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West Valley High Day 20: Autowhip

by homeboundboy©

Susan Mitchell found herself missing the thin mattress in the boys' dormitory where she had spent the night two days ago. Since then, she had been bound naked in the atrium of West Valley High. After having sex with half the football team yesterday, she remained bound on her hands and knees, dried cum on her face and in her hair, her pussy, ass and mouth aching from the abuse.

The large TV screen in front of her was showing porn movies on a loop. She was the star of each of each of them, videos made from the last two weeks of abuse at the hands of the school's headmaster. After he had come yesterday and found her cheerleader friends helping her finish off the football team, he had sent them away and allowed the players to have another round of sex with her. He had then tied her hair back so she would be forced to watch the horrifying videos.

As daylight broke on an night without sleep, Susan was disoriented, tired, hungry and thirsty. It had been 24 hours since she had anything to eat or drink except the semen pumped down her throat by her classmates.

Headmaster Krutz walked in pushing a large metal frame. It was shaped like an 'x', tilted slightly back. Susan knew she would soon find herself strapped to it. The headmaster unchained her wrists from the heavy metal disk and pulled the girl to her feet. He stood her against the frame and chained her wrists to the top of the frame. He then unchained her ankles and spread them wide to the bottom of the frame. The large red ball gag was shoved unceremoniously into her mouth and strapped behind her head.

He rolled in a metal stand with a large motor on it, to which was attached a rubber flogger. Susan groaned knowing she was about to be whipped again. Her flesh was still marked with red stripes from the attack from two days ago.

Krutz pressed a button on a remote and the whip shot around at a scary speed, cracking through the air. "Ingenious, don't you think," he said? "Saves a lot of arm work to use the machine. It also can move up and down to strike anywhere on your body."

The headmaster spun the frame around so Susan faced the TV screen. "Wouldn't want you to miss the show," he said. He set up the machine in front of her. Susan yanked on her restraints as she saw the whip aimed at her naked chest. With a push of the button, the motor spun and the flogger made a wide arc, striking the girl directly on her pierced nipples.

"But wait, there's more," Krutz said wryly. He brought over a second machine and positioned it under her. It had its own motor and pole, and to it, Krutz had attached a 12-inch rubber dildo. He positioned it under the spread girl and raised it so it just barely penetrated her abused pussy.

Susan's friends arrived in the atrium next. Brittany, Kylie, Jamie and Katy were completely naked except for small patches over their nipples. "I was not too pleased with your friends helping you out yesterday," the headmaster said. "So today they will help me out. They will be responsible for running the machines. The electrodes on their nipples will administer a shock to all of them if the computer does not think they are being severe enough in dealing with you."

The girls all were looking down, unable to look the headmaster or their friend in the eyes. Each girl was given a remote. Each remote had several dials which Krutz explained controlled the height of the whip, the severity of the whip and the power of the dildo inside her. The computer would average the value from each girl's remote and deliver the appropriate punishment.

The girls each set a dial and Susan felt a sharp crack across her chest. It apparently was not good enough for the computer because each girl yelped as they felt electricity on their bare nipples. As much as they didn't want to hurt their friend, their own fear of pain was apparently more powerful because the strikes against Susan's tits came faster and with more speed, and the girl was crying and whimpering. Red stripes appeared across her tender flesh and her breasts were in agony.

The girls were shocked again, which was their cue to vary their punishment. The whipping machine slid down the pole and the whip bit into the cheerleader's taut stomach. It slid down further, striking above her crotch. And then it reached her tender pelvic region and began slapping away at it with vigor. Her thighs were already beet red and crossed with stripes.

Susan's friends yelped again as the electric shocks hit their breasts. They had forgotten about the dildo on a pole aimed at Susan's pussy. They corrected their error and the machine under her came to life, slowly raising the dildo deep inside her just as the whipping machine moved up the pole and applied another quick strike to her nipples.

The dildo began pounding at the restrained cheerleader even harder as blow after blow from the flogger struck at her nipples. The machine could deliver accurate blows to the same place over and over and it seems the girls had settled on Susan's nipples as a target, at least until the shocks to their nipples told them to move.

The whipping machine lowered down her stomach and delivered two quick blows. And then, Susan felt the most intense electric shock she had ever felt just as her friends felt their own on their tits. Susan's shock came from the dildo shoved deep inside her and she felt like someone had struck a crowbar across her stomach. She couldn't breathe from the pain.

The whipping machine moved down and hit her across the pelvis again and then rose up to the level of her chest again. It began delivering its fastest and hardest strokes across her bare breasts as she felt another powerful electric shock in her pussy. The dildo picked up speed, ramming her harder and harder until she was being lifted off her feet. Between the whipping and the pounding of the dildo, she was driven over the edge and tensed as the orgasm struck her.

Susan's body went limp in her restraints as the whip continued to flail away at her breasts. The dildo provided no relief, continuing to pound inside her. Her friends were turning their dials to try to slow down the assault on their friend, but nothing changed. The machine kept pounding away at her and the whip kept coming and soon Susan was rocking from her second orgasm of the day.

The girl passed out. The machine stopped and each of her friends felt five quick heavy shocks to their bare breasts as punishment for trying to help their friend. They wouldn't do that again.

Written by: homeboundboy

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