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IWillSubmit38 Pt. 02

by OhSoHot2takeU©

His hands roamed her body stopping to remove the bindings. He kissed each wrist and undid the belt around her waist and thighs. He was expecting her to panic and fight him. Sexual tension filled the air. He turned each wrist inspecting it in his large hands and running his fingers around her wrists and up her arms. His hands encircled her waist. Riley thought he'd lost his mind when he was testing to see if he could get his fingers all the way around her waist. It was very odd. She watched as his fingers strained but were just able to completely encircle her midriff and he smiled when he could.

He slowly lifted her shirt over her head then leaned back and waited. He gave her time to get comfortable with her partially undressed state. He allowed her to remain in her lacy bra but he was breathing harder and she was becoming more self-conscious and uncomfortable with every move he made. Logan began slowly ministering to each breast and though he'd left her bra on before this moment. Now, he peered over her shoulders stepping close to her back. It grazed against his chest as she stood staring at the corner aware of every slight movement behind her. His broad chest was rising and falling and his breathing caused her skin to tingle with each brush of his skin against her bare back. The firm ridge of his arousal pushed against her buttocks and low back causing her to inhale sharply as her body instinctively arched away from him.

Then his deep timbered chuckle caused the hair on his chest to brush against her back. She was so hyper aware of every quivering twinge and heated breath behind her. The burning raw lust was in his eyes and he was making certain she felt it all. The seconds ticked by on the clock as he inched closer to her, peering over her shoulder at her curvy form. He was staring at her lightly tanned skin and full breasts as he swayed his large body up against her small form. Logan marveled at her cleavage spilling out from the lacy bra. He studied each breast closely now noting her breasts did indeed have a light smattering of freckles on each rounded globe. Her breasts were perfect with gorgeous pink nipples jutting up erect like pebbled peaks pointing at him practically begging to be sucked into his hot mouth. Each breast was slightly larger than a handful for him, but he had large hands. He stepped another step closer so she either had to lean into him or smash herself into the corner.

When his hands raised up and he cupped her breasts he enjoyed the discomfort his invasive hands caused her. He slid his huge hands up and down her skin and roamed her body with reckless abandon. His thumbs slid over the tips of her nipples rolling them in circles between his fingers and thumbs over the lacy bra. Riley was audibly panting while goosebumps rose on her flesh. She had nowhere to go staring at the corner feeling his chest encroaching on her back. She wobbled toward the wall trying to maintain her balance without touching him or smashing into the wall. Her knees nearly buckled from anxiety.

Riley logically knew she had nowhere to go but her subconscious mind compelled her to sway away from the roaming hands crawling up and down her increasingly heated flesh. She attempted to lift her arms to cover herself. Her arousal was highly evident with her nipples granite hard pointing up lusciously. Logan's mouth watered gazing over her shoulders knowing his touches caused the heated scene unfolding before his eyes. The air in the room ignited with passion. He loved Riley's squirming body, stepping forward then rocking back when she accidentally bumped into his muscular chest. His huge arms deflected her attempts to cover herself. He ticked his tongue in warning keeping his pace torturously slow closing in on her, trapping her completely between his hard body and the inescapable corner.

Riley's heart rate increased and her chest rose and fell until she felt the effects of her hyperventilation. Her vision darkened at the edges and she swayed back and forth on her feet. She pressed into his grasp accidentally then she swiftly jumped back only to feel his raging hard on pressing into the sensitized skin of her bottom. Her body was exquisitely aroused. Her face blushed to a crimson red under his lustful gaze. She frantically gulped air as he stroked and tweaked her nipples. Suddenly, he spun her to face him, stepping close and backing her up until her body pressed into the corner. Her eyes widened watching him moving in with a predatory gaze in his eyes. His massive muscular chest inched closer until his body was looming so large before her making her feel so small and vulnerable before him. Her pulse pounded in her ears and her chest rose and fell rapidly, gasping for each breath they shared because his lips were so close. They descended on hers in a feather light brush against her plump bottom lip. He sucked it in between his teeth biting down then sucking that pouty lip into his mouth where his tongue caressed it from one side to the other, light as a butterfly's wings fluttering across her and she opened her mouth inviting him in. She inhaled sharply as the sensations zinged from her nipples, up to lips, then down to curl and clench low in her belly. A trickle of fluid leaked down her inner thighs, hot and sticky sweet. Riley was visibly trembling from head to toe and breathing hot and fast into Logan's mouth.

