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Judy's Misadventures Ch. 06

by roseyfingers©

Chapter Six - At the Yellow Restaurant - Can you ever go home again?

A few days later, Eduard arranged for Loretta and Judy to meet with him at the Yellow Restaurant connected to the Five Star brothel community. Eduard began by saying, "I have a great deal of news for you," but Judy and Loretta were called away to have sex with two men from France who had not been able to find them in the brothel. There had been some scheduling mistake.

An hour later, Eduard finally got to talk to Loretta and Judy, "Before we are interrupted again, I must say that our mother and sister are in Lbirne and our brother is now upstairs having sex with some woman that Morice brought in a few years ago from France."

Loretta and Judy expressed amazement and confusion. Eduard went on, "Almost no one in Glaessov or Lbirne has any idea who his parents are because no one knows the father and records are deliberately not kept of the identity of mothers. Given the enlightened nature of our society, such data would only cause false sentimentality and confusion. There is one exception to the lack of record keeping on parentage. Few in Taritarat know of it. If they know of it, almost none know if the exception applies to them.

"I have assumed my mother was one of the many daughters of Western women who was born in Taritarat and impregnated by a sex tourist. I knew that records are kept of the mothers and children of the western born free love hippies that lived in Taritarat in the 1980s. This was done for the reason that things are usually done in Taritarat, to raise revenue. It was expected that most of the western women who fled Taritarat in 1986 and 1987 would never have any assets and it has generally worked out that way. But it was thought that some of the women who had children here and left them with brothel owners or other guardians would attain riches and could be blackmailed with facts about their past into sending money to Taritarat or could be asked to give money to help their abandoned children. This has happened. Most of the women who are allowed to visit Glaessov or Lbirne are visiting children they abandoned in the 80s.

"A man named Harpin was the government overseas agent for getting money from the mothers of the children left in Taritarat by foreigners who fled. Harpin had the list of mothers who had left children in Taritarat and found that a Gloria Saintange had had a male child in 1984 in Taritarat and a female child in 1986 that were left with guardians. Those two children are me and Loretta.

"Harpin looked into the situation of Gloria Saintange, who become Gloria Rocklin, and determined that she did not have enough money for it to be worthwhile to bother her for money. However, he learned also that she had two attractive daughters born in the United States that it would be very nice to lure to Glaessov or Lbirne. Harpin succeeded in getting Cate here and she has been in the Five Star brothel in Lbirne for over 21 months, has had a child and is now four months pregnant. She was found guilty of having made a false statement on her entry form by saying that she had a close personal relative in Taritarat. Gloria's other daughter born in the U.S. found a slightly different route to Taritarat." Eduard looked at Judy and smiled.

"Gloria was never charged with any violation of Taritarat laws but decided to stay in Lbirne anyway. At first she was placed in a community that was focused on care of young children. She liked that but she also liked to walk around the city. When she did, she was always quickly taken for sex the maximum seven times every day. The authorities eventually figured out that Gloria is very attractive for her age and she was relocated to a Four Star community where she has very limited childcare duties but raises much revenue for the brothel owner through her activities in bed.

"Gloria is generally happy. She has a good friend Betty in her community who is about her age and used to live in Florida. Like Gloria, Betty really likes sex and they often go out on long walks together on days in which they are not scheduled for a lot of sex in their rooms.

"So here we are. It will be a very strange family reunion after I talk to Judy's brother Charles and we go to see Cate and Gloria in Lbirne. Also, I have an idea that might be of interest to you and Cate."

After being brought to Judy by Eduard, Charles said he was very pleased to see his long lost sister but chastised her for not letting him know before she left for Taritarat. Judy had no good answer. She did not know why she had been so careless herself. Death wish, sex slave wish or something similar?

Lbirne is less than an hour drive from Glaessov. Eduard as a fairly high government official was allowed to see Cate as soon as she was done entertaining the man by whom she was being sodomized.

