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Mom's Office Party

by JayPierce95©

"So how's the new job going, Honey?"

"Well, let's just say it's an interesting work environment."

Adam zoned out from the conversation at the kitchen table between his dad and his mom. His mind was turning to something else, something that had been captivating his full attention for the last few weeks.

The high school baseball star had recently begun seeing a girl at school who, until the current semester, had gone unnoticed. She wasn't a popular girl nor did she hang out with the popular crowd. The brunette was actually a 19 year old who had been held back from graduating after failing too many classes her senior year.

Despite her nerdy glasses and alternative sense of fashion, which was likely the reason she was a bit of a loner and nearly invisible, the young woman, Olivia, had an amazing body. But what really attracted Adam to her was the way she used her body.

Olivia was the kinkiest partner Adam ever had. It was apparent from the first time he met her at a party a little over a month ago. At the party celebrating the end of the baseball season, Adam was walking tipsily with his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned through the masses of his peers who were holding red plastic cups. He was looking for a bathroom so he could finally release his full bladder.

He pushed open door after door in the main hallway hoping to find a toilet. Of course the room that he recognized as the bathroom due to a sliver of its tile peeking out from under the threshold of a closed door was in use. So, the lean but muscularly toned student athlete, moved on to see if there was another toilet in the same hallway.

It was when he pushed open the next door when he first saw Olivia. With a lower level of consciousness, Adam barged into a room in a quiet part of the back hallway. When he stumbled into the room he realized it was just another bedroom; however, there was somebody in the room. A girl donning a t-shirt cartoon cat and thick-rimmed glasses was laying on the bed with her mobile phone to her ear in one hand and her other hand in between her thighs.

Adam stared as blood flowed to the tip of his penis as he watched the slightly older female masturbate and moan. Olivia then sensed the presence of another person in the room. She didn't panic though. She just slowly pulled her right hand out from under the waistband of her jeans and said subtly into her phone, "Frank, I'll call you back."

Olivia brushed her hair back that had a slight amount of sweat on it. She placed her phone on the bed to the side of her and scanned her eyes up and down Adam's athletic body.

"Can I help you?" Olivia asked as she climbed off of the bed and made her way over to Adam.

Recognizing he was interrupting something personal, the turned-on 18 year old responded in his drunkenness, "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I was just looking for a place to pee. I didn't mean to stop your conversation."

Olivia laughed, "It's okay, Sweetie. You know there's a bathroom down the hallway?"

"Yeah, it's in use though."

"Oh," the attractive loner smiled as she placed her left hand gently on Adam's exposed chest, "well I actually know of another place where you can go."

Curious as to why she was seductively touching him before pointing him towards another bathroom, the antsy teenager pleaded, "Well where's that?"

"On me," Olivia whispered as she slowly dropped to her knees and reached out to unzipper the fly in Adam's jeans.

He couldn't believe what was happening but he was still a little turned on from watching Olivia masturbate on the bed.

"Are you serious? You actually want me to pee on you?" There was a tone of incredulousness in Adam's voice.

"Well you really need to pee and I want to see the dick from that hot body of yours shoot warm liquid all over me. Don't think I can't see that half chub constrained in your jeans."

A blushing Adam quickly reached back and shut the door behind him so nobody wandering in the halls could hear the conversation. "I don't know if I can do this. I've never done anything like this before."

"Well let's see if I can make this easier for you, Sweetie." Olivia crossed her arms and gripped the bottom of the front of her shirt before slowly sliding it off of her head. Her large tits jiggled as they bounced back to her chest in her black lace bra.

"Holy shit!" Adam gasped lowly. More blood flowed to his shaft as he removed his snake from his boxers. He then stood there hesitantly with his semi-erect cock in his hand just a foot away from the kneeling Olivia.

"That's certainly a nice fuckstick," encouraged the seductive highschooler. "Let's see what it can do!"

After another moment of hesitation and a desperate need to urinate due to his many beers, Adam aimed his tip and asked, "Where do you want it do go?"

With a coy smirk Olivia looked the stranger in the eyes and said, "Anywhere and everywhere."

