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My Wife's Reunion

by Teenie Weewee©

I accompanied my wife, Jeanne, to her fifteenth high school reunion in her home town. It was a Saturday night and during the evening we talked to many people but the problem started when I met Don. He and Jeanne dated steadily throughout high school. He was the football star and she was a cheerleader.

All evening long he paid special attention to her as they laughed and talked about the old days. He was recently divorced, lived in town and had come to the reunion alone.

As the evening ended, he invited Jeanne and me, along with a number of other people, to a pool party at his house the next day. I didn't want to go, but Jeanne accused me of being jealous of Don, so reluctantly I agreed to go along.

Don lived in a nice semi-secluded home in the country. The pool and patio in the back yard were huge and surrounded by trees and a high wooden fence. The drinks flowed freely, one guy was video taping the activities, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jeanne wore a string bikini and again was commanding much of Don's attention. It was obvious that they were still somewhat attracted to each other. He was much bigger than me, was into body building and with muscles rippling all over his body he looked impressively strong.

The embarrassment began a little later in the afternoon when Jeanne decided to take a swim. On her third dive from the diving board, the string broke on her bikini top and it came completely off. Panicking, she came up for air holding one arm over her bare boobs and started looking for her missing top. Don, who was standing at the side of the pool, saw what had happened and also spied her top floating some feet away from her. He immediately dove into the pool, retrieved the garment, and came out on the other side of the pool holding it up in the air like a trophy.

Almost immediately, everyone realized that Jeanne was half naked and two of the guys in the pool started to chase her toward the shallow end, where one of them managed to get around in front of her. As she was busy trying to conceal her nudity, the other guy dove under the water behind her and got his head between her legs. He then grabbed her wrists and stood up in the three foot depth with Jeanne on his shoulders, well out of the water. With her arms pinned to her sides, her small, well-shaped breasts were now completely exposed and jiggled as she tried unsuccessfully to free herself. Everyone started to laugh and clap as her nipples hardened before their eyes. To add to her embarrassment, Don told her that the football team had wondered what her tits looked like back in high school and now many of them could see for themselves.

This all happened in a matter of seconds and when I finally reacted, I approached Don stating the Jeanne had been embarrassed enough and demanded, in no uncertain terms that he give me her top back. When I reached for it, instead of giving it to me, he caught me off guard and grabbing my wrist, spun me around into a painful arm lock. I soon realized that this guy was as strong as a bull and even though I struggled violently, I was powerless to escape. He then said that if I thought Jeanne was embarrassed, wait until I saw what he had in store for me.

I couldn't believe it when he reached around with his free hand and pulling the strings on my swimming trunks, pushed them down to my knees where they fell to the pool deck, leaving me stark naked in front of about 30 people. For a split second the crowd was silent, but as soon as my suit dropped to me feet, laughter broke out followed by clapping and pointing as everyone stared at my nudity.

Don then jerked my arm up a little higher and said, "Is this enough embarrassment for you, or do you want more?" That's when I made the mistake of calling him a 'son of a bitch'. When he hard that he said, "OK, that does it," and made me walk in front of him toward the pool. I thought at this point that he was going to throw me into the water, but instead we stopped at a bench alongside the pool. While still painfully twisting my arm, he sat down on the bench and forced me to lie face down across is lap.

I continued to struggle but he held me firmly in place, applying more pressure to my arm. I asked him what he was going to do to me and he replied that he was going to teach me a lesson I would never forget. He said that he had been going to give Jeanne's top back to her but since I had made such a big deal about it he would now give it to me. He told me to put my free hand behind my back and when I refused he twisted my other arm harder until I did as I was told. He then tied both of my wrists securely together behind my back with my wife's bikini top. Next, he told the guy holding Jeanne to bring her over to the edge of the pool next to where we were. As she looked down at us, Don said to her, "Your husband has been acting like a pouting, spoiled little boy and when little boys misbehave they must be disciplined, and I can't think of a quicker way for him to learn his lesson than to have his pretty wife watch while he gets a good, old fashioned, bare-ass spanking in front of her."

