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The Dac Attacks Ch. 02

by That70sGuy©

The aphrodisiac (or Dac as we called it) had both good points and bad points. It turned women into willing sluts, that was for sure, but it only worked on women who had been previously pregnant. Neither Timmy or I knew many of these - at least intimately enough where we could administer the Dac and control the situation so we didn't get caught.

Right now, Dad was the big problem. I'd promised Timmy I'd set things up so he could fuck my mother since I had already fucked his. He said I owe him, and I hate owing people. But with Dad hanging around there just wasn't a safe time to get Mom alone. So we waited. I knew sooner or later Dad was going to take a business trip. He was usually gone at least for one night if not two when he went on travel.

That doesn't mean I didn't stay busy refining the Ohlone derived aphrodisiac Timmy and I had come up with. My only "test subject" was Mrs. Cleaver, though. She'd lost her husband to a car accident, so there was no worries about running into adverse conditions - like Dad in my house.

While we waited and I tested out varying dosages of the Dac on Mrs. Cleaver, Timmy was thinking up strategies for maybe getting in bed with one of his mom's friends - or my mom's. Actually most of mine and Timmy's mom's friends were mostly the same. We live in a small town. At least we were now clear about who our "target market" for the drug needed to be for the drug to prove "useful". They didn't need to be married or anything, but they did have to have born at least one child. The Dac only worked on women who had gone through the physiological change brought on by childbirth. Or, at least, that's the only group we ever found that was susceptible to the effects of it.

Since Dad was home every night, we spent most of our time at Timmy's. I had an open invitation to experiment on her. Timmy's kinda weird. He doesn't want to touch his mom, but he was fine with my experiments with her. He said it made him feel like a total heel inside just thinking about fucking her, but he was OK with others. After all, his mom was only 39 and did go out on dates occasionally. Timmy assumed she was getting laid.

I will admit that Mrs. Cleaver appeared particularly tuned in to the Dac experience. Even though I kept reducing the dosage I gave her, she responded to each administration with the energy of a female cat in heat. The other thing I began to notice is that she had started to become more collaborative with our fucking. The last time we were together, I was fucking her doggy style with my finger up her ass (she really likes that), when she turned her head up to me and demanded that I fuck her ass. "Just get your finger out of there and stick your big prick where the finger was. PLEASE!!" She even spread her ass cheeks so I could use both my hands to line up on her pucker hole just right.

The feelings were wonderful, but what I really liked was that she had demanded for me to stick my dick there. She was participated in our fucking rather than just laying there and complying. Anyway, I was pleased to find a potential new advantage to long term Dac use. I had yet to find any negative consequences, although my database only contained one entry.

The other advantage of Dac appeared to be that memories of the sexual activities were hazy at best. They were more like dreams than true memories. Once she fell asleep after sex (which was usually pretty quick - the Dac did demand a price), the entire experience transformed into some kind of dream sequence. When she woke up, she was awake, alive, and raring to go, but there was no sexuality in any of her actions. Nor any mention of prior events.

OK. Back to Dad. It took forever, but finally Dad came home one night and announced a work trip. He would be gone for 3 days, but only 2 nights. That was OK, I was only hoping for 1. So I helped him pack and even drove him to the airport. I got back home around noon, and I found my mom in the kitchen making lunch. I asked if I could join her. While I was pulling out sandwich fixins, I noticed mom hadn't poured her drink yet, so I said I was getting some milk for me and did she want anything. She said milk was good for her, too. So, while I was reaching for a glass with one hand, my other hand was reaching into my pocket to retrieve the packet of Dac I had there in preparation. I filled mom's glass and left it on the table where she usually sat. Then, I went and poured mine, but kept it near me on the kitchen counter. The last thing I wanted was to confuse who got the Dac and who didn't.

After lunch my mother began to look fidgety. We'd just finished cleaning up after lunch and were sitting on the couch trying to find something interesting on T.V. The next thing I knew, she jumped up off the couch and started removing her clothes.

"Mom!" I cried, "what are you doing?" She looked at me with that glazed look in her eyes and said only one word.