"But you have clothes on?"

"I'll just take fresh ones from a closet in this bedroom afterwards," she winked.

Shrugging, Adam then began to blast light yellow liquid all over the kneeling girl. As he peed, for what seemed like minutes, Adam couldn't believe what he was doing. He could only imagine what his friends would say if they saw what was going on.

Finally, his bladder was empty and he examined the young woman on her knees in front of him. Her face, beautiful breasts, and stomach were glistening with moisture. The front of her jeans from her lap to her knees were dark blue with soaked-in urine.

"That was... intense," moaned Olivia. "Thanks for that, Cutie. Most men are too afraid to do anything like that."

Adam's cock then bolted up to a full erection at the sight of his work on the sexy girl. He gulped dryly, "Well you're pretty hot. It was too hard to refuse."

"I like you..."

Taking the hint, the panting boy filled in the blank, "Adam!"

"Adam," she repeated. "I'm Olivia. And I definitely like that cock of yours and what you do with it. And I can see it's excited, " she teased.

Seeing his pink tip pointing towards his face as he looked down, an embarrassed Adam apologized, "Oh I'm sorry about that. It kind of has a mind of its own."

The urine-soaked girl quickly assured, "Adam, when you're with me you never have to be sorry about getting a boner. The only thing that would make me upset is not putting it to work." Olivia took Adam's shaft into her mouth.

That began a kinky erotic sex life that, beforehand, Adam could have never imagined. Luckily for the young lover, Olivia was able to come over to play every Friday night. It was nice to have sex in some place other than the school bathroom or a public park over the weekends.

Ever since his mother started her new job as middle management at a local independent insurance agency, she had been going out Friday evenings after work with some of her colleagues. That gave Adam the ability to invite Olivia over since his dad always went to bed early on Fridays so he could function during his morning shift at the power plant on Saturday mornings.

It was Friday evening and Adam's mom, Christie, was about to go out for the night and his dad, Walter, was eating a light dinner so he could go to sleep soon afterwards. Excited by what Olivia had planned for the night, Adam barely touched his food.

"Great dinner, Honey," congratulated Walter.

"Thank you! Well, if everyone is done, I will get going soon. I'm meeting the girls from the office at a bar tonight, should be fun."

"Adam, what do you have planned for the night?" His father inquired.

The son answered a bit too quickly, "Homework." He then got up from the table, put his dishes in the sink, and walked towards his room.

It was 8p.m. and an anxious Adam stared through a crack in his door into the hallway. He was awaiting the newly familiar sight of his mom leaving her bedroom and going out the front door so that he could then tell Olivia she could come over.

Within minutes, the high school senior watched his mom quietly walk out of her room as to not wake Walter. For some reason, as with every other Friday night, she had a small gym bag with her in addition to her purse. Deciding not to look too much into it, Adam texted his kinky sex partner to give her the green light.

After a night of crazy sex that started off with them watching a porno together in the living room and ended with Adam tugging on Olivia's hair as he shot his cum deep inside of her pussy as a large dildo filled her ass, it was time for Olivia to leave since Christie would be home soon.

Olivia had never met anyone in Adam's family and they liked it that way since it was more fun to sneak around. Around 1a.m. they heard a car pull into the driveway. Olivia had stayed way longer than usual. Before leaving from the back door to run to her car parked the next block over, the erotic girl kissed her favorite toy and began to ask, "Adam, I think at this point we are comfortable enough with each other where we can tell each other anything and aren't afraid of knowing what the other person wants to do sexually, right?"

"Yeah. I'd like to think so. Why are you asking me this?" A skeptical Adam tilted his head at his partner.

"Well, I wanted to wait 'til we were in person before asking to go with me to this thing I used to go to before I started seeing you."

Not sure what Olivia was hinting at, Adam hesitantly asked her to continue more about the "thing" as they walked towards the sliding glass door leading to the backyard.

"Well, it's this party-"

Just then they heard metal keys unlock the deadbolt on the front door.

"I'll tell you later, Sweetie!" The young pair kissed and Olivia ran into the darkness of the backyard as Adam quickly slid the door shut. He then hid around the corner of the wall to the living room as his mom entered the house.

