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Vixxen Ch. 02: A Fresh Start

by VixxTheLover©

The following story is fictional and involves rough sex, and interracial content some might object to. This story takes a little bit to get to the sex, but this is about a girl and her life. and her sexual adventures. So I hope you enjoy it, if not skip ahead a bit :)

If you do not enjoy erotic stories involving sexual material I suggest you move on.

After the Beginning Ended-

This story takes place immediately after Vixxen Ch. 01: Beginning, the first story in this series. Vixxen has escaped an adopted stepfather who abused her physically and sexually, has moved hundreds of miles to the West. All in an effort to flee and forget a troubled young life.

Vixxen left her hometown without any money to speak of, no high school diploma nor real job skills. She entered this new town with only the clothes she carried with her, her looks, and her personality.

And this is where our story continues:


When Vixxen got off the bus in her new home, a much larger Texas town than the small North Carolina town she grew up in, she was met by a close high school friend who had invited her to move out West. Her friend was named Nikki and had always been kind to Vixxen. They had been quite close friends before Nikki moved away with her dad.

Nikki and her dad Robert had moved to Fort Worth, Texas a year before for Nikki to attend college at a prominent Christian university. Nikki settled into an off-campus apartment her father paid for, while her dad purchased a home in a nice area just away from the college campus.

Vixxen slept on Nikki's sofa, but it was more than enough to suit her.

Vixxen and Nikki got along well, as much as limited space allowed. Nikki spent her time in class during the day, and Vixxen found work in a place where a high school diploma wasn't required and where her natural looks would be enough to start, at a local Hooters restaurant.

The interview for the job wasn't creepy, and she fit in well in terms of beauty. She spent her nights there trying to earn a living and at least help Nikki out, and days trying to learn how to work out. Hooters demanded fitness and demanded regular exercise, so when she could afford it she joined an inexpensive gym and started working out and going to yoga.

Nikki was a wild one and hung a sock on her bedroom door more often than Vixxen would have imagined. While Nikki was incredibly fit, she had not been known to be very active back home, so the sexual activity surprised Vixxen. Every now and again Nikki would end up making out with some guy on the sofa, but it was her apartment, so Vixxen just tried to ignore it.

Vixxen, on the other hand, kept away from men for the most part. She was still stung by how things had gone at home and certainly lacked faith in any goodness in men at that point. There weren't many dating options at Hooters, not with customers who spent their meal watching her ass as she walked away, and leering at her boobs while she served them.

She had trimmed down a bit from the 135 lbs she had carried before, not by much but it mattered, as she was getting better muscle tone. This trimmed her waist, but didn't do any damage to her still young and perky 36c breasts, but did cost her a little of the ass she had when she was younger.

What was obvious, was that with her genetics Vixxen's ass was something beyond the dreams of most women, even when she toned up a bit.

One afternoon she was in Nikki's living room going through a yoga routine, something she had taken to quite well. Nikki's dad walked in on her. She was wearing boyshorts and a tank top, and she was in a wheel pose when he walked in. She looked up to see him walk in, arched backward on her hands and feet, and there really isn't anywhere to put natural 36c breasts in a pose like that, but she thought nothing of it.

"Hi there Vixxen," Robert said with a warm smile, "Always good to see young people staying fit." Robert was not a young man, but he was a very fit man. Not the sort to run marathons and stay thin, he looked very good for his age. Other than grey hair and a bald spot, Vixxen could not have guessed his age.

"I never got into yoga, my knees are shot, and I have a hip that just never played ball with me," Robert said as he walked past, she knew he noticed her boobs, but he did not leer and moved right on by. She spent more time looking at his arms than he had her boobs in fact.

Vixxen came out of her pose, leaned into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle. "How can you keep muscle like that Mr. B? I lift at the gym and I do not see anything for it." Vixxen asked the older man, "If anything I am losing muscle, my ass is getting smaller."

Nikki's dad just smiled "I don't know Vixxen. Genetics, diet, how I lift really, it's as good as I can expect it at my age. Really it is mostly about how you eat, compared with how you work out." Robert continued to try to educate Vixxen on proper diet for working out, depending on goal BMI and in general lost her pretty quickly.

