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A Day at the Office Ch. 02

by bigblackrock_et©

Evie, Sandra, Kitten, and I finished our mid-morning break by cleaning up a bit. Tara, the HR director, passed us a few wet wipes. She'd taken to keeping a robust supply for these occasions. She was good at her job. Kitten cleaned off my cock with long deliberate strokes. She flicked the opening of my head with her tongue one last time before rubbing it with a wet wipe. Her eyes never left mine.

Evie and Sandra headed off to the bathroom together, as Kitten and I headed back to my office. It was 10:49a, and all over the office, it sounded like it. Gatherings of all types: straight, gay, and groups were fully taking advantage of the time. Moaning, panting, and people cumming could be heard everywhere. As we returned to the management section I looked to my left to see my best friend, and company CFO, naked from the waist down, his ass clinched tight, his head rolled back, and his eight inch cock pushed all the way down the throat of his top accountant. We walked within a few feet of them. As we passed, Melissa pulled her head back and his cock popped free and she gasped. As she backed off, his head came upright and he opened his eyes just as we were walking by. His eyes went to us, or more specifically to Kitten, who was now wearing nothing but her stockings and carrying her sweater. Melissa's head was again moving forward when he caught my eye.

Just to mess with him a bit I said, "Mike, let's talk about the quarterly report in 15 minutes. Ok?"

Mike garbled back a sound of affirmation as his "Right" mingled with a moan as I saw Melissa's hands wrap around his ass and pull him deeper into her mouth. I didn't mean to, but I stopped walking as I saw her take him all the way in like that. I could see the outline of his cock in her throat. Jesus, she was talented. As she backed her head away this time she looked up at me.

"Mike says, 'Right'. I'll make sure he's there at 11:15." She stood up and turned her back to Mike as she spoke. She smirked.

I laughed, and then said, "Thanks, Melissa," as I started to walk again.

As she lifted her skirt she said, "You wanna join us, boss?" After that all I heard was a gleeful scream and a giggle from Melissa followed by a hard slapping sound.

She knew how to push Mike's buttons. He and I had been competitive in just about everything since we'd become friends. Melissa wasn't beneath using that fact to get every last ounce of aggression out of him. She could get Mike so riled up. These two were a perfect example of Kitten's influence in the office. Mike hired Melissa a few months prior to Kitten's arrival. They were at each other's throats almost immediately. Mike wasn't accustomed to being challenged the way she did. Mike was a little old school and expected her to fall in line to his direction. She, however, questioned everything. She pushed back on his directions, recalculated all of his numbers, and demanded to be in the loop on all of his decisions. He didn't like her approach one bit, but he was afraid to push back at her. She was the first female accountant that he'd hired directly, and I think he was deathly afraid of being regarded as sexist. Instead he would just stonewall, grumble, and grouse. Sometimes, he was just stark mean to her. In contrast, she was constantly cheerful and engaging. She was always present. I could tell that his barbs and dismissive attitude affected her, but she tried hard to not let it show.

About seven months in, it was starting to get really bad. I could tell Mike was laying the ground work with me to fire her. When he'd hired her, I'd thought she'd be a good compliment to him, but after watching them together I was doubting that this was going to work. One Tuesday morning I received a request for Kitten for the lunch break on the following Wednesday. The request came from Mike's office. In the early days of the Kitten experiment I didn't often turn down such requests. I couldn't very well insist that the team adopt this new culture, and then be stubborn about her 'use'. It was an awkward and fine line for me back then. I basically reviewed the requests to make sure they were legitimate, there were lots of pranks early on, and to make sure she wasn't overly extended. Beyond that, it was almost always a done deal.

I wasn't surprised by the request from Mike, even though he'd been happily married for eighteen years. It was only a matter of time before he wanted his turn with her if only to make sure I knew that he could measure up to me in that way too. Like I said, we were competitive. The idea of having to stand there and watch him was really weird for me. I was not happy about this, but I'd started this, and I couldn't back out without losing all credibility. I briefed Kitten on the request. As always, she replied by demurring to my wishes, "Master if you wish for me to fulfill this request, than I will certainly do so."

