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Soccer Mom Still Has It

by jocular_guy©

It was the last game of the soccer season. Like every soccer mom she was happy that it was over. Too many practices, the games are too far, but it is for the kids. The moms rarely have much fun, and she needed a break. She was left alone many weeks as her husband often traveled, or was too tired to go.

Kim was going to try to make this last game a lot more fun, at least for her. Not that she didn't enjoy watching the games, she did. There was something enjoyable about all these players wanting the ball as it moved up and down the field, and everyone careful to keep their hands away making sure they were not penalized.

She thought about all the soccer dads. Some who play soccer also, with their strong muscular legs and lean athletic bodies. Occasionally, one or two dads would come to their child's soccer game shortly after they finished their own game. They were in their shorts as the mom's slyly glanced at their legs, and ran their eyes all the way up to their firm asses, and their crotches. The women wondered what it was like for their wives to have that between their legs.

But these were soccer moms, and the thoughts disappeared almost as fast as they were formed. This was for the kids, not for their fantasy enjoyment. Lately though, Kim's such thoughts lingered uncomfortably long. She even stood back behind all the parents on the sideline, and checked out each husband's ass one at a time and wondered what it would be like to have both her hands squeezing and pulling it as his dick pounded her pussy. A full game of thoughts like this left her with a very wet pussy that was somewhat uncomfortable as she walked back to her car with her child.

Today she would dress in tight black shorts and a red tank top that fit closely against her breasts. The red always looked good with her long black Asian hair over it. Her firm tummy showed slightly. She looked at herself in the mirror, ran her hands across her tight ass, and up her hips to her breasts. She was glad she was the "snack mom" and "end-of-season party planner" for today as this would give her ample opportunity to get noticed.

"I still have it", she thought admiring herself in the mirror. "Let's see if these married men notice."

She took her child to the game and took position behind all the dads again, checking out the asses and legs as she had done before. Two dads had just come from playing and much of her attention focused on them. It did not take long for her to feel a little tingle between her legs. A little tingle made her want to tease the men.

It was almost half-time and these kids needed oranges. Snack mom came to the rescue. She went to the cooler she strategically placed in front of the parents. As she bent down, her shorts pulled tight against her. As she pulled out the oranges, out of the side of her eyes, checked to see who was looking at her ass.

"Yep --- everyone, even the women. I do still have it," she thought.

She then squatted to arrange the oranges on a blanket for the kids, with her black pants pulling tight against her pussy, and the seam running straight up her slit, showing her mound with little left to the imagination other than how much hair she had. This too got the attention of several men. She made sure she moved different angles so all the men could enjoy her mound.

After the children had oranges and the second half started, she kept the men's attention by walking back and forth along the sidelines. In addition to the distraction of her tight pants against her tight ass, she commented on the game:

"I love watching, don't you?", "Nice pass, they are really moving well together," and "I hope they keep scoring, it is so exciting," were just a few of her comments. She noticed a few bulging crotches here and there and hoped it was there response to her, and not just the cut of their shorts.

The game was soon over, but it seemed a long time to Kim. She was anxious to take this game to the next step, the end-of-season celebration at the coach’s house. All the kids gathered up in the cars, mostly minivans.

The party centered around the kids, although Kim made sure the men did not forget about her. She bent over whenever she could, brushed men as she walked by, and being responsible for the party, squatted to pick up after the kids or to get a drink for anyone from the cooler.

"Still got it,” she thought as she noticed wandering eyes and slightly bulging crotches.

After the trophies were given out, the clean-up started and she was responsible for the last details. Since it would take a while, her child was taken to the park with the other kids to burn off the cake. It was only her, the coach Steve, and Mike, one of the soccer playing dads left to clean up.

She bent over, squatted more, and teased the men with her body and her words until both men were almost dazed. They stuttered as they talked, their voice tightened, they tried not to stare but couldn't help it. Kim was filling their minds.

"One last dirty trick," she thought as she intentionally spilled two cups of unfinished soda on her red tank top.

