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Aphora's Mission Ch. 15

by ValoryG©

I eventually told Willa and Na-hoyan about my denouement, about our secret being uncovered. They listened in all seriousness and speculated about what might happen next.

"It will be very, very hard for Pa-shanti to keep this secret," said Na-hoyan. "You know how it goes; you want to tell someone so bad, it hurts, and she'll promise herself she'll just tell one person, and swear that person to secrecy, and on, and on, and on! ... But, tell the truth, I've heard rumors of one or two other Earth people having been compromised. I guess it was only a matter of time."

Willa had had sex with only 12 women so far, according to her, so her exposure to being discovered hadn't been as great as mine.

Soon, Na-hoyan accompanied me to visit Pa-shanti in her apartment. They gave each other a brief hug, then warily eyed each other.

"Yes, I'm a real Aphoran woman," laughed Na-hoyan.

"With no penis," said Pa-shanti.

Na-hoyan: "No penis. ... Look, Pa-shanti, I can tell you that Pora-tarne is telling the truth, as strange as it sounds. I helped bring her from Earth and I more or less coordinate her activities here - and I can assure you that she is, well, kind of mixing pleasure with her mission of impregnating women."

"Let me just jump here a moment," I said with a deep sigh. "Pa-shanti, I haven't seen you as merely another babymaker. I do like you a lot, really."

Na-hoyan decided to lay down the law. "Pa-shanti, I know you've promised not to tell anyone. This is very serious. In exchange, I'm prepared to allow you and Pora-tarne to have a continuing relationship if that's what you want. But, and I don't know how you would feel about this - you would need to allow her to have other, brief partners from time to time."

"Hmmm," said Pa-shanti, "I haven't given a whole lot of thought to a relationship, but" ... and she laughed ... "having a man-woman partner would have its advantages."

Eventually I did leave Willa and Na-hoyan to move in with my lover, and Pa-shanti kept her part of the bargain. She and I now made love without bunna; just regular sex, or shall I say, sex with bondage from time to time. Her kink - that dovetailed with mine in a way - was to tell me exactly what to do during sex, to the point of deliberately delaying my climax. That could be seen as both a gentle torture and as a path to even better climaxes for me.

She would have me pleasure her to multiple orgasms before we would move on to bringing me to orgasm - oddly enough, kind of a repeat of our first sex. She loved to listen to me panting with anticipation while I was fucking her doggy-style, and coming closer and closer to cuming, and then having me stop, only to resume after a minute.

If I disobeyed her orders, or allowed myself to climax before she wanted me to, she'd stop the sex entirely and I'd have to masturbate, which wasn't as much fun.

Oh, and another trip she liked to take was to buy me sexy lingerie, and have me all dolled up like some sort of Aphoran prostitute with sexy stockings, elaborate bra, almost garish lipstick, and elaborate eye makeup, and then pretend she'd hired me. As for me, I loved the lingerie.

And every once in a while, she'd accommodate me by employing her strap-on dildo. But it wasn't her favorite activity.

She made no attempt to prevent conception.

Domestically, outside the bedroom, we made a compatible pair. She wasn't a great conversationalist, and had that practical bent, and was always contemplating and thinking about big-picture things. We just liked being physically and mentally close, cooking together, watching Aphoran movies together, and sleeping together.

Once I went to a family affair where I met her two sisters (Pa-shanti told me to stay away from them) and elderly mother. And another time, Pa-shanti took me to a church service. Not really being the traditional religious type - that is, taking the existence of a god or gods on faith alone - she belonged to more of a fellowship (or womanship) of scientists and nature lovers who believed that a life-force permeated everything, from people to fish to rocks to planets and the universe. She and her fellow worshippers endeavored to share energy and find a unity in all things.

Myself, I just enjoyed meeting her friends there and singing a few songs together. It was all about sisterhood and women as bearers of new life - except that on Aphora, there was no new life - for now.

Once, in a little get-together at another worshipper's home, the conversation turned to the possibilities of having children. The word had gotten around that a surprise source of sperm had been found, supposedly a leftover from the era in which Aphoran men still lived, and that some sort of lottery would determine who would receive it. Of course, Pa-shanti knew that sperm came from donations from my associates and I. In particular, two women in the group really seemed desperate to conceive and bear children.

