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Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 02

by thealphamale©

Disclaimer: This is a new story I'm working on. I plan to write in smaller chapters so I can push out new material more frequently. I do my own editing, so disregard any mistakes. All characters are 18 years or older. I'm appreciative of any and all feedback. Thanks!

CHAPTER 2: Nick finally gets what he wants.

Saturday morning came and hit me like a freight train. Between the jet lag and small amount of sleep, my eyes were as heavy as the pounding in my head. When I did wake up, I jolted at the realization I had fallen asleep in the same position I had finished cumming- legs still spread open with the fuck toy now inches from my hole, out for the entire neighborhood to see. Thankful for door locks, I rose out of bed and smirked at the site in the mirror. My cock, stiff from the morning as per usual swing with every step. I turned slowly, using my finger to feel around my hole. It tensed as I clenched up against the tip. I had almost forgotten I left my blinds wide open when I dashed for the closet.

Stepping out of the room, I waltzed downstairs to find my parents sitting at the dinner table eating breakfast. Taking a seat, I greeted, "Morning."

Emptying the last of her coffee, my mom responded, "Morning son, I didn't expect you up for a few more hours."

Sliding into the chair, I explained, "Well I figured the best way to fight jetlag is to stay awake."

Handing me a plate, my dad responded, "I knew we sent you to college for a reason. Now eat up."

I got up and handed it back to him, "Actually, I'll skip the big meal and settle for an apple."

My mom rolled her eyes, nagging, "Fine, fine, but you're not eating salads and chicken breast the whole time you're here- Jesus it's like you didn't eat for the past four years, you're so thin."

I smiled, "Yes ma'am" Biting the apple, I offered, "Hey I think I'm gonna wash my old car today, maybe take it for a spin and see what the guys are up to."

My dad pat me on the shoulder, "That sounds like a great idea, now go outside and get some sun, God knows there wasn't any in that city of yours."

I was only back yesterday and I had already told several lies. The first was that I was up trying to fight jetlag, when in reality, I was up because I didn't sleep much the night before on account of staying up late fucking myself while my parents were down the hall asleep. The second was that I intended to wash the car and go out today when in reality, I had only one thing on my mind: the mystery man. I changed into a tight-fitting tank-top that showed off my defined muscles and tan skin, loose board shorts that sat just below my waistline and flip flops.

I strolled out the front door with so much built up sexual frustration that there wasn't any room for patience or inhibitions. I wanted him now and I wasn't willing to wait for the fates to align. I had beaten around the bush enough last night. Walking up to front door, I knocked. Each rattle of my fist up against the solid oak echoed the thumps within my chest. A few seconds later, I heard a voice call out and there he appeared: the mystery man standing well over six feet. He planted his bare feet firmly on the tile floor, standing strong like a redwood. Arms hung by his sides with biceps that curved at every defined muscle. He crossed his arms displaying his obvious reservations.

A bit surprised at my uninvited appearance, he spoke, "Can I help you?"

Matching his confusion with a handshake, I replaced the nervousness with confidence, stuck out my head and greeted, "Hi there, I'm Nick, from right across the street. My dad mentioned that you're our new neighbor- I actually just moved back as well. And I wanted to come over and formally introduce myself."

Dropping his arms, he relaxed, before grasping my hand with a firm shake. There, I managed to look into his eyes- they were stark cold with a shade of green that matched his strong jaw.

He responded, "The name's Cory. Thanks by the way, you know everyone seems friendly but no one's really gone out of their way to introduce themselves." He paused for a few seconds before adding, "So where are you moving back from?"

I raised my hand behind my head, trying to ooze calmness "College- I just finished up in May and decided to come back home."

He raised an eyebrow, "You're kidding. I could have sworn you were like seventeen or something."

Knowing that caught his interest, I played along, "Ha nope, I'm 22. And by the looks of it you can't be too much older than me."

"You're too kind, but no, I'm actually 35." He explained, letting loose a small smirk from his pouting lips.

And with that my dick started to grow hard. I ignored the usual intuitions to hide my erection and instead chose to show it off. Cory was about two or three feet away from me when my eight inch dick grew hard, not very well contained by the skimpy material on my shorts.

He grazed his stubble as I readjusted my cock, making it my actions as obvious as possible.

Clearing his throat, I took a step forward, "So yeah, if you need anything at all, just let me know and I'm sure we could help each other out." I held onto the word anything hoping he would take the bait.

I watched as he looked away for a second, knowing he was trying to assess the situation. I continued to face him, not wanting to back down or break eye contact.

Fixing his gaze on my cock, he responded, "Well there are a few things I need done around the house. I'm sure I could find a way to repay you for your, services. You got some time today?"

I smiled, assuming my own victory. Grabbing my dick one last time, I confidently responded, "I'm free all weekend."

He met my smile with an icy glare that pierced me with his deep green eyes. "Why don't you follow me inside."

Not taking a pause, I responded, "Sir, yes, sir."