A rumbling groan reverberated in Logan's throat and chest. He bent forward slipping his fingers down her shoulders lifting then lowering her bra straps. He slowly eased her bra down leaning forward to inhale her pink nipples into his wet, warm mouth, first the right then the left. Riley was shivering violently now. Logan's hot breath exhaled from his open mouth licking and sucking the soft curves of her breasts until his tongue slid over the peaked pebbled tips forcing them up to the roof of his warm slick mouth. Goosebumps prickled her skin down her thighs then up her chest to the pink tipped nipples being skillfully twirled with his wet tongue igniting an inferno in Riley's innocent, inexperienced flesh.

The frenzied blistering heat coursed over her like nothing she'd ever felt before. Her eyes and mouth gaped open and her pupils dilated under half-lidded eyes blurring from passion. Her panting gasps lifted her chest, it was rising and falling provocatively, mesmerizing his gaze in a hypnotic trance. He'd never seen anyone so lovely and innocent yet passionate all at once. Riley's knees begin to buckle, disintegrating her muscle tone until she was nearly boneless. She slid down the wall to the floor escaping the ravenous heat consuming her whole. Riley's muscles convulsed in wave after wave of pleasure stirring from her nipples to her groin, deliciously clenching and releasing the wet trickle steadily leaking and glistening between Riley's legs. The candy tasting liquid both heated and cooled her skin simultaneously. Logan's mouth greedily consumed her flesh, peppering sucking kisses as he inhaled her skin into his mouth sometimes painfully biting as he sucked it in hard. He continued down from her lips to her chin, neck, shoulders, down her breasts then to her quavering abdomen. He followed Riley down, down, down the wall when her legs couldn't bear holding her up a second longer. She looked in to his eyes with wide pleading gazes as if to beg him to wait for her mind to catch up to her body's inferno. She had lost the ability to think clearly as she was enraptured by lust.

Logan scolded her attempts to flee from their passion in a scalding surge of words that melted her like liquid heat dripping from him in a whisper against her ear. He was inflaming her core to an inferno that engulfed her with passionate licks of flames across her entire body. She never knew anything could feel like this. Tears dripped down her cheeks because she was overcome with the ferocity of her desires to take him inside her.

"Riley, you love what I'm doing to you. Look at the heated color of your cheeks. You've blushed such a pretty pink that I can't take my eyes off of you. Perhaps you desire for me to take you on the floor like a dog in heat. Do you? Because that's fine with me. If you place yourself there, I can make you cum on the floor just as easily as where I'd cornered you moments ago when I trapped you between me and the wall with nowhere to run. Perhaps getting down and dirty on the floor is better for you? Were you planning for this as you dropped to the dirty floor? If so, that's great. I'll gladly take you and fuck you wherever you want me to fuck you. The only thing I won't do, is stop. I adore getting you heated up for me. Let me guide your body until your first orgasm rolls over you in waves Riley. I want to see you trembling, moaning, writhing and screaming under my body. After I accomplish giving you that first orgasm, I will stop doing anything further tonight. But, Riley, if you continue to evade me, I'll punish you for teasing me and being a wanton little slutty cock tease. I'll leave the decision to you on how you'd like to receive your first orgasm from me. What way do you want to proceed? Would you prefer I hold you down and take it from you or do you want to reciprocate and we'll get off together while I make love to you after you beg me to fuck you?

You need to know only one thing my beautiful girl, you're mine and only mine. I want to make love to you but only after you beg me to take you and Riley, you will beg me before I fuck you. Trust me. I have many ways, let's call them incentives, to bend your will until you beg me like the little tease you are."

Logan's grin taunted her. He licked his lips then placed them directly over her ear to make her feel the heat of each breath against her over stimulated body. She squirmed and twisted under his muscled body. His caresses never ceased and Riley was nearing a meltdown. She was pushing at his arms with decreasing intensity as her arousal peaked. She was twitching and jerking spastically while he spun her delicate clit under his thumb. He slowly cupped her face until his huge hand held her chin and forced her gaze to stare into his.