At first, what he said didn't sink in. It was incomprehensible for me to think that I, as a grown man, was about to be spanked by another man in front of my wife, but when I finally realized this was for real, I implored him not to do it. His reply was that I had asked for it and that I would think twice before I ever called him a SOB again.

The crowd quieted as everyone gathered closely to watch.

A shock of pain and disgrace shot through my body as Don's large hand landed forcefully on my exposed cheeks for the first time.

Each slap seemed to echo as I wiggled and writhed submissively under his stinging blows. I cried out, pleading with him to stop paddling me and telling him I was sorry, but he ignored my pleas and continued the punishment.

I can't begin to describe the total humiliation of having my wife watch me lying there naked, squirming, and helpless, tearfully begging her ex-boyfriend to stop spanking my bare bottom.

Don said to Jeanne, "I sort of get the idea that your husband doesn't like being disciplined this way, but no matter how much he kicks, whines or whimpers he's staying here until I turn his rear as red as your stiff little nipples."

My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding as I looked up at Jeanne from my prone position. She was blushing with an astonished look of disbelief on her face as she watched slap after slap land on my naked quivering ass.

It was still hard to comprehend that this was actually happening to me and as my mind raced, the thought of Jeanne and everyone else watching my emasculation, caused the worst possible reaction, I began to develop an erection. The more I thought about trying to make it go away, the harder I got.

By now my cheeks were beginning to numb from the beating they were taking and between slaps I could feel the warmth generating from the surface. Don finally said that he would stop if I admitted that I had been a bad boy and deserved to have my bottom spanked and also that I was glad everyone got the opportunity to see my wife's naked titties.

By this time my cock was fully rigid and the thought of repeating what he had demanded did nothing to soften it. My hesitation brought a few more painful slaps to my burning butt until I finally blurted out what he wanted.

He then ordered me to stand up and couldn't understand my reluctance to rise as I continued to lie prostrate across his lap. He finally forced me to my feet and immediately a hush came over the crowd as everyone's eyes riveted on all 4 1/4" of my proud pink penis on erect display.

My face was as red as my bottom as Don broke the silence by stating that evidently getting a spanking had caused a small swelling between my legs. He said to me, "You've just raised embarrassment to a new level. First you get your pants pulled down in public, then you get a bare-ass spanking in front of your wife and her classmates and now you not only get a hard-on, but you show everyone how small your cock and balls are."

The laughter from the crowd increased as he said to me' "What do you call that tiny thing, 'Goliath'?" When I failed to reply, he slapped me once again on my tingling ass and suggested that if I didn't have a name for my penis, maybe they could come up with one for me.

The girls continued laughing as he forced me to stand in front of them assigning them the task of coming up with a descriptive name.

A blonde started things off by giggling that she thought it looked like a 'teeny weenie' to her. A brunette suggested 'puny peepee', while a third liked 'dinky dick' and a fourth wanted to call it 'little squirt'. There were others, but finally Cindy, a very pretty black girl, spoke up stating facetiously that they shouldn't be making fun of my shortcomings and that I was probably very self conscious about my 'cute little weewee'. That was the name that stuck.

With that settled, Don decided that I should show off my newly named penis and that a walk around the pool was in order as he forced me to walk in front of him. The group continued to laugh and cheer as they watch my little erection bob up and down as I struggled in vain to get away. Don quietly warned me that if I continued to struggle he would take hold of the head of my prick and walk around the pool with me in tow.

After our trip was complete, one of the girls said to him, "Your parties have everything Don, bare little titties for the guys to look at and a bare little weewee for the girls to see." The crowd applauded its approval. Don said that they hadn't seen anything yet as he grabbed the inside of my upper arm and the inside of my thigh with his other hand and effortlessly lifted me over his head. He then asked them what I was. When no one got the right answer he told them that I was a live, two sided billboard. As he turned and showed them my backside he said that I was an advertisement for 'rare rump roast' and then turning around to expose my front he said, "And on this side we are advertising 'little cocktail weenies' and 'Swedish meatballs'."

