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At the Concert Ch. 02

by BankerwithaW©

Disclaimer: all characters in this story are of legal age and bear no relation to anyone, living or dead.


Kara was the first one to reach the edge of the mosh pit, still in a state of bewilderment. When she got there, she saw that there were already a dozen or so young dudes awaiting her arrival. She was shocked to see that they were all completely naked, and all had huge erections sticking up in excited anticipation. She was pulled down by the strong male hands and carried over to the middle of the clearing.

One guy then lay on his back on the grass and held his long, thick cock straight up in the air. The others lifted Kara above the erect cock and lowered her down on to it carefully, while all she could do was watch helplessly as it happened. She instantly felt the hard penis enter her, and slide all the way up her vagina until it hit her cervix. The sudden thrill of the thick cock filling up her tight pussy, started bringing her quickly to another climax, and she cried out in ecstasy as clear juices started spurting out from her pussy on to the hips of the guy lying underneath her.

Her body started bucking and jerking, so the guy had to hold her by the waist with both his arms to keep his cock inside her. He pulled her tightly towards him wrapping his arms around her waist, and thrust his hips up pushing hard against her cervix. This only served to increase her explosive orgasm, forcing more of her sweet pussy juice to squirt out hard around his cock and run down his body. Kara was in seventh heaven now, oblivious to what was going on around her as she arched her back and cried out in ecstasy.

The guy's hands clutched her firm, young buttcheeks and spread them apart, exposing her cute, little virgin butthole to the gathering crowd. Meanwhile, his friend, who was standing behind Kara stroking his excited penis, squatted down low with his knees wide apart and lined up his cock with her untainted asshole. He pushed in the head of his cock, forcing it inside her tight rectum, and then steadily slid it all the way up her anal passage, until he was also balls deep inside her.

Kara's eyes were shut tight as she rode out her orgasm, but as soon as she felt a foreign object being rammed all the way up her asshole, her eyes opened wide and stared up in the sky in shock and horror. Her cries of pleasure quickly turned into cries of pain, as the two guys started moving their hips in and out, steadily picking up rhythm until they were both pistoning their cocks in and out of her pussy and asshole in unison.

"Argh! Aah! Ahh!" she continued to cry out each time the long, thick cocks were rammed to the hilt inside her. Her cries, however, were quickly silenced by a third guy, who stepped in front of her, grabbed her head with both hands, pushed his long, stiff cock into her mouth and down her throat, and started to skull fuck her furiously, sending strings of Kara's saliva shooting out in all directions. As she was gagging violently on the cock in her throat, she instinctively tried to push him away with her hands, but two other guys grabbed her wrists, wrapped her little hands around their cocks and started fucking them too, as they watched her being penetrated simultaneously in all her holes. She found herself overwhelmed and helpless as her pretty, petite body was pinned in position and used for the pleasure of all these hard 'n' horny metal fans.


It wasn't long after that, that Jess made it to the edge of the mosh pit. There were a handful of nude, horny guys anxiously waiting for her to arrive, shaking with excitement as they each fantasised about driving their throbbing cocks into any or all of her holes. She was lowered down from the crowd, but didn't even make it to the ground before she was penetrated passionately by one of the desperate, sex-crazed young men. She was held in the air at waist-height, spreadeagle, while one guy got in between her legs, pushed his big, hard cock all the way inside her tight pussy, and started fucking her furiously without even a pause.

Jess groaned and gasped as her tight cunt was penetrated mercilessly. The guy who was holding her up by her shoulders, grabbed her sticky, cum-covered head with his big hands, bent her neck backwards and inserted his erect prick into her mouth, pushing it as far as he could down her throat. He then started to facefuck her with a frenzy, ignoring her gagging and spluttering. Strings of saliva drooled out of her mouth and down her face, as she struggled to take the thick penis down her throat. Her hands were held by some other guys, who wasted no time in wrapping them around their hard erections. They slid their cocks in and out of her closed hands pretending it was her pussy. Meanwhile, the guys holding her feet started to rub their cocks against them feverishly, until they came hard, spewing white sperm all over her pretty, bare feet and in between her toes.

The person who was violently fucking Jess' face, came quite quickly, firing salvo after salvo of cum down her throat. He then pulled out of her throat and continued to fill her mouth up with his sperm, after which he closed her mouth, and held her nose shut with his fingers, forcing her to gulp down what was in there.