Robert glanced at her ass, "You still have decent muscle mass Vixxen," the older man continued, somehow not being creepy about checking out her ass.

"Yoga is good, but don't get too thin Vixxen, you don't need to try to get skinny like those model types," Robert said to Vixxen as she listened intently. "I would suggest more weight, fewer reps, squats and abdominal work and more protein."

She asked about paying for a trainer, and he told her it was as big a waste of money. As was paying for the gym she had a membership at. "The trainers do not know much more than you do, you don't need them."

In the end, he offered to let her work out for free at his house when she wanted to and offered to train with her. "What I have is more than enough, equipment wise, you don't need to throw your money way sweetie."

Nikki's dad had a warm smile, said goodbye without making a show of it and headed for the door. "Do not just eat salad Vixxen," He said when he got to the door. "Find a protein that you like, a low-fat protein. Chicken, salmon, cod, boiled eggs, maybe even protein shakes."

Vixxen gave him an odd look. Her stepdad had called her fat all the time, how did eating more help with that? "Give me time Vixxen," Nikki's dad responded. "You will understand where I am coming from, I promise you."

After this, the next day, in fact, Vixxen started going to Robert's house to work out, and she saw results faster than she would have thought. At first, it was soreness, but soon she started seeing muscle definition where she had not before.

Vixxen started to notice her shoulder muscles and triceps start to pop. Then her thighs and calfs started to get more defined, and eventually, she saw her abs start to show up. Through all of it, he had her doing a lot of squats and lunges, and her ass toned and grew. Less fat than before, her ass was really something to see in her hooters shorts.

It was big and round when she was young, and it had some muscle, but now it was really starting to have a muscular tone in addition to the size and roundness.

This was a great time for Vixxen, she spent less and less time at Nikki's house, and more and more time at Nikki's dad's house. She was lifting in his home gym, doing yoga, and they often ate lunch and dinner together.

The food was higher quality than she normally had, fresh vegetables, proteins that were high protein and low fat, and he got her to lay off sports drinks and juice, having low-fat milk with dinner. He got her drinking a healthier amount of water, and she got out of the habit of eating fried food and desserts.

Robert was never anything but kind to her, never touched her in any way she minded, and they started grew close. He was never creepy, he never groped her, he acted as her friend.

Vixxen knew that Nikki's mom had left them years before, for a man she met in church. Nikki's dad had taken this very poorly. He remained happy to be with his daughter, and as he was getting older he showed no interest in any dating. He had now divorced twice and had no interest in any more marriages.

When she was sick he came and brought her lunch. When she was sad he listened, when she was hurting from a workout his touch was always gentle. She had come to know that he was 61, having fathered Nikki late in life to a younger wife, but as she got to know him she started crushing on him rather hard, but he never seemed interested.

Nikki's dad Robert was the kindest man she had known, was attractive, intelligent, more fit than most men half his age and very well off. Other than his age and his daughter being Vixxen's best friend there were no downsides. But he seemed to never react to Vixxen's beauty at all.

She had been in Texas for a little over three months and had been working out with Nikki's dad five days a week, for fairly long workouts. With his help, she had seen dramatic improvement. Changes in her body she would not have believed possible in such a short time.

Her weight had dropped from 131 lbs when she started working out with him to 122 lbs. At 5'10" she carried 131 well but carried 122 magnificently. She still had healthy boobs, although they needed more of a lift from a bra than before, everything else, however, had gotten better with her working out.

Her ass was bigger and more muscular. Her waist had trimmed down, where she could now show off a six-pack of abdominal muscles. Her legs were shapely, toned and well defined. Her arms were stronger and better defined, her back now had a beautiful muscular shape and her neck was even toned up.

With the weight loss and gain of muscle, her facial features became more defined, showing off her angular features more than ever before. Her father had been a mix of African American and white, and her mother had been a mixture of African American and Vietnamese. She could now see some of the ethnic angular features in her face, reminding her of pictures she had seen of her mom.

One Friday night on Vixxen's 19th birthday, she had the night off of work to celebrate. She had planned to go out with Nikki, but in the afternoon Nikki blew her off to go to Austin with her boyfriend and a group of her college friends.

