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A Surprise on Niece's 18th Birthday

by Phillip39T©

Hi, my name is Phillip, I am a 48-year-old divorced man who lives in a country town in Victoria, Australia. I have raised my niece since she was nine due to the death of her parents. This story begins in May last year. My niece Kelly had just turned eighteen and we had been out for a celebratory lunch and were sitting in my lounge drinking and chatting.

Over the past four years I had watched Kelly blossom from a tall gangly girl into a full figured woman. It was as if god had endowed her with a magnificent body to compensate for her plain looks. She certainly seemed to be aware of her effect her body had on men as she always dressed provocatively. Kelly almost never wore a bra and frequently wore sheer blouses or very low cut dresses.

On this day she was wearing a little black silky dress, it was almost backless, had a deep plunging neckline and the hem was about 20cm above her knees. She was a knock out! Her 38c breast were as pert as I had ever seen them and her deep cleavage and much of her magnificent breasts were exposed to my hungry eyes. What had attracted most of my attention were her large nipples that were clearly visible as they strained against the soft material. It was as if she had two acorns under her dress. The combination of all the drinks we had consumed during lunch and the sight of her relaxing on the chair was “firing me up”! Thoughts of how sexy she looked, of what she would be like to have sex with were flooding my head and my cock was getting hard.

She was obviously drunk and had begun talking frankly about a sexual problem she was having with her new boyfriend, I was shocked at the graphic language she was using but I was more shocked at how I was reacting. My cock was fully erect and I had deliberately poured her another very large bourbon to encourage her to continue talking. She was becoming a little confused so the conversation was disjointed. She talked about loosing her virginity at 13, about how she lost control when she got drunk and ended up having sex with anyone..., and then she noticed my cock... Her next words stunned me... “Oh Phillip, you’ve got a hard on... Does Uncle Phil want to fuck his little niece?” Trying to be a moral guardian to her, I told her that would be incest and not right for me to take advantage of her in that way. Kelly just laughed and said: "Why do you think I have been showing myself off to you today? I have wanted you to fuck me since I was sixteen. Now do you want to continue being a father to me... or will you fuck me?"

I knew I had to refuse the offer, but before I could she reached over and started to undo my pants. Soon she was pulling out my cock and had started to suck it. I reflexively jumped in shock of what she was doing but I also did not stop her from doing it or object to it, it felt so good I did not want her to stop. "Oh god yes! Kelly that feels so good."

"So you like that huh? Imagine me doing this to you for the rest of your life." It was strange but I could actually imagine my niece sucking me for the rest of my life as I quickly succumbed to the built up desires I had from her during the past three years. My niece then took my cock deeper into her mouth as she started to suck harder and lick the underside with her tongue. In next to no time she was on her knees with me fucking her face. I had gripped the sides of her face and was rocking my cock in and out of her mouth. Kelly then did something that no women I had been with had been able to do. She sucked the full length of my cock down her throat. It was too much for me I was about to cum! It was as if she sensed this and she moved her head faster and faster on my cock, sliding her lips up and down my shaft, within minutes I was shooting my load in her throat and she swallowed ever drop without any spilling out.

Kelly stood up and smiled, then she removed all her clothes, her 5’ 10” tall, 38-24-36 frame was like a chiseled work of art. She took me by the hand and said: "Come on Uncle Phillip." She led me to the rug in front of the fire where she laid down, pulling me next to her. Lustfully I started to caress and suck on her breast, I licked one huge nipple and pulled on the other, slowly twisting it at the same time. "That's it pull my nipples, I like it, pull it harder." I was in heaven!

After many minutes of sucking and nibbling on her tits she began pushing my head down to her pussy. "Lick me Uncle." She said. I didn't need to be told twice, I buried my face in to her shaved, dripping wet snatch and lapped greedily at her puffy pussy folds. I was delighted to discover her clit was like her nipples, long and hard, almost like a small cock. I began flicking it as expertly as I could, occasionally I put my tongue as deep as I could into her welcoming cunt hole. She began to gasp and wither, grinding her cunt into my face. "Yes, yesss, eat me, eat me." Her inner thighs began quivering as she screamed out.

"Fuck you're so good at eating pussy Uncle." Then I inserted a couple of my fingers into her honey pot and slowly finger fucked her as I continued to lap at her clit. Her pussy was getting very wet and open so I gradually slipped my other fingers inside her welcoming hole. The way she squirmed and the ease with which she opened to accept my fist told me I was doing a good job at pleasing her. It also told me that she had done this many times before and I realised my niece was not an innocent tease but in all probability a young slut..