That's when Pa-shanti approached me about getting these two women pregnant - maybe even breaking our vows of secrecy and having me sleep with them. I said I couldn't, but maybe I could make a special donation of sperm just for them, and when their time of the month arrived, Pa-shanti could say she had won the lottery (with no public announcement) but that she didn't want children and would introduce the sperm into them.

They went for it, with the end result that one got pregnant. And I was the silent daddy.

After time, some women were walking around Caponna obviously pregnant, and they were so happy and proud. This new development had all of Aphora talking and the hope was, of course, that enough pregnancies would ensue to rescue the civilization.

Another spaceflight returned from Earth, Na-hoyan told me, and more men-women were available to seduce women and make babies.

One night while Pa-shanti and I were lounging around after a delicious dinner, I heard from Na-hoyan via the telephone, and my laid-back existence was interrupted.

"Hello Pora-tarne," she opened. "I hope you're doing well? Good, and good you were able to help Pa-shanti's friend get pregnant."

"One out of two isn't half bad."

"Yes, certainly. Listen, I have something important to tell you. There's something from your past. Remember Ah-lahnaya, from our camp on Earth?"

"Yes, of course." In reality, I had nearly forgotten about her, my first Aphoran lover.

"Her tour of duty is over, and she's leaving the spaceflight position, and returning to being a civilian on Aphora."

My heart stopped a beat. I knew what was coming.

"She contacted me to see if she could reach you. Now, I didn't tell her about you and Pa-shanti."

"That was wise."

"I said I'd talk to you and see if you wanted to get together."

I decided that yes, I wanted to meet Ah-lahnaya. I met her at a nice downtown restaurant without telling Pa-shanti. I was both filled with apprehension but also remembering with fondness our romantic night in that little cabin in the tropical island on Earth. Back then, we had not-very-realistically vowed to hold ourselves aside and re-unite and live together on Aphora when her duty had been completed.

If anything, she was even more beautiful; she looked so healthy and eager. In the meantime, she'd grown her hair long. She had that old mischevious look as we approached and hugged very tightly for a long time. She smelled fresh and soon our lips met. But inside, part of me was holding back.

Then she herself pulled back a bit, and looked me over. "Pora, Pora-tarne. Look at you! You look so Aphoran! I can't believe what I'm seeing."

I smiled a big smile. "And you, my tropical flower, are even more beautiful than before. It's so good to see you again."

She replied, "Well, I suppose you've been as busy as a beaver, to use an American expression, charming Aphoran women off their feet and making love like a madman, I mean mad-woman."

"Well, that was my job. It's tough!"

We sat down in a private booth and looked into each other's eyes. Our charmed time together was flooding back into memory. She just looked so goddamn sexy and luscious.

"Remember we thought we might resume what we had on Earth?" she asked.

"Yes, of course."

"Look, Pora-tarne, I have to confess that I took up with another man-woman who was part of the second crop of inductees back on the island. But they separated us once we started the flight here. So then, I began, to be honest, to wonder about you here."

"And I have to confess," I said, "that a woman I met some months ago uncovered my secret parts ... with the result that I ended up living with her. I like her a whole lot, but you two are very, very different. I'm sorry to have to tell you this. We are pretty committed to each other; it's been good."

"I'm not surprised at all. You're a sexy woman, Pora, - with benefits! -and someone was going to snap you up."

"Ah-lahnaya, I really want you to meet Pa-shanti, and I do want to remain your close friend. I really, to be honest, wish I were unencumbered, but I'm not."

Pa-shanti was OK with having Ah-lahnaya over, and didn't seem to see her as a threat - at least until she saw how vibrant she was. But she played along, asking all kinds of questions about Earth, and how it was capturing men and going through the process of elimination, and convincing guys like me to shed their flannel shirts to don panties and grow boobs.

I was surprised, as the evening went on, to notice that Pa-shanti couldn't keep her eyes off Ah-lahnaya. She seemed very taken with her and her low neckline that offered a tantalizing view of amazing breasts. Then there were those inviting lips. Ah-lahnaya had definitely returned to civilian life ...