Vixxen was hurt. Having nothing in the apartment which was good to eat, she grabbed some to go food from a Subway and drove her shitty little car over to Nikki's dad's house. She hoped to get a good lift in to take her mind off of her loneliness.

She had a code to get into the in-house gym, and after she entered Robert came in and asked, "Vixxen, what in the heck are you doing here on your birthday? I would have figured you and Nikki would be out on the town making trouble!" He had a warm smile, as he always seemed to.

Vixxen slumped, and her voice cracked as she told him, "Well Nikki had something to do out of town." Vixxen said, seeing Nikki's dad frown she tried to cover for her. "Something for school I think". They had grown to know each other pretty well in the last two months or so, Robert knew she was hurting.

Robert laughed, "Nikki is a good daughter Vixxen. She makes me proud, she is smarter than I am. But she does sometimes forget about her friends." With this he put an arm around Vixxen, "It will be alright darling, I promise. But no lifting out on your birthday. Let's have some dinner, my treat!"

"Mr. B, I am not dressed for that, and I stopped by a subway on the way over. I can't ruin your night as well." Vixxen longed for company, but was in workout clothes and was hardly fit for anything nice. Robert saw the subway bag, picked it up and looked at it, then threw it across the room at a trash can. Missing by quite a lot. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Come on Vixxen, you should eat well on your birthday," Robert said. "Nikki has some clothing upstairs that wouldn't fit in your apartment, I am sure you will find something nice to wear." He took her upstairs to a bedroom, and into to a closet the sort of which Vixxen had never dreamed. It was filled with shoes, and all sorts of dresses, outfits, and jackets.

Vixxen was overwhelmed. "I am bigger than Nikki, I don't think anything will fit Mr. B. I don't see me fitting into anything in this closet." As she said this she started to take in the sheer volume of clothing just sitting around.

Nikki was a good deal shorter than Vixxen and was petite. No real muscle tone, with a nice looking but very lean ass, and smaller boobs. They didn't share clothing.

"Don't worry Vixxen," Robert assured her, "Nikki wasn't always so fit, and you are a bit thinner than when you moved here. I bet we will find some nice options for you." Nikki's dad sized up Vixxen and started going through some options. "We are going to a very nice place, here we go now."

As he said this he pulled the first of what ended up being six dresses out for her. "Take your time darling, she should have some shoes her that will fit you, just come back downstairs when you are done, I need to change and make a call"

Vixxen was at least six inches taller than Nikki and was a couple of sizes bigger in her bust. Surprisingly she found a red dress that fit rather well. Likely better than it fit Nikki actually, as it ended up about eight inches above her knees. Not cut so high as to look overly slutty, but high enough to help the imagination.

While Vixxen could not use any bra Nikki had, it was hardly needed in that dress. It was designed to lift and support, and when she looked in the mirror she was amazed. The dress accented her in every way she could imagine. It made her waist look very thin, it accented her ass quite well and her boobs seemed to want to pop out of it.

When she turned in front of the mirror Vixxen saw the flexible material straining against her hips and ass, and the high cut made her toned legs look really good.

Vixxen had to remove her underwear as they had a noticeable line with the dress, and just couldn't bring herself to look through Nikki's thongs. She found some red heels that weren't terrible on her feet and checked herself in the mirror, no makeup to speak of, but she had a good complexion, and her hair did not look awful in a ponytail.

She found one of Nikki's makeup kits and a brush in the bathroom and tidied herself up a bit. Not much makeup, just a little bit of accent, some eyeliner and some lipstick. She brushed her hair out and put a little bit of conditioner in it, and then put it back into a ponytail.

Nikki's dad was in a dinner jacket and some very nice jeans when she got downstairs, and he did a noticeable double take. "Good gravy darling, you look very pretty. I am going to have to bring a stick to keep the young men away." Vixxen smiled and was a little embarrassed, and Robert extended his arm to her in a way she had only seen in movies.

Vixxen put his arm into his, and Nikki's dad walked her out to his car. She knew he had a Porsche, but she had never been in it. It was very nice. Bright red, low to the ground, leather interior. They bucked in and Robert drove off quickly, he was not what you would normally expect in an older driver.