Within a minute of entering her vagina, the guy who was fucking her pussy came too, shooting his cum deep into her womb. He was replaced by another sex-hungry, young dude, who pushed his cock all the way into her tight, wet pussy, pulled her body up towards him, and wrapped her legs around his waist, enjoying the feel of her big, firm tits and hard nipples mashed up against his chest as he hugged her tightly. Somebody behind Jess wasted no time and huddled up close to her, rubbing his thick cock head against her parted butt cheeks, before finding her little, puckered asshole and squeezing the end of his cock into it. He then slid it slowly up her tight anal canal while watching Jess' facial expression as she took a cock up her ass for the first time in her life. She was exhausted from being forced to cum, and being facefucked so many times, but when she felt the thick eight-inch penis pushing its way into her inexperienced asshole, her eyes went wide and she started to howl "Ow! Ow! Ow! Oooh!"

The two guys enjoyed watching her expressions and cries and smiled to each other as they pushed their cocks slowly in and out of her tight holes. Then, winking to each other, they started to thrust their hips up hard in unison, bouncing young Jessie up in the air and letting her slide back down their shafts until she was fully impaled again, forcing a scream out of her each time. They kept doing this, bouncing her up and down on their thick poles like she was on a trampoline, and saying things to her like, "Yeah... that's it, feel that cock up inside ya?" as she cried out from the pain.

Other people standing around helped out by grabbing her ankles and holding her legs apart until she was doing the splits. With every thrust of the boys' hips she was thrown up in the air a few inches, until only the heads of their two cocks were left inside her, before slipping back down with a slam and a scream, as the cocks buried themselves inside her to the hilt.

As the gathering crowd started getting a bit impatient, the two boys started fucking her more aggressively, trying to cum as quickly as they could, while poor Jess continued to cry out from the rough double-fucking she was receiving. She felt helpless and overwhelmed by the multitude of naked men surrounding her, uncertain of how many cocks she would have to take before this nightmare was over. She could feel the two cocks ramming into her tight holes and just hoped that they would cum quickly. But once these boys had unloaded the contents of their balls inside her, they were replaced with new eager cocks, and the fucking continued.


By the time Tommy and Jeremy reached the edge of the mosh pit, it was quite a sight to behold. The area was full of totally naked, young men, walking around without a care in the world. As people reached the edge of the mosh pit, they would strip off all their clothes with complete abandon and leave them in a pile at the edge of the big circle, before joining one of the two groups which had gathered around the girls. And there wasn't a soft cock in the house - all were stroking their over-excited erections in anticipation of getting an opportunity to fuck the hell out of these two fresh, young teens.

Tommy and Jeremy took a minute to survey the situation. They knew that if they didn't take their clothes off they would stand out like a sore thumb in the naked crowd, so hesitantly, they started slowly stripping off their T-shirts and then unzipping their jeans. When they got to their underwear, they paused and looked at each other pensively, both noticing the big tent in each other's shorts. Tommy was the first to hook his thumbs inside the elastic waistband, and slowly slid his boxers down until his stiff 7" cock sprang out into the open, flicking a wad of precum up in the air as it was freed. He looked down at his own penis - it was throbbing, trying to get even harder than its fully erect state. He was so aroused by what he had seen so far, and urgently wanted to jack off, but he felt a little sickened at being turned on so much by the thought of his sister being stripped and molested against her will. He knew that if he started jacking it he would cum in seconds, but he managed to overcome the urge.

Jeremy followed Tommy's example and stripped off his own boxers, exposing his own average-sized 6" boner. Once they were both butt naked, they agreed that they would split up and try to make their way to their respective girls, all the time dreading the thought of what they might find.


Tommy walked uncertainly towards the nearest gathering of naked males. He got to the edge and started pushing through the naked bodies. They were so tightly packed together and he couldn't avoid brushing his hard cock against the guys around him, leaving a trail of precum wherever it touched their skin.

When he got near the front row, he still couldn't see which of the girls was in the middle of the crowd. He stood on his toes and tried to peer over the shoulders of the guys in front. In between the moving flesh, he could just make out what looked like the head of a girl. It was a brunette, although her hair was soaking wet and streaked with white cum. 'Could it be Kara?', he thought. There seemed to be a guy lying beneath her and another guy crouched down behind her. 'It must be Kara', he thought to himself. 'But... Oh my god! What the hell are they doing to her?'