After this display of strength, Don lowered me to my feet and asked me if Jeanne's birthday wasn't coming up shortly. When I didn't answer he slapped me a couple of times on the ass and told me to give him the date. Reluctantly, I told him it was in three days. He grinned and then announced to the crowd that, "Jeanne's birthday was coming up in a few days and you all know what happens on your birthday." Much to my chagrin, about four people yelled out, "birthday spanking!'

Don laughed and told them that they were partially right. He then handed me over to two guys who stood beside me holding my arms. He then told the guy holding Jeanne on his shoulders to bring her to the side of the pool where he reached out and pulled her over his shoulder.

Jeanne was kicking her legs and pounding him on the back with her fists, but it didn't seem to phase him. He simply walked over to the bench and sitting down, easily lowered her, face down, across his lap, the same position I had held a short time before.

Even with all her struggling, he held her firmly in place. He asked the frenzied crowd what they wanted to do first, sing 'Happy Birthday' or open the present? They responded in one voice, "Open the present!" With that, Don reached down and slowly began to untie Jeanne's bikini bottoms. She kept pleading with him not to take them off but when he had them unlaced, he slowly pulled them from between her legs, leaving her as naked as I was. He then said, "Now there's a present you don't see everyday," as he rested his hand on her bare bottom. Jeanne continued to struggle but he pulled both of her arms behind her back and tied her wrists together, the same as he had done to me. As he again put his hand on her naked ass, he announced that now that Jeanne was dressed in her 'birthday suit', they should all sing 'Happy Birthday' to her.

There was no controlling the crowd now as they became more excited. As soon as they stopped singing, Don announced that the spanking was about to begin and that they should call out the number of each year. Jeanne was begging him not to spank her and called to me for help, but Don told her that I was a little tied up at the moment and besides that, I appeared to be rather excited watching her lying there naked.

He then invited all of the men to line up and, in turn, each was to give her a slap. As the spanking began, the crowd joined in the count as Jeanne wiggled and kicked with each blow. About the sixth guy in line, rather sheepishly just brushed his hand across her bottom and was called back by Don and told that he was supposed to spank her, not try to get a cheap feel. When all of the men had each had a turn Don said that he would finish up, but before he resumed spanking her he looked over at me and said, "Just imagine, when you go home you can tell all your friends how you watched sixteen guys put their hands on your wife's bare ass while you stood by naked, with a hard-on. He then resumed the spanking and when he got to her age of 33 he continued to paddle her with 'one to grow on', etc. Her cheeks had turned crimson and I yelled at him to stop, which he did.

He looked surprised that I had spoken and said since I was so concerned with Jeanne that maybe I would like to share the experience. He then told the crowd that they were about to see something they would never forget and as he pulled Jeanne's bottom closer to his stomach, he told the two guys holding me to bring me over and put me along side my wife across his lap. He joked that "what was good for the goose was good for the gander." I, of course, struggled, but soon found myself lying face down next to my wife.

There was just barely enough room for the two of us but he pulled me tight against Jeanne. The crowd roared as Don said, "You've all heard of 'dancing cheek to cheek', well, what you're about to see is 'spanking cheek to cheek'. He then proceeded to spank both of us, first alternating between Jeanne's bottom and then mine, and then randomly, so that we never knew which of us would be slapped next.

A girl in the crowd yelled out to Don to see if he could get the shades of red to match and a guy suggested that, "This should be called 'The Bare Butt ballad of Blushing Bottoms'."

By now we were both crying, Jeanne from pain and embarrassment and me from pain, shame, embarrassment and the frustration of not only being unable to protect her but having her see me being manhandled and dominated by her tormentor.

She kept repeating to me, "Why is he doing this to us?" "Please make him stop hurting me." I could say nor do nothing as the paddling continued and he decided to use both hands, spanking us at the same time as if he were playing the bongo drums.

