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The Dac Attacks Ch. 01

by That70sGuy©

I've known Mrs. Cleaver since Timmy (her son) and I were in the same cub scout pack. She was our pack leader. The truth is she would have been better off with a group of brownies. She was way too prissy for a cub scout pack - or at least for our cub scout pack. We were kinda hell raisers. And, she was always correcting our manners, looking at our fingernails and stuff like that.

Of course, her real name isn't Mrs. Cleaver, but that's what we all called her behind her back. Timmy didn't seem to care. He'd been acting all fucked up since his dad died in a car accident. He was my best friend and I did my best to help him. We smoked some pot together on occasion, and played video games a lot, but when Timmy started dipping into his mom's prescription medicines, I backed off. We stayed friends, but not as close for a number of years. That is until the grand experiment began. We were both 18 by then.

Actually, it was Mrs. Cleaver that prompted the change. She got me all involved and interested in the Ohlone tribe of native americans that used to inhabit the area we lived in .I collected arrow heads and visited abandoned camp sites for years. Then, Mrs. Cleaver arranged for me to meet on of the Ohlone shaman. I got really into the plants the Ohlone used for various medicines. In particular, that Ohlone shaman turned me on to a plant the Ohlone used as an aphrodisiac. That's what got Timmy interested. I guess he had kinda an interest in all medicines, with ones that got you high at the top of the list. As for me. I'd heard about Spanish Fly and stuff like that, but I'd never met anyone who ever had any. I fantasized myself as the supplier of a genuine aphrodisiac.

So, Timmy and I made many sojurns over the next year into the hills around out home. We collected, dried, powdered, minced, crushed, and did anything else we could thing of to prepare the plant for it's intended use. I even used some of my dad's bourbon to try to extract the ingredients from the plant. We used the girls in our senior class to test our concoctions. Just slip a little powder into their coke, or whatever. Unfortunately we could never detect any difference in the girls we tested.

It seemed like we really weren't going to be the aphrodisiac kings after all. Anyway, we were in Timmy's bedroom discussing our most recent failure when Timmy came up with a bright (as it turned out) idea.

"Hey", he says "let's try this stuff out on my mom. Maybe it only works on full grown women. I mean maybe women who have already had babies, or somethin like that."

What did we have to lose? "OK." I said, "why don't you just go drop some of the powder in your mom's coffee. We can play some Marauders and then go check on her." So Timmy did. Then we played Marauders until we heard a crash in the kitchen. We ran out to see what the commotion was.

Timmy's mom was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. She'd dropped a glass on the floor, which was the noise we had heard. She was also looking pretty wobbly. She looked drunk. Timmy and I helped her to sit down on the couch.

"I don't know what it is," she said, "I feel really strange in my stomach. It feels like when I was pregnant and sometimes I'd get very... Uh. Well, you're old enough to understand, I guess. It feels like when I was pregnant and would get terribly horny. Anyway, there's no way I'm pregnant, so that can't be it. It's getting better now, but I think I should go lay down. Timmy, could you finish up in the kitchen for me?"

"Sure mom", he said. " Let's get you to bed. Then Jack and I will clean up. So we helped her to her room and then got busy on the kitchen. About an hour later we were done, and decided we should check back in on her. We cracked her door and looked in. We could hear the moans coming from her room even before we opened the door. Mrs. Cleaver was totally nude and laying on her bed with her legs spread. She was driving a huge dildo in and out of her gaping pussy. Timmy looked like he was in shock. His eyes were glazed and he clearly wasn't thinking straight.

"She's hurting herself. We gotta go help her." he said.

I looked at Timmy a little funny. "You do know what she's doing, right?" I asked.

He looked at me, but I could see in his eyes that nothing was connecting. "That's all right Timmy. She's not hurting herself. Don't worry. Why don't you go play some marauders and I'll go take care of your mom. She does need some help, but I'm sure I can take care of it. You go on. I'll catch up with you in your room in a little while. Go on now," I said.

I looked back in at Mrs. Cleaver as Timmy took off for his room. She was still there. Legs spread wide, her ass lifting on and off the bed with each thrust as the dildo disappeared into her hairy pussy. She was a sexual dynamo working in overdrive. I got chicken. She looked like she's smother me if I got too close. I admit, my sexual experience is still pretty minimal. I wasn't sure what to do with all the energy Mrs. Cleaver was expending. OK Jack, stiffen up I told myself. No guts no glory...

So I stepped into Mrs. Cleavers bedroom quietly. "Mrs. Cleaver." I said quietly, "are you OK. I heard moaning. Are you sure you didn't hurt yourself in the kitchen?" I asked.

She looked at me. A trickle of sweat lined the sides of her face. Her eyes had a glazed glassy look, but in the center I could see a sparkle like an ember burning slowly, overwhelmingly, consuming all of her attention. Clearly she was incapacitated, or at least very pre-occupied.

"Here," I said, "I think I've got something that can help." I said as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She stared at it hungrily, an animal growl exiting her mouth. Greedily she stuffed me into her mouth. She's slowed down her hump rate while studying my dick. Now, she went back to work on herself with a vengeance. I climbed onto the bed and straddled her head, feeding my 7 inches into her waiting and wonton mouth. I put my hands up on the wall behind the bed, shifted position, and then slid my member's full length into her accommodating mouth. Mrs. Cleaver began to pump her pussy with a vengeance. I picked up the pace trying to match her thrust for thrust. By now my full length was reaching down into her throat at the bottom of my stroke. This didn't last long. Like I said, my sexual experiences had been minimal to date. I didn't know how to control the boiling I felt building in my balls. It didn't help that my balls were slapping Mrs. Cleaver's chin with each stroke. That was all it took. I exploded down Mrs. Cleaver's throat. I think we climaxed at about the same time though. Mrs. Cleaver arched her back and wiggled her ass as she drove the dildo in and out of herself. I didn't let Mrs. Cleaver get a breath in till my cock was completely emptied. Then I slid it out of her moth and she took a deep breath. She was also looking very satisfied.

