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Change is Good for Hemangini

by Briano82©


This story has its emphasis laid upon Hemangini, a lady who has been brought up under the ambience of the exquisite Bengali culture. She is 35 years old; Standing at 5'10, much taller than average Indian women, 34B breasts, and a body structured in 36-26-40, weighing 148 pounds. The numbers complimented her big tall structure. She quotes herself quite often in the story as the 'woman in a man's body.'

She always managed to stay bulky by weight lifting and squatting on regular basis. Hemangini had been a successful businesswoman. She is carrying forward the millions that she inherited from her blood relatives. She owns the brand of 'A-one Salon' which is present in three figures across the whole country.

Hemangini is happily married to Tushar 6'0, a Gujarati guy raised in the distinctive Bengali culture. He was 170 pounded; with 34 waist, He makes a fitter physique than a normal Indian man. He is a highly qualified individual with exaggerated visionary attributes. He always held his conscience high with his sensibilities, but for some reasons involved, he turns distressed in his life. Hemangini finds a way to regain his confidence towards the normal masses, by enslaving him in her own shed.

This is the story of Hemangini being interviewed by an erotic columnist for his latest work about female domination. How the person interviews Hemangini? What interesting facts he finds out about femdom in her relationship? Etcetera. All this you will find out after going through the story.

Chapter 1

I reached to a number of 9, while counting through the small lights glued deep in the ceilings.

"Good morning, Mr. Avinash." I heard a voice coming from the front. I still held my head high and finished the counting till 18 by keeping the person waiting for a good minute. I took my head down finally and started to look down on the floor.

There was this broad legged lady stood before me in her shiny white leggings, with blue flip flops at her feet. As I looked upwards, I found her very wide hips, with her partially flat belly upfront. I gazed at her loose yellow Polo T-shirt on the top, which still showed the bulge of her big round bust despite of the looseness. I ended on her face with those blue eyes and nose curved in beauty. I just had a single thought running in my head, "What a beauty!" She was looking closely on the rolling of my eyes on her body in its whole.

"Good morning, Mrs Hemangini." I held my gentle tone up. I found myself just an inch taller than her, as soon as I left my seat to offer her a handshake. She replied instantly with her soft curvy palm covering mine.

"It seems like you are interested in other things more Mr. Avinash." She smiled a little hastily, still held my hand.

"Oh, no no Mrs Hemangini, it's not like that." I smiled back. We finally got our hands untied.

"I was talking about the ceiling by the way." She said out of a little giggle.

"Oh yeah, it is not every day we enter in a millionaire's house, so we don't miss a spot of catching the ideas of the portrayals." Hemangini started laughing after hearing that.

"I heard of a novelist with a name similar to yours, paying in millions to the government in the form of tax or I don't know, I might have misread. It's non-portrayal by the way, and having said that, please have a seat." She sounded a bit egoistic out of her wealth. She was still a tolerant millionaire with a humour. We took our seats.

Hemangini sat on the wooden chair, her broad hips could have beaten normal men. She was still a hot woman with the height and curve being a perfect match. She grabbed her 'Santa Digna' spanish red wine in the glass. I took a frooti instead, as being a straight-edge was the one thing I followed since my early days.

As I was preparing to get off with my questions, a little girl came rounding across her chair. Hemangini asked her to give me a handshake and she did. The little Barbie left afterwards. Hemangini told me that it was her daughter Kritika. I finally prepared to take off.

"Shall we start, Mrs Hemangini?" I inquired.

"Yes yes, Avinash. I would hate to hold on to Mr. from here on, so you also shoot off the Mrs. and be comfortable please!" She spoke in a go. She had the elegant voice of a businesswoman, that complimented her personality way much.

"Okay, Hemangini. Always remember, no hesitations involved." I ticked the start button on my recorder, and the reel started rotating.

"So, the time before the main adventure, when did you start to feel like getting into it or taking it as an inevitable happening to acknowledge in your life?" I prepared my first question.

Hemangini took the third sip of her wine; started, "It would be the completion of five years in the earlier period of next month. So let's go with the story. Keep patience I may be unstoppable once taking off." She laughed loudly. I arched my back to insert the new cassette. The reel rolled into the new cassette before she started.


