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Mrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 05

by TheRealFlash©

... It was just before 2 am and the hallway was completely empty as we stepped out of the room together. I led Mrs. Mills, in her new purple bra and panties, by the hand, down the hallway towards the 'EXIT STAIRS' sign. I opened the door to the stairwell and led Mrs. Mills to the landing at the top of the stairs as she nervously glanced back, making sure no one saw her. Her towel was large enough to cover her front side, and she held it up draped against her chest. But her panty-covered backside and most of her ass was exposed, were someone to see her from behind.

I led Mrs. Mills down the stairs to the ground floor. We stopped at the door marked 'FIRST FLOOR/LOBBY/INDOOR POOL/GYM', where I pinned her against the door and kissed her hard, while, with both hands, reaching up and pulling her towel away. Then, I roughly grabbed the top of both cups of her purple push up bra and yanked them down, completely baring her boobs and pink nipples.

Mrs. Mills quickly lifted her hands up, cupping them over her breasts so that she would not be exposed. I grabbed her hands with mine, pulling them back to her side, and said, "The bra stays where it is."

She looked at me scared, but did not move to cover herself again.

I opened the first floor door and pulled Mrs. Mills by her hand into the hallway. It was completely desolate and very quiet.

Looking down the hall, I could see the pool sign and an entry door about five rooms down to the right. Just a few feet beyond the pool entry door was the lobby... the hotel's check-in desk was just around the corner and not visible from the hallway.

I whispered, "You stay right where you are. I'll go down to the pool and make sure no one is there. I'll signal for you to follow me once I make sure it's clear."

I released Mrs. Mills' hand and nonchalantly walked down the hallway, carrying her towel. I peeked through the glass door, while turning the doorknob to make sure the pool area was open. The door was unlocked and the pool was totally empty. The room was lit, but fairly dim, with only a few of the overhead lights turned on.

I turned to Mrs. Mills, who was modestly cupping her hands up over her breasts, and waved my hand to her, signaling her to come down the hall.

Mrs. Mills, still hiding her breasts with her hands, began to quickly and nervously walk towards me, when I said, a bit louder than a whisper, "Stop."

Startled, Mrs. Mills halted abruptly, nervously looking behind her, thinking I was issuing a warning, and afraid that someone was in the hallway.

A little louder this time, I ordered, "Hands at your sides while you walk."

Ms. Mills nervously dropped her hands down, and in an even faster paced walk, almost a run, she hurriedly continued down the hallway, tits exposed and bouncing, over the top of her bra.

I pulled open the door to the pool area, allowing Mrs. Mills to enter ahead of me, as I walked in behind her. Then walking up alongside her, I grabbed her by the hand, and led her toward the hot tub, which sat just beyond the swimming pool. The hot tub was not raised. It sat down in the concrete deck. The water was moving slightly, but there were no bubbles on the surface.

I stepped down into the hot tub and slid into a comfortable spot beneath the hot water facing back toward the glass door at which we entered. I pushed the button on the side of the tub, which started the jets, pushing bubbles and froth to the surface of the water.

Facing me, and turned away from the door of the pool room, Mrs. Mills began to bend at the knees and started to sit on the edge of the hot tub, intending to slip into the water opposite of where I sat.

I said, "Stop."

Mrs. Mills looked at me pleadingly.

"I didn't ask you to get into the hot tub," I instructed, "Stand back up, now."

Mrs. Mills, looking scared and nervous, stood back up, looking down at me in the tub.

"You don't want to ruin your new lingerie, do you Gloria?" I asked.

Mrs. Mills quietly shook her head without saying a word.

"Good," I said, "Take them off then."

Standing still, obviously trying to delay the inevitable, Mrs. Mills shot me a look of desperation. I knew she was more scared now that at any moment we'd had together, except for maybe our initial meeting last year. Stripping in front of me had become commonplace, but being completely naked and exposed in a public place was something she obviously wasn't prepared for.

"Take them off now," I barked.

Mrs. Mills slowly reached around and unsnapped the clasp on her bra, removing it and gently tossing it onto the arm of a nearby chair. Then, she placed her fingers inside the thin string waistband of her panties. She slowly bent at her knees, and slid the panties down, past her thighs, to her ankles, and off of her feet. Holding onto the panties with her right hand, she softly dropped them onto the chair, next to her bra.