I nearly danced with excitement as I took a few steps forward, entering Cory's house and anticipating what would happen. I turned around at the sound of the large front door closing, and just then, the excitement was cut short by brute force, pushing me against the nearby wall.

Cory's massive hands pinned me against the newly painted dry wall, as those stark green eyes pierced through my brown ones.

Leaning in closer, he almost growled under his breath: "Is this what you wanted all along? To seduce me, boy?"

I leaned in closer, near inches from his face. Not wanting to back down or show resistance, I asserted, "Looks like it worked after all."

He chuckled at my confidence. "What's a young gun like you want with a guy like me?"

Biting my lip, I explained, "Truth is, sir, you're all I've thought about since yesterday. When I saw you walking your dog."

He looked down, "Well that tent in your shorts was a dead giveaway." He twitched for a second, as if breaking concentration on my throbbing cock.

Regaining control, he asserted, "Look. If we really do this, then it'll be discreet. I am married after all." He rose his ring finger in my face as if signifying my first opportunity to back down.

I responded, "No one will suspect a thing."

He continued, "And second, I make the rules here. You do what I tell you to do. You come over when I need release, and leave when I don't. Is that clear?"

Not taking time to consider, I replied, "Crystal. Now are we gonna keep talking or are you gonna show me that big dick I know you have."

He smirked, impressed at my quick wit, "You're a cocky motherfucker aren't you."

I shot back, "Damn straight." And as those words left my lips, I aimed for his, leaning in closer for a kiss to seal the deal.

My movement was met with resistance. Cory pulled back, "Whoa whoa. Another rule boy, no kissing on the lips."

Not wanting to accept defeat, I found refuge in the nape of his neck. Planting strong kisses just below his tapered hair, he asked, "What do you think you're doing?"

Continuing my efforts, I explained, "You said no lips but you never said anything about your neck. I'm just following orders here."

He shot back, "Is that how you made it through college? Finding loopholes?"

I broke my kiss to catch his gaze, "No. I just fucked every one of my professors until they had no choice but to pass me."

He stared back, "Sounds to me like you could use some discipline."

And with that he pushed my head down his body. I savored the downward path, nuzzling up against the hair on his chest, stealing sucks on those nipples, and counting every one of his abs with my tongue. My face finally found refuge at his waist with my lips inches from the elastic waistband that desperately held his crotch bound together. Leaning in closer, I inhaled his scent- a strong musk filled my nostrils that left me intoxicated and wanting more. I rested the my pouting lips at the base of the tent his erect cock was making. Getting as close to his skin as possible, his cock stuck out nearly past my ears. Slowly, I started to kiss around his shorts, feeling for his cock with my lips. I rose my hand above his waist, feeling for his abs as I continued to drool all over his gym shorts.

Looking up, I caught him starting at my actions. Flashing me a smirk, he asked, "You want that dick, boy?"

Biting down on my lip, I pouted, "Yes sir. Please give it to me."

He flashed me a rare smile and agreed, "It's all yours."

And with his instruction, I rapidly pulled own his shorts causing his dick to burst out of the elastic constraints, nearly hitting me in the face. I stared for a few seconds, basking in all its glory. It hung, nearly ten inches from the base, with veins that ran along the shaft like tributaries. The cock head glistened underneath the hallway light, dripping precum from the tip causing my mouth to water. Gently tugging, I grasped his meat at the base. Even in my large hands, his cock extended a couple more inches past my palms.

Not letting go, I looked up and exclaimed, "It's so fucking big. Oh my god."

He let out a cocky laugh, affirming "That it is. You sure you can handle it?"

Licking my lips in anticipation, I shot back, "Definitely."

And with that, I stuck out my tongue and licked underneath the shaft, catching the droplets of precum that dripped from the slit of his cock. The liquid coated my lips and I shoved my face into his crotch, taking his cock by the inch. Pulling my lips over my teeth, I welcomed his cock as it slid deeper into my mouth. My eyes rolled back as I could feel his head pushing past my tongue and into my throat. Cory stayed motionless with my mouth just a couple more inches from the base, as if allowing me to adjust to his size. I greedily, grabbed his ass and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth until my lips were met with his trimmed pubes.

Shocked, he shouted, "Holy fuck, Nick."

I pulled off, leaving a string of spit hanging between my lips and his cock and shooting Cory a wink. Impressed with my own skills, I shoved his cock in my mouth yet again, this time, massaging underneath the shaft with my tongue. I pushed back and forth, sucking along his length, not letting his throbbing cock out of my mouth. Any doubts of my performance were silenced by Cory's deep moans that echoed throughout his hallway. What I was doing to him- to his cock- was nothing short of carnal. I wanted nothing more than Cory's cock pushing past my mouth and into my willing throat.

Taking a pause to jerk him off, I looked up to Cory and begged, "Fuck my mouth."

Running his hands through my hair, he tugged back, "Coffee table."

