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Eating Pussy

by Boxlicker101©

Of all the things that men and women like to do in bed,
I love to do them all, I gotta say
But if I could do only one, it would be giving head.
My mouth against her box will make my day.

Her velvet skin against my tongue as I begin to eat
Or pubic hair that makes my lips feel good,
These are the greatest feelings; there’s no way they can be beat.
I’d stay down there all day if I just could.

I lick her lips and love the spongy feel against my tongue
Her clit might be the greatest thing to lave.
I love the way vaginas feel, especially if she’s young,
But even if she’s old, it’s what I crave.

The way a pussy smells is better than the best cologne,
Especially when the woman is all wer
But best of all, the taste of it, the finest flavor known,
I want to eat it every time I get

And when I feel a woman’s pussy fucking in my face,
I want to keep it up all day and night.
Her mons, her lips, her clit or any other sexy place
A pussy is my number one delight.

Written by: Boxlicker101

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions