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by Erosness©

It all started after my sister found out that I was wearing her panties and using them as my own personal sperm bank when I made it back to my room after peeking into her bedroom window from my mother’s closet.

Mom often hung her bras in her closet after she changed clothes which made them nice and convenient on the nights that I was lucky enough to find my sister had left her shade open while she would sometimes slowly change into her pj’s.

The best nights were when she would take off all her clothes except her panties and spend several minutes topless before stripping completely then putting on her pj’s.

I would shoot a load into the cups of mom’s bra, then leave the closet after hanging the wet bra and wait for the chance to get into my sister’s room and snag the panties she had just taken off.

Most times it was easy because she’d come out of her room and head for the bathroom.

How much more perfect could it get.

I rush in, grab the panties stuff then in my pants so the warmth and soft nylon would cover my dick and leave them there until I went to bed then jack off into them as I imagined it was my sister hot body that I was shooting my cum into.

One night sis gave me a VERY long look at her topless, panty covered body then an even longer look of her nude body before she put on a pair of the sexiest high heeled sandals known to man.

She walked around the room modeling those shoes as I stroked my dick enjoying the view of her body. Just as I was about to fill the cups of mom’s 36D bra the closet door opened. I was frightened at being busted but was not about to stop my pending ejaculation. I closed my eyes pretending not to be aware of whoever had opened the closet door and I shot three good loads into mother’s bra.

When I was done I opened my eyes to see my mother standing in the doorway of her closet with her mouth hanging open in shock. I just knew I was in trouble then and prepared for the onslaught. Mom stepped forward then really surprised me by closing the door behind her. Coming closer to me she leaned down close to my dick which was still covered by her bra that was now filled with my cum.

Mom, without saying a word, pulled her night shirt over her head, turned and hung it on the hook where I had taken her bra from, then reached her hand out and took the cum filled bra from around my amazingly still hard dick. She stepped slightly away from me then put her arms through the straps of her bra. She slid the bra on and then put the wet cups up to her big tits, then turned her back to me waiting on me to fasten the bra for her.

I had often seen her topless while getting dressed. She would come out of her room in just her full cut brief nylon panties, and put on a show for me of putting on her panty hose, and some sexy high heeled pumps or boots. Dressed like that she would prance around straightening the house or call me to the bathroom to talk as I watched her do her hair and makeup. Then she would put on her skirt or pants and always asked for my assistance with fastening her bra. It started with her asking with words, but eventually she would just turn her back to me and we both knew what my task was. So I knew exactly what to do this time.

But this time, unlike others, when I finished fastening the bra, mom grabbed both my hands, pulled me close enough that my dripping, hard dick was pressing into the soft nylon of her full cut, high waist, lace trimmed panties,. Mom pushed back which pushed my dick firmly into the crack of her panty covered ass, then wrapped my arms around her, putting my hands firmly on her cum soaked bra encased tits.

As mom grinded her panty covered ass on my dick she started moving her fingers on mine pushing them into her now wet tits.

Then she started moving her ass up and down and around on my dick while increasing the pleasure applied on her tits. As mom increased the pace and pressure of her ass on my dick I started to feel my balls tighten in anticipation of another explosion.

I hadn’t noticed that mom had started moaning until I realized she was moaning rather loudly now.

The boiling in my balls got stronger as mom’s moans got louder.

Suddenly her body began to shake and I knew mom was cumming.

I could not take this any more and soon felt my second orgasm of the night shoot from my balls, out the tip of my dick. The force was so strong the first load shot partly up mom’s back. The second load was weaker but still made its way up her back. By the time of the third load, a much weaker load, shot out, the first two were running down moms back and joined the third one in soaking mom’s panties.

Mom held us in position until she calmed down, then she released my hands, moved away from me , opened the closet door, and started walking out wearing the now soaked panties and bra.

As mom turned towards her bathroom that is when I noticed my sister standing there still nude wearing the pumps she’d modeled for me in her room. In her hand, sis was holding the panties I had watched her take off.

She reached out her other hand to me inviting me out of mom’s closet.

As I stepped from the closet she took the panties and wrapped them around my dick. She told to go and wait for her in her bedroom. I did.

When she arrived in her room she stood nude in front of me and began to explain to me the how and why to what just happened. She told how she and mom had known for months what I had been doing with their panties and bras. She told me how she and mom had even come into my room at night sometimes, pulled the covers back and watched me sleeping on top of my mattress covered with their panties while wearing either a pair of her or mom’s panties.

One morning mom was putting on one of the still moist bras and the two of them set up the scene that had just taken place with mom. She then lend over, kissed me and told me that I had not seen the end nor the best of what was yet to come.

Sis kissed me again squeezed my panty covered dick then sent me to my room.

I was filled with excitement and anticipation when I finally fell asleep.

In all the excitement I hadn’t taken a piss before going to sleep and the urge hit pretty hard in the middle of the night. I woke up and discovered that my sister had joined me in my bed and was snuggled up with my dick buried in her ass. But I had to pee real bad so I went to do that.

Rushing to the bathroom I passed my dad who had come up and was up watching late night TV and reading the newspaper. We spoke but I had to go.

While in the bathroom I decided to sit and reflect on all that had taken place before I went to bed.

I was lost in thought when my mom walked in.

Mom was still wearing the cum soaked panties and bra and stood right in front of me when she started to talk.

We talked about what I had been doing with her bras and panties and about what happened in the closet.

She told me she wanted me to wear ONLY panties from this point on and that she sometimes will join me in the closet as I “sneak” peeks at my sister while she is changing.

Mom started dancing around as if she had to pee really bad as she was talking. But she kept talking.

I have many times been in the bathroom with mom when she was peeing and even jacked off into her panties remembering how wonderful the sound of her piss. I never got to see or have the ultimate experience until…

Mom was dancing really hard now and I motioned to get up.

Before I could, mom, facing me straddled my legs, pushing her panty covered pussy hard against my dick. She then looked me in the eye as she reached back to remove her bra. I could not believe the next thing that happened. There was a hot liquid running down the length of my dick.

Mom was sitting on top of me wearing cum soaked panties and let out some of her pee.

As she let out a little more she pushed a hard nipple to my lips. I opened my mouth to suck in the nipple and her tit just as I felt more hot liquid run down my hard dick.

As I sucked mom’s tits, she rose up, pulled her wet panty crotch aside, put the head of my wet dick at the lips of her smoothly saved pussy then lowered herself until my dick was buried in her hot, wet, tight pussy.

Mom leaned back slightly, keeping her tits in my mouth then I felt and heard the sound of joy that I had only be able to listen to for so many years.

Mom let her bladder go and boy was it full.

As she started going up and down on my dick with her hot pussy mom peed on me for what seemed like twenty minutes

She kept riding and riding my dick as the pee came out.

My dick got harder and harder as she pissed on me and rode me with her hot pussy.

Anytime I would stop sucking her tits she put them right back in my mouth and keep on pissing and riding me.

Once moms bladder was empty and the pee flow stopped she rode us both to wonderful, simultaneous orgasms then started kissing me until her orgasms subsided.

And this was the position we were in when dad walked in kissed mom on the cheeks then walked out after telling me that I should get some sleep I am gonna need lots of rest.

Written by: Erosness

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