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The Formula Ch. 01

by Leopwriter©

I'll not enter into specifics of how I came to this discovery. What I can tell you is that it was completely by accident, like a great number of other scientific discoveries are... In fact, it took me a while to realize what was the reason for the sudden sexual interest of a female rat for one specific male, and why that interest lasted around a day or so and then vanished as fast as it has come. But day after day other rats had the same behavior and once I started to see a trend I started to realize why. I was skeptical at first, but absolutely stupefied after that: how could something like this work? And would it work in humans too?

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm ahead of myself here... Let me introduce myself... My name is Carl (no last names today), and I'm a scientist working with new vaccines. The discovery I'm talking about happened when I was trying a new vaccine I've developed to try to tackle a specific disease... The process involved using blood from one subject that is naturally immune to the disease, processing it in a certain way with the help of some other components, and then injecting the resulting serum into another subject. We do that using a lot of different processes and components to see the result of each one, which ones work and which ones serve no purpose, and take notes of the results.

The specific result I'm talking about here was marked by me as a failure in the control documents, since I didn't want anyone to know about it. In a certain way, it was really a failure: it didn't protect anyone from the disease. But the collateral effect, the one I was mesmerized about, was that the subject that received the serum developed, in 24 hours more or less, a very strong sexual attraction specifically for the donor, an attraction that, you will see in the following cases I will tell you about, proved to be impossible to avoid and to cloud the thinking of the most faithful wife and to overcome the will of even the most reserved, celibate women. The only caveat was that this attraction lasted for about a day, and then they got back to normal, like nothing happened.

It worked differently in rats and humans, for sure. The rats don't have the social and moral questions we have, so they simply got to fucking the donor as wild animals, and then got back to normal 24 hours later. But we, as humans, have lots of other things to worry about: partners finding out, our own moral codes telling us it is wrong to have an affair, the people around us knowing, and even the object of our attraction causing problems. But even so, what I observed in my tests before using it myself (I've used three woman and three male donors, every time without they knowing what was happening and using the most improbable couples possible) was that every subject, while struggling with these questions and their own consciences, happened to give way to their urges in the end, going to bed (and to the same wild fucking) with the donor. In the day after, again, results were similar: they got their senses back and acted accordingly, trying to cover what they did or to avoid the person which they had sex with at all costs, since they now regretted doing so.

Another thing I found out - again by accident - was that simply touching the serum - that is transparent, odorless and tasteless like water - was sufficient to absorb it. Yes, you would need at least a certain quantity, but it worked. I found out because some of the serum from a specific donor was accidentally spilled over a very pretty and reserved cleaning girl from the lab. The next day, I watched in awe while she made her sexual advances to the fat, ugly, but very lucky donor of the blood used in that serum. A day after that, after being asked about it by me - trying to be sure of what I saw - he told me all about the wild girl that he had in bed the previous day and, a girl that happened to work cleaning the office... To prove my point further, she disappeared from that part of the building and I later found out that she requested to be transferred to another building for "personal reasons" - i.e., because after the effect vanished she was appalled by what she did and wanted to disappear from there.

Finally, another small problem was that, for the thing to kick in, the person who receive the serum needs to have personal contact with the donor after the time needed for the serum to be properly processed by her body, i.e., after about 24 hours of getting into contact with it. Without this contact - for example, by simply seeing a picture or remembering the donor - the "click" wouldn't happen. It probably has something to do with the mechanism of action - maybe the scents or pheromones from the donor. But, for me, it was not important as long as it worked.

Well, I already talked too much about how things came about. Now let me tell you about how my sex life changed after this discovery...

After the events you now are aware of, I struggled for some time about what to do. I could report the results and see the entire project taken away from me forever, or I could be quiet and use it in my favor. Obviously, I chose the latter... As a middle-aged, slightly overweight, married (for a long time) scientist, I had lots of women I dreamed about but would never have the chance to fuck... On the other hand, to be able to produce the serum needs lab equipment and time, so I couldn't just make lots and lots of it. So I decided that I would follow a tight schedule that would allow me to make one single dose a week, no more than that, without risks of being caught.

The next decision, however, was not that easy... Who would be my first personal subject?

You would think I would go for the most beautiful, sexy woman I know, some supermodel type or something like that. Sure, they're on my list too, but there's more than beauty in lust. Married women, specially the ones that looked faithful and impossible to get, turned me on a lot... Even single ones that looked very religious or timid where objects of lust for me...

And then, there were the way the serum worked... I would need to inoculate the person one day and, 24 hours later, meet her again to make the thing start working - what made difficult to choose a stranger on the street. On the other hand, if I chose someone close I would need to see the person frequently after the fact, what could be awkward or even a problem.

