pushing against her throat while her slender fingers started to stroke his balls. Joseph always kept neatly groomed down there, and Kelly loved the feel of his hairless nuts. She sucked his cock in and out, making slurping noises as it almost plopped out of her mouth, before her sexy full lips formed a tight ring around his cock and back in it went. She then let go of his balls and used her hand to pull his foreskin all the way back, using her mouth to kiss and suck on and around the head. She spat on his cock and used her saliva to make his cock really slick and shiny as she continued to stroke it up and down and slipped the head of his dick in between her beautiful lips.

Joseph felt his own orgasm rising, so he reached down to Kelly's upper arms and lifted her back up, she let his cock slip from her lips with a pop as the suction released and let out a moan of disappointment that it ended so soon. Joseph shuddered, grateful that he'd held on though. He pushed her back onto the desk and laid her flat.

He lifted her stockinged legs up and bent over to go back to licking her pussy. She wrapped her legs behind his head and felt his warm mouth on her clit, gently sucking and licking it. His chin was teasing around her hole and she could feel his slight stubble from the end of the day brushing her wet slit. He reached up and inserted his index finger in to her soaking wet pussy as he carried on licking her clit. It was a tight squeeze, fitting his head and hand down there with Kelly's calves behind his head, but there was nowhere else he wanted to be.

However, he then realised that he'd lost control over the situation and was held in place by her. He reached behind him and removed her legs from around his head. Her legs slipped down and around his waist. She tried to use them to pull him closer, so that he put his hard cock, slippery with her saliva and his own precum into her tight hole, but Joseph was having none of it and managed to resist entering her.

He reached forward and pinched her nipples. Kelly's head jerked back as he tweaked and played with them, she could feel the head of his cock at her opening, but couldn't pull strongly enough with her legs to make him fuck her. He carried on playing with her perfect tits, tweaking and gently pulling on her nipples. He then leant down to kiss each of them, sucking them hard into his mouth and letting each one pop back out.

While he was kissing her breasts and Kelly kept trying to pull his cock into her using her legs around her waist, Joseph reached down and behind him to her ankles and separated them. He lifted them up high, so her long perfect legs went straight up in the air, held together by one of his strong one-handed grips, and plunged his cock in to her pussy.

"FUUUUCK" Kelly shouted, surprise at getting what she wanted, pleasure at the same time and a feeling of helplessness after her efforts were in vain until he decided he wanted to fuck her.

He wrapped his arms around her thighs, her calves separating slightly either side of his head and he used his grip around her thighs to pull her tighter onto his cock. He then started to really slowly take his cock out, then push it back in to her, in one smooth and strong stroke. In and out his cock thrust slowly in to her soaking wet slit.

He then let go of her legs, letting them fall open to the sides and reached down to play with her clit. Seeing the stunning woman laying in front of him, knowing he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, he went to town on her, ramming his cock hard in and out of her pussy. All the time stroking her clit in small circles, while his cock pounded in and out of her. Kelly felt her second orgasm building, she was trying to slide slightly up and down on the desk in time with Joseph's strokes. Suddenly she let out an enormous scream as she came, her legs shaking as the waves crashed through her body.

Joseph pulled his cock out of her, gave a couple of quick strokes and sprayed cum up her body. The first squirt hit Kelly underneath the chin, the second and third landed on her perfect tits and the rest on her stomach. He took a step back, drained and Kelly's legs collapsed down.

He reached down for his underwear, said "That's a good start to paying off your debt, my little slut, but you've got many more weeks to go yet! Same time next Friday!" and winked at her.

Written by: UKCuddlyGuy

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