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A Cumming of Age Nude Wedding

by sirhugs©

"I love that you're having your wedding on National Nude Day, sis" Constance Happenstance said to her older sibling, Patience.

"Well, it was already a special day, since it's the anniversary of Peter losing his virginity, then walking with me at the head of the Paradise Valley National Nude Day Parade. In a few hours he went from being uncomfortable that this is America's leading 'Clothing Optional' Community, to being a future town elder."

"And how many other places does the bride wear only a veil?"

"After the wedding, we'll lead the Parade again. This year it will end with a reception at our barn."

"Too bad it won't be as sex filled as the Reindeer Games at Christmas."

"Mom is such a prude, no wonder she's named Prudence. She'll insist on the usual dull decorum of 'nudity, not sexuality'. Unlike at Christmas, Dad and the rest of the community will obey her will. So I guess you won't be getting any sis."

"Well, I am the maid of honour. You could share the groom with me."

"You had your taste of that at Christmas, sweetie. Tonight is just the two of us."

"Can you pack me in your suitcase for the honeymoon? Since you're just traveling to the Secret Beach to camp nude next to the ocean, you won't need many clothes. You'll have lots of room. Peter's cock is so delicious. Plus it fits my cunny so nicely." Constance blushed; pausing to adjust the garter which adorned Patience's naked thigh. "Plus, I would love the time to explore which is better. You licking me, or tasting you on my own tongue."

Patience laughed. "No need to chose, little sister. Haven't you heard of 69?"

Drawing her sister close, Patience enveloped her in a bear hug, lips locking in a most unsisterly kiss. A similar smooch had broken barriers on Christmas Eve. Neither girl had tried to recreate that passion since. Patience had fucked Peter regularly, of course, usually several times a day. At 19, Peter had the power to recover almost instantly. Only frequent blow jobs relieved his hormones enough to go nude at school without damaging his fuck stick on an open locker door. Since sex at school was against the Paradise Valley code, Patience had become familiar with all the secluded spots, from under the stage to the janitor's closet to beneath the bleachers. Poor Constance was regularly recruited to stand watch, but the engaged couple believed that Constance would never find a lover to call her own if they let her join them in everyday play.

"Next Christmas, we'll all join in Reindeer Games," they would reply to her pouting requests for relief. Sometimes, they would add "and you can bring a guy – or girl - of your own, to square the circle."

"I'd prefer a guy with a ten inch uncircumcised cock, not so fat, cause I might let him try my virgin ass," Patience might tease, " since Peter's meat is far too fat to fit that passageway."

If Constance was in a playful mood, she might retort that maybe Patience would truly rather Constance elect to fly the Sapphic flag, saying "I think what you really want is a hottie like Sarah Milton to lick your clit. That girl has such a cute little pink tongue. I think you come every day watching her chew her eraser in Math class."

Most often though, Constance would be silently on guard, her thighs rubbing tightly against each other, teasing her swollen clit, fantasizing that it was her wetness Peter was fucking. Instead, she had to attain her own orgasm, occasionally deviating from her duties to watch as Peter's strong love muscle penetrated Patience's wet loins. Constance had deduced that although she had a better view when Peter rammed hard and fast into Patience doggy style, the best orgasms for all three of them came when Patience lifted her legs up on Peter's shoulders while he held her ass in both hands, levering Patience's hips on and off his cock. This afforded Constance plenty of glances at the length and girth of Peter's cock, glistening with her sister's moistness. Constance would find herself licking her lips, breathing shallow, nipples throbbing, aching to be touched. She most often came at the moment when she saw Peter's goo oozing out of Patience's pussy. Even more thrilling were the times she saw Peter licking the excess cream off Patience's tummy or thighs. Afterwards, alone in her room that night, Constance sometimes wondered if she was excited more by the thought of tasting Peter's semen, or of sticking her tongue deep inside her sister, trailing carefully through all her folds, extracting each morsel, and ensuring that at the end, Patience got a further deeper orgasm by Constance nibbling at her clit in the secret way she knew her sister liked best.

Before Christmas, Constance had often used her vibrator, Professor Pink, while listening to her sister and Peter through the common wall of the adjoining bedrooms. She loved pretending the plastic toy was really Peter's huge cock pulsing inside her. Since tasting the real meat, just thinking of fucking Peter could get the eighteen year old off.

