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A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 02

by MichelleRubidoux©

Melanie Davis was decent looking. For a human. She wasn't abnormally thin, something he was thankful for. The tiny humans were almost brittle, delicate. He hated to touch them, to feel their bones under his fingers. He was afraid of truly breaking them. He liked them soft, normal, natural. It was easier for him to perform that way.

She stared at him for a few moments as the door slid closed behind him. She said nothing, her blue eyes surveying his body from top to bottom. Calvin could see the red color of her cheeks despite the thick makeup she had applied for the occasion. She had made an effort, it seemed, to entice him. That would hardly work. She's even put on a nightie, something seductive and white in color, accenting her barely visible panties.

"Miss Davis," he said as gently as he could. He knew that she was scared and he wanted to calm her if at all possible. It would make it easier for both of them.

Her blush intensified and she looked away. He noticed that she began to fidget with the edge of the comforter where she was lying, her legs closing together just a bit more. Calvin knew the effect his voice had on females, all females. He was an Alpha Shifter, after all. He healed quickly, he recovered quickly, and he could seduce easily. In the past, more than one handler had been outed due to their uncontrollable attraction to him.

"You're Calvin, right?" she asked. Her voice was hushed, small. She swallowed and he noticed that she began to suck on her bottom lip. A nervous habit, for sure.

"Yes, I am." He took a slow, methodical step towards the bed. He could see that she shivered as he got closer. "Would you like to talk for a bit first?" he asked genuinely.

She angled her eyes up at him and he could see that she was thankful that he had offered. She thought of him as a thing before, removing that idea that he was so alien, so foreign, would make her more susceptible to what they were going to do.

"I would like that. Very much." She looked over at the clock. "My friends..." She looked down. "My friends paid for the whole night, Calvin. I don't know..." She swallowed, unable to finish.

"I know," he said softly. He took another step. And another. He finally stopped near the edge of the bed and knelt down slowly. He didn't want to move too fast and alarm her. They were very much like prey animals. They would sometimes startle very, very easily. "You tell me if I'm moving too fast."

She nodded without meeting his eyes. He inhaled, smelling her scent. He could detect her wetness, almost taste it in the air. She wanted him. She just needed to calm down.

"You know that you can ask me whatever you like," he offered. "Or would you prefer that I ask you questions?"

She met his eyes and then looked down again. Her brow tightened slightly, obviously working out what way she wanted to proceed. He didn't mind. She could take the entire night if need be. If she did, his owner still got the money and he wouldn't need to perform at all. As long as she stayed quiet, he wouldn't even have to speak to her. He very much would prefer that. However, her scent told him that it wouldn't be very long at all before she moved things right along.

"I..." She cleared her throat. "I don't really know what to ask." She opened her mouth, letting it hang that way for several moments. "I'm..." She looked at him, taking the time to view his chest, his muscles, his shape. The rising color on her cheeks told him that she very much liked what she could see. "Do they always keep you shirtless?"

He nodded. He even offered a gentle smile. "They do. I prefer it."

She swallowed. "And your pants?" She reddened slightly more. "Do they force you to wear those?"

He laughed despite the circumstances. "No, m'lady, they do not. I need to cover up to protect the, shall we call them, assets." He winked one orange eye at her. "That part of my anatomy is highly valued, as I am sure your friends can attest."

She let her mouth fall open once again, but this time he saw the soft bending of her lips. She was smiling comfortably. Finally. But he could smell her sexual excitement grow. She had settled, relaxed. She was getting very close to asking him to mount her. She had better restraint that most. Most clients wanted him nude before he even got to the bed.

"Do you mind if I see it?"

"It?" he teased. "Whatever do you mean?"

Her eyes took on a wicked glint before she answered. "It. Your... I would very much like to see your assets."

He laughed. She just couldn't bring herself to say cock. Perhaps part of her still thought of him like a zoo exhibit, and oddity. Applying a human term would see rather strange for someone that thought of Shifters as anything but human. And, sadly, most clients did think just that way.

