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The Abyss Ch. 05-06: Sasha's Submission

by soppingwetpanties©

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18 when involved in sexual situations.

WARNING: This is a BDSM story that contains scenes depicting pain.


Summary of Prologue and Chapters One through Four

Justine is recounting her current scene with Mistress Laurine where her Mistress has used both pain and pleasure to push Justine into a dark abyss where she surrenders control to her Mistress.

Justine then recounts how she got there. Justine was once a partner in a Big Four accounting firm and was the engagement partner on a multinational client audit based in Paris. Justine, 43, married, with two adult children, usually would go to bed early instead of hitting the town with her younger team members when the work day was finished.

A flash of mid-life crisis encourages Justine to join her crew. Sasha, one of the team members, suggests they go to a BDSM club in the outer fringes of Paris that she heard about from some of her Paris colleagues. Sasha meets up with a mysterious woman while Justine bides her time before she calls it a day. When leaving, the woman, Laurine, invites Justine to join them. Laurine dispatches Sasha to get drinks and admits to Justine that she only befriended Sasha as a means to meet Justine. Justine tells Laurine that she is not interested in women, but Laurine gets Justine to admit that she is interested in Laurine.

Laurine convinces Justine to go to a private room for a 15 minute introduction into the BDSM world - no strings attached. Justine accepts, and ends up having one of the most violent orgasms of her life after Laurine teases and then hits Justine with a flogger.

Mistress Laurine asks Justine if she wants to go home with her. Justine wants to, but also wants to take time to put her affairs in order. Mistress Laurine is insulted by Justine's failure to immediately go with her. She throws Justine's clothes out into the corridor, pushes a naked Justine out into the corridor and locks the door behind her. Justine scrambles to pick up her clothes. To her embarrassment Sasha is there to help her. Sasha takes Justine back to the hotel and suggests that Justine can now be blackmailed with the knowledge Sasha now has of Justine's public nudity. Sasha accompanies Justine back to Justine's hotel room and takes advantage of her, slapping her to the ground and then forcing herself on Justine's prone body. Justine submits to Sasha and they have furious sex that is satisfying to Justine but is a hollow victory for Sasha.

The next morning Justine puts her personal and professional life on hold. It only takes two phone calls and she realizes that her existing life is disposable and not worth keeping. She puts her efforts into finding Mistress Laurine. She returns to the bar and in return for an exorbitant amount of money secures her phone number. Justine calls but is hung up on. Mistress Laurine lets Justine stew for a few hours and then texts Justine to come to her house.

At the house, Justine is blindfolded and secured by her hands in an upright position. A unknown woman performs analingus on Justine while Mistress Laurine stands in front of Justine and uses her hand to bring Justine to an orgasm. The blindfold is removed and Justine discovers the unknown woman is Sasha. Mistress Laurine tells Justine that she summoned Sasha and discovered the entire story of Sasha's abuse of Justine. They then go to a separate room where Sasha is held. Mistress Laurine administers ten strokes with her flogger that incapacitates Sasha. Justine comforts Sasha and then, at Mistress Laurine's direction, brings Sasha to a rousing orgasm using her mouth.

Mistress Laurine then announces she will administer ten additional strokes for Justine's insubordination the previous night, but that Sasha will serve as Justine's "whipping boy" for her transgressions with Justine. All of them know that Sasha will not be able to endure another whipping. Justine intervenes before the first stroke is administered and accepts the whipping herself. Mistress Laurine's love for Justine increases with Justine's sacrifice, and after the whipping is administered, lays on the floor where they can reach a climax and fall into the Abyss together.

Chapter Five

I feared her. She was immature, overly self-confident and egotistical. She forced her way upon me and I willingly let her. But now the tables were turned. She was kneeling before me - - wanting to submit to me - - hungering for my affirmation of her submission.

My sweet Sasha.

