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Mrs. Sandman "Cocktease"

by The_Sandman_2017©

Mrs. Sandman strolls into the hotel lounge like she owns the place. After a long day at the International Convention Center rubbing elbows with other high powered attorneys she was ready for a stiff drink to unwind. As usual, she's dressed impeccably. She's wearing a knee length, snug fitting white dress that hugs her curves perfectly. A diamond pendant hangs from her neck at just the right length to draw attention to her cleavage. Invisibly sheer nude pantyhose caress her shapely legs and a sexy pair of stiletto heeled pumps grace her pretty feet. She likes to wear white; it gives others the impression that she's innocent, virgin and naïve, like Snow White. She can use that to her advantage. She's every bit as beautiful as Snow White but that's where the comparison ends. Mrs. Sandman is a cunning seductress and wields her feminine charm like a weapon.

She scans the room and spots an empty stool at the bar besides a handsome young man. Mrs. Sandman would be considered 'mature' by some but she prefers younger men, and sometimes even woman. She marches confidently over to the bar, hops up onto the stool and crosses her legs in a sexy pose allowing her dress to ride up high on her thigh. The young man sitting beside her immediately takes notice, he sizes her up quickly while trying not to be too obvious. A cute blonde bartender approaches and Mrs. Sandman orders a whiskey, "neat". The young man sees his opening.

"That's not exactly a ladies drink." He comments jokingly.

"Maybe I'm not exactly a lady." She teases back, smiling.

He's intrigued. "Can I ask your name?"

"I'm Mrs. Sandman, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you also, Mrs. Sandman" he says offering his hand.

"I'm Richard." "My friends call me Dick."

"I've known lots of Dicks." Mrs. Sandman replies coyly.

The whiskey softens Mrs. Sandman's mood and soon she's getting pretty cozy with Dick. She's tracing her index finger up his thigh and dangling one high heeled shoe off her toes seductively. Dick is sweating bullets and squirming on his stool. He has a bulge in his pants that's apparent to anyone who bothers to look. He's acting like a high schooler who just saw his first pair of boobs. The cute bartender is watching the couple from the far end of the bar and growing visibly annoyed. Mrs. Sandman doesn't know that the pretty young blonde is Dicks wife, Jessica. Jessica has seen Mrs. Sandman in action before, flirting and cock teasing with every man who looks her way. But this time it was personal. This time she was cock teasing HER man. She dials the phone at the bar and starts talking in urgent whispers as if conspiring some evil plan with the other person. All the while glaring hatefully at Mrs. Sandman.

"Dick, would you be a gentleman and escort me to my room." Mrs. Sandman asks with a sexy pout.

"Of course!" "What kind of a man would I be to let a pretty woman walk home alone."

Jessica's blood is boiling with jealousy. She doesn't blame her idiot husband, he's just being a guy. It's that cock teasing whore who's the problem.

Mrs. Sandman turns to Jessica and calls out, "One for the road!"

Jessica sees her chance and mixes up a special shot just for Mrs. Sandman. She calls it the 'Bill Cosby'. Jessica approaches Mrs. Sandman and plops the shot down in front of her.

"On the house." She says with a fake crooked smile.

Mrs. Sandman accepts graciously. "Why thank you sweetie!"

She knocks back the shot like a sailor, hops off her stool and smoothes her dress across her round, hard ass. All the men in the lounge stare after her as she slinks toward the exit like a model on a runway. Dick follows closely like an eager puppy. Jessica has a co-worker cover for her and follows a safe distance behind the pair. Jessie peeks around the corner watching as Mrs. Sandman and Dick reach her suite. Mrs. Sandman opens her door and turns to Dick. She grabs a handful of his manhood while looking him straight in the eye, then quickly disappears into her room and slams the door in Dicks face. Dick stands there motionless and stunned with a raging hard-on and his mouth hanging open. In a few seconds he snaps out of it and mutters, "What a cock teasing bitch!" He walks away dejected and ducks into the first men's room he comes to and jerks off into a wad of toilet paper fantasizing of Mrs. Sandman and what might've been.

Jessie waits for Dick to leave then checks her watch. She smiles. 'Bill Cosby' should be paying Mrs. Sandman a visit in about ten minutes.

Ten minutes later Jessie creeps up to the suite and presses her ear to the door. She doesn't hear any sounds so she uses her pass key to enter. She kicks off her heels and tip toes through each room hunting for Mrs. Sandman. When she enters the living room she finds her prize. Mrs. Sandman is sprawled out unconscious on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table. She's only half dressed, wearing only her silk robe and pantyhose. Jessie sneaks up on her for a closer look. That's when she notices that Mrs. Sandman is wearing crotchless pantyhose.

"Huh!" Jessie huffs at her unconscious victim. "Not only are you a cock tease, you're a SLUT!"

She continues scanning Mrs. Sandman from head to toe, sizing up the competition as woman like to do. Jessie has to admit the woman is both beautiful and sexy. Perfect tits, voluptous body. Even her feet are pretty!

But enough wasting time. It's time to get down to business. She strips naked then rummages through her handbag and pulls out an extra large strap-on dildo.

She rubs the head of the enormous rubber cock across Mrs. Sandman's shiny red lips and taunts her. "It's the biggest one I could find slut." "Hope you like it."

Jessie straps the dildo into place; the heft and length of it makes her feel powerful. She roughly shoves Mrs. Sandman down onto her back and climbs between her spread legs. She throws Mrs. Sandman's legs over her shoulders and rests the head of her cock on Mrs. Sandman's wet, pink, hole. Jessie pauses for a moment because she's never fucked a woman before.