At 11:45 a.m. the following morning she asked me if I would meet her in the conference room instead of escorting her. She said that she'd studied Mike, and felt that making an entrance would be better for his needs. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I wasn't going to disagree with her. After all, she was the expert. At noon, I walked in to the executive conference room. Mike was already there. No doubt he was eager for his session. He looked up at me as I came in. I said, "Hey, Mike," trying not to let the awkwardness filling me break my voice.

Mike replied with, "what's up, boss?"

I stayed standing, and gradually meandered into a corner of the room. I put my hands in my pockets. I must have looked like I was waiting for the doctor to arrive for my proctology exam.

Mike looked at me puzzled. He said, "So, what do you need?"

"What do you mean?"

"You asked me here. I'm here. What's this about?"

"What are you talking about? You requested this."

We just looked at one another with confused looks. The tension in my shoulders eased a bit. Was this some weird misunderstanding? After another moment of awkwardness, I realized that I wasn't going to have to go through with any of this. I was just about to say as much when the door on the opposite end of the room opened. In walked Kitten dressed in a perfectly stereotypical schoolgirl outfit: the patent leather shoes, the white knee high stockings, the exceptionally short red and black checked skirt, and the tight white button down shirt. The shirt hugged her braless breasts and flared at her waist. It was nearly open except for two straining buttons. Her breasts were pressed tight and high by the shirt, her nipples nearly exposed. And even though they were covered, barely, the hard dark nipples were obviously protruding. They were probably more eye-catching than if they'd been fully exposed. The outfit was so on-the-nose, that it might have been comical, if it weren't so perfectly filled out by this gorgeous woman. Her eyes were smoldering and her expression intense. Humor was the very last thing she was conveying. The only out of place item in this whole display was the black leather leash that ran down from her neck. At the other end was Melissa.

Mike stood as the ladies entered the room. He said nothing, even though his mouth was half agape. I also said nothing. Melissa strode in taking confident steps directly towards Mike. She wasn't exactly leading, but she also wasn't following. She was in perfect stride as Kitten's escort. Her face showed none of her normal cheerfulness or mischievousness. Instead she reflected determination, as if she had been challenged, and was not about to give in. As she went to hand Mike Kitten's leash, the lack of fluidity of motion put her nervousness on display, but she was able to complete the transaction. Mike took the leash in his hand as if he were on automatic pilot. Again, he said nothing. He hadn't yet closed his mouth either.

As if her duty had been fulfilled, Melissa turned to leave the room. Kitten spoke, "I'm sorry, but I'll need you to stay."

Melissa stopped, took in a deep breath, and turned to face Kitten. Kitten had also turned around to face the exiting Melissa. However she had also taken a step backwards pressing her backside into Mike and pushing him against the conference room table.

Melissa responded, "Look, I escorted you here as you requested. I'm trying to be really supportive of this craziness, but I don't need to watch this management threesome." Kitten had grabbed Mike's hands and were using her hands to steer his up and down her legs and torso. There was an edge to Melissa's words, but her expression didn't quite show the exasperation that her words were meant to convey.

Melissa continued, "Besides, I need to take this lunch break to check Mike's numbers before this afternoon's audit meeting."

Those words seemed to snap Mike out of his trance, and his eyes went to Melissa. A scowl developed on his face, although his hands did not stop their exploration of Kitten's body. Kitten guided his hands back to her breasts and pressed her thinly covered nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

"There's nothing wrong with my numbers Melissa. I've been doing this job for 25 years, I think I can get through a simple audit without your oversight." As Mike finished his sentence, Kitten used her hands to cause Mike to pinch down on each of her nipples. Simultaneously she pushed her ass into his crotch and started grinding against him.

The final portion of Melissa's facade dropped at Mike's words. Anger rushed to her face as she took a step towards them. "Jesus fucking Christ. You goddamn self-righteous asshole. Has it ever occurred to you that I'm just trying to help you? That my job is to make you look good. To make you look like a fucking rock star. I double-check and triple-check to make sure that you're fucking right. That you're always prepared. That you're the best fucking CFO you can be. And do you ever say thank you? All you do is bitch and bitch and bitch!"