Straightening up, she continued to stand in front of me, and above me on the pool deck. Even in the dim light of the room, I could clearly make out the shape of Mrs. Mills' clean shaven pussy lips.

She nervously glanced back at the glass door behind her, hoping that no one would casually walk by and notice her. Were anyone to walk down the hallway at this moment, they would get a glorious eyeful of Mrs. Mills' backside and completely bare, white ass.

Hoping that someone would walk down the hall, I sat silently watching her for several minutes, purposely not giving her my next set of instructions, keeping her exposed to anyone who might walk down the hallway and pass by the pool door.

That's when I saw a growing shadow through the glass, coming from the direction of the lobby, growing larger. The shadow continued to grow as it neared the pool room door. Seeing my eyes focus on something behind her, Mrs. Mills looked back over her shoulder, pressed her legs tightly together, and instinctively pulling her hands up over her chest.

We both watched as a man passed by, quickly glancing towards the door, and continuing down the hallway. Mrs. Mills sighed in relief then turned back towards me when the man didn't stop, apparently not seeing us.

Disappointed that Mrs. Mills public nakedness was not detected by the stranger, I was about to tell her that she could get in the tub, when I saw the same man peeking through the window from the other side of the door. His mouth was open, and he looked shocked by what he saw. When he initially passed by the door... He must have caught a glimpse, then returned for another look. He looked to be middle aged. He was wearing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, slippers on his feet. I assumed he was a hotel guest who had just returning from the lobby.

Silently trying not to give any signs that someone was watching, I turned my complete focus toward Mrs. Mills. I smiled, and said, "Phew, that was close. Now that would have been embarrassing."

Mrs. Mills angrily stared at me, obviously upset, anxious, and very nervous, standing bare in the middle of the room, when I asked, "OK, Gloria, would you like to get into the jacuzzi now?"

Still looking very upset, I half expected her to yell at me, or at least show me some attitude, however, she compliantly replied, "Yes, please."

I said, "First spread your legs farther apart."

Mrs. Mills scooted her legs apart until I could see her pussy lips slightly open in front of me.

I glanced at the door to make sure our audience was still watching, and said, "Bend at your waist and put your hands on the ground."

Legs spread, Mrs. Mills leaned forward as if to touch her toes, and then reached to the ground until her hands touched the concrete floor. Supporting herself with her hands on the ground, she looked up at me, awaiting my next command, as my dick stirred in my trunks.

Though my attention was now on Mrs. Mills' tits, hanging and swaying beneath her, I noticed that the man at the door had his face almost completely pushed up against the glass, gawking at Mrs. Mills from behind, bare ass, completely exposed pussy, and swaying tits out in the open.

I said, slowly, "You are not to move a bit... until I tell you. When I say 'now', I want you to look back between your legs." Waiting for just a few seconds, I continued, "OK, Now."

Mrs. Mills glanced back between her legs. It seemed to take her a second or two to focus before she realized that someone was outside the door looking directly at her most private of areas from behind, but she did not move. My dick grew as I could see the humiliation in Mrs. Mills' face.

When she looked back up and towards me, I could see, even in the low light that her face was beet red. She pleaded, "Please... Can I get in the tub now?"

Before answering, I let her stay spread-legged for several more seconds, as the man outside the door continued to stare. Finally, I said, "OK, Gloria, please join me."

Completely embarrassed, Mrs. Mills wasted no time. She quickly dropped to her knees and crawled toward the hot tub, swinging her legs over the side and submerging herself into the water, facing opposite of me and away from the door.

I watched the door as the man continued to look through the glass in astonishment, as I said, "That must have been embarrassing." Then I asked, "Was that the first time a guy has seen you naked since you got married? I mean besides me and Mr. Mills."

Mrs. Mills, looking humiliated, quietly answered, "Yes."

Leaning to the side and looking over Mrs. Mills shoulder toward the door, I said, "Well, he got quite a show, and it looks like he's still watching," then I asked, "Why don't we give him more to see?"

Looking desperate, and very uneasy, Mrs Mills glared at me.