Pa-shanti brought it up first: "Would anyone like to take some bunna?"

Sure and sure. After taking it with some Aphoran wine: "Let's go into my bedroom and watch a movie on my wall screen."

Soon, the warmth of companionship began to connect us as we took in a romantic drama - with all women, of course. I could tell that Ah-lahnaya was holding back, because here she was in our personal space. So I, removed from my inhibitions, took my lover's hand and placed it on Ah-lahnaya's cheek, and then I parted our guest's hair and kissed her neck. She murmured. Pa-shanti then kissed Ah-lahnaya's lips gently and gazed into her eyes.

They then coiled together with Pa-shanti's leg passing between Ah-lahnaya's. It was so natural and beautiful that I just sat back and watched. After they'd squirmed together for a time, we all stripped, which made things even more exciting.

Pa-shanti: "Pora-tarne, I know that Ah-lahnaya would love to have you inside her. So I'm giving you to her. When you fuck her, I'll feel like you're fucking me too."

"Please," said Ah-laynaya, "give me your gift, dear. Be hot inside me, dear. Do it to me."

And so, I complied, and slid my stick into her cute cunt, and closed my eyes.

We were dolphins, swimming in a warm sea, with the three of us cavorting and slithering alongside each other, being neither male or female, but feeling the juiciness of arousal, and feeling the power of being ever so young and free. I burst out of the water, flipped my tail, and left my fishy body to look down upon the three of us darting side by side below - we were speedy, shadowy bodies threading through the water.

Under bunna, we did some wonderful things. We dropped our shells and became one.

After bunna, we gathered our senses and returned to being three.

Ah-laynaya was to return several more times, and each time we hit it off, becoming closer and closer ... until eventually we invited her to live with us, a comely threesome with one of us having that handy extra tool. Which resulted in both of them becoming pregnant. And my becoming a family man. Who'd have thought?

On a sunny day when I was 75 years old, and not standing quite as erect as when I was 25 (in two respects!) - when I came to Aphora - a public ceremony was held in the city of Caponna to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earthlings' arrival on Aphora. Willa and I were seated next to the former Robin, Doug, Dick and Kevin, on stage. We now had old-lady faces and wore old-lady dresses. This marked the first time we'd met the other four since being dispatched to other cities, and during the previous evening we'd had lots of stories to share.

Public officials and some women we'd helped become mothers had lots of nice things to say about us: about how we'd voluntarily left our mother planet to help Aphora survive; how we'd left our families and loved ones to make a new home on a foreign planet.

Then it was time for us to say a few words, and here's what I said:

"Once I was a man, and I was quite happy to be a man on Earth. I liked to hike and photograph, I had a girlfriend, and I looked forward to finding a traditional job and marrying and having kids. One day this script was tossed aside and I was given the chance to radically change my course. It meant stepping into two foreign worlds - that of women and that of Aphora.

"It wasn't that difficult a decision, because there was already a part of me who wanted to explore being a woman - who, in fact, was jealous of the beauty of women. And so, I left Stevan behind and became Pora-tarne. Then I met Ah-lahnaya and fell in love with her. And then, I met Pa-shanti and fell in love with her. And then I fell in love with both of them (laughter from the audience).

"All I can say is that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a woman here. All of you here have made life for me so pleasant and enjoyable. Nowadays, I get the greatest enjoyment from seeing all the children being born here - and oftentimes, I wonder which of them have descended from me ...

"Finally, I want to say to Ah-laynaya and Pa-shanti - you are the greatest moms in the world, and we have one wonderful family, a family with two moms and one kind-of mom.

Also, thanks to Willa and Na-hoyan for being my friends for so long."

"When I pass on, it will give me pleasure to know that men, the other half of the equation of life, have returned to Aphora in numbers. And Earth and Aphora are now connected genetically, like sisters. Yes, like sisters!"



Note: I hope you enjoyed the adventures of Stevan and Pora-tarne. I've begun work on a new novella, titled "Agnes Dourville," about a boy sent to help his single aunt for a summer. His life will become interesting!

Written by: ValoryG

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