Not more than a week ago Sasha struck me on the face and used me to play out her sexual fantasies that involved me. I did not have the will to resist. Even though I was Justine, her boss and her senior, she held the cards that night and pressed her advantage in the crudest possible way. It was an exercise of raw, untamed power. I was thrilled by it but also in mortal fear. Perhaps it was the fear that fueled the unmatched passion of our coupling. She was such a foil to Mistress Laurine. Mistress Laurine was the epitome of control. Nothing about Mistress Laurine felt raw or untamed. Rather, she projected an air of complete confidence and omniscience. Her movements were elegant, restrained, and nuanced. I wanted to submit to her because of her command of her actions. She understood me. She understood herself.

Sasha had no understanding of herself. She came to me having realized that her lack of understanding of herself made her actions a cipher for others. She now shared my awe of Mistress Laurine and wanted desperately to share the same bond with me that I had and have with Mistress Laurine. She knelt before me with a sense of desperation that was the unspoken truth between us.

I took her into my personal Abyss. We shared that sweet confluence of pain and pleasure. We fell into that weightless space together. We emerged on the other side as one.

Chapter Six

Sasha was completely naked, kneeling before me, with her eyes looking up to me. In my work life and in Sasha's eyes I was Justine - - the partner, enforcer and hard assed bitch. But in Mistress Laurine's eyes I was submissive, willingly surrendering my sense of control to her. Now I was to exercise my domination over Sasha. My role model with Mistress Laurine.

I selected the clothes that suited my role as a Domme. A low cut form hugging black leather catsuit. The tops of my breasts spilling over the upper edge of the catsuit with a hint of my areola showing. Laces up the middle revealing my ample cleavage.. High cut sides to emphasize the long line of my legs. My blond hair in a French braid. Thigh high black leather boots with four inch stiletto heels.

I walked into the room where Sasha was waiting. She was in her submissive position, a child's pose position, but with her palms facing upwards. I told her to kneel. She kept her head bowed but her eyes betrayed her lust. I grabbed her by the hair and her eyes showed surprise as I flung her against the wall. She hit the wall and fell to her knees. I secured her arms to ropes hanging from the ceiling and pulled the other end of the ropes so Sasha was brought from her knees to her feet. I tightened the ropes so that Sasha's feet were barely touching the ground.

There was a pleading look in Sasha's eyes as I approached her. I grabbed her nipples and twisted. Her face contorted in agony. "Why?" her eyes said. I mouthed "because I can" as I pulled her mouth to mine for a passionate kiss.

I stood behind her and started her punishment with a deliberate open hand spanking. I delivered a blow to the cheeks of her ass and then waited for the glow to radiate outward before administering another. Although I didn't ask, Sasha volunteered the count and a request for more. I gladly accommodated her request, warming her bottom to a bright red and causing her pussy to respond in kind with a viscous fluid. I felt the satisfying "thud" as each blow rained down on her bottom.

I let Sasha hang there as I pondered my next move. She was fidgeting in her bonds as the warming sensation also caused anxiety that manifested itself with involuntary twitches of her arms and legs. I selected a hairbrush, knowing that the sting of the plastic head of the hairbrush would bring focused pain to her. I first targeted the area between her buttock and the back of her knee. The back of the mid-thigh area is particularly sensitive and has less fat to cushion the blow. I slapped the top of my thigh repeatedly with the back of the hairbrush so that Sasha could hear the sharp slapping sound. I also wanted to feel pain in sympathy with Sasha. After a half dozen practice blows on my thigh I let loose with a full swing, connecting with the back of Sasha's right thigh. Her knee buckled immediately and she yelled in pain. Her full weight was now borne by her left wrist as her right leg was unable to bear any of her weight.

"Oh shitttttt!!" The intensity of the pain caught Sasha by surprise. I could see the clear impression of the hairbrush on her skin. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she resisted crying.

"Stand up straight slut!" It gave me no sense of pleasure to say it but Sasha needed to hear it to maintain her focus. She steadied herself on her feet.

She knew the next blow would fall on the back of her left thigh and she was right. Even though she was expecting it the sharp pain still buckled her left knee. Tears were now freely flowing down her face.

