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A Fairy Story

by DieselJester©


Author's Notes: The lyrics are from the song "A Fairy Story" by The O'Danny Girls who are frequently seen in bars and pubs at the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania Renaissance Fairs. You can find the full story, monologue, and song on their CD: "Shamrockin' Live!"



In days of old when knights were bold there lived a fierce dragon.
And the king he was in great distress for his country's spirit's laggin'.
Until there came a handsome knight he was dashing, young, and charming,
and slew the dragon with his sword in a smile that was so disarming.


Cameron Reinhold, ruler of the small kingdom of Braemidora in the highlands of the Olde Britannia continent, placed his hands on either side of the stone sarcophagus and stared at the fully body bust of his late queen. The smooth stone features had captured her beauty and elegance perfectly and he felt a tear run down his hot cheek. "Gwyn..." he whispered in a hoarse voice. "I really wish you were here by my side now in our kingdom's hour of need. I... I just don't know if we're going to survive this one."

The people of Braemidora were leaving in droves now that the summer season was upon them. More people left every year with very little returning. Soon, Cameron feared, there'd be nothing more of his land than empty villages and a castle that barely had any staff. Even the ranks of his country's most powerful army had been decimated to the point that he had to send for aid from others. "I don't know if there will be a country left if the beast continues to live." He'd sent many of his guards out to help protect the villages as much as he could, but even that seemed to be a futile gesture.

His country was dying and all it took was a dragon to kill it.

"Your highness!" the guard who accompanied him to the tomb called out urgently from the entrance. "It's awake and coming this way, sire!"

Not wanting to trust his voice right at the moment, he simply turned his head and nodded his acknowledgement. Every time the beast came out of hibernation it took a toll on his people. "I'd hoped for more time, Gwen." He whispered with a bowed head to whatever spirit of his wife, now gone five years to the same beast that plagued his lands for as long as he'd been alive. "I tried sending for help this time but I fear that none will come."

He stood tall, tugged his tunic straight, pulled his sword, and looked down upon the statue of his wife that appeared to be sleeping far more peaceful than the death that had claimed her. "I swear to you that I'll see this beast dead or die trying... at the very least for our children's sake." With that proclamation, he turned on his heel and headed for the tomb's entrance.


Down in the village while others ran for whatever cover they could find, Sir Alex watched the clear noon day skies from the roof of the inn where he'd been for the last week. He'd heard King Reinhold's call for someone, anyone, who was brave enough to slay the Beast of Braemidora. Alex spent a good month in the country roaming from town to town gathering any and all information on the attacks that started in early spring and lasted until late fall. Then he got to work on what he hoped was a device that would bring the thing down long enough to fight it. Since the beast flew, it held the advantage as it could come down out of the air when it chose to.

When the first roar pierced the otherwise calm afternoon, the villagers scattered while a runner went to the nearby castle to warn them. Then it appeared; a fearsome dark green dragon with glowing red eyes that belched fire. Now, it circled both the village and the castle in search of easy prey to feast on.

Alex walked over to the balcony edge and pulled on a rope. That engaged the pulley system which lifted the cover off of a flimsy pen that he'd built in haste. It didn't have to hold long, just hold long enough to get the dragon's attention. Inside were a few sheep that he'd purchased as bait. They bleated out their distress at being in a pen too small for them and trapped down on the road. Alex felt bad for them but he'd feel even worse if people were killed instead.

It worked as the dragon both heard and saw them. Alex ducked back behind an overhang to keep from the dragon's view, silently drawing his sword in the process. "Come on, come on... I don't have all day..." he whispered as the dragon circled overhead like a vulture. The dragon then swooped down and that's when Alex made his move.


From the parapets of his castle, Cameron saw the giant beast in the sky as it made an ear-splitting roar and dived down for its first prey of the season. That was fast... He noted as he wondered who'd be mad enough to be outdoors while the dragon was flying about. The edict in the kingdom that he'd issued his first year on the throne, the year his beloved Gwen was killed, was that everyone was to take cover in an attack while he and the soldiers attempted to slay the beast. The problem was that the beast was too smart to come within range of his archers and the pike and glaive launchers were too slow. The dragon was able to nimbly avoid them while coming in to snatch a soldier for lunch.

