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Horny in the Morning Pt. 02

by JustaShot©

Work was normal, nothing exciting, I had to clean the cum from my panties a few times, and every time I wiped, my sore lips reminded me of the intense orgasms Jerrod gave me. I called Jon and told him I had to stay late, he told me not to walk home in the dark.

I left in about an hour, walked home, when I walked past Jerrod's flat, I called him and told him where I was, he asked me to come up, I couldn't, not enough time, I just wanted to tease him, and let him know there would be a next time. I made it home, Jon had diner started, we kissed, and I chuckled thinking about having that big black knob in my mouth.

A few days had gone by since Jerrod fucked me, I was still sore. I gave Jon a few really good blow jobs, he was happy, and I could save my pussy for Jerrod. I did touch base with Jerrod and asked him when we could spend some time together, he said most mornings would be good. He did mention he had a roommate, and sometimes he came home in the morning, I told him it didn't bother me, Jerrod asked me to send him a selfie, so his roommate could drool, I sent a few, front and back with my panties off.

Jerrod did tell his roommate about me, his roommate wanted to join in, Jerrod said it wasn't his decision, when Jerrod told me about the conversation, I told him I had never even thought about taking on two guys, and told Jerrod he was more than I can handle, he wore my pussy out last time. Jerrod laughed and said we will just let whatever happens happen, I laughed, and told him I was anxious. Before I hung up, I asked Jerrod to pick up some KY, I may need extra lube to help with the soreness lips.

A day went by, I called Jerrod and said I was wanting an early morning fuck, and tomorrow would be perfect, he agreed, I told office workers I would be late for work.

The next morning, I woke up before Jon, I put my head under the covers, moved down to his soft dick and sucked it into my mouth, I gave him my best tongue swirl, and it started growing, I let it slide farther into my mouth and down my throat, this was enjoyable, I like a dick in my mouth. He started pumping, and put his hand on the back of my head, I tried to slow him down, I wanted it to last. His hand kept my head on his long skinny dick, and he was pumping deep into my throat, I pulled off to keep from gagging, but his hand pushed my mouth down on his pumping cock. I figured it was time and start swirling my tongue and sucking harder, Jon pumped faster and soon I felt the swelling and the first squirt, I tried to take more of him in, and felt the second squirt, I kept my head down on him and he pumped his cum in my mouth, I swallowed and sucked until he was limp, then sucked a little more. Jon pulled the covers back, and said thank you. I looked at him and smiled.

I showered dressed for work and scooted out the door, I walked the two blocks to Jerrod's flat, and waited outside, I wish I had a key so I could go up and get ready. It was only a few minutes and he arrived, he said hi, opened the door, followed me up the steps, he put his hand on the small of my back, I turned and smiled, I stopped on the steps turned and kissed him. We finished walking up the steps, he unlocked the door, and we walked in. I started towards the couch taking my blouse and bra off, I did not want to dally, I wanted him to know what I wanted and needed.

I sat on the couch, he stopped in front of me, I reached for his belt and pants, opened them up and pulled them down. The big black cock was hanging in front of my face, I wrapped my hands around the big plum and guided it to my mouth, I enjoyed having him in my mouth, he pulled his shirt off, and I kept sucking, rubbing my tongue on it and making it wet with my saliva, the big snake started growing. I had both hands on it and was forcing it in my mouth. I moaned, stroked it and sucked as hard as I could, Jerrod was ready.

I pushed him back and asked him to sit on the couch like last time, I stood up dropped my skirt and panties. I assumed my straddling position, Jerrod asked me if I wanted the KY, I said yes, he reached over picked up the new tube and handed it to me, I got off of him, squirted some in my hand and rubbed it on the head and down the shaft, I rubbed some between my legs. I straddled him again and guided his plum to my lips, it was huge, and I knew what I was in for. I sank down, it pressed into me, parted my and slipped inside me, my arms wrapped around his neck as I lowered myself,

I started remembering the feeling of the head popping thru my outer lips, and the friction the shaft pulling on my outer lips. I lowered my pussy and started rocking my hips, Jerrod had his hands around my waist and started pumping into me. The lube worked wonders, he was sliding in and out of me and I was trying to get him deeper. I kissed him and slowed my hips down, I enjoyed kissing with a cock in me, I moaned in his mouth, and he pumped his thick cock into me.

I started to cum with my mouth on his, I moaned and shuddered, squeezed my legs and pussy, and had a long orgasm. I was limp, but Jerrod kept pumping into me, he was rock hard and getting deeper, I was full of black cock and enjoying it. The deeper he pumped, the fuller my pussy felt, it was uncomfortable, but pleasurable. I was rocking back and forth, Jerrod was pumping into me, his hands held me tight, and I felt his cum, the first stream was huge and I felt it splashing, then a few more, I came with him, and moaned in Jerrod's mouth.

I was limp, my legs were rubbery, and I sank down onto his half hard cock. I rocked on him, and came again. This was a great fuck, the best one of my life, his dick stretched me and made me sore, but I loved it. I lifted off of his lap, I could feel the big dick pulling out of me, I stood up, bent over and put my hands on his wet, slippery dick. I opened my mouth and guided the head into my mouth, it smelled like cum and pussy, soft, and thick, I put half of it in my mouth, Jerrod's hand went to the back of my head and started pushing down I sucked it and swirled my tongue around it. I had his cum dripping from my pussy, and his cum in my mouth, this was better than a dream.

I started to kneel, but felt hands on my waist, it was a surprise, and when I turned my head to see who it was, I saw another tall black guy. I remembered the conversation with Jerrod about his roommate, I guess Jerrod shared the pictures I sent. I felt a hand holding my hip, and a hand moving down the crack of my ass to my dripping pussy, a finger slid into me, it felt good.

