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West Valley High Day 25: Secretary

by homeboundboy©

Susan awoke in her new room in the female dormitory. "Room" was really a misnomer because the space had previously been a storage closet. It was only a few feet wide by six or seven feet deep, just big enough for a small mattress. The iron chain ring had been moved to her new space and she had once again been shackled to it. But she felt safer here, which meant she could close her eyes and sleep.

Brittany came in a few minutes after and unlocked the chain. "I guess I'm your new jailer," she said, waving the keys to the padlock. "I also have the keys to that belt of yours, too, so don't give me any lip or you'll spend another night in it. Take a shower and grab breakfast. Krutz wants you in his office by 7:30". Brittany unlocked the chastity belt and Susan pulled the pink vibrator out of herself. She was tempted to hand it to Brittany but instead sat it on the edge of the mattress, still glistening with her juices. She kissed her friend on the cheek, memories of their day yesterday still fresh in her mind and headed to the showers. The girls' showers, unlike the boys', had racks of clean towels, as well as fruity body wash and shampoo and Susan took advantage of both, glad to be smelling like a girl again and less like a sweaty whore. Although she imagined that would change.

She plodded naked down to the dining room, and looking at the clock, again settled for some toast and juice. She'd have to either take shorter showers or get Brittany to wake her up earlier. She arrived at the headmaster's office and realized his administrative assistant, Mrs. Jacoby, was not at her desk as usual. The secretary also sneered at Susan as she came to the headmaster's office, looking down on her with her wrinkled nose, so she was glad not to have to look at the old bat's face this morning. She walked into the main office.

"Miss Mitchell," Krutz said, looking up from a pile of papers. "Mrs. Jacoby has chosen today of all days to call out sick and I have a ton of paperwork that has to be finished for the Governors by tomorrow. You can type, right?"

Susan nodded her head. She had taken a typing class last year and was actually pretty fast at it.

"Good," he said. "I'll need to put you to work as my secretary today." He led her out into the outer office to Mrs. Jacoby's desk. The secretary's chair had been replacing by a smaller computer chair, one of those with a small oval back on an arm and a small padded seat. What was on the seat, however, was what worried Susan. Krutz saw her look and smiled, "You didn't think today was going to be a day without punishment, did you?" Susan looked down and walked over to the chair. A thick, curving dildo was mounted through the chair's seat. The thing was eight to ten inches long and Susan did not look forward to riding it.

"Take your seat, please, and I will explain your task," the headmaster said. Susan lifted herself over the chair and slowly sank herself down onto the impaling dildo. Her pussy was getting quite stretched out by now so the girth was not so bad, but the length of this dildo meant it went in as deep as possible.

"Here are some letters that I need typed. I wrote them up last night for each of the Governors. I need these done in the next hour, so I've rigged a small timer on the computer. If you aren't keeping pace, your friend will activate to remind you to speed up," Krutz said ominously. Susan wondered how he had managed to do all of this after just finding out his secretary wasn't coming in and she realized this was likely planned a long time ago.

The girl pulled out the first letter and put it in the typing stand and got to work typing the letter into the word processing application. A small window in the corner was recording her number of words per minute. She started slowly, getting use to the keyboard and the computer beeped and the numbers turned red, warning her she was going too slowly. The dildo began to vibrate inside her very slowly as well as to slowly moved up and down through the seat. She moaned a little and picked up her pace but even though she exceeded the word per minute pace, the dildo didn't stop. She realized that once it was at a specific setting, it would only get worse and not better.

Susan finished the first document and created a new file for the second. The time it took for this action caused her average words per minute to drop below the threshold and she felt the vibrator increase in speed and thrust inside her. She would have to type even faster. The sensation between her legs was starting to turn her on and she knew an orgasm, although inevitable, would really slow down her typing.

She was able to finish the second letter without issue but, again, the time it took to close the file and open a new one was enough to lower her average and the dildo really picked up speed now. Susan got halfway through the third letter before she couldn't take any more and shuddered from the force of her orgasm. Of course she stopped typing during it and so that only led to the dildo speeding up even more. By the time she got to the fourth letter, it was pounding at her at a rapid rate and she let herself release for the second time, now no longer caring about the speed of her typing. Eventually she knew the thing could only go do fast so she settled into her work and let the device do its worst to her, which it did. She finished the fifth and final letter just before her third orgasm of the morning. She lay her head down on he desk as the dildo kept pounding away at her.