"[[ I was all dressed, ready to leave for the salon where I controlled the happenings, rest branches were controlled by employed individuals as I cannot be present at hundreds of them at the same time. I had my blue kurti, white leggings on. I always loved to show off my perfectly worked thighs and calf from my partial bare leggings due to the short length of my kurtis. I called for Tushar, who was still sluggingly having his sips on the cup. He looked at the newspaper, clotting all of the stories from it.

After a little while, he came out in his perfect corporate outfit, with his jaw dropping smile floating from his lips. I looked at him with a certain anger as to show my dissatisfaction because of him always getting late. He kissed me for the apology, I readily agreed. We left in a minute.

Tushar stopped the car at the salon. He was about to press the button to unlock the door, until I stopped him. I held his head to bring it closer to mine. I planted a nice kiss on his lips. He returned with a deliberate reaction, and our lips locked. I fell deeply into his lips. We continued to smooch, until Tushar got a grip on my breast through my kurti. I left my seat quickly to get on his lap. I placed myself on his lap.

Tushar grabbed my boobs to their full size, On the follow up, I dig my lips on his by being on the top. Tushar started to plant deep kisses on my neck. I held my chin up on his head to stick his lips on my neck, I hugged him from the head while he continued to eat my neck. Tushar went down to kiss on my boobs through my kurti. He grabbed my nipple between his teeth and wet the frontal side of my kurti with his saliva dipping from his mouth. Tushar grabbed my butt for long, started to hike my kurti up to explore his hands on my bare back. He got a grip at the leggings' elastic on my waist, started to bring it down. I stopped his hands from moving an inch.

"Uh-oh, not so soon big boy, keep your warm liquid flowing until tonight. This pussy has got a loads to work to do, so it should get going now. Oh Dick, fuck off." I always managed to keep the humour going in our relationship.

"Did I get called a dick?" Tushar asked with a smile floating.

I was doing my heels again which got lost in the heat of the moment, when making out. I was adjusting my hairs, while spoke, "I called the dick, a dick."

"Oh, I might get accused for raping a woman tonight." He exclaimed with a smile.

I adjusted my kurti and leggings, came closer to him. I licked his cheek and bite his lower lip to pull it away from his mouth. "We will see about that tonight honey, Bye Bye", I said with the most lustful voice possible. I came out of the car to enter in the salon. Tushar drove away as I entered in from the door.

I patted Adi just on the top of his butt, to bade him a good morning. He replied with the scarlet on his cheeks after my absurd touch on his skin. Aditya was my assistant for the salon and one of the fellow workers working for me. A cute faced - tall, skinny youngster just out of his teenage, working as an intern. I was the second oldest staff member in our salon, and ofcourse their boss. 'The boss of the whole brand, I reckon.' I am much egoistic to my wealth.

As soon as I put on the apron, I started taking customers by keeping the fellow workers aside. I was much obsessed with my work which often lead me to put many who were getting paid by me to rest. I kept working till mid-noon. I patted Adi some more, occasionally touched his dick between many times, but we were too cool around each other to react. The sun settled finally. It was a great day. Just as I could undo my apron, I got the call I was waiting for.

Tushar was going to arrive in some minutes to take me home. I awaited for his presence too curiously because his face was the only valid shit that could have led my fatigue to flee. I baded every lady workers a good bye, hugged Adi to one. I always liked to treat him as my own boy. Tushar was here finally. He came out of the door to take me in. Holding me from just above my butt, he planted a quick kiss on my lips in public. I didn't hesitate and replied in an instance. We settled ourselves in the car.

"How was the day pussy?" Tushar started.

"Nothing like the morning session that took place at these very seats, DICK." I answered.

"I'm on the rape for real!!." Tushar said by giving away a high laughter and grinding his teeth.

"Oh, let me see about it. With what are you going to have all that fun? With this?" Saying that I rubbed my hand on his crotch through his pants.

Tushar struggled in deep breaths, "Yes honey, this one."

I did his shirt out of his pants, to unzip his pants. I slide it down to his knees. He settled his back on the seat with his erect 7 inched erection exposed right before my eyes.

"We are on the road honey!" He exclaimed trying not to be too expressive.

