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Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 12

by subtlesurrender©

Scat Parasites

Mistress Eva ordered the girls to lie in tight embrace under Master Robert's waiting ass; cheek to cheek with mouths open and eyes on the terror above. With the girl still trembling tremendously, Claudia instinctively rubbed her back to try and calm her. The girl reciprocated and Claudia was thankful for her warmth and incredibly soft skin.

"I don't want a single speck of shit on my floor," yelled Mistress Eva. "Either of you dirty my tiles you'll both be punished."

Master Robert sat backwards on the toilet seat, just as Mistress did, with ass poking out. He must have been holding his bowels for a while as he released almost instantly. The girls were both struck by the thick avalanche of feces plummeting towards their faces. They shifted in unison to try and catch it in their mouths; Claudia caught the bulk of the first log with the other girl getting some on her upper lip. A longer log followed and coiled over both of their faces, then 3 large chunks fell mostly in and on Shitface's mouth and face. The stench was as immediate as the landfall; as was the taste.

Unsure what to do, the girls lay still.

"It's about time you 2 scat whores got to know each other intimately," barked Mistress Eva.

"Kiss, passionately. If it don't believe you're in love with each other's putridness then you're not fucking trying hard enough."

The same rules applied. "Not a drop of shit on my tiles."

Simultaneously the girls folded their faces together, sandwiching the load in-between. Claudia, with her eyes open, saw the shit spread until she too had to close her eyes. She pushed through the shit searching for the other girl's mouth, forcing more load in hers in the process. Eventually she found lips and a tongue and began French-kissing Shitface, with her arms already around her, she squeezed tighter and the girl responded by pushing more shit into Claudia's mouth with her tongue. Claudia took special care to ensure there was no spillage, taking as much into her mouth as she could without compromising her kiss. Master Robert garnished their intertwining faces with a couple more meaty logs.

This was an element to Claudia's desires that she had never entertained, but she was embracing it. With her eyes shut she imagined it was Mistress Eva she was kissing. Shitface swirled her tongue inside Claudia's mouth which distinguished the different textures in Robert's putrid excrement. The smell was so horrid and Claudia could taste bits of undigested food among the nutty bitterness.

Claudia briefly looked into the lucid eyes opposite her and it compelled her to swallow a large amount of scat while they were still locked in kiss; sucking on the girl's bottom lip before sending it down. She wanted to make her feel more comfortable, so she rolled back to allow Shitface to lie over her. Some of the shit fell off her face and onto Claudia's as they shifted. The girl quickly gobbled it up and stared back into Claudia's eyes as if to reassure her that she was trying her best to do her part.

They passionately united lips again. Both of them were now gently running their hands up and down the other's body. Shitface bent her knee to lift the top of her leg against Claudia's vagina, its wetness left a glistening snail trail of pleasure as she rubbed it up and down. Lips glued together with shit, they both breathed heavily at each other through their noses taking in the fetor surrounding them. They passed Master Robert's shit between their mouths with fervor until Claudia could take it no more and swallowed another mouthful of foul mass.

"These 2 pathetic shit sisters are fucking made for each other," observed Master Robert.

Shitface sat up over Claudia and scooped up some chunks of shit and began massaging it onto Claudia's breasts. Once a nice even layer covered them, she leaned down gently began sweeping it up with her tongue and dropping a mouthful into Claudia each time enough accumulated. Claudia pushed her breasts together to help, but as Shitface transferred her next mouthful a small fragment of feces plunged down onto the tiles beside Claudia's collared neck.

"It seems my new toilet slaves are unable to execute my demands with care," sighed Mistress Eva. Shitface looked as though she might cry which made Claudia wonder what would happen to them.

"Eat up Shitlips, you've lost your regular meal privilege today. You'll have to settle for whatever shit or piss you can find in this bathroom," continued Mistress Eva as she took a box of laxatives and a latex glove out of the bathroom drawer.

"Consider your cleaning privileges removed and in addition you will sleep on the bathroom floor tonight."

Claudia listened intently, she was still hungry for more shit. Mistress Eva removed a tablet from the box and invited Claudia to sit up and lift her backside before shoving the suppository into her rectum without fuss. Claudia let out a little grunt.

"Quiet, whore," she commanded and went over to Shitface to do the same. Shitface still looked like she was on the cusp of crying and let out a whimper as the suppository was inserted into place.

"As for you my delicate little dung beetle," said Mistress Eva, leaning in closer to Shitface, "Maybe you need another night in the Slave Maker. It's been improved so you won't be able to avoid swallowing this time."