Motioning towards the living room, I followed as he led me inside: a large double height space with travertine tiles framed by large French doors that flooded the room with natural light. But none of the finishes were as magnificent as the man standing before me, I stood in awe of his stature now clothed in sunlight.

He broke my gaze, instructing, "Lie down."

I followed his orders, pulling off my shorts and finally releasing my cock from the vinyl chains. It hung between my legs, nearly red from the throbbing. Assuming the position, my cock rose to full attention, not quite as big as Cory's but impressive nonetheless. I placed myself at the edge of the table with my head hanging off in anticipation. He followed in suit, slightly bending his knees and pointing his cock towards my mouth. The first push went in without any resistance. I felt the tip slide against my throat until his balls hung above my eyes. Cory let out a moan as he picked up the pace and started to fuck my mouth harder and harder. I reached for my own cock and jerked it, finally giving it the attention it desired. I could have sucked his dick for hours on end, but I didn't come here for just that, I needed him inside me.

Fucking my mouth until it filled with a mixture of precum and spit, I pushed back. Wiping my mouth, I got up, exclaiming, "Cory, I need you to fuck me."

As if he was waiting for that moment, Cory pulled out a condom from the back pocket of his shorts. Rolling on the latex, he instructed, "Show me that ass, boy."

I moved to the couch, lying with my head nearly sandwiched between the cousins. My ass hung off the edge, as I raised my legs with my knees almost touching my chest. I examined him, as I spread my cheeks apart, exposing my hole and hoping he enjoyed the show. I watched carefully as Cory spat into his fingers and started to lather it all over my puckering hole. I clenched at his touch, tightening my ass as he worked his spit around me. Not even giving me time to enjoy his fingers, he aligned his cock with my hole. I could feel the head resting against my walls. Cory wasn't wanting to take his time, he wanted to fuck something and I couldn't have been more willing.

I let out a loud moan as I felt his cock slowly probe my ass, "Ah fuck dude."

Not even taking a second to adjust or see if I was okay, he pushed forward, continuing to inch himself into me. I finally took in some air when I felt his entire length inside me. His pubes grazed my cheeks and he looked down in satisfaction, pleased that he had found someone who could take his size. Breathing out slowly, the pain started to subside.

Cory started to really fuck me, picking up speed with every thrust. The friction between my ass and his cock, with only a thin layer of rubber in between shot my nerves through the roof. I'd had my fair share of fucking, but Cory was something else entirely. It was like the pensive man that stood at his front door was replaced with this savage animal that wanted nothing more than his release.

I ran my fingers through my hair as Cory continued to ram into me, letting go of the urge to muffle my moans. I didn't care if the neighbors heard me, in fact, I wanted them to; I was getting the fuck of my life.

Taking long, deep strokes, Cory broke his concentration and asked, "You like that dick?"

Nodding in agreement, I replied, "Oh hell yeah! Please don't stop fucking me."

Pushing my knees closer to my body, he fucked deeper, saying "I'm not done with you yet."

I grinned, throwing my head back. Closing my eyes for a second, I ignored all other senses, focusing only on the sensations I was feeling. Suddenly I could feel beads of sweat drip onto my body as they fell from Cory's chest. My moans were almost drowned out by his panting as he continued to fuck me vigorously.

I then grabbed my dick, slightly sticky from the precum that flowed out of the tip and began to jerk myself off. I repeatedly stopped just before cumming; edging myself until I was going to burst. Unable to control myself any longer, I let out a deep moan as I felt my balls tighten.

Curling my toes, I shouted out, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

Just then, streams of my cum shot of out of my cock, nearly hitting my face. I tensed up as I felt my balls empty, clenching my ass around Cory's cock as he continued to fuck me. Riding off my own high, Cory fucked me harder than he ever had. Seconds later, I could feel his muscles tense up around me.

With a deep growl, Cory's dick pulled out of my ass. In one swift motion, he threw the condom aside and I watched in amazement as warm cum sprayed out of his cock and onto my abs. Catching his breath, he ran a finger up my stomach, tracing around the pool that consisted of our cum and sweat. He planted his large hand on my chest and squeezed my peck. I heard a slight chuckle as he looked down on the mess between us.

He handed me a washrag, commented, "You're one good fuck."

I shot back with a cocky smile, adding, "You're telling me, I thought I was gonna pass out while you were fucking me."

He grinned from ear to ear at that last statement. Just then, it was as if the animal was replaced with the man. He grabbed my phone out of my pocket, putting in his number. Tossing it back to me, he offered, "Call me the next time you're free."

I threw on my shirt, shoved my deflating cock into my shorts and replied, "Will do."

Giving me a devilish grin, he concluded, "See you around, neighbor."

And with that I shut the door behind me, slowly making my way down the short distance that existed between his house and mine. We had both gotten what we wanted that afternoon, yet I knew that wouldn't be the last time I'd head over to that house.

Written by: thealphamale

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