With adrenaline pumping through his body, the young teenager did not want his mom to see him. Even though Olivia was gone he knew his mom would be able to tell something fishy was going on with him, because she seemed to always be able to tell.

However, when Adam peered around the corner and saw his mom walk through the front door, he was the one who detected something fishy. It was very odd. He saw the blonde hair of his mother hanging down to her shoulder blades instead of in a bun like it usually was and like it was when she left. The black mascara seemed to be the same but her beautifully mature yet strong face had an element of red lipstick. She must have put it on in the car but it was also slightly smudged. The spying son also noticed the most salient thing- his mom was wearing the same long coat she usually wore when she went out, but unlike when she left, there was no shirt underneath. Between the gap in the top part of her coat where there were no buttons, Adam saw a sexy bright red pushup bra holding up two large but firm breasts. His mouth went dry.

He continued to cautiously peer around the corner as he watched his oddly behaving mother tiptoe over to her room. It then became apparent that the skinny blue jeans she was wearing when she went out were no longer on her body. Adam watched the movement of her creamy smooth thighs as she moved towards her room.

Not knowing whether his mom was having an affair or got caught up in some weird game at the bar, the mesmerized son didn't care. He was just thankful he just saw what he considered to be the sexiest woman he ever saw in his life. How had he not noticed her in that way before?

Over the course of the week, Adam went about his life as if nothing had changed. But deep down his mind was still reeling from the sight of last Friday night. Every night he would masturbate to the image of his mom in her long coat and red bra. He would ejaculate whatever was in his loins that he did not already put into Olivia earlier in the day.

The week went by slowly as if a form of torture. Normally the horny highschooler was excited about seeing Olivia, but that Friday he was also excited about having the opportunity to hide in the living room again and maybe get to see his mom in a similar situation.

Finally, it was Friday night again. Once again the peeping son stared through the crack in his door to watch his mom walk towards the door in the same clothes she was wearing during dinner. She was in another pair of tight blue jeans and a blouse with her blonde hair in a bun. She had the face stereotypical of a female manager- a bit hard but attractive enough where some of the jealous men in the office blamed her looks as the only reason for her promotion. And once again she had the small bag with her. Looking closely it appeared to be full of clothing items and it seemed like a long heel was pressing against the material of the stretched bag. Adam began to ogle at the way his mom's round butt cheeks moved in her light jeans. His hand reached down and began to further stimulate his growing erection in his mesh shorts.

Olivia was in the house within 20 minutes. Adam was already primed to go and it didn't take long before he was replacing Olivia's glasses with a blindfold and lining her asshole with lubricant.

"Wow, you're moving fast. Someone was excited to see me tonight."

With his 6-inch rod buried in his classmate's anal cavity, Adam was getting closer and closer to climax. The difference was that he was not looking at Olivia; rather, he had his eyes closed and was imagining yanking down his mother's jeans and fucking her gorgeous booty as his hands squeezed her chest from behind. Olivia's hole was loaded with Adam's warm jizz and they both collapsed onto the ground.

"That was amazing, Sweetie," groaned Olivia dreamingly.

They laid there for a while as a surprised son contemplated the meaning of what he just did.

The night moved on and Olivia knew she had to leave soon or risk cutting it close like it was last week. It was then that both Adam and her remembered that she needed to finish her proposal from last week.

Olivia ran her fingers through her sex partner's short light-brown hair. "Adam, do you remember what I was about to ask you last week?"

"Yeah, I was just about to ask you about that. You said you wanted to ask me in person- about the 'thing'".

"Right, right," Olivia continued, "Well, as I was saying, we've been doing this for a while and are very comfortable with each other. I don't think we should be afraid to show each other our most sexual sides and be willing to explore together more." She sat there nervous about the reaction of the man lying on the living room carpet next to her.

Thinking about the implications, Adam's first thought went to the idea of his attraction to his mom. Though Olivia was likely not hinting to anything close to that, he conceded that he, too, had more desires than what were being fulfilled by their relationship. "Yeah, I suppose so. I guess it would be a good idea to explore more. I've always been down for whatever with you."