"Riley, I could do anything I want to your sweet body. You are not strong enough to stop me, but I'm holding off. Unfortunately for you, arching away from me and fighting this lust between us is simply getting me more aroused. I can hardly wait to fuck you, but I won't until you beg me. Until then I plan to force you to the edge of an orgasm over and over. I won't let you reach your sweet release though until you beg me to take you and fuck you. I'd love it if you just keep fighting me. I'll get you so crazed before morning you'll beg me to take your sweet little wet cunt. You wait and see. I hadn't planned on fucking you tonight though only getting you to have your first orgasm, but I surely won't mind if you want me to fuck you though. You're so beautiful. Sweet God in Heaven, you are a fucking wet dream and I can't wait to hear you screaming my name as I make you cum!"

Logan's voice was drenched with desire and he pressed his hard body into hers making certain she knew exactly how much he wanted her submission to him. He had not quite defeated her defenses but he'd lowered them and now she needed to learn her place with him. He would protect and keep her but she would willingly come to him first.

He whispered, "What do you prefer my lovely Riley? Are you going to let me rub my little pet to her first orgasm or are you going to fight it and act like you don't want this? Riley, I want you, but I'm not sure what I want more, you to fight me or you to give yourself to me. Either way I'll have you purring my little Kitten. Are you going to be a good girl Kitten and beg me to get you off? How's this going to play?"

Logan's hands continued rubbing Riley and his huge muscular thighs began forcing her to spread her legs around his. I'll let you be silent this one time. Just roll over and spread your pussy for me and you don't have to say anything. I'll be nice and take your silence and lack of fighting me as a choice."

Logan hadn't expected a third option to arise until Riley crumpled in his arms. He'd stared into her eyes waiting for her to submit moaning in pleasure, allowing him to get her off and possibly beg him to fuck her now, but that wasn't what happened. Riley's face constricted and changed before his eyes. Her bottom lip quivered. Her eyes glistened then tears began to fall down from those big eyes. Huge crocodile tears welled and slid down her cheeks. She regarded his eyes pleading silently for his mercy. Riley hadn't been able to bring herself to answer, nor could she move and struggle with him, instead she swallowed over and over with that pouting, quivering bottom lip and those welled up watery eyes just watching him like a small child. He tried to steel himself from going soft but her beauty and those tears of hers got to him! Damn that girl! He just couldn't find it in himself to continue faced with those tears. He needed to know more before he proceeded with this game of theirs. He shook his head irritated at her response. Then he remembered she was still drugged and he had promised her he'd give her leniency today. He knew what he wanted to do to her body, but with the drugs interfering with her memory, reactions, and clarity, he had to try to give her a grace period. He would not torment her and take advantage of her like this.

He shook his head, dropped his hands to her waist and hefted her up into his arms next to his chest. She gasped and he took long strides carrying her to the couch where he sat her on his lap. His eyes met her teary gaze. He let out a long sigh then asked her what he'd been dying to know with certainty.

"Have you ever touched a man Riley? Has one touched you?" his deep, sexy, voice sent chills down her body that made her clench in her stomach in ways she'd never experienced before.

She shook her head no, but then her head dropped as she remembered the guard forcing himself on her. Tears again began rolling down her cheeks in earnest as she stopped shaking her head and nodded it instead. Her sobbing shook him to his core. Logan took a deep breath being patient with her confusing answer. Was this sobbing because of that fucking guard? He realized he was holding his breath. Was she telling him she was still a virgin? Was that even possible at her age? He ran his hand down her back tenderly. The thought of anyone hurting her made his blood boil.

"Was that piece of shit guard, the only man that touched you?" Logan barked at her forgetting she had no idea how much he knew about her. He sounded so angry. He'd not meant to sound furious and realized she probably felt that she may perceive that he was upset with her. His eyes had narrowed to slits thinking about that guard defiling her. Riley had glanced up and saw the furious look on Logan's face as his words hit her. She was humiliated. Riley's eyes went wide and she became rigid on his lap. Her eyes darted as the knowledge of him knowing her secret hit her. She closed her eyes tight. Her hands swiftly lifted to cover her face. She was crossing her arms over her chest to cover her breasts from his eyes but Logan gently gripped her wrists and lowered her arms to her sides. She knew he was wanting her to be exposed like the slut she knew she was.