But then I looked deeper into her eyes. Hmmm, that ember was still glowing in there. Maybe we weren't done just yet. I'd never done it more than once, I mean cumming. I never had a chance to try to get my dick up and operating again after having spilled my seed. In fact the only time I'd fucked a girl to completion was with Julie from our class, who didn't seem to care whether an aphrodisiac was involved or not.

What I learned about myself was that I had really good recuperative powers. It didn't take long with Mrs. Cleaver's continued ministration on my cock before I was hard once more. My balls had distended and were once again slapping Mrs. Cleaver in the chin with each thrust.

But I wasn't satisfied this time with another blow job. I wanted Mrs. Cleaver's pussy. So I crawled off her and positioned myself between her open legs. I stared down at her bushy pussy. I could see her labia just barely poking through the tangle of bush. I had heard about kissing a girl down there, and I wanted to try it, but I was afraid of goofing it up. I didn't want anything to get screwed up so I she wouldn't fuck me. But the pussy staring back at me was too tempting. I spread her lips and looked down into the pink flesh that was revealed. I saw the clitoris up top and knew that was a hot spot because I had seen Mrs. Cleaver rubbing it intensely. I planted my lips on her clit and sucked her into me. I pushed first one and then a second finger into her pussy. Then I changed strategies and began to lick the length of her slit. When the tip of my tongue passed the hole leading to her uterus, it dipped in. Each time Mrs. Cleaver would let out a little gasp.

"Fuck me", she pleaded "quit teasing me and just fuck me." I was happy to oblige. I lined my dick up with her now quite wet opening and slid right in, all the may to the hilt. Mrs. Cleaver kept up a steady stream of moans as I pumped her. We kept this going for a few minuites and then Mrs. Cleaver wanted to turn over. She got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed right at me. "Fuck me from behind", she said. I had no problem with that. I slid in her just as easily from behind as from in the front, but there was a different feel about this position. Her pubic bone pressed itself up against my cock rubbing the sensitive foreskin with each pass. I grabbed her ass and hung on as I plunged her hole. I became entranced looking down on her ass as it bottomed out on my dick and sent ripples jiggling out along her ample ass cheeks - like earthquake tremors. Her asshole winked at me. It was fascinating.

I'd push in and it would crinkle up, but as I pulled out, the hole in the middle of the pucker would open up - like it was winking at me. Inviting me to do something. I pushed my finger in. OK, I get it now. That was Mrs. Cleavers real "go" button. She went wild, bucking and wiggling as her pussy devoured my cock. Her pussy was like a vacuum pump on my dick. It wanted to suck me dry, and I was gonna give it my best while satisfying it. I pushed another finger into her ass, and Mrs. Green began to orgasm. It didn't take me more than half a second to respond in kind. I pushed, she arched, I spewed... repeat three or four (I lost count) more times. I shuddered as the last of sperm left my pisshole and bounced off her cervix. She was squeezing her legs tight together now, trying to squeeze whatever she could get from my rapidly shrinking member. I think she wanted to keep me trapped in that position for as long as she could. I pulled out and sat back on my heals watching as my sperm slowly leaked out of Timmy's mother's pussy.

Mrs. Cleaver collapsed onto her stomach looking completely sated. I played with her but cheeks squeezing them together then spreading them, while I watched my sperm continue to dribble out of her spent cunt. Mrs. Cleaver didn't seem to notice. She just laid there - probably asleep. Anyway, I picked up my clothes and left her bedroom as if she was, closing the door quietly behind me.

I found Timmy still in his room playing Marauders. He had the TV on too, but wasn't paying any attention to it. In fact, I don't think he was really even paying to the Marauder game he was playing.

"I've been thinking a lot about what we've got ourselves into."

"Yeah?" I said.

"Yeah, well it's not fair that you got to fuck my mom. I worked just as hard as you gathering and processing those plants. I want my turn, but it has to be with a woman who's already had a baby. You know any? Or, I mean, do you know any we could get close enough so that we can slip some powder into her drink?"

"Hmmm yeah," I said. "I've been thinking a little bit about this too. In addition to finding a woman who's been pregnant before, we also got to keep this thing tight under wraps. I think what we're doing is probably illegal, and I don't want any trouble with the law. And, I've also been wondering what's going to happen when your mom wakes up. Will she remember what happened of freak out on us. She might even go to the cops, but I don't think so. I saw her eyes and they looked pretty glazed over. But as far as you and I are concerned, we found her in the kitchen after she got woozy and helped her to bed. We've been playing Marauders ever since. I think it'll be easy to let her believe that it was all her dreams."

"OK." Timmy said, but you still owe me. "I want to get laid the next time we use the power and you're gonna make it happen. It's your mom's turn next time."

"That's fine", I said. "I'll set it up. But first we gotta go clean up your mom's room and make it look like she was the only one that was ever in her bed. I'll clean up her pussy while you gather her clothes. I think I saw her bra hanging from the fan in her room. Leave her clothes on a chair or sumthin, like she put 'em there before going to bed."

To be continued...

Written by: That70sGuy

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