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The Neighbor Ch. 01

by megara3©

Kat was excited to come home from college for the winter holiday. Her first semester had been pretty rough - her roommate was a nightmare, her grades weren't so great, and her boyfriend had dumped her because he felt like that being tied down was hindering his college experience.

She was a bit of an emotional wreck, so all she wanted to do was to eat some home-cooked meals and stay in bed all day, avoiding the world around her and enjoying her time off from university. She pulled into the driveway of her suburban family home, sighing as she parked her car. She was relieved to be back. She took a deep breath of the fresh, crisp, New England winter air as she got of the car, smiling.

Kat stood by her car for a second, admiring all the Christmas decorations and how prettily the lights twinkled in the snow, before walking up the steps to her porch and opening the front door. Inside, it smelled like cinnamon, vanilla, and pine. "Kat?" she heard her mother call out.

"Hi Mom, I'm home!" she responded as she walked towards the kitchen, following the sound of her mom's voice, shedding her scarf and coat along the way.

"Sweetie, it's so good to see you!" her mother exclaimed, sweeping her up into a hug. Even though her mother was in her late 40s, her and Kat looked almost identical. Both had long, golden hair, piercing blue eyes, and chiseled features. "Was the drive ok? Oh, you remember Vanessa right? She's been helping me bake for your welcome home dinner tonight." Kat turned and swallowed deeply. Vanessa was their neighbor, a tall, raven-haired beauty with smoldering hazel eyes and voluptuous curves. She had always been intimidated by Vanessa, but also enraptured by her.

"Hi Kat," she said in her melodic voice, smiling at her from across the kitchen.

"Hi," Kat managed to get out. Her eyes lingered on Vanessa's chest, which was barely contained by the tight v-neck sweater that she was wearing. She admired Vanessa's breasts enviously, wishing that her cleavage could be as pronounced as hers. Kat's mother started to tell her about the details of the evening, but Kat barely paid attention. Her eyes were still trained on Vanessa, watching her every move, how her breasts bounced with each movement, how her hips swung from side to side as she walked around the kitchen, showing off her perfect ass that was accentuated by a tight black skirt.

"Sounds good, Kat?" her mother asked.

"Yeah, sure," Kat mumbled. She had felt a stirring in her body, a hot wave of desire for the curvaceous woman standing in her kitchen, intently bent over a bowl of homemade frosting. "I'm going to change really quickly, I'll be right down," she said, heading for the staircase that led to her old bedroom.

Once in her room, Kat fumbled around in the top drawer of her dresser, searching for her little bullet vibrator. Her nipples were hard, pressing through her lacy bralette, and she felt the wetness beginning to drip down her thighs. Upon finding it, Kat stripped off her clothes and laid on the bed, with one hand on her small, perky breast and the other gripping the vibrator.

The vibrator started with a small hum, and Kat let out a small sigh of relief as she worked it around her clit in small circles. Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes and imagined Vanessa, completely naked, resting on the kitchen counter, with the white frosting on her beautiful, large nipples that Kat was slowly licking off, cupping Vanessa's breasts with her hands...The fantasy was interrupted by a light knock on the door. Kat let out a frustrated groan and shut the vibrator off.

"Just a minute!" she called out, and ran to her closet to find her red silk Victoria's Secret robe. She pulled it on and opened the door, and was shocked to find Vanessa standing outside.

"Hi darling, sorry to interrupt, but your mom wanted to let you know that she went to go buy some decorations for the table tonight. She'll be back in about an hour or so."

"Oh, ok," Kat squeaked. Vanessa gave her a sly look.

"You ok? You look like I've just caught you doing something naughty." Kat flushed crimson with embarrassment.

"N-n-no," she stuttered. "Why would you say that?" Vanessa let out a small laugh at Kat's poorly constructed defense.

"Because I see your vibrator on the bed, sweetheart." Kat's heart pounded, and before she knew it, she burst into tears. "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that!" Vanessa said, horrified at the reaction she had caused. She immediately took Kat into her arms and pressed her to her chest. "I'm sorry, I know you've had a rough semester. I didn't mean to make fun of you," she consoled, petting Kat's hair. Kat sniffled a little, still embarrassed. "Everyone does it, Kat. I was only teasing."