That's when Cameron saw the glint of armor on the roof of a building down in the village. "I say... who is that?" he asked his guards. "There, on the village inn?"

One guard shielded his eyes against the overhead sun and peered down. "I believe, sire, that is a visiting knight. He is not one of ours."

"Aye," another guard confirmed. "I heard talk that he's been in the village for about a month asking all sorts of questions about the beast."

"Well then," Cameron said as he watched the Knight run to the edge of the inn's roof and leap off, "let us pray that he knows what he's doing."


Alex took a running leap off the roof, sword drawn and poised downward in a death blow. In his other hand was a barbed pike that was attached to a rope that had been fastened to more pulleys and secured into the ground below. The dragon had landed and was snapping at the elusive sheep that were now bleating in terror. Alex landed right between the shoulder blades of the beast, sword and pike both plunging down into its scaled hide. It reared back and roared in pain. Alex gave the sword a hard twist to drive it in even more. Then he withdrew it, swung it in a single circle above his head, and then swiped down and to his right, cutting the leading edge of the dragon's wing. Another circle and a swing and he'd cut the leading edge of the left wing as well.

Then Alex was sliding down the dragon's side as it rolled and thrashed. Alex hit the ground, bending his knees and rolling with the impact, then he dashed into a nearby alleyway, leaving the anchor pike embedded in the beast's back. When he looked back the dragon was back on its feet attempting to take to the air.

The look of puzzlement that the dragon exhibited was almost comical as it realized that it couldn't fly anymore. It looked at its wounds, from one wing to another as it tried to decide what to do first.

Alex took advantage of the pause as he ran out and took two crossing slices upward at the dragon's underbelly. He made use of his momentum, continuing past the wounded dragon as it now flopped to the ground and doubled over. Alex took refuge in another alleyway before looking back out.

Cut, bleeding, and unable to take to the skies, it was as if the dragon knew it was finally beat. It laid its head down on the ground as it's breathing became labored. Alex cautiously came out, sword at the ready in case the dragon changed its mind. Once he reached the head, he grabbed his sword in both hands, pointed downwards, and drove it down into the creature's eye, ignoring the spurt of blood that coated his armor. Alex twisted and turned the sword around, scrambling the dragon's brain inside it's skull. The dragon let out its last breath and its body relaxed as it finally died.


Cameron watched the ensuing melee from the castle walls but he could scarcely believe it. The dragon's reign of terror had finally ended after countless years of tormenting his kingdom. Around him, the guards were cheering. There was cheering down in the village as his subjects slowly came out into the street to see that their age-old adversary was now dead. They clustered around the lone Knight, celebrating his deed.

He pointed down to the village as he turned to his guards. "Bring that Knight to me at once!"



Said the king; "I wish to know your name." Said the knight; "Sir, do not bother,
Yea, verily, one knight," said he, "is the same as any other."
The king then said, "in my doth daughter's bed, tonight you'll take your leisure,
and you'll be rewarded for your deed with a night of undaunted pleasure."


From his throne, Cameron watched as the Knight removed his helmet as he was escorted into the grand hall of the castle, running a hand through his page boy/pixie cut brown hair to get the droplets of sweat out. The Knight had some years on him, Cameron surmised from the looks of him, but still looked handsome and youthful. When the Knight grinned, it was with a smile that was as bright as the armor he wore, dragon blood stains notwithstanding. Cameron couldn't help but share the Knight's enthusiasm and joy, after all the Knight certainly earned his victory parade and should be allowed to bask in the glory. He'd ended a threat to the kingdom.

When the Knight finally stopped at the foot of the stairs that led up to the throne where Cameron was seated, he bowed his head and dropped to one knee. "My lord," he said in a humble, but light voice.

Cameron was on his feet at once, coming down the stairs. "Please, stand up. It is we who should be kneeling to you!" he proclaimed with arms wide open. "Pray tell, what is your name young man? What name shall we immortalize in song and story?" he asked, grasping the man by his shoulders.

Still smiling, the Knight shook his head. "There is no need for that, sire," he said. "One Knight is as good as another Knight. There is no need to place a name into songs just for me. I am just glad that your people are now safe."