It was harder to locate Gloria. She was on one of her long walks with Betty. The receptionist at the community where she lived said that Gloria and Betty never come back from a walk before they both are taken the full seven times allowed and walk eight kilometers. The government set a firm limit of seven so that women would be able to get some fresh air and exercise without being constantly subject to sex. The receptionist joked that, "Gloria probably wishes the limit were at least twice seven."

There was nothing to do but wait. About two hours later, Gloria walked up to the door with Betty, both naked as a jaybird and reeking of sex. Both looked very healthy. Gloria was excited to see Judy and Charles who she had not seen in almost two years. After hearing the facts from Eduard, Gloria was nonplused to learn that she had numerous grandchildren that she would never meet, or maybe she had already met but would never know they were her grandchildren.

"Yes," Eduard said, "Loretta has given birth six times and Cate and Judy one each. Cate is pregnant again." "I think I am also," Judy said, "I'm feeling morning sickness."

After long explanations, some apologies and some tears, Eduard asked, "Judy, Cate, do you want to go back to Florida?" The sisters asked how that was possible and Eduard explained.

"Based on ancient religious law, the laws in Taritarat are interpreted quite literally. On advise of counsel you both said nothing after being charged with making a false statement on your form to enter Taritarat. So you were convicted, but the conviction can be reconsidered if it is clear that the facts contradict the charges.

"In fact, when you wrote the you had close relatives in Taritarat, you may have intended to lie, but you did not do so. You had a brother and a sister here. The statement you made was not false. I believe that I can get you out of here in a couple days unless there is outside interference. This will be made still easier by the fact that Charles has brought about $10,000 that he saved for Grad School with him. "Judy, do you want out of Taritarat?"

Judy said, "It has not been as horrible as I thought it would be, but I want to be a human being again, get me out of here." Cate did not know what she wanted. "I did so badly with my life before, here I don't have to make any decisions. I can be a pet without cares. I enjoy sex and the babies are part of that. I guess I should have ambitions, but I don't know."

Eduard said, "Cate, if we get you out and you decide that you want to come back, there will be no obstacle. If we delay, obstacles could develop to leaving. In Glaessov and Lbirne the law is determined by legal argument or the highest bidder."

It was Gloria who decided that Cate was going to try to get out of Taritarat. "Assuming Eduard has fathered no children, I have eight grandchildren and I don't know any of them. If Eduard can get us out, you will come with us, Cate, and have your child in Florida."

Cate was no better at resisting the will of her mother than she had been in asserting herself as to other persons and things at other times.

Eduard said that the women should all go back to their communities and do what they were scheduled to do tonight. He would arrange a hearing for the following afternoon.

In Taritarat, the women are never told what men they will be seeing, only the times in which they must be clean and attractive and in their rooms. Judy came back to see that some man had reserved her for the maximum twelve hours from 9 pm until the following morning at 9. This was a very expensive reservation. Would the man involved be someone who had enough money or influence to interfere with Eduard's plan to get her out of Taritarat? For the first time since she had been taken, she had something to worry about. Who would come through the door at 9?

At the Five Star Community

It was Humphrey Morice who knocked on her door at 9:00. After Gorrig or one of the Normans, that was the last person she wanted to see. Judy almost began crying before realizing that she had to pretend nothing was happening. Maybe Morice did not know. If he did know, Morice probably had the assets and knowledge necessary to dash Judy's way out of Taritarat.

Morice did know but he did not want to do anything but have a lovely evening of sex and conversation. "Although you are trying to hide it, it is obvious from your face that you misunderstand me. It was never I who worked to get you here. I just accepted payments to make shipments such as I often make. Also, Eduard and I are old friends. He broached with me the idea of making the appeal based on the literal truth of your statement on the entry form. I think it is a brilliant idea that will probably work. Judges in Taritarat follow the law exactly as written unless paid to do otherwise. The system is very fair in a very venal sort of way.

"I have no intention of interfering with Eduard's plan or of notifying anyone who might do so before you are safely back home. Now, lie on your stomach. I will give you a long back massage, you seem very stressed."