I said, "That's not a very nice look. Now, stand up and come here."

Mrs. Mills slowly stood. As she rose out of the water, her bald pussy came into view, several inches above the bubbles on the surface. I assume that the man outside the window had a clear view of her ass, which was now almost parallel to the top edge of the hot tub.

Next, I reached down under the water, removed my swimsuit, dropped it outside of the tub, and softly said, "Come sit down on my lap, facing toward me."

Mrs. Mills immediately took two steps toward me, then dropped onto my lap, mounting me below the water, seemingly relieved that she was no longer exposed to the man at the window.

After adjusting my hard cock, I grabbed Mrs. mIlls by the hips, and drove it upwards into her waiting pussy and began thrusting up into her. Though embarrassed by her exposure to the stranger, Mrs. Mills also must have been very excited as she began to move her hips while sliding up and down on my erection.

Still holding Mrs. Mills by the waist while fucking her, I stood and lifted her up. Mrs. Mills legs were wrapped around me as our bodies rose out of the water, exposing us above our thighs. Our "peeping tom" now had a clear view from behind Mrs.Mills, as I drove my cock hard into her pussy.

While standing and continuing to pound Mrs. Mills pussy, I looked over her shoulder over and saw that the man was now standing directly behind the glass door and rubbing his crotch over his sweat pants.

I leaned into Mrs. Mills and whispered in her ear, "It looks like someone besides you is excited. The guy watching us through the window is playing with his dick."

At those words Mrs. Mills began grinding into me even harder, and I whispered, "Maybe we should invite him in for a closer look... maybe he'd like to fuck you too."

Mrs Mills, still working her pussy hard over my dick, cried, between heavy breaths and moans, "Please... no ... I don't want anyone... to... see me... And... I only want you to... fuck me.

Excited over our exhibitionistic show, I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm. I thrust my cock hard into Mrs, Mills several more times before exploding deep into her pussy, continuing to drive my cock into her, as my body convulsed with every load of semen I shot into her.

I collapsed back down to my seat in the hot tub with Mrs. Mills dropping down on top of me. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, with my slowly softening cock still inside of her.

After sitting quietly in the hot tub in an embrace for several minutes, I looked up and noticed that the window voyeur had left.

I asked, "Was it exciting for you to show your pussy to a stranger, Gloria?"

When she didn't answer, I whispered in her ear, "You must have liked it. That was the best sex we have ever had... You knew he was watching and you just kept fucking me harder."

Mrs. Mills finally replied timidly, whispering back in my ear, "I was afraid if I stopped you would let him see me... and..."

I cut her off, "I asked if you liked showing off for him?"

She replied softly, "I ... I was scared... But... it got me aroused... I'm... I'm not sure what came over me."

I lifted Mrs. Mills off of my lap and guided her into the spot next to me. She leaned back in the hot tub and closed her eyes, enjoying the bubbles and jets under the water. Her seat had a gradual slope that reclined back into the wall of the hot tub.

I leaned toward her, gently caressing her tits and playing with her nipples and said, "Now three people have seen you naked since you got married... me, Mr. Mills and the guy watching us...," I continued, asking, "Who else has seen you naked?"

She opened her eyes, looked at me confused, and said, "No one."

I asked, "What about before you married Mr. Mills? Did you have any boyfriends that you fucked? You weren't a virgin before you met your husband, were you?"

Shyly, and with a hint of embarrassment, she quietly replied, "I had sex with a boyfriend when I was in college, but he was the only one before I met Bill."

After sitting quietly for several minutes, I smiled at Mrs. Mills, and said, "It's gotta be getting late. We should head back upstairs to our room before people start waking up."

I stepped out of the bubbling water and onto the pool deck, where I pulled my swimsuit back on. Then I stepped to the chair and picked up Mrs. Mills bra, panties and towel, before reaching down for Mrs. Mills hand to help her out of the tub.

I said, "Let's go. The longer we wait, the better chance someone else could see you naked, since you'll be returning to our room without the towel... or your bra and panties."

A panicked look came across Mrs. Mills face as she pleaded, "Please... no... please... let me have the towel."

To be continued...

Written by: TheRealFlash

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