Robert drove for about twenty minutes, and Vixxen was happy. She got to do something on her birthday, she was in a very nice dress, and had never been in a Porsche before. In the beautiful dress, with a well dressed and attractive man and in this beautiful car, Vixxen wondered if this was what wealth felt like.

They drove to an upscale restaurant, and as they walked in and were seated, Vixxen noticed the looks coming from around the room. She wondered if they thought she was a hooker. She wasn't, so she didn't care, but she was aware of the attention she was getting. Older white man and nineteen-year-old black girl, Robert was a complete gentleman, and she didn't care what they thought.

Dinner was amazing. Robert was kind, letting her talk almost the entire time. She spoke about her efforts in the gym with him, changes in her diet, and of her job at Hooters. They had water, and a steak and lobster dinner. The sides were nice, the salad was awesome, and the waitstaff was the best she had ever seen.

Vixxen was aware of her cleavage in this dress, and of the gazes of men as they walked by, however, Nikki's dad looked her in the eyes and listened as she spoke.

"I don't much care for the wings at Hooter's Vixxen. Mostly fried food, too spicy, not really my thing." Robert replied to Vixxen, looking her in the eyes. "I might come to visit you there, but guys my age are probably not looked on well in a place like that."

"I would guess many my age are perverted with the younger women," Robert said. "I would guess you have to fight men off ever night right?"

"It isn't too bad most of the time," Vixxen replied, lying a bit. "A lot of men ask me out, I get offered money for dates, and I generally get at least one guy who grabs my ass every shift."

"Does your manager treat you well there Vixxen?" Robert continued, "We might need to find you something away from all of that unhealthy food. Never mind men groping you."

"My manager is alright," Vixxen replied. "He is the guy who grabs my ass, but he doesn't ask for anything else." Vixxen saw Robert's concerned gaze, "It isn't that big a deal. I throw away a half dozen phone numbers per night, but I get to keep the money, so it balances out."

"Maybe you can just wear the outfit for me at the house sometime," Robert suggested. "Seriously though, that is sexual harassment. That stopped being ok a long time ago Vixxen."

That was a rare indication that Robert was interested in seeing her body in that way. Vixxen smiled, it made her feel good about herself.

They finished dinner and he drove them back to his home. When they got there he opened the car door for her. As she stepped out of his rather low Porsche, her dress rode up a couple of inches and the view of her toned legs was impossible to miss. Robert sighed when he saw the view, Vixxen didn't miss it. In that moment she wished it had ridden up a little higher.

When they entered his house, Robert turned to her and kissed her hand. "Vixxen, I hope you had a happy birthday darling, dinner was very nice. I am sure you would like a little more age-appropriate company. Can I get a cab to take you to a club, or someplace social you might like?" Nikki's dad offered, "You don't need to spend your entire birthday bored with the company of an old man."

That was all she could stand, this man was as kind to her, as much a gentleman as she had ever even heard of. She began to cry, not out of sadness, but out of happiness. She felt like a lady for the first time in her life. No man in her life had ever treated her this well.

Nikki's dad saw this and was horrified, what had he done?

"Oh Vixxen, I'm sorry darling, the last thing I should have done is offend you on your birthday." Robert said "Do you want me to drive you? I shouldn't have told you to call a cab, I am sorry darling."

Vixxen was choked up and was fighting back tears. She was trying to talk and didn't seem able to. "Damn," Robert thought. "I made a mess of this girl's birthday."

"You don't need to change if you want to head home instead, keep the dress, Nikki won't miss it." As he leaned in and put a hand on her shoulder. "I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings darling, let me drive you home."

Vixxen leaned towards him and put him in a very deep hug, still crying lightly. "You did nothing wrong Mr. B, I just don't know what to do," Vixxen said, looking Robert in the eyes. "I am not mad at you. you made me very happy, happier than I ever remember being." With that, Robert smiled warmly and hugged her back.

Vixxen leaned in and kissed him on the lips. She felt a passion she had not at any time before, and she kissed him deeply, but Nikki's dad retreated. As he pulled back he said, "Vixxen, darling, I am just an old man, I don't have anything to offer you." He had his hands up, almost in surrender, he looked like he felt he had done something very wrong. "You could have any young man you wanted. I am old enough to be your grandfather."

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