She wonders to herself, "Hmmm... how do cock teasing sluts like to be fucked?" A light bulb goes off above her head. "Hard and fast!" "Yeah, I bet sluts like it hard and fast!"

With that little detail decided Jessie thrusts forward with all her might and slams the full 10" length deep into Mrs. Sandman's cunt. Mrs. Sandman's body jerks at the sudden penetration like she was jolted with a cattle prod.

"Yeah, take THAT whore!" "Here another one!"

Jessie starts pumping her hard and fast. Mrs. Sandman grunts with each thrust as the long dildo pushes up against her diaphragm and forces the air out of her lungs. Her pretty nyloned feet dangle loosely in the air flopping around to the rhythm of the fucking. Jessie is getting into it. The base of the dildo is rubbing against her clit perfectly with each pump. Both woman's pussies are hot and wet, squishing against each other as they fuck. Mrs. Sandman's big tits are bouncing up and down right in Jessie's face. It's too much for Jessie to resist and she starts sucking on those big beautiful tits while pumping harder and faster. Harder and Faster! HARDER AND FASTER!!

Jessie realizes too late that she's about to cum. "NO!" "I can't cum like this!" "OH GOD, NO!" "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!" "I'M CUMMMMMING!!"

Jessie throws her head back and screams in ecstasy. Her body quivers and spasms hard with the longest most powerful orgasm she's ever had. Her pussy gushes her love honey and mixes with Mrs. Sandman's own sweet juices to create a wonderful elixir. A long moment later, she collapses in a quivering heap on top of Mrs. Sandman, totally exhausted, sweating and panting with her face nestled between those beautiful tits. Jessie's big strap-on dick is still buried deep inside of Mrs. Sandman's pussy. After a few minutes Jessie catches her breath and sits back on her knees. She slowly withdraws her cock from Mrs. Sandman's tight, sloppy wet cunt. It pulls free with a sucking wet plop. Jessie staggers to her feet because her legs are still weak and shaking from the powerful orgasm. She takes off the sticky wet strap-on then puts her clothes back on. She gazes once again at the beautiful unconscious woman lying peacefully on the couch and wonders what kind of sexual voodoo she possesses that allows her to seduce either man or woman. Whether conscious OR unconscious!

Jessie's thirst for revenge still isn't completely satisfied.

That was just the opening act, now it's time for the main attraction.

Jessie picks up the phone and calls the convention centers videographer, Pete.

"She's out cold." "Bring up your film crew."

It was Pete she was talking to earlier from the bar. Pete and his crew had all been victims of Mrs. Sandman's cock teasing ways at one time or another and they all want their revenge too. A few minutes later a soft knock at the door signaled the crews arrival. Six men enter the suite and quickly set up their cameras, lights and audio equipment. Once the equipment setup is complete they all strip naked. The men line up off camera and begin stroking their cocks to hardness. Jessie will be the Director.

"Places everyone!" She shouts in true Director form.

"Mrs. Sandman"... "Take One"... "ACTION!!"

Pete, the first man in line approaches Mrs. Sandman with his stiff cock in his hand. He drops to his knees between her legs and starts lapping and sucking at her shiny wet pussy. Jessie wonders if he can taste her own pussy juice and if he liked it. The other men in line are angry that Pete is wasting time with foreplay.

"Hurry up!"

"Our turn!"

"FUCK HER ALREADY!" They shout.

"FUCK HER!" "FUCK HER!" "FUCK HER!" They start chanting.

Pete knows he better get busy or he might lose his chance. So he stabs his cock into Mrs. Sandman's tight pussy and starts fucking her hard and fast. Jessie is pleased that she was right on how to fuck a slut. The other men in line can't wait their turn. It's simply too much to just stand there and watch. They break ranks and attack Mrs. Sandman like a pack of wolves on red meat and it turns into a gangbang. Mrs. Sandman lays there helplessly as every one of her holes is violated. She's pussy fucked, ass fucked and mouth fucked. Triple penetration. She's even tit and foot fucked! None of the men can last longer than a few minutes. Each one in turn shoots his hot load into Mrs. Sandman then immediately starts to stroke himself hard again for another go around. Mrs. Sandman has cum oozing out of every orifice. The men now surround her in a circle jerk while stroking their cocks for the second round. One by one they each cum again and shoot another load of man sauce onto her limp body. Her tits, face, ass, pussy and even her toes are covered in hot slimy cum.

Jessie couldn't be happier.

While the men get dressed and put away their limp dicks Jessie grabs the cam and pans over Mrs. Sandman's body. She gets a close-up of her cum covered face, the cum drooling from the corner of her mouth and her creampied pussy and asshole. This video will come in handy later. Blackmail.

Mrs. Sandman's humiliation is almost complete.

The crew pack up their equipment and thank Jessie for the revenge fuck as they leave. With the film crew gone Jessie grabs Mrs. Sandman by the ankles and drags her jizz soaked body across the living room floor, down the hall and into the bedroom. Jessie flops her onto the bed then props her up against the headboard and poses her with her legs spread apart. She takes a permanent marker from her purse and starts to body write on the comatose Mrs. Sandman. She writes "COCK TEASE" across her tits in big bold letters. Next she writes "FUCK ME" above her pussy. Then finally she puts the big strap-on cock in her left hand as a reminder and a warning.

Jessie steps back a few paces and frames her work of art with her thumbs and forefingers like a painter would do.

"My masterpiece!" "My work here is done."

Before leaving Jessie orders room service then leaves the door wide open on the way out.

Maybe the young man from the kitchen would enjoy an all-you-can-fuck Mrs. Sandman buffet.


Written by: The_Sandman_2017

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