"Isn't that right, Shitlips?" Mistress Eva gave Claudia a wink and returned her stern stare back to Shitface.

"The cows have been grazing all day," she said with a sinister chuckle. Claudia was now starting to make sense of things.

Master Robert suddenly chimed in as well. "Those laxatives should take 15 or so minutes to take effect. In the meantime you can start cleaning my ass," he demanded from Claudia who proceeded to wipe the shit off her face with her hands and then lick them clean. The less shit she had on her face, the easier it would be for her to clean Master Robert's ass. While Claudia feverishly polished her designated asshole and inner buttocks with her tongue, Mistress Eva unchained Shitface from the toilet bowl and crawled her behind Claudia.

"Let's give you an hors d'oeuvre of human waste before you're inundated with cow shit," she said as she pressed the girl's gaping mouth against Claudia's anus.

Claudia was so busy with her cleaning duties that she didn't realize until she felt a pair of lips press against her anus. She heard a little sniffle from the girl and tried to work out if she was crying. In the 24 hours leading up to her return to Mistress Eva's farm, Claudia had indulged on her favorite foods for she had no idea when she'd get a regular meal or what it would consist of. She felt sorry about the inevitability of what was to come as Shitface's tongue washed over her asshole. The laxatives were beginning to fulfill their purpose.

I'm so sorry, she thought as she had to pass gas into the girl's mouth. Ironically, Master Robert did the same to her and she couldn't imagine hers being as foul. She continued cleaning until some aggressive bowl fluctuations interrupted her. Good God, this is going to come out violently, she worried. Claudia could tell the girl was definitely crying now, or at least sobbing, she could even feel tears running against her ass cheeks. She didn't know what to make of Shitface, at times when they shared Master Robert's shit she appeared eager and enthused, other times she had the demeanor of a child separated from her mother.

Still the girl's tongue rimmed Claudia who figured there was no point holding the inevitable and released a fierce eruption into Shitface's mouth. She couldn't see the mess, but she could feel very moist feces on her ass cheeks and could only imagine the state of Shitface's mouth as she listened to her gagging and coughing. Mistress Eva had held her head pressed against Claudia's exploding asshole the entire time. She really hoped Shitface wouldn't hold this against her.

Once Claudia had pushed out the last of her excrement, Mistress Eva swapped their positions. Claudia caught a glimpse of Shitface's face, masked in brown. On the floor was a muddy mountain of Claudia's shit and it didn't look like Shitface had eaten much, if any, of the 'feast'. Unlike Shitface, Mistress Eva didn't bother holding Claudia's face against the girl's ass, instead she left her on her back with her face in the drop zone beneath Shitface's ass. Shitface was getting most of Mistress Eva's attention and Claudia was getting slightly jealous. She lay in wait feeling as though she was getting off lightly, Claudia considered the possibility that Mistress Eva underestimated how much she now craved fresh shit to consume. She's taking my diligence for granted, she thought to herself, but I guess a good slave should be. It was all a bit confusing for Claudia who, despite how far she'd come, was still essentially new to the game. At least now she was about to get some more scat.

Deciding to take the initiative, Claudia got back up on all fours nose-dived into the girl's ass. She cupped her lips over her sphincter and was instantly greeted with a very wet sounding fart. It sprayed fecal mist into her mouth; which she felt and tasted. The suppositories had taken rapid action, but it had moistened the stool considerably; close to diarrhea. Against her lips, Shitface's ass pulsed, another splutter was followed by some runny brown mucus. Claudia held firm as it trickled over her bottom lip and teeth. She had her hands around the girl's ankles, so that she moved in unison with her as she sometimes squirmed. A little more liquid shit oozed out from the asshole and this time Claudia mopped it up with her tongue. Shitface, still cleaning Master Robert's ass, moaned at the sensation of Claudia's tongue wiping over her anus.

Eventually the floodgates opened to release a river of brown into Claudia's mouth. It was like the dam had collapsed and Claudia couldn't keep up with the overflow. It sprayed out like a hose. Claudia gargling while trying to swallow as much as she could, but coughed and snorted a large amount of diarrhea through her nose, squirting it onto Shitface's ass cheeks. Lots of shit fell on the ground, angering Mistress Eva. "Fucking useless," she scowled. She grabbed Shitface by the leash and began leading her out. "Off to the barn with you," she sang. "After some forced cow shit, our turds will taste like chocolate."

"You'll sleep here Shitlips," informed Master Robert. "Your dinner has been served. You'll find it on the floor around you."

"These tiles better be fucking spotless next time I come back here," added Mistress Eva.

Written by: subtlesurrender

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