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A Day in Office Ch. 01: Lunch Time

by vantan©

For Vanessa, maybe wearing that revealing white dress (with hemline at mid-thigh of her 5'2 petite Oriental frame) coupled with a tan-coloured 15-denier pantyhose and 4-inch matching white heels was too much to bear for a group of men watching from within striking distance in the office whenever she moves around, going about with her daily work routine.

Like in cave man times, these men would plot to capture Vanessa and drag her by her arms and hair, as she tried to scream and protest, into their 'cave' - a nearby men's toilet.

Rough hands started to grope and pull at Vanessa's white dress. The top would soon be torn and ripped as they gleefully exposed her breasts. While some continued to grope her 32B tits, other hands would be lifting up and making attempts to rip the hem of her cotton-polyester dress.

With her tits out and the dress up around Vanessa's waist, they started to grope between her nylon-encased legs; which she tried as hard as possible initially to hold and squeeze her legs together to prevent the groping hands reaching their target. But alas, as they pushed Vanessa back against a urinal, she had no choice but to unceremoniously allow the cold porcelain of the urinal to come between her knees. Vanessa was now pinned against the wall with her back conforming to the contours of the urinal like a shape of an S, making it uncomfortable with her back pressed against it.

With her pantyhose legs parted either side of the protruding urinal the men could now gain easy access to Vanessa's nylon covered crotch, which was currently being pushed inwards into the urinal as the men tried to keep her captivity in that inviting position.

One of the men, Avery slapped his hand, palm upwards, right up between Vanessa's upper thighs and cupped the nylon covered fleshy meat of her pussy in his hand. Vanessa could do nothing even as she tried to wriggle her pelvis away from that large palm. This only serves to heighten Avery erotically as he started rubbing back and forth, which made Vanessa squirmed as he manipulates her moistening lips with his fingers.

For a moment, Vanessa felt relief as the men stop groping her and pushing her uncomfortably against the cold porcelain. Her relief was short lived however, as they quickly pulled her away a little, spun Vanessa round to face the wall and then pushed her forward with her knees parted around the cold urinal again. Vanessa protested and squealed as she felt them taking turns to feel the flesh of her labia through the silky smooth expensive nylon material.

Vanessa had to listen to their crude comments as their rough hands continued to grope her all over; acutely embarrassed that she knew they have all felt how wet her pantyhose gusset had become. The groping between Vanessa's legs increased with intensity as they each attempted to see how far they could push that fine nylon material into her pussy.

Her panic rose to new levels as she heard the unmistakable sound of zips being pulled down. Within seconds, Vanessa felt hot breaths against the back of her neck and then a big stiff cock being pressed up into the soaked nylon gusset of her tights.

Of all the days, Vanessa thought, she could have chosen to wear sheer tights instead of her usual ones, this day was probably the worst. There was no reinforced gusset to either hide or protect her wet pussy.

As Avery thrust against Vanessa, she could feel the fine 15 denier nylon stretching over the head of this invading cock as he tried to thrust it into her. Each thrust stretched the nylon, pulling and distorting Vanessa's fleshy outer lips and also stimulating her clit. Avery's breath was now hitting the back of her neck in short urgent gasps when the moment came in a blink of an eye, Vanessa felt his hot spunk flooding her gusset; some globs seeping through the ultra-fine nylon mesh.

The next man, Brandon quickly took his place and, like before, Vanessa felt the fine nylon being stretched and moulded around his erection as he forces it into her sopping vagina; now already smeared with some of Avery's thick creamy frost that had penetrated through the nylon mesh.

Before long, Brandon gave out a loud groan that was soon accompanied by spurts of freshly pumped lust juices, as he kept his best attempt to hold his throbbing head pressed hard against Vanessa's overtly creamed nylon pussy. His cum were textured like egg white, copious and stringy as he unloaded wads after wads (that seem forever, at least to Vanessa), trying to get them as inwards into Vanessa's nylon gusset before letting out one final moan to signal the end of his satisfied conquest and victory.

With Vanessa's face still pressed against the wall, she could not see how many men were waiting to take their turns at her; as one after another lined up for a lunchtime stress relief. Zach was next in line, as he stood behind Cooper, taking in the scene that was happening before his eyes; his right hand was already stroking the length of his 8-inch manhood that was already oozing pre-cum just watching Cooper having his way with Vanessa.