"You realize that I am at your service, Miss Davis. You may see, or touch, whatever you like." His years of practice were working flawlessly. He could seduce the most frigid of females with little to no effort. He could even make it as if he enjoyed it. That made him more alluring, more requested, than many others. It was one of the many reasons that he had always commanded such a high price when sold.

"Melanie," she corrected. "Please, just Melanie."

"Melanie," he repeated. He watched as her fingers tightened as he said her name. She had quickly gotten over her shyness, the time in his presence too intoxicating for her to take. He almost wanted to hurry up and begin. If he was taking her, that meant that he didn't have to speak to her. That meant that his level of human interaction would be somewhat limited. Keeping up the facade was almost painful, but he could lose himself in sex. He could forget so much if he were fucking.

Calvin stood up, each and every muscle in his chest tightening and flexing. He didn't purposely flex, his muscles always taut, but he knew that she would like the show. They always did. He took a few moments to stretch, revealing his height, his stature, and flaunting it. He wanted her to know what she was in for, what sort of male she was about to have between her legs. For effect, he even offered her another subtle wink. She blushed, but her eyes drifted from his face down his stomach towards his groin. He knew very well what she wanted.

He was dressed in black leather pants, those preferred by most of his owners, especially the current one. They had no zippers, no buttons. Instead, there was a series of laces that covered the very front, the area that would have been a fly on normal pants. They were tedious to put on, and tedious to take off, but the clients seemed to enjoy the spectacle, the event, of them being undone. It was an unveiling in truth, like opening a present for them.

Calvin took the tie and loosened it first. He let his fingers play along the string just a bit, enticing her just a hint more. He could see that hunger increase in her eyes, her scent increasing, her pulse pounding against the side of her neck. He slowly began to work his way down, carefully loosening each cross section, each bit of string. Once, he saw her lick her lips unconsciously and he heard a gentle, lustful moan. She was tucking her blond hair behind her ears, not wanting it to fall into her face and mask her view. She was starving for him. Her body needed him, demanded him.

He tucked his thumbs into the waist of his pants and began to push them down. They clung to his hips, his backside, the fabric almost unbearably tight. They barely allowed his skin to breathe at all. As they moved down, her moans increased, her eyes focused. She didn't even seem to blink any longer. She was staring directly as his groin, the bulge that was still hidden behind the black leather. Watching her expression, he finally pushed them down another inch, allowing a glimpse of his cock to come into view.

He could smell the wetness as it coated her upper thighs, the heat rising from her. He was long, thick, and at the moment, he was flaccid. That didn't take away the sight. He knew that much. He continued to push, allowing inch by inch of his manhood to come into view. Finally, he allowed the pants to fall past his knees and he threw them off with a soft kick of his right leg.

She stared at him. Her blush was gone and her mouth was hanging open. He almost expected her tongue to fold out in a shocked, cartoonish way, but she managed to hold onto a shred of her dignity, slight as that shred may be.

"I take it that you like what you see, Melanie?" he purred.

She nodded, still staring at it. "Why is it..." She swallowed roughly and managed to keep her mouth closed. "How long is it?"

He smiled. "Currently about nine inches." He shrugged. "When I get hard, it gets a bit larger."

She swallowed again, this time a slight gulping sound accompanying it. "How do you... How do you get hard?"

"I merely have to want to be hard, Melanie. Why do you think we are so prized as..." He swallowed to keep his tone level. "Partners." He hated that. He hated the act, playing along.

He added more purr to his tone after taking a few more deep breaths. He needed to regain control of himself, of the situation. He had to make her happy. If he didn't, she could complain. If she complained, the handlers, the owner, could make his life much more miserable.

"Would the lady like to see me erect?" He let the words drip seduction. He could see her ears twitch, the biting and suckling of her lip intensifying. It worked.

She nodded quickly, not saying another word.

Without anymore urging, Calvin flexed his back. He could feel his skin tightening ever so slightly, his muscles rippling. He knew that his tan body would look slightly different as he grew hard, that it would change, but she was so intoxicated by need that she wouldn't be thrown off. That was what he was hoping for, what he worked at. He couldn't afford to have them scared, to have them complain or abort the session altogether. Still, he looked at her, taking careful note of her expression as he felt the stripes become evident along the sides of his torso. There was no fur, he would never risk changing near one of them, but if he fucked, he wouldn't look exactly the same.