He move around to the left and squatted down so that he could peer through the legs of the people blocking him. What he saw shocked him to the bone!

From that angle, he could clearly see two cocks sliding in and out of his sister's pussy and asshole. Their balls were big and round and looked like they had a lot of cum in them, waiting to be released. He could see how much they filled his sister's orifices by the way her skin was stretched around their girth. They were fucking her hard and fast, pistoning in and out, and glistening from his sister's juices. As he looked up, he could see another guy standing in front of Kara's face, apparently with his rock-hard cock inside her mouth. He had her head cradled in both his hands and was thrusting his hips in and out aggressively, sending Kara's saliva flying out everywhere as she spluttered and gagged on his cock.

Two other guys on either side of her, were holding her hands around their pricks and using them to jack themselves off. As he watched, one of these guys couldn't hold back any longer and started spurting huge volleys of spunk all over Kara's right shoulder, her back, her neck and the side of her face. The sight of this cum explosion set off the guy opposite him, who also started cumming uncontrollably all over Kara's left side, as the whole of her upper body was caught in a shower of warm cum.

Next, the guy who was fucking her mouth groaned loudly, before pushing his dick as far as he could down her throat and releasing huge amounts of cum from his overexcited balls, shooting with force straight into Kara's belly. He kept on cumming for about 10 seconds before he pulled out just enough so that his cock rested on her tongue, and continued to shoot into her open mouth, half-filling it with his opaque, white sperm.

Then he stepped aside to let the next person in line take his place. Kara didn't even get a chance to spit out the cum from her mouth, before the next anxious guy rammed his cock down her throat and started facefucking her furiously. The runny sperm in her mouth overflowed and spurted out with force in every direction, every time he forced his cock in.

After another couple of minutes, the guy who was ramming his cock into Kara's asshole couldn't hold back any longer and started unloading inside her, filling her ass up with bucket-loads of cum, to the point that it started leaking from the sides of her tight-stretched rim. After he finished, he pulled out, giving Tommy a clear view of his sister's gaping asshole. For a second, he could see all the way inside her gaping anal cavity, before it contracted back to a slightly reddened puckered rosebud, streams of cum trickling out of it.

Within seconds, this guy was replaced by another naked, sex-hungry, young dude who wasted no time in shoving his cock deep into her inexperienced asshole, causing the cum already inside it to spurt out with every thrust.

The fucking was continuous, and as soon as one guy blew his load, he would be replaced by another one, sporting an excited, throbbing hard-on.


Meanwhile, Jeremy had reached the second gathering of horny boys, and was trying to work out how he would make his way to the centre, through the cramped group of naked, male bodies. This group seemed to be even bigger and more dense than the one that Tommy had gone to. He craned his head and peered over the shoulders of the guys in front of him, trying to get a glimpse of whoever was in the middle of the group, and all the time praying that it wasn't his pretty girlfriend. He gradually started pushing his way in between the tightly packed male bodies, his hard cock rubbing against a hip or an ass cheek as he went.

He managed to squeeze his way halfway towards the middle of the crowd. There were naked bodies on all sides of him, pushing and clamouring excitedly, anticipating their turn to fuck this girl in the middle. He could hear the girl occasionally crying out or moaning, and it sounded a lot like Jess' voice. This spurred him on and he pushed his body harder against the people in front. Suddenly he realised that in the clamour, his erect cock was pushed in between the buttcheeks of the guy in front of him. Furthermore, with all the pushing and shoving, another guy's cock was wedged in between Jeremy's own cheeks from behind him. He could feel the shaft of the big sausage rubbing up against his asshole, which was a sensation he had never felt before. He turned his head, trying to see who was behind him. He couldn't quite see the guy behind him, but heard him saying: "Oops. Sorry, man..." as he squirmed around, trying to free his cock from the cleft of Jeremy's ass.

With all the bodies pushing against each other, the result of this was worse than before, as Jeremy suddenly felt the head of the guy's thick cock pushing up against his asshole! He turned his head again and exclaimed: "Dude! What the fuck!" but even as he was saying this, another shove from behind pushed the head of the cock past his tight sphincter and into his anal passage. He could feel a few inches of the thick member inside him and gasped with surprise.