Melissa hadn't stopped walking as she was talking. She was a mere 6-inches from Kitten as she barked and stared into Mike's eyes. Kitten was giving Mike a full on standing lap dance, and while her hands had left his, his had not left her breasts. His hands were inside her shirt. He was squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. His hips were gyrating in synch with hers. Kitten's hands expertly working on the clasp and zipper of his slacks.

"Oh fuck you, Melissa," he replied. "Don't give me this martyr bullshit. You're here trying to make yourself look good at my expense, and I know it. You're nothing but a fucking show off. You're smart. You think you're smarter than me, and the sad part is that you probably are. But I've been doing this since before you went to high school, and if you'd turn down your ego for five goddamn minutes, you might learn something."

Mike pinched down hard on Kitten's nipples with that last outburst. Kitten's head rolled back against his shoulder as she let out a moan.

Melissa attempted to respond, "I... I..." Her breath escaped her as Kitten's top button popped open as Mike fully massaged Kitten's breasts a few inches from Melissa's face. Her gaze and her expression shifted.

Kitten's head came forward off of Mike's shoulder, and in one fluid motion she pulled Melissa toward her by the band of Melissa's skirt. Kitten's head dipped and tilted to the left, and without hesitation, the two women connected in a full kiss. Kitten's hands shot around under Melissa's skirt, grabbed her ass, and pulled her closer. Melissa's hands went the back of Kitten's head and clutched her hair as they kissed. Mike closed his eyes pushed his crotch harder into Kitten's ass. His pants were down his thighs. His underwear the only thing combating his instinct of sliding inside her. His cock was fully aroused, and a stain of precum was easily visible on his shorts.

In a heartbeat, my finance team had formed a passionate Kitten sandwich. Mike's hands were trapped between Kitten's breasts on one side and Melissa very ample tits on the other. Kitten's hands continued to cup and kneed Melissa's ass. Her hands seemed to move to the motion of Mike's thrusts. Melissa's hands released Kitten's hair, traced down her body, and curved over Kitten's ass. But they didn't stop there. She slipped her hands inside Mike's waistband and began to stroke his cock. Melissa broke off her kiss with Kitten, pulled her head back, and stared at Mike as she continued to tug at him. Mike opened his eyes and stared back at her. They both had the same expression on their face: desire. Mike's hands dropped from Kitten and went back behind him to the edge of the table. By releasing his grip he was able to gain some separation from Kitten allowing his cock to spring forward, giving Melissa's hand more access to his full shaft. Melissa dropped her left hand and continued to play with him with her right. When both of their arms went down it was an unspoken invitation for Kitten to exit. The subtle message was not lost on her as she slipped from in between them. Melissa immediately moved to fill the void, and both of her hands went back to work on Mike's cock. Mike looked at her for a moment, and then clasped her face with both hands and kissed her passionately. I could hear Melissa moan in his mouth as they kissed.

Melissa's hands and Mike's thrusts picked up speed. And then, abruptly, they stopped. Her hands released his cock, went to his shoulders, and pushed him away as she took a step backward. Mike looked to be a little in shock as the sensation of her hands jerking him off suddenly ceased. I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd come to her senses and bolted for the door. Instead, in a flicker Melissa's personality reestablished itself and her mischievous smirk returned. She steadied herself, and then reached down underneath her skirt and pulled down her panties. Mike stood there, pants around his ankles, underwear around his thighs, and his hard on standing straight out in front of him. His eyes were locked on her. Kitten and I were staring as well. We all waited for her next move. She sucked in on her bottom lip as should stood there for just a heartbeat. Then she walked past Mike, casually tossing her underwear to the floor as she walked. She stopped at the table, spun around, yanked her sweater and bra up over her head, and deposited herself on the edge of the table. She pulled her heeled feet up on to the table, laid back, and spread herself wide. She was on full display for us all. My own erection was straining against my pants as my eyes were on her. Without knowing it, I'd begun to slowly rub myself at the sight of her. Her pale skin was set off by the mahogany of the table. Her overly robust breasts spilled to her side as she laid back. Her areolas were large and puffy, just begging to be touched and sucked. Both nipples standing at full attention. She had a solid tuft of red curly pubic hair above a perfectly symmetric pink pussy. It was clearly slick and shiny and a small trace of liquid ran down towards her asshole.

