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Carrots Ch. 08

by SuckMyPencil©

Jim thought he might've died and gone to sexual heaven given his current situation. Here he was, lying nude on a massage table while the two sexiest spliced girls he could even imagine were busy making a slobbery mess of his dick with their mouths and tongues, and he couldn't imagine anything else that would make him happier.

And then he came. Hard.

He had experienced plenty of orgasms at this point thanks to Liz, but this one was uncharted territory. Both girls had started French kissing with his tip in the middle, and it was more than he could take after the earlier massage. As he lay there, he heard the girls saying something, but he was too caught up in the aftermath of his orgasm to pay attention. It wasn't until he felt Sam pulling a condom on over his still stiff dick that he snapped back.

"There we go. No worries about little surprises later on" Sam said as she finished unrolling the condom.

She smiled and proceeded to climb up onto the table, her scaled slit visibly dripping with how wet she had become. As Sam settled in and lined up, Liz moved around to the head of the table and climbed up to squat on Jim's chest.

"Now then my sweet Adonis, it's time for us to feel the love too" she said as she rubbed her own wet opening against him.

He couldn't see Sam, but that didn't matter. While Liz was gently grinding on him, he could feel her bobbing slightly on his tip. She did this several times and he wondered if she was ever going to go any farther down when he got his answer. With a loud and orgasmic cry, Sam forcefully sat herself on Jim's manhood. Just like before she took it all the way to the base, but he could tell from the way that she was squeezing his dick with her inner walls that she had likely just orgasmed herself. That, and the fact that she suddenly reached both hands around Liz and took a breast in each, squeezing them tightly. Liz moaned in a pleasant manner at this, but Sam didn't make a sound.

Sam shuddered as her body reacted to the massive dick she had just impaled herself on. Liz had told her about her happy little accident the first time they had had sex, and Sam wanted to experience it herself. Oh she experienced it alright. She had orgasmed so hard that she literally couldn't make a sound, despite her mouth being wide open. All she could do was hold on tight to the nearest thing to keep herself grounded, which ended up being Liz's boobs. Apparently this went over well with Liz, who voiced her appreciation quite loudly. Sam knew that it would be orgasmic, but she wasn't expecting this level of satisfaction from a non-spliced.

As Sam squeezed hard on Liz's boobs and Jim's dick, Liz was ready to start enjoying herself as well. She slid her hips forward and planted her butt right on Jim's collarbone, her legs spread wide as she waited for Jim to satisfy her. He didn't at first, choosing to blow gently on her folds to tease her. Liz wiggled impatiently and Jim grabbed hold of her waist, keeping her still as he stuck out his tongue and flicked her clit tenderly. As he started to tease her he felt Sam starting to loosen up and move as well, and a quick glance up showed him that she was going to help him tag team the slutty bunny that wanted to cum so badly. She began kneading Liz's boobs, her thumb and forefinger gently pinching the nipple on each one as Liz leaned her head back, losing herself in the moment.

While Sam kept Liz busy up top, Jim slid her forward a little more so that he could better satisfy her needs. As he did he stuck out his tongue and licked her folds from bottom to top before sliding his tongue inside her. He then moved his left hand closer to her crotch and began to tease her now swollen clit with his thumb. Liz gasped in excitement as Jim began moving his tongue around all while rubbing her clit in small circles, which was just the way she liked it. Her hands, which up till now had been holding her upright as she leaned back, now came around and mixed in with Jim's hair as she began to lightly buck against his face. She was getting close and he knew it, so he did the one thing he knew would send her over the edge right away: he reached up with his right hand began to softly scratch her behind her left ear. He had discovered the spot purely on accident, but now it was his secret weapon.

Liz began gasping and moaning louder and faster, and within a few seconds she hit her climax. She grabbed handfuls of Jim's hair and thrust her hips against his face as she came hard. Sam, wanting to make sure she got the best orgasm possible, squeezed hard on Liz's boobs and bit down softly on her right ear, which only made Liz cum even harder. Liz kept on bucking against Jim until he pushed her off him after a few seconds, which she very clearly wasn't thrilled about as she struggled to resist him. She was still in the throes of orgasm though, and Sam was still nibbling softly on her ear and kneading her fingers into her breasts, so she wasn't able to fight back effectively. They all sat there for a moment, not sure how to continue next, when Jim had an idea.

"Ok you two, now we do things my way. First, let's move to the floor so we don't break the table."

The girls very carefully got off the table, as they were both a bit weak kneed at the moment.

"Get on your hands and knees Sam. Liz, stand over her for a moment."

They did, wondering just what he was about to, and they didn't have to wait long to find out.

