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A Mother Conquered

by TeddyBare53©

I am 23 years of age, 6' 1" tall and weigh in at around 215lbs, black hair with brown eyes and an 8 ½" cock that loves fun.

I moved out of home some 6 months ago after mum and dad divorced and I live in a nice apartment with a couple of mates. One evening I was surfing the chat lines and started to chat up this old lady who was as she described "in her 40's", we chatted about many things but soon got to the sex part and I was telling her about my cock and how I love to fuck old ladies (never done it before), when she explained that she loved to be used by younger men. I asked how she liked to be used, she told me that she liked to be dominated by men who just took what they wanted and would make her act like a real slut. I was coming on strong, telling her how I would use her and make her beg to suck my cock, when I asked if she had a web cam, she said she had and would turn it on for me, I waited a couple of minutes then it appeared on my screen, it was full of her old luscious tits as she played with her nipples, tweaking them and rubbing them for me to enjoy.

I was now masturbating my cock as I watched this old bitch play with her tits, I typed 'Show me your cunt, bitch.' She moved the camera down so I was looking at this smoothly shaven old pussy, I told her to insert her fingers and play with herself and she did. I was impressed and could not believe how this old lady was getting me excited and then the camera panned back up showing her belly then tits then...oh shit... short blonde hair, painted red lips, sexy green eyes, weight around 135lbs and about 5'3" in height... it was my mother, I just froze and she typed "Well what do you think of me?" I was trying to think...what should I do...I typed "Fuck you are a sexy old spunker, maybe I should fuck you and use you for my mates and myself, what do you think of that slut?" Her immediate response was to type "I am yours and will do anything you want." If she only knew she was flirting with her son.

A plan was formulating in my mind, if she wanted to be used, I would use her for I needed a slut to look after my cock and my mother sure looked like a slut. I typed "Be online tomorrow same time and be naked with a blindfold on and my chat box open with the camera on, do you understand slut?" She type "Yes master I will." I signed off, it was 9.30pm.

The following evening could not come around quick enough, I had showered and shaved and dressed in my black jeans and black shirt, felling and looking like a master, I thought. It was now 8.30pm and my mother's house was a good 30 minutes drive from here and I figured we were chatting for about 30 minutes so I should leave now. I drove, resisting the urge to speed and arrived around 8.55pm. I parked up the block a little and snuck into her yard and around the back where I had my key hiding, slowly and quietly I open the back door and crept in.

I made my way to her room and peeked inside to see her naked and sitting in front of her computer blindfolded with a blue scarf. She was slowly masturbating herself, she looked hot, my cock was erect and so I slipped out of my pants and shirt and snuck into the room. I stood before her and just watched for a minute then I said, "Mum its Alex and I am your new master," she jumped and tried to remove the blindfold but I grabbed her hands and said "Do not remove it, stay still and do as you are told or you will regret the consequences." I took a deep breath and with control in my voice I said "I have recorded you off the computer and if you do not serve me I will publish pics to the college where you work, the local school, the town library and put up posters all around the shopping mall, I mean it."

"Now bitch open that mouth up and get ready to suck your sons cock." I commanded as I grabbed two fistfuls of her blonde hair and shoved my cock into her open mouth, fuck it was hot, I pumped and she sucked, jamming it deep to the back of her mouth until I slipped into her throat and she gagged. I just kept fucking her throat, the wet sloshing sounds as my cock drove deep inside her throat, mum's muffled gagging grunt just intensified my fucking action. The saliva dripping from her full mouth, her checks hollowing as my cock rocketed over her tongue and deep in her throat, the ecstasy and the total control of humiliating my own mother, I loved it.

My mother was slobbering and gagging on her own sons cock, yes my mother, my slut. I kept fucking her mouth with my cock and it was growing, getting harder, my balls were getting tighter and ready to explode, "Ohhhhhhh," I was loosing control, burying my fingers tightly in her hair, slamming her face into my groin, I just shot thick jets of cum deep into her throat, choking her with my fat cock, she struggled to breathe as I unleashed my eruption, slime coming from her nostrils as she gasped for air. My torrent finally stopped, I withdrew my now deflating cock from her mouth as she sucked deeply for the breath she so badly needed, I held her hair with my left hand and dragged my cum and saliva coated cock down over her blindfold, her nose and then traced it over her swollen lips.

She remove her blindfold and looked up at me, tears rolling down her face, she said "Alex," I interrupted, "Call me master, you slut," she lowered her head and said "Master are you sure you want to do this to your mother?" "I know what I want" I said "I am your master, and I don't give a flying fuck what you want because you are my slut and will serve me completely." I looked at my mother, who had just sucked her own sons cock and swallowed his cum, she looked humiliated, degraded as she knelt before me, her hair dishevelled, her lovely old face smeared in my cum, "Kiss my cock slut," I commanded, she kissed the tip, "Good mummy slut," I said as I left the room and got dressed and went home.