She looked up at Mike still smiling, "You want to teach me something do you?" Her face softened. The smile disappeared. She traced her middle finger down between her slit, trailing a thin line of wetness with it. Desire returned to her face, and with a breathy tone she said, "Please."

Mike's face mixed desire and determination. If he hadn't moved, I would have. There was no way in hell that plea was going to go unanswered. He pushed down his briefs, and stepped out of them along with his pants. In one stride he was upon her. His cock practically dragging him to her of its own volition. He pressed the head of his penis against her and pushed into her gently. They moved together to get her fully open to him, and then in a slow, but continuous motion, he thrust all 8-inches of his manhood into her. They gasped in unison.

"Oh fuck yes, Mike. Fuck me hard!" Mike lifted her hips off of the table, and pulled her towards him. He thrust into her with power and control. Each of his thrusts was met by her own, as she pressed her hips into him. They had spent seven months at each other's throats, frustrated, and angry with one another, and with each thrust of their hips they let go of that animosity. She reached down grabbing at his ass as he continued to plow into her. The sound of his thighs slapping against her beautifully bulbous ass, was only eclipsed by the high-pitched squeal coming from Melissa. Her climax was coming rapidly, and she didn't care who knew it.

I had entered this room with nervousness and anxiety at expecting to watch Mike fuck Kitten, and now I was mesmerized at him fucking Melissa. It's weird to say, but they were truly beautiful as they let their passion envelope them. It took Kitten's not so subtle pull at my arm for me to exit their reality and return to my own. She didn't say anything she just nudged me toward the door that I had entered. The woman wearing the leash was leading me out.

As we walked back to my office, I was still in a bit of a voyeuristic fog. The sex, the sounds, the smell were still swirling in my head. I didn't notice that Kitten was continuing to walk ahead of me, instead of in her customary position behind me in servitude. I said, "Wow. Just wow. Did you see that coming? That was fucking incredible." Kitten made no response. She turned the corner into my office. I followed. As I entered, she closed the door behind me.

I sat in my chair, my erection softening, but still making a small tent within my pants. Kitten leaned over under my desk, but didn't crawl into her den as I expected. Instead she turned around, sat on my desk with her legs straddling mine. In her right hand she held a blue 6-inch blue glass dildo. It was made up of multiple spheres stacked atop one another and ending in a large conical head that looked to be at least an inch in diameter at its maximum width. Her skirt was hitched up over her waist, her tits stood out proudly from the shirt that now only had one button closed. Her leash ran down from the collar on her neck, between her breasts, and between her legs. As she sat back the leather strap of the leash came down across her mound.

With no ceremony, she pushed the head of the dildo into her hungry cunt. She moved the head in and out. She popped it out, rubbed it across her clit, and then pushed it back in moving it in circular motions. My eyes were glued to her pussy as she played. I watched the buildup of her white cream on the head and first sphere of the dildo. My cock was again straining against my pants. My balls ached with desire, as I was being turned on for the second time in just a few minutes. This time I knowingly started to massage my balls through my pants to ease the tension building there.

My gaze moved up from between her legs, following the course of her leash. She was now pushing more of the dildo inside her, and rolling her hips slightly in unison with the motion of her hands. Her breasts were flush and pink, the nipples hard and heaving. When I got to her face, I expected to see lust or desire or pleasure. However, I couldn't read her expression. It was certainly not what I expected. It was almost a show of anger, but not quite. The only word that came to mind was fierce.

I didn't know what that look meant. But I really didn't care. She was now fucking herself with the full length of the dildo. Her wetness coated the dildo, her fingers, and the edge of my desk. Her breathing and the rapid squishing between her legs were the only sounds. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to use my Kitten. I stood up, and removed my pants and briefs. My black cock bobbed free, precum already slicked the head. I again massaged my aching balls and the shaft of my cock, now free of impediments.

I moved toward her with my cock in hand. She picked up her feet off of floor and rotated herself so that her lower back was against the surface of my desk. I assumed she was opening herself further, getting ready for my penetration. Instead she used the leverage of her new position to push her foot into my chest and halt my advance. My first thought was that she was being playful, even though her face said something entirely different. I brushed her leg aside with my arm only to find it replaced by her other foot. In a moment both of her feet found their way to my chest simultaneously and pushed me back forcefully.

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