"Hot", she said.

"OK mom. Let me help you. Let's get you to the shower first though. You can take off your clothes there and go take a cool shower. That should help." I said, knowing full well it wouldn't. I needed to get her to the shower and then call Timmy quickly. I led my mom to the bathroom in her room. Shit, mom already had her blouse unbuttoned and the tail pulled out of her pants. I could see her boobs, though they were still somewhat concealed by her lacy bra. I could see half her areola, though. They were huge, clearly larger than even a silver dollar. I wondered what her nipples would look like surrounded by those areola. Talk about a bulls eye...

I got my mom to the shower, but she wanted me to join her. It didn't matter to her that both she and I had clothes on. She just wanted both of us in that shower together. This was going to make a bigger mess that what I wanted to clean up later.

"Hold on, mom", I said "let me help you get out of your clothes first. I kneeled down and pulled her pants off and then her underwear. I was staring face to face with my mother's bush, It was big and black, but so were hey pussy lips. They made her mons more pronounced and her slit well defined. Meanwhile, my mom was pulling my shirt off over my head. I got the rest of her clothes off and aimed her towards the shower. She refused to go in without me. She kept pulling on my arm, so I acquiesced.

"OK mom", I'll come in with you but first let me get my pants off." I turned my back to her and slid my pants off. I had a raging boner and didn't want to incite my mom further with it. I knew the power of Dac. I pulled off my underwear and hid my dick behind my hands as I quickly stepped into the shower. This wasn't the plan. I agreed with Timmy that fucking my own mother really felt icky to my insides. And, I owed Timmy. So how to get him over here - and quick.

"Now, now dear. There's no need to hide your magnificent manhood from me." my mother said. She grabbed my hands and pulled them away exposing my full 7 inches of rigid boner. "Oh my", she exclaimed.

I kept trying to edge myself back to the bathroom door, but mom kept dragging me back into the shower - sometimes by my dick. Finally I gave in. I'm not sure if it was my lust or my mom's persistence, but maybe (I thought) I could get away with just a blow job. Was it incest if your mom just sucked your dick? I wondered, but my mom's actions were soon going to put it to the test. She already had me turned so my back was to the shower head protecting her from the full force of the water. She was also on her knees with half my dick in her mouth before I looked down.

"Oh God", I moaned. Then, I accepted the inevitable and grabbed the back of my mom's head as I pushed my dick deeper into my mom's accommodating mouth. I felt the head of my prick enter her throat. Her throat was smaller than the diameter of my cock, so the further in I pushed the tighter her throat squeezed my dick. It was heaven.

I wasn't going to last long under these conditions, but that was good. I'll cum as quick as I can and then go call Timmy. It didn't take long, either. I was filling my mother's mouth with all the cock I could give her. Slide out, then back to home position at the back of her throat. Repeat...

I came hard and long. My dick was buried in the home position as I poured ejaculate into my mother's struggling esophagus. I didn't let up till the last drip had left my pisshole. Then, I quickly hopped out of the shower, gathered my clothes, and was half way to the bedroom door before mom caught up with me.

"Mom please", I said. "Let me go for a minute, and I'll come back with a big surprise. I promise. Why don't you go finish your shower and dry off. You can wait on your bed for me to get back. I promise I won't be long."

After some more tug-of-war, mom finally let go of me. "You are going to come right back, right?" she asked. I assured her I would and suggested she go get herself ready. Then I made a mad dash for the living room and the phone.

"Timmy", I said, "get your ass over here right away. I gave my mom less of a dose than I gave yours the first time, but she's coming on way too strong for me to hold her off for long. Hurry. Please." I hung up.

OK. Now what? Maybe I could keep my mom occupied with a toy, though I didn't think my mom used a dido or anything. At least I had never found one the times I'd rifled her drawers looking for sexy underwear. So, I went to the kitchen. I found a turkey baster that looked like it had interesting potential. I took it back with me to her room.