Sir Alex frowned as he noticed the scribes and bards off to one side of the throne room hastily scribbling notes onto parchment. There would be, no doubt, news of this event traveling far and wide after this day was over. King Reinhold was still beaming at him. "Please, I must know your name."

"Sire, really, my name should be kept out of it." Alex insisted. "The victory goes to you and your people. I am merely an instrument of your wisdom to seek outside help."

"There must be some way I can reward you for your bravery then? Please. Name it and it shall be yours. Gold? Land? One of my daughter's hand in marriage?"

Alex shook his head. "Nothing comes to mind."

Now it was the King's turn to frown as he stepped back and paced. "What are your intentions, brave Knight?"

"To return home tomorrow until I am needed again." Alex said. "I just need to go back to the inn, rest, and I'll depart in the morning."

"I shall have your things brought here to the Castle then." King Reinhold said at once. "You will stay in our finest suite that we have and you may take your liberties and your leisure with one of my daughters tonight." He said, gesturing over to the side. "I pray that neither one will be too young for you. My youngest just came of age and is of the ripe age of eighteen and has never known a man."

Alex followed his gesture and saw two young women. The younger, shyer one, had flowing blonde hair all the way down to the small of her back. The older looked to be in her mid-twenties, about a decade younger that he was and was a beauty to behold with light brown hair done up in a bun. "That's... very generous of you, sire." Alex said in a guarded voice.

"Then it is settled then." He clapped his hands once and got his staff moving. "My people will see you to your suite. Please take all the time that you need to clean up and we shall see you at dinner."


Cameron watched as the Knight was led out of the throne room, followed by the scribes and bards who attempted to get the young man's name. He found it odd that the man was refusing to give his name even now. What kind of a Knight refused honors to such a point that they merely wanted to return to their home? He hoped that a night of pleasure with one of his daughters would suffice.

With that thought, he glanced over at Tanya and Diana who were looking uncertainly at each other. He beckoned them over. Tanya, his oldest with the brown hair, spoke up. "Father, must we sleep with him tonight?"

Surprised at this, Cameron arched an eyebrow. "Do you find him unpleasing to the eye?"

"No," Tanya shook her head. "He is very handsome and obviously strong to handle the dragon. But to sleep with him and not marry him?"

"Interesting coming from you considering that stable boy I caught you rolling in the hay with over the winter," Cameron noted wryly. He'd never expressly forbidden his daughters to not lie with anyone but he had hinted in the past not to become pregnant by any lovers that they might take as he was still holding out for the chance to marry them off to the nobles of other lands.

Tanya rolled her eyes dismissively. "It is not concern for me, but for Di," she said, indicating her sister. "I thought that you were saving her maidenhead for a proper alliance marriage."

"That changed when none of our allies have seen fit to answer my requests for her hand. They all seem content to wait for our country to die before coming into it." Cameron shook his head. "That seems like a moot point now. No, if by sleeping with one, if not both of you, tonight, then so be it."

"And if we should become with child, father?" Diana now spoke up.

"Then you will be raising the son or daughter of a hero that I will gladly welcome into our house and raise as our heir," Cameron said proudly. "Now, go dress yourselves in your finest clothes so that we may entertain Sir..." his voice trailed off. "Blast it, I wish I knew his name."

"Alex, sire," a guard said, running up, out of breath. "I asked around the town and he goes by the name of Sir Alex."

"Good man," Cameron nodded his approval at his guard's initiative. "And, my thanks."


Alex stiffened when King Reinhold addressed him by name when he entered the banquet hall that evening. The King grinned at his discomfort, "Do not worry, Sir Alex," he said, taking him under his arm and guiding him to the head of the table, "my scribes and bards have already departed and I gave them explicit orders to honor your wishes and keep your name out of the official record."

"My thanks, your highness," Alex coughed into his hand to cover his shock and embarrassment. "But all of this is not necessary."

"Like wearing your armor to a banquet in your honor?" the King said wryly.

Alex shrugged. "One never knows when a fight may break out, your highness."

"Please, let us talk tonight simply as men. Tonight; you may refer to me simply as Cameron. We can dispense with titles here."