Krutz came to release her after an hour and looked over her work. "Very good, Miss Mitchell," he said. "Maybe you have a career as an administrative assistant ahead of you. But you will need to work on your typing speed." He told her to get up off the chair, which she gladly did, her juices running down the dildo poking up through the seat.

"Ok, now I need you take some letters down to the mail room for me," Krutz said. Susan was dreading this task as the school's mail room employees were all lecherous old men who liked leering at the girls in the school uniforms as it was, so she could only imagine what they thought of her walking around naked.

Krutz went back into his office with a stack of letter bound in an leather strap as well as the metal yoke Susan had worn earlier in the week. He placed the yoke over her neck and fastened her arms into the arm holes and locked them in place. Susan thought to herself that she had seen this movie somewhere before. Krutz held out the bundle of papers and she realized he expected her to hold them in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the leather strap so the letters hung down from her chin and headed out of the office.

The mail room was on the other side of the school, near the shop building, and as Susan's luck would have it, a class period change had just taken place. So students were milling about in the hallways heading to their classes and got the full view of the naked cheerleader shackled in a yoke carrying letters in her mouth. Susan didn't think she could be embarrassed anymore, but she felt her face turning red.

When she reached the mail room, she bent her head to allow herself to ring the doorbell and a man came to the door. "Whadda want," he said gruffly. With the letters in her mouth, Susan couldn't really speak so she mumbled, "I haf wetters fom da headmasser". The guy looked her over and laughed. "Sent a retard to deliver mail now. Krutz really is something. Give me those," he said and reached up to take the bundle out of her mouth. Susan said a quick "thanks", but before she could leave, the man stopped her and said, "We've got some things to go back to the main office. Since you're here, might as well save us a trip."

The man came back with several letters. Beckoning her to open her mouth, he shoved them in and she clamped down on them. It was a long trudge back to the headmaster's office, although at least this time, the halls were relatively empty. She made it back just as the headmaster came out of his office. He took the letters from her mouth and said, "I've marked up the letters you typed this morning. I need you to make corrections and print them out."

Susan stood looking at him, waiting for him to remove the yoke but he did not. She walked over to the chair and tried to stand in front of the desk and type without sitting down but could not. She started to sit on the edge of the chair until the headmaster interrupted her. "Turn yourself around and straddle the chair, Miss Mitchell. And please don't leave your friend lonely."

The girl sighed and mounted the dildo again, this time backwards, which meant its slight curve was very uncomfortable. She was now facing away from the desk, so she had to shuffle herself around to face the computer. Krutz came over and lifted her ankle and locked it to a small loop on the front of the seat and then did the same with the second. This leaned her forward, increasing the awkward pressure in her vagina. She leaned to one side so her right hand could reach the keyboard and opened the first file to make corrections. The dildo sprang to life instantly, at its highest setting, although it was only vibrating and not undulating, which made it unpleasant, but not painful. There weren't that many corrections and, despite the handicap of only being able to use one hand at a time, Susan finished them in no time. Her neck was aching from the weird angle caused by bending to type. She also was incredibly horny from the dildo vibrating inside her so she began to slide herself up and down on it, since it was not moving, and soon experienced her fourth orgasm of the morning.

Krutz had apparently come out of his office and witnessed her pleasuring herself on the device and she was even more embarrassed than she had been before. She was really turning into a bigger slut than she had ever been, she thought to herself. How could she be enjoying being his slave?

He unlocked her ankles and helped her remove herself from the impaling dildo and walked her info his office, where he removed the yoke. "I need you to take notes for me," he said, "handing her a legal pad and a pen. The headmaster started speaking out loud, obviously a speech he had to give to the Governors, and Susan furiously wrote down his words. He stopped after a particularly long sentence and picked up a pad of yellow sticky notes. He scribbled a few words on the top note and then peeled it off. Reaching over, he placed the note on Susan's left breast, covering her nipple with it. "Can't forget that," he said and then began his speech again. He paused a little later to write himself another note, which ended up on Susan's right tit.