"Look what I found, mom." I said, "here's your surprise." I showed her the baster. Now, just lay back and I'll do all the work, OK". I took off the bulb on the end of the baster, parted my mother's pussy lips and put the open end over her clit. Then I squeezed and released the bulb. No good, the suction didn't hold. So I switched to the other part of the baster. I pushed the small end into her pussy.

"Ow!" she said. "That's too hard. I want your dick there not some piece of plastic." Oh shit I thought. Am I really going to have to become a mother fucker? But then, I remembered my pussy eating lessons with Mrs. Cleaver. Maybe I could get out of this with mutually reciprocated oral sex. I pulled out the baster and replaced it with my tongue driving as deep into her hole as I could force my tongue. Then I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. My mother went wild, grabbing my hair and pulling my face down till it was thoroughly mashed against her juicy pussy. I stayed like that till I heard the front door slam. Oh good, it had to be Timmy. I jumped off the bed quickly before my mom could catch me and drag me back and finally made it to the bedroom door. There was Timmy at the other end of the hall.

"She's all yours", I said over my shoulder as I headed to my room to put on some clothes. Mine were all still on the bathroom floor.

Timmy's Story

My hand jumped for the phone as soon as I heard it ring. I'd been waiting there for that phone call ever since Jack had called to say he was taking his Dad to the airport. I didn't want my mom to pick it up first. And to say that I was anxious and impatient would have been an understatement.

"Hello." I said. It was Jack. He wanted me over at his house immediately if not sooner.

"I'll be right there" I said and hung up. "Mom", I yelled, "I'm going over to Jack's for a while, OK?" I asked.

"That's fine dear. Just be home by six for dinner." she replied. I barely heard her, as I was already half way out the door by the time she answered me. I grabbed my jacket on the way out. It was getting chilly even during the day this time of year, and especially when I was riding my moped. I jumped on and revved up the squirrels for as much as they were worth, and then took off. I think I made Jack's house in record time.

Since Jack's dad was out of town and Jack was busy with his mom, I just went straight on in. Jack was standing nude at end of the hallway. "She's all yours." he said as he turned and walked off to his bedroom.

All right, I thought, this is where the men are separated from the boys. I started towards Jack's mother's room. See. I'm a virgin. I never even saw a pussy before, until I watched my mom filling hers with a big dildo. My nervousness increased with each step towards the door. I pushed her door open and looked in. Mrs. Green was on the middle of the bed with her ass sticking up and something that looked like a turkey baster pushed into her furry pussy. A turkey baster??? I thought. Well, ours is not to reason why. As I approached the side of the bed I got a good look at Mrs. Green's pendulous breasts. They were bigger than my mom's for starters, but what was really unique was the size of her areoles. They were absolutely huge. And the nipples sticking out of the middle of them were also very large - at least the size of pencil erasers. I cupped a breast. Mrs. Green came out of her concentration and looked at me, smiling.

"Uh hi Mrs. Green", I said "Jack told me I should help you. Are you OK with that?" I asked.

"My goodness," she said. "This is my lucky day. Two studs in the same day. Here. Climb on into bed. I'll make room for you. With that, she rolled on her side away from me, making sure to keep the turkey baster firmly planted in her pussy.

"Um, Mrs. Green. There's something I need to tell you first." I said as I removed the rest of my clothes and climbed into bed beside her. "See, I'm a virgin. I'm not sure what to do or what order to do it in. I mean yeah, I know I'm gonna stick my dick in your pussy and hopefully I'll cum for you, but how do we start this off?"

"Oh sweetie", she said "I'm already all warmed up, but don't you worry, I'll get you ready and then we can fuck each others' brains out. And, while I'm doing that, you can just take a good long look at my pussy and get to know it." With that, she stood up on her knees and straddled my body with her head directed at my dick and her pussy looking straight at my face. "This is called the 69 position. Feel free to play with my pussy all you want. I'm going to love your dick with my mouth. Just relax and enjoy."