"It's ok," said Kat, pulling away and wiping her tears. "I feel silly." Vanessa smiled and reached out to continue stroking her hair. "I shouldn't have reacted like that. You probably think that I'm just a little girl."

"No I don't, Kat. I think that you're a beautiful woman. Being in charge of your own body is a very mature thing to do." Kat sighed in response.

"If only the guys at my school thought that." Vanessa laughed, took Kat by arm, closed the door behind her, and walked Kat to her bed.

"Don't bother with boys for a few years, darling," she said, sitting down on the bed and patting the space next to her with an enchanting smile on her face. "They're too busy chasing tail to realize when a woman of value walks their way." Kat sat down and looked into Vanessa's eyes, getting lost in the flecks of gold of her irises.

"You really think I'm a woman of value?" Vanessa let out a small shocked noise as she placed her hand on Kat's thigh.

"Darling, of course I do. You're strong, beautiful, and capable. Any man or woman would be lucky to have you." Kat's interest was piqued.

"Any woman?" Vanessa smiled slyly.

"What, you've never been with another woman before? I'm surprised Kat, I would've thought that positively everyone would've been fawning over you at school." Kat blushed again.

"Well I mean I've made out with girls at parties before..." Kat trailed off as she noticed Vanessa's hand slowly making its way up her thigh. "But I guess that doesn't really count," she said, her heart pounding as Vanessa's hand finally reached her hip. The dark-haired woman tossed her hair back, showing off her breasts. Kat could only help but stare for a moment.

"Do you like them?" Vanessa said in hushed tones. Kat nodded, feeling the ache between her thighs. "Do you want to touch them?" Oh god, would I, Kat thought, but hesitated. "Go on, darling," Vanessa encouraged. Kat tentatively reached out her right hand and placed it on Vanessa's chest, trailing it downward between her cleavage, and then out to the side to cup it. Vanessa smiled and pulled Kat closer to her, wrapping a strong yet comforting arm around her waist. Kat looked into Vanessa's eyes one more time, and before she could stop herself, leaned in for a kiss.

It was soft and sweet, unlike the drunken makeout sessions she had often experienced at frat parties. Vanessa took her chin, guiding the kiss, and their tongues slowly met, intertwining in a tender kiss. Kat found her other hand steadily moving up Vanessa's torso to cup her other breast. They remained kissing each other sweetly until Kat pulled away unsteadily.

"I don't know if this is right," Kat said, unsure of herself, as Vanessa pulled her in closer and began kissing her neck. Kat closed her eyes let out a small moan of pleasure and Vanessa chuckled, her lips still pressed to Kat's throat.

"Are you still unsure, darling?" she asked between kisses. Kat could only shake her head. She felt Vanessa tug at the tie around her robe and open it, exposing Kat's breasts. Kat's nipples were hard and erect, throbbing and aching, wanting desperately to be touched. Still kissing her neck, Vanessa lightly trailed her fingers down Kat's chest and made large circles around her nipples before finally cupping Kat's breasts.

"I wish mine were as beautiful as yours," Kat murmured. Vanessa pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

"Yours are beautiful, darling," she said firmly. "I've never seen such beautiful ones before in my life. They're just the perfect size. Don't ever talk badly about them because I love them." To emphasize her point, Vanessa leaned over and began kissing Kat's pale breasts, cupping them while she kissed in little circles around her pink areolas, teasing her. Kat let out a frustrated moan. "Lie down against the pillows." Vanessa instructed. Kat willingly obliged.

Vanessa pushed apart Kat's legs and knelt down in the space between them before taking Kat's breasts into her hands another time. Vanessa gently took her erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them and flicked them while Kat let out a sigh of arousal. Keeping one hand on Kat's left breast, Vanessa leaned down to kiss her other nipple, taking it in her mouth and sucking on it gently, flicking it back and forth teasingly with her tongue while Kat let out a moan of pleasure.

"Is this better than what your college boys can offer you, darling?" Vanessa asked, pausing to look up at Kat and smile.