He groaned ever so slightly, his pupils turning to slits rather than humanish orbs. A few of his teeth elongated to partial fangs, his muscles tightening slightly more. He focused a bit and he felt the blood begin to focus on his lower anatomy. Stripes slowly began to become visible along his hips, his legs, but she didn't notice. She was too busy staring at the elongating organ between his legs.

Calvin had not been lying when he had argued with Ramirez. He was more than well endowed. When erect, he could damage a female Shifter if he was not careful. With a human, he had to be very delicate. Always. Melanie Davis was obviously realizing that. While he was large when soft, as he hardened he neared a foot in length, but it was his girth that truly was something to marvel at. He grew from a respectable diameter to something far more intimidating, closer to that of a soda can. To add to the look, his entire shaft was lined with pulsing, angry veins, the head of his cock a deep and angry red. It was intimidating, he would imagine. If she had never been with a Shifter, seeing what they looked like unclothed could be shocking.

She stared at it for several moments, her pulse increasing. His sharpened senses could almost see the blood boiling in her veins, trailing through her body. Every nerve would be on edge. Her juices were flowing, her fingernails were ripping the sheets. She could barely contain herself and Calvin knew it.

"I take it that you approve, Melanie?" he asked, his voice far deeper, more animal. Hearing it, she groaned loudly and rubbed her thighs together.

"Yes," she whispered. She was bordering on panting and seemed incapable of looking away from him. "Can I..." She gulped and her breath increased. "Can I touch it?"

He obliged by walking closer to the bed. He didn't bother with words. He knew now that he could try to talk to her, or fuck her. He would much rather fuck her.

She swallowed loudly, almost gulping. Then her hand reached up. He noticed that her nails were manicured, polished. She was high maintenance, probably from a very wealthy family. If she wasn't, her friends certainly were. To afford his rates, they would need to be in the upper levels of income. Then she touched him.

Calvin hissed inward as her cold hand wrapped around his cock, tightening instantly. Her temperature was far cooler than his, humans running a mere ninety-eight to ninety-nine degrees on average. That always seemed so strange. Shifters were much hotter, about ten degrees more, in fact. It was always a shock to the system when they touched.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No," he reassured her. "Your hands are a little cold is all." He kept a smile on his face but it didn't meet his eyes. He looked at her pale fingers, her thumb nowhere near meeting any of her other digits. He was far too thick. He could see her brow tighten and seem to concentrate. She realized that things didn't line up. Not logistically.

"How are you going to fit?" she whined. Her voice was more petulant, more needy. More human.

"That is something that we have to work up to, Miss Melanie." He lifted his own hand, his fingers encircling hers. "I have to get you ready."


"Yes." He managed to pull her fingers away from him completely and he knelt once more. Their faces were close, too close. She bent forward, meaning to kiss him but he raised a finger, stopping her. "I have a better use for my mouth," he said quickly.

"I don't understand," she whispered.

He grinned and pushed her back gently. She didn't fight the gentle urging, allowing her body to fall backward onto the bed. She was still covered in a gown, her white panties visible as her form reclined. There was a noticeable stain there, one that highlighted the sheen of wetness that covered the inner tops of her thighs. It became more apparent as she instinctively spread her legs for him, allowing him unrestrained access.

"Good girl," he soothed. Calvin reached up with his long fingers, his nails slightly sharp. He was careful, cautious, as he let them play along her legs. He actually enjoyed the rows of goosebumps that appeared with his touch, the way that she inhaled and whimpered with every minor contact. He liked those tiny instances of control.

As he made contact with that delicate area between her legs, she whined and whimpered. Melanie wanted him inside her. He simply couldn't oblige just yet.

"Please," she whined. "Calvin, I need you to fuck me."

He purred in response, running his cheek along her calf. He let his fingers play along the wet front and then allowed them to drift lower, cupping her ass. It truly was toward the nicer end of human asses. It was substantial, but not too soft. Enough to grip, to hold onto. He playfully squeezed and could see the wetness somehow increase. He realized that he could probably make this one squirt before the night was over. They genuinely seemed to love that.

