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What Might Happen

by Whatsallthisthen©

The Subway train could not reach her stop fast enough.

Danielle was fucking frustrated. Her friend, Toshi had prohibited her from orgasming without his permission. It had been an easy promise to make at the time. The eroticism of such a tease easily exciting her at the time, leading to a very pleasant session with him. But as the days passed the promise became harder and harder to keep. The ache in her pussy never seemed to disappear. Her legs never seemed to cease fidgeting. She frequently awoke from a daydream to find herself rhythmically squeezing her thighs together and her thong soaked through.

As she gazed at her reflection in the window opposite her she relived some of those difficulties. That very morning she had awoken incredibly horny. Her hand resting between her legs, providing a very pleasing pressure to her pussy. Without thinking her fingers had begun stroking her lips. Her hips gently rocking in time with them. Then freezing upon realising what she was doing, and the danger of what might follow. She really shouldn't play with herself. The temptation to go over the edge and have a good cum would be too much. She didn't want to disappoint Toshi, or embarrass herself. But it had felt good, and it would have felt so good to continue. She was still quite confident she could hold it back if she wanted to. Her fingers maintained their pressure around her clit, and then, seemingly with a life of their own, slowly began to play again.

Her mind drifted into fantasies. Of naked bodies in a tight embrace, pleasuring each other. One thrusting his hard cock deep into her. Trying to stifle their moans of pleasure, not wanting to be caught. Seeing the reflection of Toshi's ass in the mirror of the changing room as his thrusts became more and more frantic. As her orgasm approached so quickly.

Danielle came to her senses in the carriage. Sweat on her brow, thong soaked through, thighs clamped tightly together. She looked from side to side to see if the few other passengers had caught her in a compromised state. She was relieved to fin no one had appeared to notice. Although the idea that one of them had secretly realised what was going on and was saving it for themselves for a private moment sent a jolt of excitement through her.

Her pussy felt much as it had that morning. She had quickly thrown the blankets off her body and all but run to the shower after realising what she was doing. It thrummed. It begged for attention. And now, the rocking motion of the subway added to her frustration.

Fortunately, she arrived at her stop soon after.

She proceeded out the subway station to a busy street. As she walked to her destination, she tried to distract herself with thoughts of work, and the other more civilised things she might do over the weekend, including a party at a friend's house. Inevitably such thoughts led to Toshi, a man who, until relatively recently, she had had a purely platonic relationship with. Being among the same friendship circle meant he was likely to be there too, which led naturally to thoughts of how they were to continue to hide the naughtier aspect of their relationship, which then inevitably led to thoughts of those acts themselves.

"Fuck," she thought. If she couldn't keep this promise she would likely have to endure his teases in front of their friends. He would give her knowing winks, or playfully give her mock stern looks, or make sly comments designed to be understood only by her. All of which would send blood rushing to her face. And he would exalt in her embarrassment.

No, she must stop thinking about such things. Especially when her current destination could also result in embarrassment if she wasn't careful.

Standing in front of the salon, she took a deep breath and walked in to inform them she was there for her waxing appointment.

Toshi had told her that he loved her pussy. He said it was sexy and "just perfect", so of course she wanted to show it off. The fact that she hoped seeing it completely bare would make him lose control also made her brave enough for what she had to do now.

Lying on the bed, her legs spread, she hoped her girl wouldn't notice how excited she was. Akiko was a sweet girl who was usually perfectly professional when she had previously waxed Danielle's pussy. "Fuck" she thought, as Akiko did the slightest of double takes to her aroused pussy when it was first revealed.

Danielle swallowed as Akiko administered to her, making polite chit chat as she did so. Asking questions about upcoming vacations and her hopes for the future. "To finally cum" her rebellious mind said in response, then reddened as she realised she was getting wetter at this simple thought. Akiko made eye contact and grinned. There was no way she hadn't noticed.

Danielle couldn't help but imagine what might happen next. Akiko might do anything, even use those lovely fingers of hers to get her off. Perhaps she might lean down and kiss her. And tug her top down to reveal her breasts and erect nipples. Danielle imagined herself gasping as the dark-haired Akiko licked and sucked her nipples, her fingers inside her pussy. She wondered if this girl would tear off her own underwear, hike up her skirt and then grind her pussy into her face. She would lick her and Akiko would ride her face until she exploded in orgasm.

Her face burning with these imaginings, Danielle could have sworn the girl's fingers lingered longer on her pussy than they needed to. And that's when the dark-haired beauty cupped her wet, now bare pussy and looked intently into her eyes. She spoke of innocent things, something about a cool beach in Thailand, but her eyes spoke of desire. If she did anything now, she would be entirely under this girl's power. If she really did play with her pussy, there was no way Danielle could resist her. She would be forced to cum, forced to break Toshi's promise.

