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West Valley High Day 15: Homecoming

by homeboundboy©

When the announcement came over the loudspeaker late on Friday, Susan Mitchell couldn't believe what she had heard. The school's Homecoming Queen and Court had been selected by her classmates and Susan was shocked to find she had been selected as Queen. Going into the year, being on the Homecoming Court was something she would have naturally assumed, but given the change of fortunes this year and everything she had endured, she hadn't given it a thought as the elections went on.

Of course, this meant she would have to be part of tonight's Homecoming parade before the football game, and given her current attire, she was not looking forward to that. As had been the case since the first day of school, Susan was attending class completely naked, save for a pair of handcuffs locked around her wrists. It was part of a deal she had made with Headmaster Krutz to keep her mother out of jail for financial impropriety as well as to keep Susan enrolled at the tony private school.

Susan and her friends Brittany, Jamie and Kylie, along with two other senior girls, were told to report to the school gymnasium to prepare for the parade. The theme of this year's Homecoming was "Heaven" and the girls were greeted in the gym with a set of long white dresses with attached angel wings. Susan's heart sank when she saw there were only five dresses for the six girls and she started to worry if perhaps Krutz was finally going to parade her naked in front of the local community, parents and alumni.

A series of hair and makeup stations had been set up in the gym and each of the girls, Susan included, were treated to manicures and pedicures and each had their hair styled in a pseudo-Greek up-do that made them look more like Greek goddesses to Susan than angels, but she figured their dresses and wings would address that.

The other five girls were given their dresses and went off into changing areas to put them on while Susan stood in the gym alone and naked. Each girl returned sporting the long white, form fitting dresses, topped with angel wings like those on the yearly lingerie fashion show.

Krutz arrived a few minutes later and told Susan that it was time to get her ready for the parade. He removed her handcuffs and took her to the back of the gym where she saw the metal pole and frame and knew what was about to happen to her. Attached to the top of the pole were a large dildo. With the help of one of the stylists, Susan was lifted into the air and impaled. Her toes barely touched the ground and she was in extreme pain. Krutz saw this and had the stylist bring over a pair of six-inch high heels which were buckled onto the impaled girl's feet, giving her a platform to stand on. The heels only marginally improved Susan's predicament, which was made worse when the electric cord was plugged in and the dildo began vibrating. "No batteries to wear out tonight," Krutz said with a smile to the young cheerleader.

Two boys came over carrying a pair of large wings. These easily weighed 15 or 20 pounds and were much larger than those the other girls were wearing. They had been attached to a set of hooks which were placed over Susan's shoulders and came down to the top of her breasts. A pair of wires extended from the bottom of the hooks and Krutz took these and clamped their ends onto Susan's nipples, which pulled her nipples out and upward.

Susan's was happy to see a stylist bringing in a white dress for her as well. Hers was completely open to the back so it was fitted over her like a straitjacket and then zipped up in the back. The high neckline covered the hooks and wires and the dress swept the floor, completely concealing the impaling rod and platform. Susan's hands were kept free, since she was supposed to smile and wave. A white mask with small eye holes completed Susan's ensemble.

With the help of both boys and two of the stylists, Susan was lifted onto a dolly and rolled out of the gym to the parking lot where the Homecoming Queen's float was waiting. The other girls were already in place on the float, free to move around and wave as Susan was lifted onto the platform and placed in the center.

"Oh, one more thing, Miss Mitchell," Krutz said to the girl as he reached down to plug in a cord running down her back. As he plugged it in, small fairy lights began twinkling on Susan's wings, which would have been very pretty to her. Except the electricity was also flowing through the wires attached to her nipples. The small pulses were causing her to convulse. "Now, remember, you don't want anyone to know about your predicament, do you?" the headmaster said. Susan knew he was right so she would have to find a way to keep smiling through the pain and discomfort of her poor shocked nipples and the intruder inside her.

As the float began to move, things got worse for Susan. She learned that the rod inside her was not stationary but rather was moving up and down, apparently attached somehow to the wheels of the float. As they went around, the pole lifted her slightly off her heels and then withdrew. The parade route from the school through town was several miles and the girl realized she wasn't going to make it to the stadium smiling, particularly as the float driver seemed to be going out of his way to hit every bump in the road, causing further jolts to her impacted pussy.

Students and alumni lined the streets of the small local town as the parade passed through. The school's marching band was playing ahead of the Homecoming Float, along with a band from the public middle school. A float carrying some of the school's other athletes was ahead of them in the procession, followed by one hosting some of the school's prominent former football players.

Soon the Queen's float turned out onto Main Street for the 10 block ride to the football stadium. Susan was doing her best to smile and wave at the crowd and try to make it look like she was not an impaled prisoner but she had already orgasmed once on the ride from the school and knew she wasn't far off now. As the float hit the main square, small pyrotechnics on the left and right side shot off, sending streamers into the audience. These were apparently also wired to Susan's nipple clamps because she felt a huge electrical shock as they were launched and she screamed. Luckily it must have seemed like she was just surprised by the bang of the streamers, and her covering her mouth with her hands added to that effect. If only these people knew they had just seen a teenage girl have an orgasm right in front of them!

Crossing the railroad tracks to get to the stadium by the river was especially painful for Susan as the driver hit the track just as the dildo was at full extension inside her, driving her up so her full weight was impaled upon it. The float entered the stadium and did a lap around the track before parking in a far corner near the north end zone. The five other girls were helped down from the platform and sat in chairs in front of the float but Queen Susan was left to stand and continue to endure the abusive shocks and painful impalement.

At halftime, the girls climbed back onto the float and it was rolled to the center of the field. Each of them was introduced as a member of the court and given a small tiara to wear. As it neared time for Susan to be introduced, she felt the electrical shocks on her tits worsen and the vibrator began moving up and down inside her with force even though the float was stationary. She knew her smile must have looked so forced but she kept it painted on her face as they introduced her. The headmaster climbed onto the float to place a large crown on her head and whispered, "Happy Homecoming, Miss Mitchell" as Susan felt another wave of pleasure start to pass over her.

Written by: homeboundboy

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