After thinking a lot about pros and cons, I turned to a social network site, opened my friends list, and started choosing from the women I still have as "friends" but I haven't seen for a long time - they would be the best targets since they knew me (and then I could find out where to find them) but I don't see them every day - what made the afterwards easier. And there are a lot of them that I wanted badly to fuck!

I started to make a list... Pam, Claudia, Joanna, Adriana, Christine, Janet, Vivian... But after some consideration, I decided that my first one would be Rachel!

Rachel is an English teacher, a brunette of about 1,65m of height. She is not a beauty, but she knows how to use what she have and to use make-up as a weapon. Therefore, she likes to post lots of pictures in the social network with sexy outfits, pretty make-up and so on... Even in the pictures of her child's birthday party she was very sexy in her red dress and perfect make-up. OK, her body is not a supermodel's body, but her ass - I can tell from a beach photo she posted, from behind, to show her new tattoo in her back - is fantastic. And, this was a requirement, she is married with a young kid and looks very happy and faithful, what as I said turns me on a lot and is something that she would not want to lose, making it less probable that she would tell anyone we had sex.

The problem was that I haven't seen Rachel for a long, long time, since we attended some meetings together in circumstances I prefer not to be specific about... It would be very strange to just show up two days in a row - one to make her touch the liquid somehow, and the next to make the "click" work and the lust install itself - after so much time. Considering everything, I laid out a plan: I decided that I needed to apply the serum without her knowing I was there, and then meet her "by accident" the day after.

I found out where she worked (in an English course somewhere in the north part of the city) and used some days I had off to watch her for a distance and understand her routine. After some days, I decided that my best option would be to bump on her when she was entering the building, spilling the liquid on her arm as it were water in a cup, and just walk away without allowing her to recognize me. And so I did... With my heart pounding in my chest, I waited outside with a beanie over my head and dark glasses until she arrived by car. Then, I entered the reception, waited a few seconds, and got out exactly in time to bump on her and let the liquid spill on her from the plastic cup where it was, and keep waking fast. She was startled at first, looked back, but as she saw a glass of water in my hand and the liquid looked like water, she concluded I was only someone with bad manners, wiped the liquid from her arm with the palm of her hand (certainly absorbing even more of it in the process) and entered the building.

That night I almost couldn't sleep. I was very nervous and very excited at the same time. I looked again and again to her pictures on the social network site with my dick hard as a rock, but avoided masturbating so I could save everything I had to pump on her the next day... Finally I was able to sleep and, at 9 AM in the morning, I got up and started to prepare for my date.

It was around 2 PM when she finally left the course the next day. While she walked to her car, I walked by - this time without glasses or a beanie to be recognizable - and faked surprise: "Rachel! What a surprise!". Initially, she looked to me confused. As I kept some distance, I could see initially that she recognized me and opened a fake smile - the type you give someone that you don't give a fuck about. Finally, I got closer and extended my hand, and this was when I could see her face change. It was very strange, as I had never witnessed the specific moment the formula works: her eyes glared, she looked confused and happy at the same time, and finally she changed completely, ignoring my hand and giving me a very intimate hug that made me hard in a moment. Then, as her senses tried to get back the control, she broke the hug and looked very, very confused as she smiled to me unsure of what to do and absolutely unprepared for what she was feeling.

I started some small talk, asking about the life and such, giving her time to adjust. She kept the conversation going, messing around with her hair and touching me from time to time, exactly as a woman that is interested in you would do. I wanted it to look to her as she was the one making advances, so she would not be suspicious of anything, and then I kept my nerves. And, as much as she was trying to regain control - specially when I asked about her husband and child just to spice up things for me - she lost the battle. Out of the blue, she asked me if I didn't want to have lunch with her, since her kid was in care until the end of the afternoon and her husband was at work - a completely inappropriate thing to ask a guy you barely know.

I happily accepted, and We got into her car. While she was starting it and preparing to leave I had a good look at my prey. She was dressed in a skirt and white blouse that made her makeup stand out even more, with eyeliner carefully applied and a red lipstick that made her lips very inviting. I could see another tattoo below her elbow with some oriental writing and another small one between her breasts that seemed to be some oriental symbol too. Her white skin completed the picture, and I started imagining her breasts swinging with those tattoos above them while she sucked my cock with those red lips and looked at me with her big, black eyes... And this is when it was too much for me to bear with.

She was already starting to drive when I said:

-Rachel, you're looking good, really good! I couldn't say you're a mother!

She blushed, looked at me and said:

- Thanks, Carl! You... You're very... Very sexy, too.

And as soon as she said that, she looked away, blushing even more and with a scared expression, like someone else had said that.

I savored the moment, and answered:

- Wow! I didn't say you were sexy because I thought it would be inappropriate, but now that you mentioned it, you're stunning. Really, really sexy, Rachel!