When I arrived home I was still in disbelief with what I had just done and the way I had just treated my mother, I walked into my bedroom and Craig and Michael were sitting on my bed and as I entered the room, they both began to clap and began to chant "Mother Fucker, Mother Fucker." I looked over at my PC screen and saw my mother still naked with cum smeared over her face and obviously with her web camera still on masturbating herself.

"Well when do we get some of your mummy slut?" Michael asked, "How about tomorrow, but we need more friends to use her," I said, "How many do you want?" Craig inquired, "At least 6 or 7 including us" I said with a smile "And a video camera!" Michael jumped up and began to make some calls, while Craig got us some drinks to celebrate, I picked up my cell phone and rang my mum, ring-ring-ring "Hello," mum answered, "Slut you will be at my place tomorrow night at 10pm sharp, wear only your raincoat, nothing underneath and have a fresh shave of your cunt," then I hung up before she could answer. Craig passed Michael and I our drinks and we all said "Cheers."

It was now fast approaching 9.30pm the next day and all the guys had turned up including Samantha, Gary's Bi girlfriend. It was getting more exciting by the minute. "OK gang, listen up<" I shouted to get everyone's attention, "This is how its going to work, when she gets here, I will tell her to get naked in the middle of the room on her knees and then you can go for it, don't rush to much I am sure she can handle it, the rules are, treat her like a slut, don't ask her but make her, treat her like a whore who is here to please you all, OK?" "OK!" they all yelled and yahooed.

10pm on the button and the doorbell rang, I opened the door and there stood my mother all made up in her clear raincoat, shit she looked good. 'Well my little slut mother, come in and take off that raincoat', I commanded, she entered and immediately removed the coat and stood naked and cleanly shaved before me. "Now lower your eyes and go to the centre of the lounge room and kneel down," I commanded.

She followed my instructions to the letter, as soon as she had knelt, they descended upon her, hands pawing at her breasts and dicks being shoved into her mouth, Samantha was between her legs, sucking her pussy, it was great, the camera's were rolling and my friends were fucking my mother. Craig was the first to blow a load in my mother's mouth after savagely fucking her throat, Peter was behind her pumping her pussy with a vengeance. I scoured the room and saw Samantha sucking a couple of cocks in the corner getting them ready for my mum. Brad jumped up and took Craig's place and shoved his cock straight in her mouth, no finesse, just wham bam and he was fucking her face, calling her a cock crazy whore. Peter had now finished fucking mum and Michael was laying on the floor while my mother straddled his cock, Brad had now pulled his cock out of mums mouth and was now pushing it into her butt hole. Jim had seen the vacant mouth and took his opportunity to mouth fuck my mum, she was moaning and groaning, in the throws of an orgasm, while all her holes were being fucked by my friends.

Michael was coming between her legs while Jim was shooting his load down her throat. Brad just kept fucking her arse hard. The others had now moved away and were intently watching Brad arse fuck mum, "Do you want me to pull my cock out of your arse and cum in your mouth, slut?" Brad asked, I couldn't believe my ears when mum said "Yes please sir." Oh fuck this is good I thought. Brad was nearing his climax and pulled out of her old rump and grabbed her hair and pulled her round to his cock, she opened her mouth and Brad just shoved his cock in and came with a vengeance, "Yeahhhhhhhhhh," he screamed. My mother choking on his cock, but like a true slut she kept sucking and swallowing it all until he fell backwards, spent and exhausted.

Samantha stood up and walked over to mum, pushed her backwards till mum was laying on her back, Samantha then squatted over my mothers face and sat her pussy onto her mouth, "Suck it you old slut, suck my pussy clean," she growled out the words then spat onto my mothers face, grabbing her hair and riding her mouth like a rodeo star. Gary, who up till now had stood in the corner masturbating, came over and Samantha took his cock into her mouth and sucked him. There was Samantha riding my mothers mouth and sucking Gary's cock until it exploded in her mouth, she got off my mother and bent over her face, pushed her fingers into my mothers mouth and let the cum dribble out of her mouth into my mums mouth, they then locked into an intensively passionate kiss, Samantha eventually falling off my mother, as the room cheered.

My mother lay in the middle of the room, covered in cum from head to foot, her eyes glazed and a smile that told me, at last she was happy. I walked over straddled her face and fucked her mouth and throat. Why? because she was my mother, she was my slut and I had conquered her.

Written by: TeddyBare53

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