"Mistress!!" she cried, as if calling my name would lessen the punishment. Instead, I turned my back on her to go into the "goody bag" to find the next instrument of pain.

I found what I wanted. A broad leather strap. I was told it was Mistress Laurine's choice to administer a severe punishment without breaking the skin. I had never used or felt the strap, but the weight of it told me that I had made the right choice. The strap consisted of a long flattened loop of dark brown leather, about three inches wide, attached to a leather braided handle. I again used it on myself to demonstrate its power. I struck the unprotected part of my left thigh and the strap wrapped around my leg to deliver a sting to the side and back of my leg. It smarted as it delivered many times the pain of an open handed slap. I alternated back and forth between my left and right leg until I could feel the arousal between my legs. Sasha could see the streaks of red on my legs and was already quivering even though I hadn't touched her with it.

I held the strap in front of her face. "Lick it," I commanded.

Sasha tentatively stuck out her tongue to lick the strap. I pulled it away and struck her full force on her left side. She tried to recoil in pain but her moorings wouldn't allow any movement. I approached her again and held the strap in front of her. "If that strap was my pussy did you do a good job of licking it?"

"No Mistress."

"Lick it."

Sasha made love to the strap as if it were my pussy and her life depended on pleasuring me. After she coated it liberally with her saliva I pulled it away. "Now this strap is going to make love to you."

I paced back and forth in front of Sasha. So vulnerable. So beautiful. But under that façade I knew what lurked underneath. The manipulative, vindictive, woman-child. The person who literally slapped me down at my moment of greatest need. Now she was before me pleading for me to mete out her punishment to atone for her sin. I would fulfill her wish.

I hit her back with the full force of my body behind it. "Submit whore!" It then wasn't me swinging the strap but my evil doppelganger. I hit her over and over while shrieking for her to submit to me.

Sasha repeatedly cried out between gasping sobs, "I submit Mistress . . . I submit Mistress . . .I submit Mistress," but I could not hear her. My anger had overcome me and I could only hear the threats and derision she had heaped upon me that fateful night. Each stroke of the strap was an effort to erase each hurtful word. Like a mantra my mind said to me, "Make it clean. Make it clean. Make it clean."

My right arm ached until I could no longer raise it for another strike. I came to my senses.

Oh my sweet Sasha. What had I done?

Sasha was hanging limply now whispering, "I submit Mistress . . . . . . I submit Mistress . . ." Her back, her bottom and thighs now all bore the evidence of my anger. I went to her. I raised her tear streaked face to mine. I pressed my lips against hers and tasted the salty tears of her sins. She opened her mouth and we kissed. I put my hands on each side of her face and pressed her close to me. I felt the heat and wetness of her breasts pressed against mine. I unsnapped the bottom of my catsuit and pulled her hand to caress me. As she rubbed me I realized that this moment was hers and not mine so I dropped to my knees. I looked up at her sopping cunt, now so inviting to me. I pushed my face into her snatch, feverishly licking her cunt and asshole and pressing upwards lifting her on to her toes. She was groaning and I knew that she was on the edge of the Abyss, waiting for me to push her over the edge. I slid two fingers into her cunt to moisten them and then pushed them upwards into her anus while attacking her distended clit with my mouth. I used my other hand to satisfy my own unquenched need.

"Mistress Justine!!"


I pulled my mouth away for only a moment. "Cum my little whore Sasha."

I pistoned my fingers in and out of her ass while sucking on her clit. I brought about my own release as well. I held on for dear life as sweet Sasha fell into the Abyss with me. As her body was convulsing I put my hands on her tender back, feeling the white hot heat of her skin, and held her until she had no more to give.

I pulled myself up and stood in front of her hunched body. I leaned down with my hand under her chin and tilted her face upward so our eyes could meet.

"I love you my sweet Sasha."

She smiled a smile of satisfaction and contentment.

Written by: soppingwetpanties

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