"Oops, damn it! I guess I am trying to pick up too much at once. Can you help me?” she said.

Both men came over and started cleaning up the floor around her and looking at her wet tank top. When neither of the men offered to wash her tank top, Kim stood up grabbed two dishtowels and handed them to both of the men and said, "Dry me off."

Both men looked at each other, looked around to make sure there was no one else in the house, and started dabbing her shirt. Kim grabbed Steve's hand and pressed it against her breast. He dropped the towel and squeezed her breast. Kim moaned as if to say "Finally, you faithful men get the point."

Steve followed dropping his towel and fondling her. Kim stood their proud as two men squeezed her breasts that she admired in the mirror a few hours earlier.

"Still got it," she thought.

Mike lifted up her tank top and began kissing Kim's chest. Steve kissed Kim furiously, their tongues thrusting into each other's mouths, muffling their moans. Mike unhooked Kim's bra, and gently bit Kim's hard, brown nipples as Kim's moans turned into quiet squeals of delight. She grabbed the back of Mike's head and pulled him harder into her breast as Mike twirled her nipples with his tongue. Kim felt the tongue in her mouth and the tongue on her nipple moving with the same rhythm as if Steve was still coaching.

She reached her other hand and grabbed Steve's ass, pulling him against her thigh so that his hard dick felt every movement of her undulating hips. Mike moved to the other breast, twirling, sucking, back and forth as Kim reached down Steve's pants to feel his bare ass, pulling him even harder against her thigh.

Steve kissed Kim's neck, shoulder and the inside of her arm, down her tummy, to the top of her black shorts. Mike continued with Kim's breasts, licking and squeezing, pinching her nipples, moving up and kissing her neck and mouth as Kim enjoyed a different tongue probing her mouth. She hoped she would soon feel a probing tongue in her pussy. Her undulating hips seemed to beg more and more for a tongue.

Steve grabbed Kim's tight black shorts, but instead of pulling them down, he pulled them up and back, tightening them against Kim's mound. He paused taking a long close look at the same mound that teased him all day. He wondered what her pussy would taste like. He kissed her mound still covered with the black shorts as Kim pushed her hips harder into his face, and moving to try to get the right angle to her sensitive clit. She loved the feel of her clit being rubbed through clothes, whether it was her own fingers, someone else’s, or the tip of a nose.

"Rip off my pants, taste my pussy," she thought. Her commanding thoughts had worked before and she hoped it would work this time.

Steve pulled down her pants revealing black panties.

"Rip them off, dammit!" she silently commanded, silently in part because her mouth and tongue were busy enjoying another.

Steve kissed her mound more and reached up behind her, slipped his hands under the back of her panties, feeling both checks of her ass, and slowly pulled them down, revealing Kim's pussy. Steve admired the shape of her hair and the uncovered mound. His tongue probed between her legs as it searched for Kim's slit. He wanted her legs wide open, and her pussy lips spread so he could taste her juices deep inside her as long as his tongue could reach.

Steve stood up, grabbed Kim's ass and lifted her onto the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. He did not notice that the cake was still there, and he placed Kim's ass right on it. Kim and Mike laughed hysterically, but Steve just smiled as he was intent on tasting Kim's pussy.

They laid Kim back on the island counter, she lifted her legs up and opened her pussy to be stroked and filled by a tongue. Steve started licking the cake and icing off Kim's ass, working his way to her pussy. Mike kissed and fondled and stroked Kim all over, squeezing her breasts licking her hard nipples as Kim stroked his bulging dick through his pants. It had been a while since she had two men at once, and there seemed to be a lot going on, more than she had remembered and more than she could keep up with. She seemed to have too few hands and mouths but there was plenty for her.

The cake and icing was on Kim's ass and thighs and Steve slowly licked it off, first the thighs, then the ass, working her way to her slippery wet pussy. She giggled and moaned and moved her hips from side to side and around as if her pussy was searching for Steve's tongue.

"Finish the cake!" she thought, "And have my pussy for dessert."