"Shhh." I brought myself closer to his lips and planted a wet kiss on it. He was still looking at the road before reacting on the few of kisses out of many, to smooch me back. I kept eating his lips for a minute, massaged his dick and balls with my hand. Tushar was so hard that I could feel his nerves on the penis. Tushar put his one hand on my boobs to press it through my kurti. He inserted his hand under my kurti from the top to feel my bra covered breasts in his palm.

I finally left his lips, to take my focus downwards. I looked at his dick for a while. Tushar noticed my eyes and pushed my head back several times to escape from the upcoming blowing on his shaft. I took my head closer to his dick to plant a quick kiss on the tip. Tushar released a huge moan after my tongue touched his tip. I explored my tongue on penis opening crack. I settled myself on the knees on my seat to have a clean balance with his dick in my mouth. I kneeled towards him with my ass hanging in the air.

I held his dick tall, to go lick on all of his dick. I licked all the way upwards, feeling the thin pointed nerves passing through the inner region of his erection. I spitted on his dick, took it fully in my mouth out of the wetness all over the tip. I started to give him the sucking of his life. Tushar closed his eyes out of pleasure, while I kept working on his dick. Tushar explored his hand all over my back. I continued to suck on his dick.

There came a traffic stop in few seconds. I was still sucking his dick, being on my knees on the other seat. Tushar hiked my blue kurti to have a go on my bare back. He rubbed his hand all over my bare back. He began to push it under my white leggings. There was a close to 4 year old kid watching to all of it from the car window he was in, at our side. Both Tushar and Me, waved towards him for a hello in that position. He disappeared out of fear from the window after getting caught peeking. We laughed our hearts out on his reactions.

Tushar roamed his hand all over my underwear after settling his hand deeper in my leggings, explored his fingers between my ass crack through the underwear.. He pressed on my well squatted ass through the underwear. I held his dick high to go more inside of his pubic area. I kissed on his balls. Tushar brought his hand on my bare ass under the panty, to fit some of his fingers horizontally between my butt crack. He kept on rubbing my ass by exploring his hand between my ass crack. We headed closer to home. I sucked on his dick for less than 30 seconds, until we were parked just at the door front.

I didn't gave him an initial call, before biting and digging my teeth on his dick creepily. I started running for my life inside the house. I always found it impulsive being a little childish with the love of my life. It took a little while for him to park the car well and get inside to chase me. I was in the bathroom to get to change. I heard Tushar coming from behind. Tushar followed me into the bathroom.

"How dare you?" He said after coming closer to grab me in his arms. I grabbed him by his butt in return.

"How dare youuu?" I replied with a soft voice to pull him closer by his ass. I squeezed his ass under my palms. He held me by my side head, to kiss my lips. I kissed back. In a moment, we were drowned into a wet quick overlap on each other's lips. I brought my tongue in action; our tongues danced on each other. Tushar brought me closer to the shower, to turn it on. We were still dressed.

The water started to come down on our bodies. I felt all of my kurti and leggings with bra and underwear at the inside, getting glued to my breast and butt after getting wet by water. My brown spots on the boobs were very much visible. Tushar slid the kurti down my shoulders to expose my bust. I felt the water hitting my breasts, until he came down to plant a kiss on both the boobs. He squeezed my boobs to make his tongue dance on my nipples for more than a minute. I held his head tightly by releasing few big sensual moans.

He made me get out of the kurti, leaving me topless. Tushar grabbed my wet leggings from my ass. I placed my head on his shoulder to grab him for a lovely hug under the shower; He glued me to his body. Suddenly, It felt like the safest heaven in the universe; all of my fatigue from the work fled away for real. Water still hit our bodies. I rubbed my head on his chest to grab him in the tightest grip possible, as if we won't see each other again. We stayed there for a minute. I felt his lips again on mine. Tushar slid my wet leggings and underwear down to leave me completely naked. I was finally out from the glued feeling on my butt and legs.

I helped Tushar get out of his wet clothes. We stood naked before the shower, still kissing nastily on our lips. He soaped all over my body, I helped him get covered in the soap as well. We bathed together. Tushar had his dick very erect and it was there to attack my pussy at any minute. I stood there looking in his eyes. He lifted my big body up in his arms to get me laid on the floor. Tushar fit his waist between my legs; started to kiss my neck. I grabbed his bare ass between my legs, rubbing my hands all over it.