"Oh my God! What the fuck are you doing to me? Fuck that feels so fantastic." After about a fifteen minutes of pleasing her with my fist and orally she was yelling out. "I'm cummming, yes, yes, I'm cumming." She tensed up so hard that her thighs were choking me as the orgasmic wave swept through her body. "That was Fucking fantastic Uncle Phil." Then she kissed me passionately.

"Take off your clothes Uncle Phil and fuck me, I want your huge cock deep inside me." I removed my clothes and climbed between her thighs and slowly insert my cock into her soaked cunt. A moan came from her mouth as I buried my 10” cock deep into her pussy. I could feel her twitching around my hard shaft. My nuts slapped against her ass cheeks as I tunneled into her wet pussy. She squealed with pleasure as my cock head banged against her cervix. "Oh my God Uncle Ed, that feels awesome, yes fuck me, fuck me hard." I jack hammered her cunt as hard and as fast as I could. Her pussy walls started to flutter around my thrusting cock. "Oh fuck!" she exclaimed. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too!" I gasped as started spurting wave after wave of hot thick cum into my niece. I lay on top of her as I enjoyed the aftermath of it all, feeling my cum ooze past my softening cock. After I withdrew from inside of my niece, she started to suck my flacid cock. As she licked the mixture of both our juices off my cock she moved over me and soon I was looking up at her wide-open pussy. What amazed me was how much of her juice and my cum had dribbled into her ass crack and was now was seeping down her legs. I couldn’t resist and was soon sucking and licking her pussy and I ass. Each time I licked her puckering brown rose bud Kelly shuddered and pushed her bottom against my tongue. It didn’t take long for me to realise that my slutty niece wanted something in her ass. Almost immediately I had two wet fingers probing her shit hole. My fingers entering her easily and she began clenching them and moaning. Thoughts of fucking my 18 year old niece’s ass revitalised my cock and within moments I hard the hardest erection that I could remember for many years. Pushing Kelly over on her back, I raised her legs up and put a pillow under her so that her ass was in the air.

"Uncle Phil are you going to fuck my ass?"

"Yes sweetheart your uncle is going to fuck your ass” She moaned and I saw her ass cheeks twitch. Her anus was shiny and slick from my licking and fingering and I started to poke my rock hard cock at her puckering ass. I could feel her ass stretching around my probing 10” pole as I speared at her taunt and slippery anal opening. She gasped loudly as I penetrated her hole. Ripples of pleasure shot up my cock as I felt her asshole stretch and slowly admit my huge cock. "I love your asshole baby." She was groaning loudly, urging me to take it easy, begging me to slow down. I paused and reached round to finger her pussy, sloshing my fingers round and the transferring her pussy juice to my cock. I could feel her asshole relaxing so I grabbed her tits and pulled... plunging my cock forcefully until it was completely buried in her rectum.

Kelly screamed “fucking bastard!” I had a huge gin on my face I was sodomising my niece, and I could feel her beginning to respond. The more I squeezed her nipples and used her tits as leverage to fuck her hot ass the more she seemed to get pleasure from what I was doing. She gasped, as I withdrew my cock almost all the way out and plunged it back in, then I slowly worked it around for a while stretching her asshole and savoring the sight of my cock stuffing my niece's backdoor. "Your ass looks so good babe," I said as I started to pull out and go back in her asshole in slow rhythmic motions

Your cock in my ass feels so fucking awesome!" cried Kelly. "It’s so cool to be fucked hard in my ass!" she bucked up her hips to meet my thrusting causing my cock to go even deeper inside her bowels.

"Fuck... Yeah keep fucking my ass hard, It’s so nasty having you in my ass!" I plowed into her anus with pure pleasure, knowing that she was a nasty slut who was loving ever minute of it and every hard pounding inch of it. I stirred my cock in her asshole making her moan with ecstasy, I slid my cock in and out of her rectum trying to give her the most sensationally and thrilling ass fucking I muster. I was getting extreme pleasure from the twinching grip her ass had on my cock.

"Give me more! Kelly shouted. She seemed not able to get enough of my prick in her ass. "Fuck me harder! Yes, fuck harder I am about to cum!" in a massive effort I plowed as fast and hard as I could and then my orgasm started to come, "I'm cumming Kelly, I'm cumming in your sweet ass baby."

"Do it Uncle, shoot your load deep inside my ass." We both came at the same time, then we collapsed on the floor. "I love fucking you Uncle Ed!" said Kelly. We kissed then got up and took a shower. All the next month Kelly and fucked each other, then Kelly went off to work in the capital city, she visits me for sex on weekends or during her holidays. She has even allowed me to bring two of my work mates home to join in the fun... but then that’s another story...

Written by: Phillip39T

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