And saying that, I extended my arm and touched her face. She closed her eyes even while driving, slowing down the car with her body trembling. I remember thinking at that moment how much that formula would be worth if I could sell it! People would pay fortunes for a dose!

A moment later, she opened her eyes and finally stopped the car on the side of the road, in a relatively deserted place. Anyone could see how she was struggling with herself at that moment, how a part of her wanted me to fuck her brains out while the other was thinking about her husband and how guilty she was feeling because of that. She kept looking ahead, biting her lower lip, while I waited in silence, savoring what I was seeing. Finally, she looked at me and said:

- Carl... I... I don't know what I'm doing... I'm married, and...

But then, she "attacked" me, gluing her lips in mine and kissing me like there were no tomorrow. After a moment of surprise, I started kissing back and our tongues danced inside our mouths. After a while, my hands started to move up from her waist, slowly, until they reached under her tits. She moaned while still kissing me, and I finally got my hands in that tits I was dreaming about for so long, touching, squeezing and feeling as much as I could while she moaned even louder.

After a while, I was the one not thinking straight anymore. I stopped kissing her, looked around to see if the streets were deserted - they were - and opened my fly, letting my aching, hard cock out. She looked at me with tears in her big eyes, scared and desperate, trying to resist her own feelings. Then, I told her:

- Honey, suck my cock and make me cum, please!

She looked again to my cock, looked at me, and I could see a tear in her eye. Finally, unable to resist any longer to the hormones my formula fired in her veins, she got down in my lap and engulfed my cock with those red, soft lips, sucking like crazy while I felt the wildest things...

And then I was in heaven...

After some sucking, I got my phone and started to film her while she sucked, her red lips going up and down as a pro in my shaft. She looked up, saw the phone and made a desperate look, but I forced her head down again and told her she was fantastic and that I only wanted something to remember her. She kept sucking, unable to resist her own urges, even while I filmed her face. Her head pumped up and down, one hand going together masturbating me, the other caressing my balls, her tongue dancing around my dick. Her lips were fantastic, and she certainly knew how to suck a cock!

I started to feel my orgasm building inside me. I put my hand over her head and started to really fuck her mouth as it was a pussy, forcing her head down, and accelerated even more. I felt my cum going from a very deep place and mounting inside my cock, ready to explode. And I told her, in a whisper:

- Just... just drink everything, bitch, it's your lunch!

And then I started cumming the best, strongest cum of my life. Oh, and did I cum!! Rachel opened her big eyes in despair, clearly not used to someone cumming into her mouth, but again I kept her head in place and pumped more and more, until ten or fifteen seconds later I was completely spent and finally stopped. She coughed a lot, cum dripping from her teeth and mouth, and when I looked at her she was a mess: there were lipstick all around her mouth, her eyeliner was ruined by her tears of guilt, and there were cum around her chin and mouth. But she just stood there, trying to regain her breath and understand what just had happened...

We just waited for a minute or so, me regaining strength, she breathing and looking miserable. Finally, I reached her head with my arm, touched her hair gently, and asked her:

- My bitch, lick the cum of my belly and your lips and chin and drink it - it is very precious to me.

She looked to me with an incredulous look, but at the same time her body showed that she was very aroused by my words. I asked again, telling her how horny I was because of her and how she was my bitch and needed my milk to be happy, and finally it seemed to work almost as a spell: she started slowly to lick her own lips while looking into my eyes and moaning, then passed her fingers around her chin and licked them, and finally got down to lick the rest of the cum from my belly, while I smiled broadly. She cleaned every drop and drank everything as a good girl, and got a kiss as a reward after that.

After I was cleaned, I told her:

- Rachel, my horny bitch... Please, compose yourself and let's go to a hotel. I want to fuck you properly and make you cum.

She looked as confused as someone can be, and started to stammer:

- Oh, my god... My god... I don't know what I'm doing... Please, please...

I waited for her to calm a little, and told her:

- If you want me to go away, I can go, Rachel... But think about my cock inside you... Don't you want to feel it in your pussy like you felt it in your throat? No one will ever know, just you and me...

Again, it was fantastic to witness the struggle between her brain and her body, how she tried hard to tell me to go away but couldn't, how she cried while still wanting to fuck me. She finally put her hands on her face in despair, cried a little more, and started to clean up, put her lipstick again, and drove away.

- Where are we going, Rachel?

- To... To a Hotel...

- Why?

- You know why... Please don't make me say it...

- I want to know why, Rachel... What do you want me to do in the hotel?

- To... have sex with me.

- Sex? You mean fuck you?

- Y... Yes... - and she trembled again with lust.

Written by: Leopwriter

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