That was all behind them now. Peter and Patience had graduated. They would be going off to university in a few months, leaving their nudist ways behind. Also leaving Constance's tight gymnast's behind. Lately, the two sisters had fought about Constance's desire to follow them in a year. Patience kept insisting that would never happen - that Constance needed to find her own lover, and start her own journey.

Despite Patience's resolve to spurn Constance's lust, in this moment before the wedding, the sisters shared a kiss which was all consuming and passionate. In addition to the tradition that the bride wear only a veil (and garter), Paradise Valley bridesmaids carried a bouquet, and wore only matching flowers in there hair. Constance was in fact flouting tradition by adding high heels and silky white stay up stockings. Thus, Patience's full breasts were pushed tightly against her sibling's, with no fabric separating them. Patience chuckled as she seemed to notice first that her nipples were getting aroused.

"We better stop this foolishness before we get carried away and I'm late for my own wedding."

Constance released the bride from her hug, pouting slightly. "You're the one that started all the talk of 69."

"I think you better find yourself a guy. Or a girlfriend. You must be the only person at the wedding without a date. I was hoping after I shared Peter's pleasures with you Christmas eve that you'd become the blowjob queen of the junior year."

"Yeah, Mom catching the three of us coated in cum sleeping together kind of killed that. I can't even get slack to go to the movies with Sarah Milton."

"I guess it's your clit you want her to lick, then, rather than mine?"

"Well, the very thought of sitting next to her in the darkness of a movie theater gives me the shivers. I imagine us necking."

"Really. I see you both as too shy. Who would start?"

"I don't think Sarah is shy, the way she flirts with guys and gals alike. The Little Miss Innocent routine is just part of her cocktease act. Especially the way she chews her erasers excessively, and then she looks away then looks up just to see who's looking at her. I sometimes wish I had panties on so I could leave my wet panties in her locker as a hint how much I want her."

"Well, guess what. She's a guest at the wedding."

"Why? I thought you never liked her."

"Mom invited her to try to suck up to the Miltons. Daddy Milton is Mr. Moneybags you know, and Mom wants a loan to buy more land for the farm."

"From all I here Mom would get ahead quicker giving Old Man Milton head."

"Ewww. Gross. He's older and smellier than Mr. Pennywhistle, the banker who tried to feel you up on Christmas Eve. you think Sarah learned tongue action practicing on her Dad?"

"Double eww. Just because Peter gets stiff watching his Mom and Dad fucking doesn't change the fact that Paradise Valley is square against incest."

Both sisters laughed together at the silliness of Constance's last remark, since their Reindeer games clearly crossed that line. As if to emphasize the point, Constance reached up and cupped Patience's left breast, kneading it gently until the nipple rose. The younger sister bent forward and kissed the nub. "Tasty. What did you put on them?"

"Strawberry gloss. Peter's Mom gave it to me. She explained that when we go for pictures after the vows, the nipples would look washed out with makeup. She said Peter's Dad really liked the strawberry stuff on their honeymoon. So it's both my something borrowed and something old. At least, an old idea of an aphrodisiac."

"I doubt Peter needs any help in that department. Seems to me he's still hard ever minute he's around you."

Patience giggled. Her sister had distracted her perfectly from the moment at hand, but now, in a few minutes she would walk down the aisle. Would Peter be waiting at the altar with a smile on his face and a hard on? If so, what would Mother say? To stifle her giggling fit, Patience swallowed some handy champagne. Impulsively, she drizzled a trail across Constance's breasts and then licked them clean, paying particular attention to her sister's nipples. "You taste pretty fair yourself."

"Thanks, but we best stop. Dad will be here in a second. You've got me so horny I might jump Sarah as we walk down the aisle."

"I hope not. She probably has brought a date."

Constance slumped, pouting again.

"Maybe he might share. You liked your first threesome." Patience was trying to cheer her up.

"I always imagined Sarah just with me." Again Constance blushed. "Okay, sometimes her, you and me as three. But never her, me and some guy."

Good sense abandoned Patience for the moment. Not worrying about Dad arriving at any second, she said, "Quick, tell me what you imagine happening in your threesome imagination."

