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Private Showing: Sister's Surprise

by JMiller69©

Story Two: Sister's Surprise

"Oh god Yes-s-s-s-s-s Jason. Fuck me baby," Amber cries out in passion as she sat in my lap facing me and her hot sweaty naked 5'6" 150 pound 38DD-28-37 body presses in against my 6'1" muscularly toned 190 pound body.

Amber passionately French kisses me as our tongues probe each other's mouths and she bounces up and down on my raging hard 9 inch cock that is buried deep inside her tight smooth newly shaven pussy.

Amber moans with passion as I suck on her 38 inch breasts and kiss her nipples. I can feel her tight velvety silky smooth pussy walls grip the sides of my cock as they have so many times before and like 100's of little velvety fingers, milk it dry.

I can also feel the wetness of her womanhood as it trickles over the edges of my man-meat and it isn't long until I felt her pussy quake and contract.

"Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s, make me cum," Amber moans as her pussy juices begin to flood my cock.

Just then, her orgasm hits her like a massive volcano and she cries at the top of her longs wailing like a banshee. "Don't stop lover," she says in a panting voice gasping for air. "I want to feel your hot manhood deep inside of me."

I know it wouldn't be long until I would cum because I can feel my cock swell with cum. I let Amber know I am ready to explode and she just fucks me faster and faster and begins rocking back and forth like a wild woman. "Give yourself to me baby," Amber pants. "I want to feel you all deep inside of me."

I can hold back no longer and I shoot my spunk deep into my lover's waiting pussy like I have so many times before since she came to live with me 18 months ago.

Amber purrs with delight as my hot load went deep into Amber's wet waiting pussy. "OH god yes baby," Amber moans with a panting voice. "I can feel your manhood deep inside of me."

Amber's back arches as she raises her body and I follow, taking her from the overstuffed dark charcoal grey leather couch in which we were sitting and lay her out on the floor on the bearskin rug in front of the fire that was that is roaring in front of the fireplace.

I take Amber from behind as she lies on her hands and knees in front of the fireplace. Taking my cock in her hands, she guides it into her sopping wet pussy from behind. I thrust my cum soaked hard cock into her pussy and begin to fuck her. Amber purrs with delight as I slowly and methodically fuck her at a moderate pace.

"Oh god yes baby," she croons as she lowers her head and gasps for breath as the next orgasm hits her. I can feel the wetness of her cum juices trickle over my cock.

They act as a lubricant and you can even now feel the squishiness of the mixture of our juices as you imagine how it feels to be deep inside of Amber's tight little pussy.

Amber drops her head and cries out in passion as she cums and tells me to withdraw and that she wants it missionary style so that she can hold me close and we can become "one".

I lay her out on her back and crawl on top of her was we embrace. My cock slips inside of her waiting pussy as she wraps her well toned legs around my body and pulls me close to her.

We lovingly kiss as our bodies move together and I slowly pump her. "Let out souls become one my beloved," Amber says with our soft voice. "May the blessed goddess enrich our union and take the fruit of our loins as our holy sacrifice."

Amber and I begin to move as one and mystically our souls and spirits unite. We can feel the other and our hearts are joined together. We move as a well oiled machine as we move together in unison.

Amber's soft sweaty warm naked body presses up against mine as my rock hard 9 inch cock slowly and methodically pumps deeper and deeper.

Outside, the cabin, the weather is cold and harsh and the snow that had been forecasted begins to fall. Yet inside, the weather is nice and hot, but not as hot as the passion that is rising inside our souls.

I can feel Amber's next orgasm as it hits her body. Her pussy quakes and contracts and her juices begin to flow. Just then, her back arches and her fingers grip my shoulders as she digs them into my flesh and her legs wrap around my back and locks ankles.

"Oh yes baby," Amber cries out. "Join me my beloved. Let our juices become one." That sends a signal to my brain that tells my cock to let go of its massive load. I spew my manhood deep into Amber's waiting pussy and she croons with delight and her body falls limp and I fall on her as we lay together.

"Oh god Jason," Amber purrs as she gains her breath back. "What a wonderful birthday you have made this, even better than my last one. You are the best brother a girl could ever have and the hottest lover I have ever had."