He held his dick in his hand to enter it in my wet cunt. He attacked my clit with the hard initial stroke. He hit my hips hard, I was there left in a loud moan out of the first shocking impact. I couldn't feel the water on my body as he was taking all of it on his back, I had my body covered under his. He started to get in me with more and more impact, my loud moans from the bathroom could have been heard in the entire mansion. I stretched my legs wide to let Tushar get in with more fluidity. He fucked me with all his strength, hitting my hips nastily with every thrust. His expressions went creepy each time he hit my vagina.

All of his thrusts inside my pussy felt out of frustration. I crossed my legs around his waist, he continued to fuck me out of painful shoves. I kissed and bite on his shoulders to stop the moans from coming out. Tushar approached to plant one more kiss on my lips, he started to slow down. He fucked my pussy with three more thrusts, before coming inside me. I felt his hot liquid fertilising my seeds. We smiled by looking in each other's eyes. We hugged each other being on the floor under the shower to kiss for a minute. Tushar laid his head on my breasts; with the rest of his naked body laid on mine, we stayed on the floor under the water to catch our breaths.

We were finally out of the floor to soak ourselves dry. I grabbed a robe over my sleeping pair of under garments, while he got in his shorts. Tushar helped me with dinner. We ate with few more jokes, watched some TV before turning our attentions to bed again. We had sex again before sleeping. I allowed him to get me to an anal treatment. Tushar stretched my anus mercilessly with his penis. We cuddled each other in our arms to drown to sleep. I was always thankful for these moments with Tushar.

The sun raised itself from the bottom, with every chirps and roosters getting hard with audacity, I woke up in my husband's arms naked. I kissed on Tushar's chest to wake him up. He had my pretty teeth marks following last nights heat on his shoulders and back. I grabbed his semi-erect dick to put it in my mouth. Tushar smiled with his eyes closed to pull me towards him. I laid against his body with his cheeks in my palms.

"I'm out for workout baby, care to join in?" I kissed his chin saying that.

"Ofcourse baby." Saying that, he held me in his arms by my waist to get out of the bed. We did some nude clicks before the mirror. We dressed in our tracksuits to leave.

Tushar patted on my even size ass hanging out of the yoga pants. The jog was a long one, but it felt always felt nice with the one you love. I had some stretching and crunches after reaching to the gym. Tushar lifted weights and some chest exercises. I lifted medium weight dumbbells to keep my arms toned. I was more at the bulkier side with other Indian women. We headed to home afterwards.

After getting drowned to much sweat, we bathe and cleaned ourselves together. We helped each other with the tea, before getting dressed to our works. It was not regularly we had this heavenly time with each other. I put on the shiny black leggings, followed by a white sleeveless top. He put on his regular corporal attire to leave for the work. Tushar dropped me to the salon, we were involved in a not so long smooch but a sweet one before I got out of the door.

A beauty salon has always been a junction to unhesitating gossip of ladies before their same genders or age groups. It could be about anything - their sex lives, adulterous lives, household dramas, anything. I used to hear all of their gossips as a past time during working, never considered any of the word thrown by them though. I did a dozen of ladies makeovers followed by their gossips hitting my ears forcibly. I ended the day just before the sunset.

Tushar arrived a bit late to pick me home. I gave him a quick kiss after he was back. I grabbed the wheels this time out, leaving Tushar at the side seat. We talked on the way home. Tushar just placed his hand on my left thigh through the leggings; we began to talk.

The topics were again universally oriented, work, sports, politics, etc. Tushar did informed me about some of his bosses' cruel words about some target achievements but didn't quote anything properly. He did squeeze my thighs lightly in between but nothing more than that. I was a little disappointed as I wanted more than a touch, but still we had a very good time laughing and joking around on the way home. I parked the car in the lawn before we entered inside.

We entered the bathroom to freshen up. I shaved my pubic hairs with Tushar trimming his beard next to me. We dressed in our usual nighties to get out of the room. He helped me with the dinner, we had some few descent conversation having the dinner. We made love in the bed again to fall to sleep afterwards cuddling each other naked.

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