Patience was shocked at her own question. She never thought of sex without a guy. All her threesome dreams featured at least one good hard cock, usually Peter's. Sarah Milton was a hot young girl –well, young woman - but Patience did not share the depth of Constance's passion about her. Still, Patience felt the familiar swelling of her breasts and labia as sexual hormones flowed through her veins. She watched Constance's already stiff nipples rising with her excited breathing. Without thought, Patience reached over and stroked Constance's breasts.

Murmuring like a cat being groomed, Constance closed her eyes and started talking about one of her favourite fantasies. "There are lots of variations, of course. One of my frequent dreams that wakes me up all hot and sweaty with my fingers buried in my cunny is of Sarah coming to our farm with her Daddy when he's talking business with Mommy. They are in the house, so to get us out of the way, Mommy asks me to show Sarah the barn."

Constance paused as Patience lowered her mouth to suckle a nipple, then resumed. "Sarah starts out the sex subject by asking me whether I think the real reason that they wanted privacy was so that they could fuck. She uses that word too. She's so sweet looking with the heart shaped face, the short sandy hair with bangs and barrettes, that her use of the word seems more shocking than the idea of our uptight Mom and her stuffy father actually doing it. I take a risk, since it's a dream not real life. I point out a big horse cock in the next stall and compare it to her Dad's. I mean, the man is crabby, but he's sure endowed. Sarah answers with an 'eww' and goes beet red. All the while her eyes never leave the stallion. I can tell that she fantasizes about her Dad. Sometimes I picture us making love right there, watching the horse get excited. In that fantasy, I boldly reach over and touch her cheek, like there's a tear there. My hand rests on her chin. She raises her eyes to meet mine and grins. Without a word, we sink together to the straw and make it our loving bed. I am the aggressor, my head quickly between her legs. Unlike real life, I'm not shy at all. I just caress and lick her breasts for a moment before diving down her belly to her honey pot."

"What do you think her nipples feel and taste like? You're right about how cute they look."

"Well, you know how they look like bubble gum? That unnaturally pink shade? I bet they taste just like it too. Nice and chewy texture too. But like I said, in my dream I just dallied there a moment. I was in a big rush to sample her moister parts. And they sure were moist. Tasty too."

"She wanted you as much as you lusted for her?"

"Maybe it was just the circumstances. The parental pheromones and the equine lather."

"Or your deep breathing and erect nipples. I bet she liked how you eat pussy. I know I did. You have a knack for diving deep into a pussy and licking each crevice and fold delicately, while remembering to nibble the clit just at the right moment."

"In the dream, I'm buried nose first in Sarah's cunny when you walk in to tell Sarah her Dad is ready to go. Seeing that my lips are clenched around her clit, her hips bucking up off the straw, you stand there and watch. Sarah stares back at you, as if daring you to touch yourself."

"Do I touch myself then?"

"Yes, you start by touching your right tit, hefting it. Stroking your nipple. Sarah takes one hand out of my hair and mimics you. Soon, your fingers curl into your wet cunny, teasing your clit out of the hood."

"Do I do more than just watch?"

"Yes. Sarah crooks a finger at you, signaling for you to approach. She then touches her lips with it. I am still unaware that you are there. Sarah teases you as you get near, licking her fingers and sucking her tiny thumb dramatically. You are literally dripping wet when you finally squat over her face and she pokes her tongue right up your slit as you reach over and rub my tits. This takes me totally by surprise, but I love the added pleasure of your hands. They are so gentle but firm."

"I think I like touching you because it is almost exactly like touching myself, us being sisters and all."

"But our tits are so different. Yours are big and soft. Mine are smaller, harder. Although our nipples are much the same," Constance giggled again. "Have we got time for me to tell more?"

"Sure. If Dad comes in, he'll think you were just calming my nerves. Which you are."

"Once you settle in place on Sarah's face, there is no daintiness, because we know our folks might arrive looking for us. The fantasy becomes all about frantic sex and passion. You rub your cunny across Sarah's mouth, her teeth chattering across your clit, nibbling at your labia. I copy your movements and twist Sarah's nipples as roughly as you pinch mine."

"Oh God, Sis, you are such a talented dream weaver. I can almost feel Sarah wriggling between us as you describe it. The waves of her shuddering as she comes on your tongue must be like the rush I'm having now."