And then Akiko stood up and walked away. Danielle audibly gasped as the girl removed her hand from her pussy. Akiko busily cleaned up her things, saying some things about the front desk and walked toward the door. Danielle's mind was a mess, a mixture of shame, and disappoint within it.

"Take your time getting ready to leave, we don't need this room for a while yet, so yeah ... take your time," then Akiko winked and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Danielle couldn't believe this sweet girl had suggested what she thought she had suggested. She wanted her to masturbate her! To touch her wet pussy and make herself cum. Akiko would know exactly what she was doing right now, even if she wasn't here to watch her, or play with her. And it was so hot. It would feel so good to finally get off.

But Toshi...

She had to stand up. Danielle paced the room, her pussy aching to be touched, to be brought over the edge. Her mind full of dirty fantasies, of Akiko, of Toshi ... of Toshi and Akiko. With one hand she leaned against the door. Her other hand fell to her pussy. Perhaps Akiko was just the other side of it, perhaps she should invite her in. She strummed her clit. Akiko wouldn't say no would she? They could have so much fun. Her fingers sped up. But she felt an orgasm building, and so quickly! Toshi might punish her. She had to stop.

With that, she quickly gathered her things, made herself decent, and rushed out the door. Trying to avoid the glances of the staff working there. Out onto the street, she kept her head down. Face burning red, mind full of confusion.

Through the crowds, down into the subway station she went, descending each flight of stairs wondering if anyone would be able to notice her state. Arriving at the platform, she swore that some of the crowd could. Arms folding, she tried to become unnoticeable from prying eyes, to disappear.

Tapping her foot impatiently, she tried to distract herself. Yet again her thoughts returned to the weekend. There was going to be a party. All her friends were going to be there, as well as some acquaintances she didn't care for, but that was always to be expected. And of course, Toshi was going to be there.

Good food, good music, a few drinks and general fun would improve her mood. And, of course, Toshi could finally make her cum. The thought made her feel giddy.

With this daydream in mind, she hurriedly pushed into the carriage as the doors opened. Quickly grabbing a free seat, she indulged in the fantasy of her relief. She bore the frustration caused by the rocking train and the awkward glances of its passengers wondering at how he would let her cum. As each stop passed, those ideas turned into plans. She would guide him to a secluded corner, then tease his cock with her hand. Rip of his shirt and run her hands over his chest. Make him desire her so that he would lift her skirt, slide her thong to one side and slide his hard cock into her. Then, as they fucked in some empty room, they would cum together. He wouldn't even be able to give her permission, it would happen quite naturally. If she could just control it until the party she would be fine.

Every morning until that day after was still a struggle. She awoke incredibly horny. Vestiges of the previous night's sex dreams would remain in her mind. Sometimes they would mix with the memories of her previous sexual encounters to create a confusing haze of sexual images that haunted for the remainder of her day. Yet still she resisted cumming.

Not that it was easy. Several times she almost had an accident in the shower. The water proving to be too pleasurable on her sensitive clit. There was even one late night occasion where she was so into touching her smooth pussy that she failed to even care that she was about to go over the edge and orgasm. Fortunately, a sudden and unexpected call from her sister saved her from ruining her promised abstention from cumming.

It was tough, but the day of the party finally arrived. Work had dragged by, each tick of the clock seemingly taking longer than the last. Every journey she had had to take had seemed torturous. With every conversation, she had felt a danger of being discovered. She had been a mess. But today was the day.

"Looking forward to tonight? ;)" Toshi had messaged her. Bastard. Tease.

This day passed easier than the previous week. The knowledge that her desire to cum would be satisfied clearly influenced her body. Not that she didn't constantly have to suffer jolts of excitement as she contemplated her relief, nor did she refrain from occasionally pleasuring herself when she found a moment to, but she felt like controlling her urges until the night was now a certainty.

She decided to wear a sleek, sexy black dress with knee high boots. A little out there for what she usually wore, but she felt it was worth it. The sexier she was to Toshi, the faster she could entice him to let her cum.

Danielle arrived at the party. She greeted the hosts, said hello to the people she saw and, as subtly as she could, glance around to see if she could see Toshi. She couldn't. "Fuck" she thought. Danielle asked around to see if anybody had seen Toshi. Only Mike could tell her anything useful.

"Yeah I saw him earlier in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, he seemed in a hurry though. Said he probably wouldn't be able to make it here tonight."

"Fuck" she replied. After this elicited a raised eyebrow from Mike, she quickly had to think of some bullshit excuse why she had had that reaction. Doubtful that she was believed, she made a further set of excuses and all but fled to another area of the party.

She seriously considered finding a quiet room to finish herself off in. But decided against it. There was still a chance he might show up, and she was still a little afraid of what he might do if she failed.