As we lay together we slowly begin to fall asleep in each other's arms and the next thing we know it is just before sunrise and Amber and I get up, walk hand and hand upstairs to our bedroom where we crawl under the cover and sleep until noon.

Since it is blizzard conditions outside, we are snowbound so we find ways to "keep each other warm" by fucking like rabbits all that day and well into the night, only taking a break for a quick bite of nourishment.

Well as you may have guessed, Amber and I have a brotherly sisterly relationship that is much more intimate than normal. Not only is Amber my beloved baby sister who worships the very ground I walk on, but as you can tell by reading the above encounter, she is my live in lover and has been ever since she came to live with me 18 months ago.

How did an ordinary brotherly sisterly relationship turn into torrid incestual love affair, well let us turn back the clock and examine how it came into being.

Amber was born 5 years after I was and growing up we became very close. Mom and dad had always been strict and with Amber. I guess they felt they had to be more strict, seeing that she was "their vestal virgin."

However, Amber was her own person and soon it was evident that Mom and Dad would have their hands full.

As for me, I learned early "how to play the game," as it was. I knew how to read mom and dad and knew that if I wanted to stay out of trouble I had to find crafty ways of looking as if I was complying.

I guess I had a lot of my mom's dad in me because he was always the sneaky one and could "ease his way out of any sticky situation" and I was no exception.

Amber on the other hand was a "free spirit" and soon it was evident that Mom and Dad would have their hands full Who knows, maybe it was her flaming "carrot top" red hair as some always said that made her temperament explosive but Amber was not one who liked to be told what to do and as she got older, it only got worse.

However, when she interacted with me, she did not blame me for not getting in trouble but she looked up to me, mainly because I accepted her for who she was and never judged her.

I also tried not to "preach at her" yet she knew I was genuinely concerned for her well being when I would sometimes "Play the nosey big brother" and keep her ass out of trouble.

When Amber reached puberty, things only got worse. . Mother nature had abundantly blessed her with large ta-tas. She reached her maturity early and as a junior in high school she stood 5'6" was fuller figured(yet not fat) measuring 38DD-28-37.

Amber was also very, very attractive in the face and she knew it. Not only did she have a body that any teenage male would give his soul to fuck but she had the looks that could rival the most beautiful Greek Goddesses. If that wasn't bad enough, Amber also knew it and she used it to her advantage.

By this time, Mom and Dad grew tired of her exploits and shipped her of to a private all girls Catholic Boarding school until she turned 18. It was either this or she would be put in the d-home because my sweet dear sister was not only a slut but she was charging for it as well as doing drugs, smoking and drinking.

When she talked to me about it, instead of coming down on her, I urged her to "bide her time" and play along until she turned 18 and after that, she would be an adult and could do what she wanted.

I also convinced her to finish school for her own good and told her it would pay her off down the road. Amber took my advice and the day after graduation she hopped a train to the big city and became a model.

While as a model, they sent her to Europe because the Europeans liked "Bigger, fuller figure women." Amber could wear a size 10-12 in most things but in some things because of her larger bust line, had to go with a 14.

Amber spent almost 6 years overseas modeling and I would come to find out just what kind of modeling it would be.

Amber was not your run of the mill fashion model, but she was an "Adult Model," not only in magazines but in film. However, in film, she had a boyfriend named Pierre` she met while in France who was a 18 year old virgin and he became her "partner".

Amber didn't just limit herself to boys though, she got into girls and had developed a thing for Pierre's sister, Yvette. In fact, it was through Yvette that she met Pierre` and the three of them became quite a 3-some.

Amber also did fashion modeling of lingerie lines to "private buyers." These "private showings" would be strictly "show only" and the most physical anyone was able to get was maybe a naked lap dance while Amber would make the sales men cum in their 500 dollar Armani suits.

After about six years of this lifestyle, Amber was getting burned out. She loved what she was doing but she wanted "a life" and to work part-time and to set her own hours. She didn't want to go back home and she didn't trust the sleazy agents here in America, so in order to get herself published, she turned to the one person she knew in the publishing and advertising business who she could trust, her very own older brother, me.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was in late June and I had just finished up a grueling 6 week presentation preparation and had presented it that Wednesday. I decided I would take not only Thursday and Friday off but the following week as well.