Patience gave up all modesty and slipped two fingers into her moist cunt. The back of her hand brushed against Constance's trimmed bush. Silently, Constance copied her older sister. Occasionally as they stroked, they would wrap their baby fingers together. For this moment, they were lost in time and space, sharing a private place.

Their reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Are you girls ready? I have the horses harnessed to the carriage."

The mention of horses, given the barn story Constance was telling, reduced the Happenstance sisters to convulsions of laughter.

"I'm just straightening Patience's veil, Dad." Constance called back.

"Well, good. One nice thing about a nude wedding - it is not supposed to take as long for the bride to get ready." He called through the door. "Hurry up. I'll go keep the horses calm, but we don't want your Mom waiting."

"No," Patience whispered to Constance, burrowing her fingers into her own slit and stroking Constance at the same time, "that would make her even bitchier. So, is there more to the barn fable?"

Constance moaned as Patience bobbled her throbbing clit on a thumbnail. "Each time I conjure up the dream, it varies a bit, but the ending is always the same. We all come at once, and then crash in a pile laughing our heads off."

"Like now?" asked Patience, feeling her own abdominals clenching as her knees weakened. Constance sighed, coming silently but fiercely, her pussy thrashing around Patience's fist. The sisters shared a laugh at the intensity of their mutual lust.

"Except Sarah is missing now."

"Well, let's go get me married and get Sarah for you."

"Oh, if only I can be so lucky," said Constance, handing Patience her bouquet and opening the door.

When they stepped into the sunlight, their jaws dropped. The Happenstance Ranch was a leading grower of organic food, thanks to the rich soils of Paradise Valley, but most of the profits were reinvested and few frills were afforded. All the wagons were sensible farm vehicles. When Dad had suggested a carriage ride to the church, Patience assumed she would be aboard one of those utilitarian conveyances. Instead, she saw what Constance quickly labeled "a carriage fit for Cinderella."

"I borrowed it from Mr. Milton," their Dad explained, "did you know that Sarah shows carriage horses in county fairs all over the State? You'll have to thank him later."

"As long as it's not how Mom thanks him," Patience whispered to Constance.

"Maybe we can just thank Sarah instead," teased Constance in return.

Patience swatted her sister's fanny and replied. "I bet you would like to be her stable hand on her show tour."

Constance could only moan her agreement, since her heart was in her throat. All the talk of Sarah was making the anticipation of arriving at the church interminably long. Sarah would be there, waiting quietly in a pew, looking angelic. Constance hoped though that the fertile atmosphere of the wedding might inspire Sarah to squirm slightly in her seat.

Patience felt like a princess as her father swept her inside the fancy coach. After Constance was aboard, he shut their door and climbed to the top to drive them to the church, wearing only a top hat.

The closed carriage allowed Constance to keep talking as they rode. "The barn dream actually is not even my fave version of a Sarah three way," she said, trying to lessen her anxiety by talking about sex, never a good strategy.

"Tell me more."

Constance intended to, but first she felt the urge to return the tenderness which Patience had exhibited earlier. Also, perhaps the intensity. She sat touching hips with her sister. As she spoke, she parted Patience's thighs with a probing finger, invading the wetness within.

"Less often, I dream of you seducing Sarah. That makes me come faster and harder."

"Where do you fit in?"

Constance now was bouncing Patience's engorged clit with a finger tip. She could feel her sister's pussy walls scrunching around her hand.

"Eventually, I fit in above Sarah's mouth. At the key scene in the dream, you and I are kissing, with my cunny planted right on Sarah's face. But in some versions it takes a long time to get there, and we haven't got that much time. I can see the church steeple."

"That always reminds me of a long cock."

" Peter's."

"You need to find one of your own."

"Or one to share with Sarah?"

"Maybe she'll have one handy today. Quickly, tell me more about how I seduce her." Patience was speaking haltingly, her breathing slowed by her imminent orgasm. Her ambivalence to Sarah in reality was washed aside by the intensity of Constance's images.

"The best scenes occur after school. Sometimes you are waiting for a ride and start chatting. Other times, you are both in the gym. In one version, you are both cheerleaders."

"Well, I was Head Cheerleader." Patience could never avoid giggling at that pun. The football team always teased the girls about that. Some of the earlier captains acted out the joke, but Patience had waited for Peter."

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