Steve continued to lick around her pussy, and Kim continued to search for his tongue. Finally, a brush with his tongue, but he moved, she found his tongue again "Mmmmmmm...", but he moved again,

"Please, please, my pussy, please lick my pussy," she moaned

But Steve continued to lightly brush her clit and lips with his mouth and tongue. Kim moved more and more until she felt Steve's tongue touch the bottom of her pussy, and slowly lick upward to her clit, barely touching her lips, just as he savored the cake.

A breathy, sighing, moan came from Kim. Steve stroked his tongue up her pussy again, and again the tenser, higher pitched moan. She began moving her hips up and down, tilting her hips forward into his mouth. She felt Steve's tongue go deeper in her wet pussy, and she pulled Mike to her mouth. She was being tongue-fucked in both of her holes, as if they choreographed it, filling up her mouth and pussy with a thrusting and swirling rhythm. She moaned with each thrust and moved faster and faster, hips moving up and down, mouth moving up and down and rhythm. She was now the choreographer. Her breathing became more rhythmic and faster, with as a moan and squeal never breaking the rhythm.

She could hardly get enough breath but she did not want to let go of the lips against hers or the tongue in her mouth. She could feel herself building up, peaking, about to go over the edge, but she held back as much as she could, always keeping the ever increasing rhythm. The rush was too much, she felt herself cumming, and she pumped her hips harder and faster taking all of the tongue in her pussy and in her mouth and with sudden break in her rhythm she straightened her legs, spreading them up and wide and tensed all the muscles in her body. She was frozen in that position for a brief moment, while Mike and Steve's mouths continued swirling rhythmically in both her holes. With a loud moan, a thrust upward of her hips, and a blast of wetness from her pussy, Kim moaned and gasped as Mike and Steve tried to stay on the gyrating holes of this women letting go in orgasmic pleasure.

As Kim was still cumming, the two men dropped their pants and their two hard dicks that had bulged so many times during the day would now get their due. With Kim still gyrating and breathing heavily, Steve grabbed a step stool to get to Kim's height on the counter. He entered her with a slow steady move, going as far as he could in her pussy. He enjoyed watching his rod go ease in and out of this Asian pussy. Kim reached over to stroke Mike's dick, again matching the rhythm of Steve. Kim was excited at the thought of two penises at her beckon call. She felt herself building to another orgasm at the thought and the sensation of feeling these two dicks. She began moaning as Steve thrusted into her, losing herself in the sensations.

"Don't cum," she thought, "Last a little longer, I want to cum again"

But it was too much for Steve. The day's teasing and the taste of Kim's pussy built up such an orgasm in him that he exploded inside of Kim. This excited Kim more as she was brought to a higher ledge, but she needed more dick.

She looked at Mike, and begged "Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

As Steve pulled out, Mike filled her with his thick dick. She moaned and gyrated, and moved in a rhythm that she controlled, back and forth she moved on his rod, held in place by Steve's hands squeezing her breasts and nipples. She was slippery from so many juices, building again, higher and higher, until a warm rush went through her body as she tensely paused her rhythm and with a hard thrust came again. Moans and breathing of both her and Mike became loud as she felt juicy sensations of Mike cumming into her.

They all caught their breaths and started laughing at the sight of three people with their pants off, and cake on the floor and on Kim's ass.

"We'd better clean up," said Steve.

Kim stood up and wiped her ass and thighs with a dish towel, cleaning cake and juices from all three of them. "You are both dripping out of me," she said with a grin.

They were all pulling up their pants when they heard some of the kids and mom's return from the park. They frantically got dressed, cleaned up as much as they could, and stepped away from each other and started talking about the game as the door opened.

After some quick hellos, some of the parents helped with the clean up and taking coolers and leftovers out to their cars.

Steve's wife reached for the dishtowel. Steve quickly grabbed it and said, "That's real sticky from the cake. I'll put it in the washer now."

Steve's wife said, "Thank you honey, you are so helpful."

Everything looked normal, except for three satisfied looks and a small piece of cake on Kim's shorts.

Written by: jocular_guy

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