After all, I had been with that firm for the last 12 years( 6 as a co-op while in college and six after graduating) and had worked my way up to VP of Sales and marketing. I felt I deserved it, after all I just landed the hugest and the most sought after account the industry and the largest in the company history.

That morning I was awoken out of my peaceful slumber by the constant ringing on the doorbell and pounding at the door. I looked and felt like 5 miles of bad road as I came down the stairs from my loft room where I kept a spare bed, seeing that I had stripped off the sheets from my other bed and washed them I and didn't feel like putting new ones on.

"This better by damned important," I grumbled to myself as I made my way down the stairs half blinded by the bright morning sun shining in the balcony window and stumbled to the door with my chestnut brown hair matted, sticking up every which way, my white t-shirt half tucked in my light grey sweat pants and wearing athletic socks.

I opened the door ready to cuss out who ever it was when I was taken by shock and awe of who was standing there, my very own kid sister who at first I didn't recognize.

Amber stood with her back turned to me. I could tell she was wearing a very tight fitting sleeveless midriff type shirt that came down to the waist in the back was open on the back except for a four inch strap that crossed by her shoulder blades. She was also wearing a pair of tight, very, VERY light blue denim shorts that hugged every curve of her perfectly formed ass.

The woman's legs were well toned and slightly big but not too big. I could tell she wore about a 12, maybe 14 and something inside of me told me I should know her, but her flaming red carrot top colored Auburn hair had turned a bit darker and was now longer(shoulder length) and styled differently than it had been when I saw her last.

"May I help you," I said in a "matter-of fact" monotone voice half grumpily and that is when Amber turned, took off her glasses and I would know who it was. "Jason, Jason Miller," she said hesitantly. "Yes, I am Jason," I replied with a "strictly business like" tone and was about to ask her who the hell she was.

Just then, the feeling of recognition suddenly hit me and I said "Amber?" "Yes sweetie, it's me," she replied and with that, she threw her arms around me and we lovingly embraced

"Oh my god sis, it's so good to see you," I exclaimed as I gave her a big ole hug and picked her up and twirled her around like a giddy school boy. "It's so good to see you too brother dear" and with that she hugged me and gave me a kiss.

However, much to my surprise, it wasn't your normal everyday sisterly peck on the cheek. This kiss was a full blown passionate kiss on the lips lasting a good 15-20 seconds and her warm tight body pressed in against me and her crotch grinded against mine.

Not that I minded, because to be perfectly honest, I surely didn't. I was just taken by surprise but I didn't let that stop me. I was caught up in the emotion of seeing my sister for the first time in almost 8 years since she was 16 and shipped off to Catholic Boarding School.

It was like all those suppressed feelings that we had for each other over the years just came to the surface and I returned the kiss and held her tight to me and our hands began running over each other's bodies.

As our bodies rubbed together, I could feel her breasts press in against my chest and my hands found their way to them and instinctively cupped them. Amber didn't protest one bit but instead put her hands on my butt pulling my crotch closer to hers and began to dry hump me.

By now, my cock was its full length and pressing in on her pussy and I know she felt it but she never said a word, she just moaned with delight.

After a couple of minutes this, we finally "came back to our senses." Amber broke the awkwardness of the moment by playfully saying "I guess I wasn't the only one glad to see you. It seems like you got a rise out this as well," as she glanced down to my crotch to the huge bulge in my pants, which by now I could no longer hide.

I flushed with momentary embarrassment but Amber sweetly reassured me everything was fine and that she wasn't offended

"Don't worry about it baby," Amber lovingly said putting her hand in mine and smiling. "Hell, I would wanna fuck me too, if I was you and we are both adults so we shouldn't be afraid of our feelings, no matter whether society thinks they are taboo or not.

I have always known about your crush on me and I am flattered and must say the feeling is mutual, so it's no biggie."

With that, the subject is dropped and I help Amber inside the house with her luggage and show her where her room was going to be just down the hall. Afterwards, we go back into the den where I tell Amber to make herself comfortable and I would fix her something to drink.

