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Paint Job

by Jaded_writer©

I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but it did, and it was one of the most memorable mornings of my life. I know I'm a horny woman, but never realized exactly how much a stranger's cock would turn me on.

For years I had begged my husband to do some touch ups, stuff like painting the outside of our house, replacing rotten wood. I even tried enticing him with a blowjob on several occasions, yet still he would not do as I asked. So, I took it upon myself and hired a painter to do the job. A friend of mine's husband owned his own painting business so when she recommended him, I gladly accepted the offer.

I'd only run into him a couple of times when picking up my son from their house and never realized how extremely sexy he was until the morning he pulled up in my driveway. Just seeing him step out of his truck with his tight fitting jeans and white T-shirt that hugged his massive chest had my pussy tingling. I'm sure he could see my nipples straining through my thin shirt as he neared closer to where I was standing on the steps. We exchanged small talk, and then he went to work, but not before I noticed his bulge that seemed to be crammed tightly into his stone washed jeans.

I watched him through the kitchen window, my heart racing every time he lifted his perfectly sculptured arm and lathered the paint onto the boards. His strokes were long and careful, like that of an artist, as I imagined him touching me in this way. I was getting so hot; my pussy was leaking juices as I thought of what his hard cock would feel like inside of my warm and velvety lips. I wanted to come so bad. Giggling at the thought of masturbating while he worked turned me on even more so.

Knowing that I had only an hour until I picked up my son from school, I undressed, carelessly slinging my clothes around the small living room, and falling backwards onto the couch. My fingers found my already swollen clit, rubbing it between my two fingers, then thrusting another inside my wet and waiting pussy, moaning as I felt my lips contracting around my finger. My feet were situated in front of me, on the coffee table, my legs spread wide, one hand rubbing my nipples vigorously . . . one and then the other.
My moans must have been heard. I didn't even see or hear him open the front door. He did, and he saw me. He gazed at my dark mound, eyeing the folds of my pink pussy lips that were opened wide, my finger massaging my enlarged clit, and the juices draining down to my awaiting ass. Next thing I know, he was there, kneeling in front of me, his head buried between my legs, tugging on my clit with his teeth. I cried out in pleasure submitting willingly to his sweet torture when his tongue began fucking my hot cunt. My lips contracted around his tongue wishing it were his cock buried deep inside me. His rough hands, still coated with paint grabbed my hips roughly, moving my wet pussy up and down as his tongue moved from my pussy then to my ass. I knew I would come shortly especially as he tongue-fucked my ass.

Raising himself onto his knees, he unbuckled his tight jeans, pulling them down, and then began stroking his long, thick shaft with his hand, his crystal blue eyes turning almost black with desire. A small whimper escaped my trembling lips as my body writhed against the sofa, begging for the feel of him inside of me. I could already see the tip of his cock becoming wet. I really wanted him now. Finally, he moved forward, thrusting his hard and glorious cock into my aching, wet and waiting pussy. I squeezed and hugged him with my cunt lips causing him to moan in pleasure. His strokes were long and powerful as his pulsating cock seemed to touch every inch inside of me. Suddenly, he withdrew, bringing his head back down and began to eat me once more, sucking every inch of my quivering cunt.

Raising his head, his lips found mine, turning me on even more so as I tasted my own pussy juices on his lips and tongue. I wanted more, as I sucked on his tongue like I would his cock, rolling it around with my tongue, almost inhaling it. My fingernails made long, red marks down his back, through the thin T-shirt he wore, clawing at him like a wild animal. Finally, he lifted my legs over his shoulders, inserting his huge cock first into my wet pussy, pulling it out and rubbing it along my clit, then lower, and thrusting it into my hungry ass. I came almost instantly, crying out in pleasure as he continued to fuck me. He fucked my ass long after I climaxed, watching my face contort with sexual desires, my body wet with perspiration. Pulling his enlarged cock out of my ass, he drove into my trembling and clinging pussy, over and over again. I could feel his swollen shaft becoming harder, pulsating as his whole body tensed. Just knowing he was about to come made me get off once again. This time I grabbed his hips, bucking against him wildly, riding his purple and red cock as together we came, our moans echoing through the empty house.

After several minutes of trying to steady our breathing, he rose, pulling his jeans up and over his now softened cock. He turned to leave, but stopped and stared at me. My body still glistened with tiny beads of perspiration, the air radiating of sex.

"Thanks. Enjoyed the break."

"Anytime." I giggled. "Thanks for the great fuck."

Written by: Jaded_writer

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