"Oh my god, man. I'm sorry!" said the guy behind in embarrassment.

"Get it out - now!" shrieked Jeremy in alarm.

"I'm trying..." said the guy. Jeremy could feel him trying to pull his hips back to remove his cock from where it had accidentally slipped in. The cock slid out until only the head was inside him, but then more jostling and shoving in the crowd pushed the guy forward, this time burying his cock fully in Jeremy's ass. Jeremy could feel the entire length of the guy's hard cock inside him, and it made him wince.

"Aaah" he gasped. "It's... all the way... inside me!"

Every time the guy tried to pull out of Jeremy, the tightly packed crowd pushed and heaved, ramming the thick cock back inside Jeremy's asshole. Effectively, he was being assfucked by this guy! This was a feeling Jeremy had never experienced before - a long, thick cock sliding in and out of his virgin asshole. It was painful, but also unusually pleasurable.

It wasn't long before he could feel the guy's cock grow and pulsate inside his rectum. At the same time he heard the guy whispering: "Oh no!" from behind him.

"What?" gasped Jeremy. "You better not! Wait...! Don't do it!"

"Aagh." the guy was breathing heavily behind him. "I can't help it... it feels so goood...oh my god...!"

And with that, the big cock, buried to the hilt inside Jeremy's asshole, let loose a torrent of cum as it spasmed again and again. Jeremy could feel rope after rope of warm cum shooting with force up his anal passage, filling it up. He was frozen in shock and all he coud do was just wait for it to end.

Finally, the guy's orgasm started to peter out. His cock started to shrink and soften, until it slipped out, letting the cum leak out of Jeremy's asshole and down his leg. The guy quickly shifted himself sideways, wriggled out of the crowd and ran away, embarrassed at what had just happened. This left Jeremy still frozen in place, dumbstruck, with cum still leaking out of his freshly fucked asshole. He was still in shock and disbelief that some other guy had just accidentally fucked him in the ass and cum inside him.

Suddenly he heard his girlfriend cry out again, which snapped him out of his trance.

"Nooo, that's too big! Aaagh! Ooooh!" he heard her shout, before her mouth was stuffed with something, silencing her cries, and she started making gagging sounds: "Ghuh-ghuh-ghuh" He still couldn't see her and could only imagine what offences were being committed on her.

He continued to push and weave his way through the clamour again, trying to get to the front. He didn't want a repeat of what had just happened to him, so this time he decided to kneel down and use his hands to make a path through the legs in front of him. He crawled on all fours, gradually making his way through the crowd, grabbing on to guys' ankles and calves and pushing them aside as he tried to weave his way through them.


By now the gangbang was in full swing. The fucking was fast and desperate. At this point, a lot of the guys were a little worried that they might be caught red-handed and arrested for what they were doing to these two innocent honeys, but not one of them was willing to give up the opportunity to push his cock into one of these pretty, young things. They each waited their turn patiently and when it came around, they would fuck furiously, trying to blow their load as quickly as they could before stepping aside and letting the next in line have his go. The result of this was that the girls' mouths, pussies and assholes were constantly being plowed aggressively with cocks of all sizes - long, short, thick, or thin. Some guys lasted a few minutes, some longer, but all of them fucked both the girls with all the energy they had when it came to their turn.


Jeremy was still on all fours, trying to weave his way through the dense crowd. When he had managed to reach about one or two rows from the middle of his group, he finally caught a few glimpses through the forest of legs, of what was happening there. He could see Jess, his girlfriend, had been laid on her back with one guy lying underneath her. Her legs had been pulled tight up against her shoulders, and the guy underneath had his strong arms wrapped around them and behind her head - so that she was basically pinned in a 'full-nelson' position. He could see the guy underneath her also had his cock buried deep inside her asshole, and was pistoning in and out of her with a look of extreme pleasure on his face. Another guy was straddling his legs and was fucking Jess' pussy with fervor. Jeremy's jaw dropped and he watched dumbfounded as his girlfriend's perfect body was being penetrated simultaneously in both holes, by these complete strangers. He could hear her cry out and grunt: "Argh! Ow! Aaah! Uuuh" but couldn't tell if she was in pain or pleasure.

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