He had her read back a portion of the speech and reached for the sticky notes again. After writing the note, he looked over at Susan and said, "Well, that won't work." She had no idea what he meant. He rummaged in his desk drawer and pulled out two large black binder clips. Rising from his desk, he removed the sticky note on Susan's left tit and opened up the clip. "No, no, please sir," the girl said, seeing the headmaster's intention. But despite her protestation, he clamped the office supply over her nipple. causing her to scream in pain. She had barely recovered when he did the same to her other nipple. He took a small spiral notepad and pulled some string through it and hung it from the two clips so it dangled from her breasts. He placed the two sticky notes on the notepad and continued his oration and Susan had to fight off the pain and keep taking notes.

When he finished, he removed the notepad from between her breasts but left the binder clips in place instructed her to go back out and type up her notes. She went into the outer office and dreaded sitting back down on the dildo chair. But since he had not told her to, she decided to simply stand and type the letters. She really wanted to remove the clamps from her tits but didn't dare. Her speech was relatively short and she had it typed up in no time and Krutz never came out to see her not sitting on the dildo.

She returned to his office. He told her her was going to a meeting. "But I can't just leave you here with all of my documents", he said. He walked her out to the outer office and closed the door to his office. He had a piece of rope in his hand, which he looped over the doorknob. She figured he was going to tie her to it to keep her there. And she was right. And wrong. He told her to get down on her knees and crawl over to the door. Then he told her to open her mouth and wrap her lips around the brass doorknob. She opened wide and stretched her mouth over the cold metal until it was behind her teeth, gagging her. Krutz tied the ends of the rope around her head and knotted them around her neck, securing her in place.

He locked her wrists together behind her back, and then for good measure, used another piece of rope to bind her elbows together, securing them so they touched each other. "Be back in an hour or so," he said cheerfully, leaving the naked cheerleader pressed against his office door gagging on the metal knob.

True to his word, Krutz returned after about an hour and a half. Susan's jaws were aching from holding the doorknob in her mouth for that long and she swallowed hard as he untied the ropes and allowed her to release it from her mouth. He undid the ropes around her elbows and unlocked her wrists.

Susan followed him into his office. "I could use a cup of tea," he said to her. "There's a pot of water over there and a mug and some tea bags, bring them over." Susan picked up the tray and carried it over to his desk. "Pour some water into the mug," he told her, and she did. Krutz then grabbed a tea bag and tied it to binder clip on her nipple. "You'll need to steep that in the mug for a few minutes." Susan leaned over the desk so the tea bag hanging from her nipple entered the cup. "Some up and down motion to brew it properly," she was told and she began to bob the bag up and down in the mug. After a few minutes, she was told to stand up and hot tea dripped off the bag. Krutz sipped his tea and told her she could remove the tray and throw away the used tea bag. "Good thing I don't use milk with my coffee," he said to the girl, who frowned.

After tea, the headmaster told Susan to get down on her hands and knees and he tied her wrists together with a piece of rope. He tied the another piece of rope from the one between her wrists to her ankle cuffs, binding those together as well.

"I need you to run this to Mr. Kelly," he said. "Although running might be difficult." The headmaster placed a long cylindrical tube into the girl's mouth and she realized she would be crawling to Mr. Kelly's classroom. So she took off down the hall, struggling to crawl on her bound wrists and ankles which gave her only a few inches of freedom. It was a long crawl and there was another class change, so all of her classmates got to see her crawling like a dog again, her bare pussy on display for them to see.

Mr. Kelly took the tube from Susan's mouth when she entered his classroom. He took a piece of chocolate out of a bowl on his desk and held it out to the girl and she leaned forward and snatched it out of his hand. She felt like a dog but she was hungry and the chocolate was very good. She crawled her way back to the headmaster's office, where he had a plate of food set out for her as well as a glass of juice. The food was easy for her to eat, even in her bound state as she was used to eating out of a bowl by now without using her hands. But the glass was a new experience. She learned forward and grabbed the lip of it between her teeth and tipped it back slowly so a little liquid seeped through her clenched teeth. That worked, so she tipped it a little more, although a little too much and she ended up which juice dribbling down her chin.

Afternoon meant more typing, and this time, Krutz made her mount the dildo once again. She decided not to care about her speed, focusing instead on making no mistakes, figuring one turn on the dildo chair was better than two. That meant the dildo reached full speed much faster this time, which meant increased pressure and pounding on her tender pussy. Orgasms five and six were nowhere nearly as pleasurable as the first few and number seven was downright painful.

By the time Krutz let her go, she was sore and raw. She really hoped his secretary was feeling better tomorrow.

Written by: homeboundboy

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