The sex that followed was some of the most patient and considerate that Judy had ever experienced. One might even call it "romantic" if that word had any place in Taritarat. After a full body massage of her backside from head to toe, Judy was placed on her back for another massage from head to toe. Then, Morice gently stimulated Judy's areolae with the lightest possible touch of the tips of his fingers and his tongue. Working his hand between her legs, he gently worked around her vulva, slipping a finger once or twice near her clitoris or into the temple of Venus while also making sure that the sword of Aries was sufficiently rigid. Once inside her, Morice's pace was initially slow and designed to yield a mounting warmth without a moment of discomfort. The pace eventually quickened until Morice moved to place Judy on top and slowed again to enjoy her breasts hanging down to his eyes and lips where he could taste them and she could feel his tongue roll gently around her inflated nipples. The thrust resumed now with and upward movement that Judy could meet and grind into. The pressure built, the corks were popped and Judy fell exhausted onto Morice's chest.

Over twelve hours there was much time to talk and rest and to copulate several more times. "I don't understand you or Eduard," Judy said during a break, "If you do not support what is happening in Taritarat, why do you continue to help the system. Also, you are so sweet now but you practically tossed me to wolves when we went to visit the Wallee Town."

"You think that just because Eduard and I are willing to help you go home and I do not take your body like a twenty year old that I hate the system in Taritarat? That is false. It would be nice if Glaessov and Lbirne had more resources and I do not support the bigotry, feuding and ignorance in the Wallee and Nubimbi regions, but I believe that Glaessov and Lbirne are model cities. More people are happy when women are submissive than if they upset themselves trying to be men. Maybe, you would be better off in Florida if you could work some outside the home as a writer but many other women would envy your place where you have much sensual joy and no problems with food, shelter, or health care. Eduard is doing what he is doing because it is his job as the Taritarat equivalent of a public defender and because he enjoys outfoxing the legal system. I will be taking you back to Dubai on my boat because you will be paying for a boat ticket. I am having sex with you in the manner than gives me the most pleasure.

"I had no qualms about delivering you to the mayor and Khalid in the Wallee town. You wanted to get used hard even if you did not know it. Yes, in your silly world, I'm a sexist pig and a rapist. I call that being a realist about the human condition. Now turn around, I'm quite hard enough again and I liked the way it looked when Khalid manhandled your big soft breasts while taking you doggie style."

At 8:45 the following morning, Morice left Judy's room and Judy prepared to leave the room she had occupied well over a year. It was mainly a matter of showering, brushing her teeth and reflecting on what had been done to her and by her there. There was literally nothing to pack.

Judy did have something important that had to be done. She had to see Julie before being picked up for the hearing. She walked down the long hall with numerous doors behind which women like her entertained at the Five Star community. Getting to Julie's room, Judy saw Julie did not have a space in her schedule until 11. There was nothing to do but go back to the room that she had occupied and try to calm herself by reading the Book of Judges for the 50th time.

After two big men left Julie's room at 11, Judy knocked on the down. There was no sound from inside but, as there was no lock on Julie's door (or on any other door in the building), Judy just went in.

Julie was laying on her bed resting. She looked up at Judy with a blank stare. Judy recognized that Julie had gone again into a fuck drunk coma and was barely coherent. "Julie, try to wake up and focus. I have something important to tell you. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving today. I will try to see if we can get you out of here too but I don't know how to do it now."

Julie smiled and seemed to understand. Julie looked out the window briefly. Then, Julie looked into Judy's eyes clearly and said "good luck." After a pause, the woman who had had fifty different adjectives for describing the taste of a cheese concluded with, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck."

Judy went back to her room for the last time to get an abaya, the only clothing she had worn for over a year and a half and went to the front door to be picked up at 2:00 in the afternoon.

The legal process went very smoothly. They did not even have to use any of Charles' savings.