The party progressed, drinks were drunk. Still Toshi remained absent. She found herself talking to someone new in a hallway. A tall man with light brown hair, who seemed relaxed and funny. They flirted together and in her state, she found herself fantasising over him. She leaned against him and put her hand on his chest as they laughed. He touched her shoulder and slipped his hand to the bottom of her back. She wondered what his cock looked like, how it tasted. His hand slid further down onto her ass, her hand caressed down his chest. She thought about making him explode with desire.

And then they were kissing. His hand moved up under her dress but then pushed her away.

"In here" he said, gently pushing her into a bathroom and locking the door behind them.

But after he closed the door, Danielle took charge. She pushed him against the door and all but tore his shirt off. Kissing down his torso, she began unbuttoning his jeans. He gasped as she grasped his hard cock through his boxers.

This would be ok, she thought. This doesn't count. She noticed precum leak through his boxers as she stroked him. If she only made him cum, she wouldn't break her promise. She looked up into his eyes with a wicked grin on her face. She could still have some fun.

She pulled his boxers down and marvelled at his cock. Smoothly spreading the precum around his head, she edged closer, and closer, until she was breathing on his cock. She looked up then licked his head. He gasped again. His hands rested on her head as she teased his cock with her tongue. She wrapped her lips around him and eased his cock into her mouth.

Then she sucked on him, her head bobbing faster and faster, enticed by the sound of his moans. Her hands grabbed his ass so she could take him more deeply in her mouth. Again, she increased her pace. The tall man began breathing hard and faster.

"Wait" he said, but Danielle wouldn't wait. She was enjoying this too much, making him pant and lose control. "I want to- oh fuck" and then he tensed and exploded in her mouth.

He withdrew from her and, cum dripping from her mouth, she laughed.

"Sorry", he said. Danielle just teased him in reply.

"You were too good ... look, I really need to make you cum too."

She thought about it. She wondered if she could hold back the orgasm. She could probably fake it if she wanted, to make it stop ... if he was any good, of which there was no guarantee. But as she was thinking, he was already kissing her, biting her neck, undressing her. Soon she was naked.

He pushed her down onto the ground and then began kissing and licking down her body. Down her neck. Over her breasts, shuddering as he teased her nipples, down over her stomach, down to her inner thigh. There he teased her some more. Just licking and nibbling her inner thigh, making her already soaking pussy ache with anticipation. Slowly he worked his way to her pussy lips. Then patiently flicking his tongue up until it was touching her clit. "Oh fuck" she thought as his tongue danced on her clit. It felt so fucking good. He then pushed a finger into her pussy and moved it round to the time of the flick of his tongue on her clit. "Fuck" she thought, she couldn't control her orgasm like this. She needed a way to control the situation before she fucked up.

While she still had some measure of control, she sat up and rolled him onto his back. She briefly considered leaving. If she fucked up, Toshi might punish her, maybe by spanking her or denying her orgasms further. Unfortunately, this only served to heighten her arousal. Danielle then moved up his body and sat on his face. She began to grind into him. This way she could control the pace. He seemed to enjoy this too, eagerly using his tongue as he could to pleasure her pussy.

It felt good. She increased her speed. She ground into his face and felt the edge coming all too quickly. She panicked a little. Toshi would tie her down and tease her pussy all day long. But it felt so good. So, she found a pace steady pace where she felt she could comfortably control it. Danielle was panting and sweating, despite her attempts, it was becoming harder and harder to hold back. Then, suddenly, the edge rushed through her, her body exploded into orgasm. Intense feelings of pleasure rippled through her body. She couldn't contain herself, and let out a series of loud moans as the pleasure washed through her.

After panting on the floor together for some minutes, they collected their things, made themselves decent and re-entered the party.

Although bodily relieved, Danielle was still tinged with regret and guilt. But then why should she be? Toshi wasn't here. Maybe he didn't really care about the promise. Maybe she wouldn't have to tell him about the fuck up. Maybe he wouldn't punish her if she admitted to it. He wouldn't tie her down, hold a vibe against her clit but take it away every time she came close to cumming. He wouldn't tell her how much of a loser she was, or tell her not to fuck up again and cum. Toying with her pussy, he wouldn't make her moan and beg to cum.

Eventually the party wound down. People went their separate ways. Danielle stumbled home, made herself a glass of water, undressed and threw herself on her bed. She fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.

But when she awoke, she looked at her phone to find a new message. It was from Toshi.

"Hey, sorry I couldn't come last night. Something came up. Don't think I haven't forgotten about your promise though. That's why I booked a special room for us at the Royal Park Hotel. So, have you been a good girl?"

Danielle froze. Cold sweat. "Fuck," she thought.

Written by: Whatsallthisthen

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