Olivia beamed, "I'm really happy to hear you say that. The reason I am asking, as I said earlier, is I used to go to this thing before I started having fun with you. That thing was actually kind of a sex party..."

"What?!" Adam was surprised but he couldn't be shocked. The first time they had sex, they were strangers. "What exactly do you mean? How did you even get involved in that?"

"Are you upset?" She needed assurance before delving into any more details.

"No, I'm just surprised that you were involved in something like that at this age."

"Well, it started because on my 18th birthday I went to a dance club with friends and I ended up getting involved with an older man. He was a wealthy businessman so I was kind of turned on by the idea of him wanting me. He was really kinky and taught

me a lot of things. He was the one having phone sex with me at the party when we first met."

"Ohhhh..." Adam had always been curious about that but never asked.

"Yeah," Olivia continued, "so anyway, he owns a massive house off of Main Street and he actually throws sex parties there every week. Most of the people are older though. I'm not exactly sure how he knows them, but they seem to all know each other from outside the party. I think I was the only one there that didn't know everyone else. I tried not to ask too many questions."

Adam's head was racing as he tried to digest the information. "Well do you still see this guy? I mean we have never talked about being exclusive or anything. I don't really care too much but I'm interested in knowing. And what the hell were you doing at these parties? Was it just a giant orgy?"

"I have mainly just been talking to him on the phone because I have been spending most of my time with you. I actually stopped seeing him specifically once he started bringing me to the parties. I kind of started doing things with other men at the parties. And no, it's not a giant orgy," Olivia snickered, "it's a really fun themed party with drinks and sex games. There are some random hookups and group sex but it's a really fun exciting party. The older guy, Frank, has been texting me lately saying he and some of the other guys missed me."

"Wow, that's a lot to take in at once," breathed the boy in awe.

Quick to get him to see things her way, Olivia added, "We will be hooking up there for sure and there are plenty of other women there- women who know even more than me."

"I find that hard to believe that women know what they're doing more than you," he complimented.

"Well thanks, but I'm serious. You will have a blast there. Normally outsiders aren't invited but I told Frank I would come back only if I could bring a guest so he agreed."

"Thank you. But what if none of the women want to hook up with me and I end up sitting there the whole time watching you do things with other men?"

"Oh it would never happen that way. First of all, you're young and attractive so there

are many women there who will want to play with you. Secondly, they will have to. Before everyone who is involved can go to the sex party, they have to be willing to have sex with anybody there of the opposite sex. They play games that determine who does what things with who. It's a ton of excitement and nobody is left out."

Adam was thinking that it seemed too good to be true. He was still unsure but he saw the desire in Olivia's eyes. He knew if he didn't allow her to follow her fantasies that he would lose her. "Okay, I'll go with you."

"Great! I'll text you the details next week."

"Cool. Now you better get out of here before my mom catches us," Adam voiced half jokingly, half seriously.

They kissed and Olivia left. Adam checked the time and saw it was 12:45. His stunning mom could be home at anytime. He just hoped she would come home like she did last time so he could get the chance to see her again in clothing that no mother should be walking into the house wearing.

Positioned in the same great viewing angle that he was last time behind the corner of the living room wall, Adam watched the clock in anticipation. Ten minutes later he heard a car door shut. His heart was racing as he stood there peering at the front door. The sound of keys scraping the lock filled the quiet house.

The waiting was about to pay off. The door opened and Adam's jaw dropped. Once again his mom's hair was hanging down and she had on the long coat. Things were different though. Christie was wearing a dark blue plaid skirt that climbed way up the thigh. Underneath of her completely unbuttoned coat was a white blouse that was only buttoned half way up, exposing her cleavage in her matching plaid bra. Adam's forehead started to heat up.

Below the 41-year-old mother's miniskirt was a set of tall high heels that sculpted her legs. The lustful son began to rub his shaft from behind the wall. He almost lost it as his hot mom bent over to take off her heels so she could walk into her bedroom and not wake her sleeping husband. She must be stripping for extra money!

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