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A Lesson in Decorum Ch. 03

by MichelleRubidoux©

Calvin laid a soft kiss on Melanie's cheek as he stood up. He was sticky, her juices all over his body. The room smelt of raw sex, almost overpowering enough to make his eyes water. He stretched casually, noticing that his back was actually sore. That meant it had been a very long night. However, he was far better off than his client. She could barely move, her body almost completely lax, her form still not recovered from the hours of fucking she had just received. She barely turned to meet his orange eyes.

They had returned to humanish orbs, his orgasm a few moments earlier releasing his primal nature and allowing him to return to "normal". Or what the humans would consider normal. He no longer donned stripes, his tan body looking very human. If not for his tell-tale hair and eyes, most would assume that he was human.

He offered a tiny wink and watched as her blush flooded across her features. She seemed much more timid after finishing. When he came inside her, she had screamed so loudly that he could have sworn the walls shook. His juices were still leaking out of her, a substantial puddle underneath her ample ass.

"I..." She tried to speak but the words seemed to fail her.

"Yes, Melanie?"

"Thank you," she said. Her voice was scratchy and weak, the hours of screaming obviously having strained the muscles.

"It was my pleasure, sweet Melanie." And it had been. She had been more than adequate in terms of partners. In fact, she was probably the best human he had ever laid. A high compliment considering how many he had mounted in his thirty years of life.

She laughed uncomfortably and tried to move on the bed. She winced and he could see a flicker of pain.

"The handlers will see to you," he said gently. He sat down on the bed, allowing his hand to touch her thigh. She didn't pull away from his touch, instead relaxing a bit. She had gotten more shy, yes, but she didn't seem to view him as a thing. That was always a pleasant surprise. "You're going to be sore for several days, I'm afraid. There's not much I can do to prevent that from happening" He winked and motioned to his groin that was still uncovered. The juices there were drying just a bit and it was becoming far more evident with each passing second just how messy they had been. "It's really unavoidable."

Her blush intensified.

"Do you think... When Paul..." She couldn't look up anymore. "Do you think I'll be too loose now?"

Calvin laughed, rubbing her thigh and using his other hand to lift her face up gently. "Not at all. The handlers will give you something to put into your..." He winked rather than saying the word. She was thinking about her future husband and the guilt would be kicking in. He had purposely tried to lower his pheromones after orgasming, hoping to diminish her attraction to him. It seemed to work slightly, but he couldn't get rid of it all. Some things were, after all, just natural.

She blinked as if not understanding. "Put into..."

"Yes. They're suppositories in a way. They should help soothe the tissue and tighten things up a good bit. They're used to such things."

"So I'll be like I was before."

He shook his head. "No, you'll still be a little more open, but that shouldn't be a problem at all. If you're worried, just use them a little longer." He patted her thigh again, comforting her slightly. "They'll give you a full exam. If you need any other... help, they'll assist you." He could see a flicker of relief in her eyes and he was glad that he had eased her fears somewhat.

"Are you sure they can do that?" Her voice was shaky still, almost as if she wanted to cry on some base level. "I don't want him to think that I'd..." She dropped her gaze.

"Many other women have felt the same way, sweet Melanie. Do not worry." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "You'll be fine."

"Miss Davis, your time has expired. The door will open now."

Calvin sighed sadly. Ramirez was back. He had hoped that it would be one of the other handlers, perhaps even Jones, but no, it was the bastard. He seemed to take a sort of sick satisfaction in controlling Calvin.

"It seems our time has come to an end," he said gently. He laid one more small kiss on the top of her blond hair as he stood up. He stretched upon getting back to his feet and met her eyes before smiling. "I hope that it was satisfactory."

She blinked again and then laid back, laughing loudly as the door slid open.


"Damn it," Ramirez growled. "You got her crap all over you." He let the water hit Calvin yet again, making him wince for just a moment. It was high pressure, harder than it should have been but Calvin expected no less from Ramirez. The man hated him.

"He makes them cum. That's why they pay so much," Jones said. He walked around to Calvin's side as Ramirez momentarily stopped the water. He was smiling, his blue-green eyes much kinder than any of the other handlers. "So, tell me, how many times did she cum, Calvin?"

Calvin looked at the wall. "At least ten. I lost count when she fell into constant moans and screams." He looked back at Jones. "She was so wet that it was almost hard to tell when she gushed again."

"We've gotta burn the mattress," Ramirez added. "It's soaked."

Jones laughed. "Tell me, was it you or her that ripped those sheets to pieces?"

Calvin put on an honest smile. "Hers. She was even biting them."

Jones laughed again and pushed himself away from the wall. He roughly patted Calvin's shoulder. He walked across the room and grabbed a new pair of pants for Calvin before returning to his previous position.

"Here ya go. You better cover up."

"He ain't clean," Ramirez argued.

"Bullshit, man." Jones hardened his eyes toward the smaller man. "You know you aren't supposed to hurt him. He's too valuable." He looked back to Calvin. "Get those on and head up to eat. You need to rest before tonight."

He turned to walk away.

"I've got another appointment?" Calvin asked. He didn't mind, his body would recover soon enough. He was hardly ever rented that often, however. His prices were just too high. The demand was there, of course, but he was the most expensive partner available. He got, at most, three bookings in a week.

"Don't know. The boss said to have you well fed and rested. That's all I know."

Calvin let his head fall forward, taking a moment to shake his hair and discard the water that was dripping down his forehead. He could do that. He was starving, after all.

Written by: MichelleRubidoux

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