Eduard moved to reopen the convictions. He pointed out that Cate and Judy had not offered a defense when they had been arrested the previous year but had remained silent. The appellate authorities had to admit that given that Cate and Judy had a brother and a sister in Taritarat, they had not in fact made a false statement by writing that they had a close relative in Taritarat. With much grumbling that the two actually intended to lie their way into Taritarat and that the law should be changed to close this loophole, the judges undid the convictions. The judges specified one condition stated by the chief judge, "Miss Rocklin, you are not to publicize your experience in Taritarat. We cannot punish you if you do, but we can punish your half sister Loretta and your friend Julie most severely." Eduard inquired if Judy could write about her experiences if she concealed key facts. The chief judge answered that Judy could publish her story "as a fanciful story on some website if you wish, no harm in that."

Judy, Cate and Gloria were given back the things that they had brought with them into Taritarat. Eduard and Morice arranged for cabs to take Cate, Gloria, Charles and Judy to the dock immediately after the hearing. Eduard decided to take the boat ride to Dubai himself to visit Morice's library again and stay for one night.

Waiting to board, they saw another boat that seemed to be full of older women, babies and very young children getting ready to depart. Charles asked Morice whose ship that was and about the nature of the passengers. "It's my ship, of course," Morice answered. "It's taking babies and their caretakers off to adoption centers in places that they can be passed off as orphans. The caretakers will come back on another boat.

"With birth control and abortion prohibited by religious law, the birthrate in Glaessov and Lbirne naturally is astronomical. The state can sell these children to parents where women are too precious, delicate or busy to make children from scratch. As well as raising revenue, this avoids massive overpopulation in the cities. We can't just use people as cannon fodder like other high birth rate countries or the Wallee and Nubimbi."

On the boat, Charles was full of scholarly curiosity, "Why would Taritarat have an official like you to make legal arguments that cost the brothel owners and Taritarat the revenue that Judy and Cate were bringing in?" "Because," Eduard said, "it is tradition and gives legitimacy to the whole system. Why do your courts occasionally allow criminals to go free? For that matter, why do you hold elections?"

Charles also asked Eduard whether he felt badly to learn that he had slept repeatedly with his half sisters. "No," Eduard said, "why should I. In fact, I have a strong desire to sleep with Judy tonight in Dubai if she is willing. Maybe it is genetic sexual attraction and maybe it is just because she is hot as all hell." At that point, Judy chimed in to say that she was attracted to Eduard and, as she was already pregnant, they need not fear creating a defective child if that was a real danger otherwise. "I don't know if I'm grossed out or envious," Charles said.

Judy and Eduard immensely enjoyed their night in a Dubai hotel that night. Hearing of it later, Gorrig said that Eduard and Judy were both handsome blondes and if they could sing, they could be Siegmund and Sieglinda.

Morice slept with Gloria that night at Gloria's insistence. One can be a slave of another's passions or the slave of one's own Moirce thought as he copulated with the mother as he had done with the daughter the night before.

With the three back in Florida, Cate went back to being holed up in Gloria's house until she determined that all her former boyfriends had moved on. In fact, her old boyfriends were not interested in taking up with Cate when she was so obviously pregnant.

The previous year, Ted had thoughtfully taken Judy's things from her apartment and piled them up in Gloria's basement even though they got in the way of using the torture chamber.

Gloria resumed all her old activities with Ted, Megan and others. It was like she'd never left. Her only regret was that there was no way she could arrange for as much physical activity as she had had in Taritarat.

Judy stopped by at the offices of the magazine where she had worked. She learned that by a registered letter supposedly sent by her from Dubai, she had officially terminated her employment a week or so after entering the brothel in Glaessov "in order to pursue other interests." Judy had a paycheck waiting for her. With that and the $20,000 she had been given by Roger Norman shortly before she'd left, she could get by for a while. A week later, her savings were supplemented by another $20,000 that Gorrig sent her after he learned she was back. A note sent with the check said, "Here is a little something to help you settle back. Contact me when you think you are ready to assume the status to which we you were born." Judy knew she should not cash the check from Gorrig, but she did.

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