Don finally stopped the punishment for a moment and whispering, asked Jeanne if she was ready to go into the house with him where he'd show her what a real man looked like. She sobbed her refusal and asked him how he could suggest such a thing in front of me. He replied that I could come along too and watch.

He said he was sure that I wouldn't mind for two very good reasons. "First," he said, "your husband knows if he says one more thing to me, I'll spank his bare ass so hard and so long that he won't be able to sit down for a week and I'll make you watch the whole thing."

"The second and more important reason is that I think he is getting very turned on by all of this. I think he enjoys having all these girls staring at his little bare erection and I think he also enjoys having all these guys see you naked. I'm also sure that he won't object to me rubbing your cute little ass like this."

I could feel the movement next to me as he started to rub Jeanne's bottom and I said nothing. He then said to her, "I'll bet his little weewee is really getting hard now and just to show you I'm right I don't think he'd object if I also rubbed your titties at the same time." As I turned my head, there, only inches from my face, I saw his big hand reach under her and begin to fondle her naked breasts, squeezing, pinching and rolling her swollen nipples between his fingers. My cock throbbed as I listened to my wife whimper at his touch but I kept silent knowing full well that protesting would accomplish nothing except for another more prolonged and painful spanking. He told Jeanne that if she wouldn't go into the house with him the least she could do was to sit in his lap for a little while and if she would agree to that he would let us up. Reluctantly she said she would if it meant we wouldn't be spanked anymore.

He then told one of the guys to come over and help me up mentioning to Jeanne that I was about to get another thrill watching everyone there see her for the first time in full frontal nudity.

I was then helped upright and led a few feet away as I watched Jeanne being lifted to her feet and being turned to face the crowd of eager onlookers. Her face was beet red as she stood for the first time stark naked in front of them as they examined her body from head to toe. I wanted to relieve her embarrassment but was helpless to do so. Don then made me stand next to her and for the first time I realized that people were actually taking pictures of the proceedings. It was then that Cindy, the girl who had named my penis, came out of the crowd with a bottle of suntan oil in her hand. As she approached me she said to Don, "Since you already tanned Spanky's rear here, some of the girls and I were worried about his front becoming sunburned and decided that since I'm a nurse I should apply some first aid to the area." She said, "I hope its not too late because as you can see his little pink weewee has turned to red and is now beginning to turn purple."

She then filled her left hand with oil while asking me if my bottom still hurt from being spanked. When I nodded that it did, she said that she would take care of that first and started spreading the liquid all over my ass.

The oil felt good as she worked her hand all over my bottom and between my cheeks. She then took more oil and lubricated me through my legs all the way to my balls. As she tickled my crotch and scrotum my penis started to jump involuntarily.

You could feel the anticipation in the crowd grow as they waited for her to get around to my front and their wait paid off as she took the suntan oil and squirted it up and down the length of my erection and onto my balls.

She then explained to me almost clinically that it would do no good unless it was rubbed well into the exposed area. I quietly asked her not to play with my erection and when she asked me why, I told her I didn't want to come in front of everyone. She told me that I would just have to control myself to keep that from happening.

I felt lightheaded as she took my penis into her hand and started to slowly stroke the shaft up and down. When she saw that her touch was having the desired effect on me she asked me if this was the first time I had been jacked-off by someone other than my wife. When I indicated that it was she said that she promised to be gentle.

You could hear a pin drop as she increased the motion with her right hand while with her left she was tickling the length of my crack and underside of my balls. Then just when I thought I could hold back no longer she stopped and reaching down for the bottle of oil, tossed it over to Don and said, "You better use some of this on your girlfriend's boobies and exposed areas before they start to burn also."

Don caught the plastic bottle and immediately squirted a generous amount over my wife's chest. Then standing behind her he reached around with both hands and began to message her breasts.

Cindy continued to tickle my balls and run her finger lightly up the crack of my ass with one hand while with the other she ran her fingertips up and down the underside of my cock sending shivers all over my body. A drop of clear liquid had formed on the tip of my penis and it was now falling slowly to my feet with its long sticky tail, much to the delight of two girls who were betting how long it would take to reach the ground.

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