I felt the first knuckle and soon his finger was in me and his palm was flat against my lips, he fingered me. My mouth was full, so I could not protest, then I felt his cock entering me, it took about three pumps, he was in me and his balls were slapping against me. I was well lubricated, Jerrod's cock really stretched me out, the new cock felt good, but not as filling as Jerrod's.

Jerrod's cock was deep in my mouth and hitting my throat, the new cock was pounding me from the back, I wasn't sure what to do next, it felt good, so I just took the two cocks. I felt the pace quicken, and the man in the back was fucking me hard, and I was close to cumming. I felt his cock spurting, and soon slipping from my pussy. I lifted my head off of Jerrod's cock, turned around and backed my pussy onto the cock, I was just sucking, I leaned forward, and Jerrod's big dick was half in me.

Jerrod started fucking me hard, and as I leaned forward, I saw the other cock that just came in me, I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I wrapped my arms around his waist, I enjoyed sucking his cock. Jerrod was fucking me hard, I was loose and sloppy from all the cum and KY, he was deeper than he has ever been and fucking me harder than he ever has, I came, squeezing my pussy, and moaning on the dick in my mouth. I was weak and felt like a rag doll, this was more than I had dreamed of. Both cocks were hard and pounding me, my mouth was sore, but I kept sucking trying to get a load of cum. Jerrod came first, I felt his load, and pushed down on him, he finished shooting his load. I lifted off of Jerrod, pulled my mouth of the other cock, turned and offered him my pussy.

He found my sloppy hole, stuffed his dick in me and started fucking into me, one hand around my waste, the other hand started rubbing the crack of my ass, the tip of his finger found the bud of my ass hole, and it pushed in. This was not the first time I had my ass penetrated, but it startled me, but I couldn't move, my ass was getting fingered.

I was exhausted, but still enjoying being fucked, his hard thrust drove his cock deep and pounded my ass cheeks, his finger in my ass felt good and I was getting ready to cum again. He stopped thrusting, pulled the finger out of my ass and I felt the head of his dick pushing into my ass, I had no time to protest the dick head in my ass, he kept pushing and I had half of that dick in my tight ass. He pulled back and shoved it farther, I wasn't ready for an ass fuck but took it because I was too exhausted to do anything but make grunting noises.

His hands were on my hips, his dick was fucking deep in my ass, I don't think Jerrod knew what was happening, he just watched me while the other black dick took my ass.

The roommate came hard and drove deep into my ass and I felt his dick shrink and he pulled it out, I fell forward onto Jerrod and rolled on to my back, I was looking up at Jerrod's roommate, both my holes full of cum. Jerrod spoke, and said this is Ron, Ron said hi, I smiled at him, and under my breath, I said you ass fucker.

I lay on the couch with my legs on Jerrod, his hand went to my crotch, I spread my legs for him, his finger slid down my slit, my lips parted and I felt how sore they were. I asked Jerrod if he would mind if I washed up, he said that would be fine. I walked to the bathroom turned on the water, I warmed up a wash cloth and pressed it on my crotch, my pussy and ass were well used, swollen and sore. I cleaned up and went back to the couch. I was in the flat for 30 minutes, I did not know how many times I came, that was the best fucking I ever had.

I brought a towel with me and put it on the couch, since I was still leaking cum from both my holes. Ron sat on a chair and started talking to me, he said I felt great, and thanked me for letting him join in. I smiled and said it was my pleasure. Jerrod started talking and said we could make this a daily thing, I spread my legs and said, my pussy couldn't take it, Ron asked me if my ass was sore, I answered yes. Jerrod looked at me and was surprised at my answer. I pointed at Ron and said, he put it in my butt, and laughed.

Jerrod asked if I liked it, I looked at Jerrod and said I doubt you would fit, he laughed, I said, really you can't have my butt, you're too big. I could see his dick getting hard thinking about it. I don't understand why guys can't just enjoy my tight pussy, I'm small, I have strong vaginal muscles and I keep it clenched so I feel the friction.

I was still leaking, I said, well it's time for me to get to work, I don't think I take anymore cock. Ron asked me if I had ever been with a black man, I answered quickly, and said no and I never had a gangbang, and never two dicks at once and have never been this sore, they laughed.

I asked them how many times they came, Jerrod said four times, Ron said three times, they asked me, I couldn't tell them. I trod back to the bathroom, cleaned up a little more, put toilet paper in both leaking holes and picked up my clothes and started dressing.

I watched Jerrod and Ron, they watched me dressing, Jerrod's big dick started to get hard, I pointed to it and said he's had enough pussy, Jerrod said he was thinking about my ass. I lifted my skirt, bent over and said, this will keep you horny until next time, he laughed. I told him it may take a week for the swelling to go down, I'm not use to foot long, black cocks in my holes. Ron said I'm only eleven inches, I said you may have grown since the last time you measured. Jerrod said, maybe a quick blow job in a day or two, I smiled and said, that's possible, I like to suck dick, I'll think about a day where we just do oral, both their dicks started hardening, I said goodbye as I let myself out.

After I finished with Jerrod and his roommate I walked to work, it was three blocks, and I was worried about being late, I was lucky, no one noticed. I thought about what just happened to me and knew that I asked for it, I felt like I was caught in a big wave of sex, I had a black cocks in every hole, it was too much too soon, but I wanted it again. My sore crotch was a reminder what had happened, when I walked, my swollen pussy lips rubbed and ached, I think it was arousing me. I should have taken a selfie of my crotch, I like to document memorable events.

Written by: JustaShot

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