"What would you like to drink sis," I said going into the kitchen. "Some milk would be great sweetie, if ya got it." "Sure do," I reply. "Is skim ok?" "Sounds great baby, after all they say milk does a body good."

"Would you like a blueberry muffin as well," I add. "Sounds good," she replies and in about 3 minutes I bring us both a tray of muffins and milk and prepare to have a seat on the couch beside her.

Much to my surprise, Amber has made herself "comfortable" in that she is sitting on the couch topless in nothing but her leopard skin colored panties and smoking a cigarette.

"Hope you don't mind me shedding out of these clothes sweetie," Amber says as she takes a long puff on her cigarette and blowing out the smoke, "but I have been in these damned clothes ever since I got on the plane last night and I was dying to get out of them."

Amber then realizes that she had forgotten her manners in that she had never asked me if I minded whether she smoked in the house. "Oh yeah, if my ciggy bothers ya I will put it out," she adds apologetically. "No biggie sweetheart," I replied. My house is your house so feel free to do what ever ya please and help yourself to anything you want, no matter what."

"What if I want the owner of the house," Amber slyly says as she sits up on her knees and playfully perches herself and looks at me like she is a tigress ready to pounce on her prey. "Well, if that's what you really want, then help yourself, after all, I am sure he won't mind to terribly much."

With that she chuckled and sat back down on the couch with her legs spread in my lap and we talk, as we both smoke some cigarettes and catch up on old times.

"So sis, whats ya been doing with yourself these past six years," I ask as I finish my first ciggy, snuffing it out in the ashtray beside me. "You said in your letter that you were into modeling and were looking to do some work here in the states. I would be interested in seeing some of your stuff. Who knows, maybe I could get you published."

"That would be awesome honey," Amber said as she shifted her body and leaped forward giving me a big hug, where she was now sitting on my lap facing me pinning me down to the couch with her partially naked body pressed in against mine. "Do you really think you could do that for me," she adds. "If so, I would forever be in your debt."

"I think I can manage that," I lovingly reply. "After all, I do work for a publishing company and we do publish a wide variety of fashion magazines, appealing to most any kind of taste, I just need to see a sample of your work so I know better how to help you."

"Are you sure you really wanna see what I do brother dear," Amber replies sitting up so that now she is back away from my body and has reached behind her to grab her back pack. "Sure," I reply, "after all, its like you said, we are both adults here so its no biggie." "Very well sweetie," Amber replies, "but don't say I didn't warn ya."

Amber pulls out her giant leather bound book and begins going through it showing me various catalogues she has appeared in. The first ones she show me are fairly tame, the kind like you would see in a sales paper or swimsuit mag, however as we continue through the books, they become more "risqué" featuring her to what appears to be topless and sometimes nude but the shots are behind various objects so that only a hint is given to what is actually going on.

We then reach the last ones in her collection which happen to be tucked away in a special folder inside the back cover of the book .

"What are these," I inquisitively ask with almost a devilish grin. "Oh you don't want to see these," Amber replies blushing. "Yes I do," I respond. "Very well," Amber adds, "but don't ever tell mom or dad about these. It would give them an adverse sphincter reaction.

"Don't worry sweetie, You forget, I know many a secret about you that mom and dad have never found out about."

I guess if it was anyone else, Amber wouldn't have been as worried about my opinion, but since I was her brother she still worries that I would disapprove of her nude modeling. I open the first book and am taken aback by my very own sister posing nude and not just alone but with another woman in what appears to be a pretty lurid pose.

The photo has her on the beach with her left leg up and the upper part of an obviously naked brunette between her legs doing what appears to be eating her out while Amber has her hand on the brunette's face and a look on her face that tells me she is obviously ready to cum.

Another photo has Amber posed what appears to be naked behind a sexy short blonde who also appears to be naked. Amber's left hand in cupping the one of the blondes 34B breasts while the other is partially covered behind a wall. Amber's other hand is over what appears to be the woman's crotch. The caption reads "L __ S T, It's just not the same without 'U'. Wear Eden lingerie or nothing at all."

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