Cooper had pulled down the back of Vanessa's pantyhose waistband, exposing those perky taut ass Vanessa had spent hours working hard in the gym. He had his length shaft slipped in-between the creek of her ass cheeks, nestling his throbbing meat at the base with the pantyhose waistband tugging beneath his shaft that provided some sort of support for Cooper to thrust his cock in and out from it.

Zach watched from behind as he noticed Cooper gave one final thrust inwards, his glute muscles flexed hard and guessed Cooper was probably unloading his cum, this time on the inside of Vanessa's nylon gusset. "Fuck! Yeah! That was so much more enjoying!", quipped Cooper. As he released the last few burst of his lust juice, Cooper's pulsating cock head was throbbing so hard that it occasionally smacked and grazed Vanessa's outer pussy lips that sent shudders and trembles through her body, already numbed from being held in that awkward S position.

Cooper inched himself slowly out from the in-between depths of Vanessa's ass creek, with one hand holding down her pantyhose waistband. Once his cock was out, Cooper carefully pulled the waistband up to her waist, making sure the nylon material tautly covered all areas.

Like a dog marking its spot, Cooper even cheekily tugged the waistband higher upwards still, to ensure his milky love seed was completely smeared all around Vanessa's pussy - the gossamer nylon spreading her lips in two as it tugged upwards.

Vanessa lost count how many more has yet to cum. Her head was already in a daze as her legs quivered and buckled occasionally from all that half-standing position. For a brief moment, there was no one between Vanessa's thighs, feeling only the wetness all around her gossamer gusset accentuated by the coolness of the men's room.

Then, the last man, Zach took his place. Vanessa was taken a little by surprise but instantly felt his cock stiffening hard like an iron pole. As his hot breath exhales on one of her ears, he said in a low growl, "I'm gonna force that fine nylon gusset of yours so far up your cunt that it will rip, you fucking office cock-teaser!"

Almost as Zach finished speaking, Vanessa felt the rock-hard head of his cock start to push unmercifully between her engorged and dripping wet nylon covered pussy lips. His hands roughly grip her hips as he forced his cock and the delicate nylon deeper and deeper inside Vanessa.

Just when Vanessa thought that to push any further inside would be impossible, Zach grunted loudly in her ear, "Take this you teasing bitch!". Vanessa could not suppress a loud gasp as his fingers dig painfully into the tender flesh of her hips, and with a huge powerful thrust the nylon material finally ripped; it was enough for Zach's big stiff cock head to punch through, and was suddenly buried up to the hilt inside of Vanessa. "Fucking shit! Feel it, bitch!"

Now that Zach's cock head was wedged through the torn of Vanessa's nylon gusset, he began to pump his hips with increasing speed, back and forth. His pulsating head was "trapped" in the torn of her nylon as he continued to piston in and out like a man starved of sex for the longest time. Zach was a man on a mission as he gasps became quicker and shorter. It won't be long...

Then, the final inward thrust was almost simultaneous with the sudden flood of his hot spunk Vanessa felt flooding her inside. Spurts after spurts, thick ivory cream of wads after wads that Zach did not want this sensation to end. He kept thrusting his hips, his trapped meat head rubbing against the torn nylon, creating an aroused yet sensitive feeling to his throbbing shaft, popping with veins, to pump more frosty cream out from his two balls. He wanted to empty himself inside of Vanessa. The sensitivity of his trapped head was too overwhelming now to ignore as he gave one final squirt inside before he winced painfully to pull his cock head out from the nylon entrapment.

Within no time, the men were all gone. Vanessa stumbled gingerly away from the urinal, her legs trembling as she caught a glimpse of herself in one of the mirrors. Her top was ripped and torn leaving her breasts exposed. Vanessa tried to smooth down her wrinkled white dress to cover her thighs but it was already ripped and splashed with countless streams of copious spunk. She felt vulnerable and uncertain what to do next.

Just then, Vanessa heard male voices approaching and attempted to make a dash for one of the empty cubicles while struggling to get up. As the voices got louder, she fumbled in her high heels as the men's main door swung open!

Written by: vantan

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