"You have no idea," Kat panted. Vanessa smiled and kissed the space between Kat's breasts.

"Actually, I do," she teased with a twinkle in her eye, and continued to play with Kat's erect nipples. "You're soaking the bed." Kat blushed but was too aroused to be embarrassed.

"You're still fully dressed," Kat said playfully, and reached out to pull off Vanessa's top, but Vanessa restrained her.

"Later," she said sternly. Kat pouted and Vanessa smiled. "All in due time, darling. Right now, this is just about you. You'll see all of me soon. Right now, I just want you to enjoy what it's like to be pleasured by someone who knows exactly what your body likes."

"But I want to pleasure you," Kat said disappointedly.

"I don't let amateurs make love to me, Kat," Vanessa said kindly, stroking Kat's breasts and stomach affectionately. "If you want to make love to me, you'll have to earn it. Now lie back down," she instructed, and pushed Kat's legs apart and up in the air. "Look at that gorgeous little pussy," she said, with a mesmerized look on her face. Vanessa sank down and began to kiss Kat's inner thighs. "I bet you taste wonderful," she murmured, her lips inching closer and closer to her clit. Kat moaned, frustrated, wanting Vanessa's lips on her throbbing pussy. She tried to put her leg down but Vanessa held it firmly in place. "You're not allowed to move until I say so." Vanessa pulled away and spanked Kat's pussy sharply three times. Kat moaned with pleasure. "You like that, you naughty girl?"

"Ooh yes," Kat hissed through clenched teeth, wanting more. But Vanessa didn't oblige, instead, circling Kat's swollen pussy with her fingers, teasing her. Kat was aching. "Vanessa please," she begged.

"Tell me what exactly you want me to do to you, darling," Vanessa said languidly, enjoying the control.

"I want you to eat my pussy," Kat panted between frustrated moans. Vanessa laughed softly and sank down to oblige. She gently placed a kiss on Kat's throbbing clit, causing the young girl to exhale sharply. Vanessa then licked her clit slowly, tantalizingly, keeping her eyes on Kat to see her reaction. Kat's eyes rolled back in her head, weak with desire. "Oh please eat my pussy," she whined, and Vanessa finally gave her the relief she had been dying for. She sucked on Kat's clit, flicking it around in her mouth, lightly stroking it back and forth, while Kat let out a loud moan of pleasure. Vanessa finally released her legs, and reached up to roll and pinch Kat's nipples between her fingers, while Kat's hips bucked up at the stimulation. Vanessa's tongue danced across Kat's clit, alternating between light tonguing and sucking. Kat balled up the sheets in her fists, loudly exclaiming her desire.

Vanessa continued her relentless attack while slipping in two fingers to Kat's dripping slit, moving them in and out slowly at first, and then furiously, bringing Kat closer to the edge. Kat's back arched at the double assault, nearly delirious with pleasure, as she fondled her breast with one hand and the other went to Vanessa's luscious raven-colored locks, pressing her even closer to her pussy. Kat's legs began to shake and her hips lifted off the bed, while Vanessa increased her pace even more. Kat felt the telltale tingle in her toes, and cried out her ecstasy as waves of pleasure washed over her, while Vanessa guided her through her orgasm, still making passionate love to her.

"Vanessa," Kat whispered hoarsely, while the woman between her legs placed a final, loving kiss on her pussy, which was now dripping with the signs of her lovemaking. Vanessa rose up and kissed Kat tenderly.

"Darling, you were wonderful," she said, smoothing out Kat's hair. "Did you enjoy yourself?" Kat nodded, still left speechless by the orgasm she had just been given. Vanessa smiled. "Your mother will be home soon. I suggest you shower and change before dinner," she said while she got off the bed and headed to Kat's mirror, fixing her outfit and hair. Kat sat up on the bed and hugged her knees to her chest, admiring Vanessa's beautiful figure.

"No one's ever made me feel like that before," she said softly. Vanessa turned back and smiled at her.

"Perhaps the next time will come sooner than you think," she said, before walking out the door and back down to the kitchen.

Written by: megara3

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