"Again, my thanks," Alex took the seat offered to him by Cameron, smiling and nodding at him as Cameron then took the seat immediately to Alex's right at the proper head of the table. Across from him the princesses sat watching him with expectations in their eyes.

"I should properly introduce you to my daughters," Cameron said. "My eldest; Tanya," he indicated the older brunette who looked every visage of the deceased Queen, "is twenty-one. My youngest," he gestured to the cute, younger blonde, "is Diana and, as I mentioned, just came of age." Alex nodded in polite greeting to them both as Cameron then called for the food and wine. "I must say, Alex, that you clean up rather well."

Alex had taken a goblet from a nearby server to take a drink and nearly gagged on it. "I'm sorry?" he managed ask with a sputter while trying not to blush at the comment.

"Earlier you were covered in dragon gore, now it looks as if you hadn't even ridden outside in weeks." Cameron noted. "Do you always spend much time bathing?"

"I take pride in my appearance sire... er... Cameron." Alex said, taking another draw, this time longer, from the goblet.

"Indeed," Cameron tapped his finger thoughtfully. "Do I know you, Alex? I can't help but think that I've met you somewhere before?"

"I seem to have that effect on people, sire," Alex admitted. He grabbed a haunch of meat from the table when it was presented to them by the waiters.

They engaged in small talk for the evening, recounting the events of the day and going through Alex's meticulous approach to defeating the dragon until at last Cameron stood, stretched, and yawned. "Well," he announced, "I am going to turn in for the night and get some sleep." He shooed his daughters off and then smiled at his Kingdom's newest Hero. "I imagine that you're going to have a long night yourself so I don't think one will begrudge you if you, or anyone else for that matter, sleep in late on the morn as they celebrate this night. Good Evening." With that, he was off to his chambers leaving Alex feeling weary.



One daughter she had golden hair was a maiden young and chaste,
and she slept all night in the pale moonlight naked to her waist.
The other daughter was so fair, the fairest in the town.
and she slept all night in the pale moonlight naked from her small waist down.


"Relax," Tanya assured Diana as she fidgeted on the way back to their chambers. "I'm sure that Sir Alex will be a gentle, attentive lover for you... if he chooses you for the evening."

"I know," Diana said, wringing her hands nervously as they walked. "I just have never... you know..."

"It'll be painful at first, but then it will be the most wonderful feeling in the world," Tanya sighed wistfully, almost swooning.

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"Well, if need be, bare some skin for him and maybe diddle with yourself before he gets there. A good climax always relaxes me," Tanya winked at her. "Enjoy the evening if he comes to your bed."

"You too, sister," Diana hugged Tanya and they parted ways. Diana closed the door to her room and leaned her back against it. Her heart was thudding in her chest as if it threatened to explode outward. She took a couple of deep, calming breaths and then proceeded to move about the expanse of her chambers to blow candles out and douse the torches. Then she went over to her bed and laid down with nothing but the moonlight streaming in from the open doors to the balcony to bathe her in a pale blue glow.

Then remembering what her sister had told her, she sat back upright and reached behind her. She fiddled with the laces of her bodice, loosening them up so that she'd be able to give Sir Alex easier access to her breast when he came to her. It was easy for her as she'd learned long ago when staff for the castle grew short and she no longer had access to a full-time chambermaid to assist her with her garments. Diana shook her chest left and right to give herself some space inside the bodice and then ultimately decided to toss it to the side.

Diana laid back down, splayed her golden hair out beneath her, closed her eyes, and took deep, calming breaths to try and settle her nerves. Moments passed and she found herself listening to the sounds of the night, the whooshing of the breeze in the air wafting into her chambers to tickle her bare nipples, the sounds of joy and revelry that was still going on around the castle and the village beyond. Soon she found herself rubbing her thighs together in anticipation of Sir Alex's arrival.

Maybe I will do as sister suggested... Diana thought as she lifted her skirts and slid a hand to the cleft between her legs into the thick thatch of blond curls of her pubis. She was moist and she let out a breathless sigh of pleasure as her fingers found her most sensitive nub. Diana didn't want to be too far gone if Sir Alex walked in but then threw caution away as she then plunged a single digit inside of her sex to feel her pussy.

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