And with that, she took my virgin penis all the way into her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down my shaft. I, on the other hand, rested on my back, with the most beautiful pussy hanging there directly above my face. I reached out and touched the furry pleasure of my first pussy. I traced her slit, watching her pussy lips separate as I slid my finger up and down that crack. Then, I pulled her lips and exposing her pink inner flesh for my inspection. I saw where her pussy lips came together forming a little teepee over her erect clit. I had to touch it. Mrs. Green jumped, then murmured in a satisfying way. I let my finger wander further. Past the little piss hole and down into the pink and slippery tunnel of her fuck hole. I pushed my finger in and then began sucking on Mrs. Green's clit. That started a chain reaction. The more I pushed and licked, the more forcefully Mrs. Green's head bobbed above my cock driving her mouth down on my member till I could actually feel her tongue lapping at the base of my shaft.

Mrs. Green became more and more animated. Not only was her mouth fucking my dick, but her pussy was gyrating fiercely as it floated in front of my face. But, I'm afraid that I was not at all accustomed to the fine treatment my cock was getting. It took very little to push me to the edge of orgasm and then over it.

"I'm cumming", I said, expecting Mrs. Green to get out of the way as I spewed my spunk all over my belly. Instead, she just sucked harder. And as each wave of ejaculate hit her palate, she swallowed. She kept swallowing and swallowing till my dick was completely spent and limp. But still she didn't let up. She did go back to lighter touches, tickling the length of my dick and balls with her tongue. I guess she knew what she was doing. It didn't take long for my soldier to stand back up at full and erect attention. With that accomplished, she turned around, offering me a nipple as she straddled my waist, aimed my prick up at her opening, and sat back.

I don't know where to begin. There were too many feelings all going on at the same time. I had one of Mrs. Green's delightfully large nipples in my mouth, while Mrs. Green slid the silky smooth length of her pussy up and down on my cock. Her pussy walls clung to my member almost as if they wanted to suck me up and keep me inside it's velvet embrace for forever. I slid out though, and her pussy reluctantly gave up it's hold. But not to worry. Mrs. Green would sit back down on my prick and it would fill the empty void. Then, Mrs. Green rotated 90 degrees while my prick still impaled her. She put her hands on my knees and repeated the rocking motions she had used earlier. I could see all of my prick as it parted her pussy lips and disappeared into her velvet canyon.

That was about all I could take. I don't think I came with as much force or quantity as I had on my first ejaculation, but I could feel my sperm leaking out from around my shaft and coating the pubic hair at the base of my cock.

Once I had finished and my limp member had begun sliding out of Jack's mom's pussy, I looked up to see Mrs. Green with her forehead against the wall. She was asleep with my dick still stuck in her snatch. It took some work, but I wiggled out from under her, being careful not to wake her. I don't know if I should have left her like that, but I did. Head against the wall half sitting on the bed, half laying against the headboard, check pressed against the wall. I have to admit, it made for an interesting picture...

I was sitting in my room thinking about what we should do next with Dac when Timmy showed up - fully dressed and with a flush to his face.

"How's mom?" I asked.

"Sleeping." he said, "So I got an idea for how to connect with some more mothers. Interested?" he asked.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about that myself, but couldn't come up with anything solid. What ya got?" I asked.

"You know both our mom's play bridge once a week, right?" I nodded "And you know that all those moms have kids. In fact over half have kids that go to our school. Some might be a little old. Do women in their 60's even fuck anymore?" he queried.

"I'm not sure," I said, "but it might be fun to find out. The worst that can happen is they'll be left high and dry till the effects of the Dak wear off and then just sleep, but I bet they still give a pretty good blowjob. They ARE experienced. Besides, there's something else I've been meaning to try out. I read a book once where the lady in it was an opera singer but also an alcoholic. She didn't want to ruin her voice and end up with a whisky rasp, so she would give herself an alcohol enema. I didn't know this, but apparently you get even drunker when you do that. So I was wondering what would happen if we got some of the Dak stuffed up an asshole. Would it become more potent? I don't know, but I'd like to find out. Maybe we should try it out on your mom first. She seems to like my finger up her asshole. But, I would like to get more data points with more women. The bridge club's a good idea. Let's see if we can work out the logistics..."

Written by: That70sGuy

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