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My Wife's First Gangbang

by biber©

We are married for 30 years and therefore in the respective Age. My wife has no model measures (ca 170 Pounds) but is a real fox in bed. She has a average size Breast with very large dark brown nipples and a dark nice bush.

My Wife’s first and only Gang-bang

Some Years ago I had been working in Bremen for a while. As it is some distance from our Home I bought a small Apartment where I stayed during the week. As it is a very nice and interesting City my wife came over on some weekends to see some of the City too.

On one of these Weekends, she arrived already on Friday afternoon. We went for Dinner in a nice Restaurant and afterwards in a small Pub for some beer. Whenever she has some Alcohol she loosens up and that’s what happened this evening. After the 5th Beer, all of a sudden, she asked me if I had been faithful to her while staying here. I didn’t get the message and asked what she meant. She told me that when she feels hot and I’m not there, she masturbates a lot. She would use her big black dildo and fuck herself thinking that a real black guy would give it to her.

You must know that black cocks are her favourite. Unfortunately since we moved Away from Stuttgart we do not have many chances to find some.

Due to the Fact that we do not live in Bremen and nobody can know us, she felt free to try some adventure. She told me that during her masturbation sessions she thought of putting her dreams to reality and this could be the weekend. Knowing how hot I get, she told me that she made already some preparations. She opened some Buttons of her Blouse and I could see that she wore the bra which has openings for the Nipples. They stuck out very prominent already. She then took my hand and lead it under her skirt strait to her pussy. She wore the slip which is cut open in the middle for easier access. When I touched her clit she was already whet as hell. Meanwhile I had a real hard one and I told her so. I told her that I would love to see her getting fucked but how and where shall we find one. We agreed to postpone it to the next day and after two more beer we headed home.

On the way back we had to pass a sexshop. She always has declined to go in one, but this time she asked if we could go in and see if we get a video with some interracial sex. We found one and went to the cashier. He must have watched us and noticed that we were in desperate need. He therefore asked why we want to look at a video when we could get the real thing. He told us that there is a discotheque just down the Street which has specialised on Black Music and has the respective Audience. I new the Place because it is just around the corner from my apartment, but have never been there because it has a bad reputation and we are not in the right Age group for this. However my wife just told me lets go. He thanked the cashier and off we went.

The Club wasn’t as bad as expected and indeed, there were 90 Black’s. We took a seat at the bar, ordered a Drink and watched the scene. But not only we did that. It seemed a bit odd to them that a white couple appears in this club and at that time. It took just about ten minutes when a big Guy walked up to us and asked if my wife wanted to dance. I knotted to my wife that this is OK, knowing that she likes to dance and of they went to the dancefloor. The had some real rocking Music going , but after then played some slow ones. She usually would come back then because she prefers the fast music. After some time they came back to the bar and he asked if he can offer us a Drink. Before I even had the chance to react my wife accepted the offer. He mentioned he had to go to speak to some Friends but would be back In a minute.

While he was gone my wife told me what had happened on the dancefloor. He had asked her strait, If she likes black cock and if she would come with him. He told her that he had seen her Looks and as most white women coming to this club, want it. She told him that he is right but that we only come together. While dancing slow he had pulled her close to him though she could feel his big strong cock through the fabric. He had moved his Hand under her skirt and stuck one finger up her snatch. Due to the open crotch there was no restriction to his fingers and he made her come right in the middle of the floor. She took my hand to let me feel her wetness and told me that she wants him.

When he came back they danced some more and after a while we decided to leave for his place. As we all had been drinking we took a Taxi. We were wondering why 4 others left the club at the same time but as they took another Car forgot it right away. The car wasn’t even moving when he pushed the Skirt of my wife up to her waist and started to play with her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She didn’t even bother to pull it down again. Due to her black slip and black bush nothing could be seen, but it audible that she was wet as hell and whimpering..

We stopped at a Block with several apartment’s but they must have been living like a commune, because the other 4 stopped here too and went into the same place.. My Wife then told him that she only wants to fuck with him and that he shall send the others away. He told us that they all live her but would go to there rooms.

When the 3 of us were alone the couldn’t hold it any longer. She opened his pants and took out his cock. It was already big and she barely could get it into her mouth. But when she sucked him he grew even bigger. That’s what she always dreams of. It was about 10” were mine is just 7.5”. In the meantime I took of her close to exposed her naked body to the eyes of this strange man. He got all excited about her big tit’s with large and very dark aureoles and nipple’s. He immediately took them in his hands and startet to suck em hard, what she likes very much.. Watching all this I took out my Dick and started to stroke it. He had tossed of his cloth meanwhile, picked here up and placed her on a table. This had the right height to fuck her but first he wanted to such here pale snatch.. he commended on her big black bush which was a nice contrast to her white skin and pink cuntlips. He must have found the right spot as she started to cry for his cock and to be fucked. He obliged her wish and pushed his gigantic organ all the way in to his balls. Her socking pussy had no problems accommodating him and though he fucked her to two orgasm which she just cried out in ecstasy.

Due the sexy noise the others had become animated had entered the room. They were all naked gathered around the table and started wanking their nice black cocks. I expected some protest from my wife but to my surprise took she closest to her with her hand and gidet him to her mouth.. Seeing my wife with 5 naked black men was to much for me. I shot my load all over her body. From the drop in my feeling after having shot of, I asked her if I should send them away. First she had said that she only wanted 1 cock to fuck her. Due to the alcohol and the whole atmosphere, she told me that she wanted them all fuck her first. Though . say took turn’s fucking her cunt and mouth simultaneously. She must have noticed that I didn’t like the idea and winked me to her. She took my limp cock in her mouth and sucked me hard again. She told me how much she loves me and that I would enjoy seeing her like this. I couldn’t deny this and was hard as hell already again. This way she had me going again an knew that I let her continue.. As her snatch was hurting meanwhile, she announced that she wants them all to fuck her butt now. With some previous lubrication they started this time by size. The smallest first and our first lover , which had the biggest one last. Never before have I seen my wife in such a sexy state. I thought I thought I go berserk by jealousy and excitement. She had never let me fuck her asswhole . The cite how they shoved their black dicks in the white as of my wife had me rock hard again that I pushed the guy which just fucked her mouth away and stuck her my cock up to the hilt. I fucked her like a piston and shot my load with no mercy down her throat. The sucked until I was dry and limp, even though she had never down this before .

Finely all got exhausted and tired. We got dressed, and went by taxi back to our place. During the whole trip we didn’t speak a Word. At home we just fell in our bed and passed out.

Written by: biber

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