Oddly Logan cupped her chin gently forcing her to look at him. He pulled her into him allowing her to press her nearly naked chest into his. She felt less exposed. Riley noticed his rigid erection pressing into her bottom. Her eyes glanced downward at the bulging mass pressing against her. He was going to force her. That's fine. He should. She knew she deserved that. She was determined to force his hand and make him show her exactly what he thought of her. Logan heaved another sigh. He instinctively knew she was blaming herself and he wasn't about to let her continue on this path.

Logan said, "Do you see what you do to me Riley? There is nothing you could say that would make me want you less. You have never done anything to deserve to be raped! It's not wrong that you became aroused during that situation. It was natural for the body to get aroused when it was stimulated. You. Did. Nothing. Wrong. Many people enjoy forced fantasy play. They have relationships of master and submissive, it's normal play! That's okay that you want to be taken "against your will." Many women have that fantasy! You can't scare me away. I want to give you what you need, no matter what that is. I don't mind your desires even if you believe they are deviant, hell I find them fucking fascinating. I'd love to hold you down squirming under me. I will take you however you want It or take you how I see fit, if that turns you on. You are mine and I'll always want you. Look at me! Better yet feel that pressing into you? That's desire baby."

Riley turned her head with her eyes downcast. She slowly lifted her eyes to his though still disbelieving his words.

Logan put his hands on either side of her face adamantly insisting she look in his eyes. He looked so sincere as he said, "I am so desperate to have you. I'll give you whatever you need even if you feel you need to be defiled, but I don't feel that way toward you. I only want to do this because it's what you seem to need. I'm conflicted doing it, but if you need that, I will be whatever you need me to be, but you will remember one thing, I. Will. Always! Want. You. "

Logan allowed Riley to hold her breasts against his chest to cover herself. He was keenly aware of her nipples as they lightly grazed his muscular torso through his shirt. He was rigidly hard and wanted her so desperately in that moment, instead he bent to kiss her.

Riley turned away but Logan held her firmly with his arms around her pint-sized waist. He rerouted his mouth, dipping to her neck rather than the lips he longed for. He'd get to them soon enough. He began to pepper kisses up her neck to her cheek then turned her face gently to allow him to drop his mouth over hers. He forcefully parted her lips with his and entered her mouth as a gasp escaped her. Their tongues entwined in a slow dance, exploring each other languidly. Logan was charting this adventure in new ways he hadn't anticipated hoping Riley would come along for the ride. She was so utterly quiet he wasn't certain what she was thinking. He wanted to give into all her desires. She had been so certain she'd wanted to be taken and have all control out of her hands. Did she still? He didn't want to make the situation worse for her. He was irritated with her laconic state and wished she'd answer his fucking questions.

"Riley! Are. You. A. Virgin?"

Her head nodded once and her eyes averted his. She was certain he thought she was a slut because of her reactions to the guard and how she'd gotten turned on after being forced to suck the guard off. Oh, God then she had sent Logan all those steamy taunting chat sessions. She'd thrown herself at him and begged him to take her and fuck her. She knew if he checked her, he'd know she was wet for him, saturated. She couldn't help herself. She believed she may have always had disgusting desires to have men force her to her back. She wanted them to strip her virginity from her. There was nothing pure about her and Logan would see her for what she was and cast her aside. She was sure of it. Who would want a woman who wanted to be raped? No one would care for her knowing all the indecent thoughts that were running through her mind. Logan needed to treat her exactly like that guard had because she'd reveled in the way he'd debased her. Logan was so devastatingly handsome and he would easily get anyone he wanted. She couldn't believe he sincerely wanted her. She suddenly felt compelled to get out of here, far away from him. She needed to force his hand to hurt her, like she deserved. She whirled around and slapped him hard across the face then went insanely wild shocking him with her ferocity.

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