Calvin lifted her legs, putting them on his shoulders. He straightened just enough that her ass lifted slightly from the bed, leaving a tiny space between her and the soon to be ruined sheets. He continued to purr as he wrapped his fingers around the waistband of her panties before slowly pulling them down. They slid down her legs with minimal effort, minimal time, and he could see the soft patch of blond curls that were slightly highlighted by her juices.

He allowed her legs to remain on his shoulders as he moved closer to the focal point of the evening. He could lose himself now. He did enjoy bringing about pleasure, he enjoyed the screams, the orgasms, he loved giving them to people. He loved the feeling of power.

Calvin let his hands play along her ass just a bit as he scooter her just a tad closer to the edge of the bed. She was whimpering, whining more and more and as his hands moved to the front of her body, she let out a tiny squeal. He could tell that she had orgasmed, slight as it was. More fluids leaked from her, her thighs were quivering. She had probably never been properly fucked in her life. A sad thing, actually.

He finally allowed his fingers to settle along her sparsely covered slit, his thumbs immediately going to her swollen lips. He pulled them apart, listening to her moans as his hot touch registered on her nervous system.

"Look at you," he purred to her. "You want me, don't you?"

She was quiet, still breathing hard from her minuscule orgasm.

He took one long, thick finger and pushed it delicately into her hole. Her juices made it so easy and she immediately gasped at the sensation. He began to push in and out, before adding another. The combined width would be approximate to a normal penis, a human penis, and he could tell that she was stretched tight around him. She had obviously only ever been with the tiny cock segment of the human population. He would have to take a lot of time just to fit.

Calvin pushed deeper, finger fucking her as his other hand held her open for him to view. He lifted his thumb to her hardened clit, barely grazing it. She immediately arched her hips upward, using her feet as leverage. He was strong enough that he barely noticed, but she was almost bucking.

"Fuck," she whined as he added another finger, her hole stretching more and more. "Fuck fuck fuck."

"There we go," he said soothingly. He leaned in, his fingers buried inside her. He moved his thumb and used his long, hot tongue to barely touch her clit. She tasted like strawberries, strangely. He couldn't tell if she used a different soap or perfume, but it was an odd taste nevertheless. It was strangely sweet, but the saltiness of her juices melded into the flavor, adding multiple layers. He almost enjoyed it. He flicked his tongue again, wanting to feel the sweetness once more.

"Oh fuck," she whimpered.

He could feel her contract around his fingers, her walls trying to suck his fingers inside. Her calves tightened around his head and he allowed her to pull his face closer. Had he not resisted a slight bit, she would have buried him completely against her mound. He left his fingers inside of her, but moved his left hand away. He quickly used it to steady himself as he allowed his mouth to take over.

Still fucking her gently, he began to lick more enthusiastically at her clit, waiting for her to recover. He needed her to cum more. He needed the fluids, the lubrication. Finally, she began to respond more, whimpering and putting her hands into his orange and black hair. She wrapped her fingers in it, yanking it as she tried to grind his face into her nether regions. He considered resisting yet again, but he relented. If she wanted his mouth between her legs, she would have it. Calvin quickly obliged and allowed his face to be pressed against her. Her smell was growing, her own hormones overpowering her self-control. He sucked at her madly, taking all of her clit into his mouth and slipped another finger into her wet passage.

She screamed, not in pain, but in ecstasy as she felt herself pulled so tightly as he teased her most sensitive area with his teeth, his tongue. He alternated between sucking and biting, waiting for her to again reach climax. He wanted to keep her distracted, he needed that euphoric high to keep going long enough for him to continue. He sucked exceptionally hard, his teeth holding the little bud for just a moment as his tongue played along the sensitive piece of tissue.

That was all that Melanie Davis needed. She had already came several times, her body so ripened, so ready, that she was exceptionally receptive to his ministrations. He could keep her cumming all night if he desired. She would be exhausted for a week when done, but she was so receptive to his pheromones, that there was little that she could do to resist him. Calvin focused as she pulled his hair harder and he readied his thumb, easing it inside as her climax topped out.

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