As he knelt down behind Sam and readied himself to start fucking her from behind, he stopped and put a hand on Liz's waist, and the other on Sam's tail. Neither one was sure how this was going to turn out, but it seemed like it would be a lot of fun. Sam had used her tail like this before, but never while being fucked from behind. As Liz started to lower herself onto Sam's tail, Jim also started to insert himself into Sam's pussy, and both girls' reaction was all he needed to know. Sam had been supporting herself with her arms, but the combined sensation made her drop her face to the floor, her arms shaking. Liz likewise was steadily making a bigger and bigger 'O' with her mouth as she lowered herself onto Sam's tail. This wasn't the first time she had done it, but she was still sensitive from her earlier orgasm so it felt extra amazing.

"Good girls. Now keep your tail stiff Sam, and we'll all enjoy this."

Sam moaned in response, and Jim just smiled. He wrapped his hands around Sam's waist, which also gave Liz something to hold on to and keep her balance, and then he began to thrust slowly. Unlike her outer skin, Sam's pussy was smooth as silk and moved in such a way that it felt like it was trying to swallow him dick first. It was completely different from Liz and her tight inner tunnel, but he wasn't surprised. He didn't expect all women to have the same feeling type of pussy, and it was doubly true with a spliced one. Stray thoughts aside, Jim was ready to show these girls that he meant business today. He picked up speed, which elicited a consistent moaning from Sam, whose voice was slightly muffled by the carpet, and some rather pleasant gasps from Liz as she tried to focus on keeping herself on Sam's tail.

Faster and faster Jim went, Liz bucking harder against Sam's tail as Sam struggled to keep her sanity from Jim's vigorous fucking. He was starting to get close, and he could tell the girls were as well. It looked like the timing was going to work out for each of they and they would all hit their climax at the same time, which was exactly what Jim was hoping for. He kept his furious pace up, his dick pounding into Sam and making a loud clapping noise as he slapped against her ass, while Liz was holding on to Jim with her left hand and rapidly making circles on her clit with her right. They kept it up for another ten seconds before they began the chain reaction of climaxing.

It started with Liz, who came so hard that she ended up forcing more of Sam's tail inside as she tried to cup her right hand over her pussy. That made her reach up with her left arm and pull Jim's head toward her as she screamed out in ecstasy. Suddenly getting himself pulled forward made Jim push even farther into Sam than he thought he was able to, which made her clamp down hard with her pussy and sent her spiraling into an orgasm the likes of which she never thought possible. As her pussy spasms tightened and released in rapid succession, coupled with both Sam and Liz loudly voicing their pleasure, Jim too reached his limit. He tightened his grip on Sam's waist, lightly bit down on Liz's neck, and slammed his dick into Sam in time with his spurts of cum as they burst out from his throbbing cock.

They remained like that for another few moments, before Jim's legs gave out and he fell back, his dick sliding out with an audible pop and another long and low moan from Sam as he pulled out. Sam slid forward and Liz braced herself as Sam's tail came free from her pussy. Jim thought that it was over, but then Liz reached over and yanked the condom right off, miraculously not spilling a drop. She moved around to his right, and Sam to his left, and they then wrapped an arm around each other while bracing themselves against the floor and began to make out while grinding their pussies against Jim's cock. It was like he was watching a great porn video, except that he could feel how wet they were against him.

Despite having just orgasmed only a few minutes beforehand, Jim was very quickly reaching his climax again. He was trying his best to hold out, but the sight of these two sexually crazed animals grinding against him made it near impossible. His dick was throbbing so bad it was starting to hurt, and that's when he realized he still had on the cock ring. He knew he shouldn't, but the pressure was driving him crazy and he needed the release. With a growl, he managed to get up and push both girls off him and down onto the floor, where they looked up at him with eyes full of lust. Jim leaned over them, bracing himself with his left arm, and pulled off the cock ring, and began furiously stroking his dick. He came hard for the third time, spraying his hot semen all over the girl's faces as he grunted loudly.

His dick finally going limp, Jim turned and fell onto his back between the two, who began to lick the sticky fluid off each other while very gingerly caressing his balls. Once they had cleaned each other off, they both pulled themselves up to Jim's chest and snuggled up to him.

"That was the best fucking I've ever had," Sam said slowly. Jim could hear the satisfaction in her voice.

"Told you so" Liz said, her voice also brimming with satisfaction.

"I take it we'll be doing this again sometime soon?" Jim asked with a little laugh.

"You bet your ass we will, but next time, I think we'll do it at my place," Liz said with a small wink to Sam.

Written by: SuckMyPencil

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