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The Dac Attacks Ch. 03

by That70sGuy©

The bridge club idea wasn't (yet) working out. There just wasn't enough time in a 4 hour bridge session. It was taking mom and Mrs. Cleaver over 2 hours just to sleep off the effects of the Dac (short for aphrodisiac).

But spring had arrived, and my friend Jim invited me to go camping with his family. I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out Dac on males. They had a little piece of land about 20 miles outside of town that they liked to camp at. It even had a stream running though it that we could fish in. The trip was planned for Memorial Day weekend, so we'd have 3 days (and 3 nights) of fun to play with. I figgered at a minimum, I'd find out what effect (if any) Dac had on males, and if there were positive results, it would open up a whole new world of possibilities. And besides, Mrs. Cooper was a hot 42 year old who was fun just to watch even if I couldn't get any Dac into her. She'd had 2 kids. Jim, my friend, and his sister Anna, who was older than Jim and had a child of her own. But she was married and living in Lakeside, a town about 90 miles away. Unfortunately, she wouldn't be coming. Timmy was also out of town with his mom visiting relatives, so he wouldn't be able to make it, either.

We loaded up the Cooper's station wagon on Friday night and took off right after Mr. Cooper got off work. It didn't take long to get to the property and in no time, Mr. Cooper had us parked at the edge of a large meadow with enough light left to set up camp. I helped get a fire started. Fortunately, we'd brought wood with us, so there wouldn't be any scrounging till at least tomorrow. Mr. Cooper and Jim set up the tent, and Mrs. Cooper set up the camp kitchen.

The tent was a big one (sleeping 8), and it also had a screened in patio area in front of the sleeping compartment. Pretty cool, I thought, but I assumed Jim and I would be sleeping out under the stars as long as the weather held. I pulled out the camp chairs and arranged them around the fire. Mr. Cooper had pulled out a bottle of run and fixed he and his wife a rum and coke. Jim and I stuck with cokes. Neither he nor I was into hard alcohol, though we did sneak out into the trees a couple of times for tokes on my water pipe.

The fire, alcohol, and pot put us all in a toasty mood, and it didn't take long till people were drifting off to bed. I set up my sleeping bag out in the meadow on top of a ground tarp. No tent for me tonight. I reviewed my plans (such as they were) for tomorrow, before drifting off to sleep. Jim and I were planning to fish all day tomorrow which was perfect. It gave me all day to test out the effects of Dac on him.

In the morning, I helped Mrs. Cooper make sack lunches for Jim and I. I knew Jim liked a beer or two while fishing so I made sure to grab 2 for him and 2 for me. I figured there were 3 possible effects of the Dac on Jim. The first and most likely was that nothing would happen - like all the girls we'd tested at school. The next one worried me. What if Jim became incredibly horny and unable to be controlled. Nothing I could do about that (after the fact) but I felt Mr. Cooper would keep his son in line. But the most interesting possibility was if it worked on Jim the way it had worked on my mom and Mrs. Cleaver. So, in the worst case, I spend a weekend fishing and camping (tough life), or Jim ends up with a case of the hots for a day. Best case, I had the makings for a gangbang.

I wanted the majority of the day to evaluate Jim, so as soon as Jim popped the top on his first beer. I slipped the Dac into his beer while he was rigging his fishing line. Then, I went down the stream a ways and rigged up my own pole. I checked on Jim around noon, and found him high as a kite. I suspected that Dac had both hypnotic and hallucinogenic properties, but Jim was confirmation. He just sat there with a stupid shit eating grin on his face staring blankly at the tip of his fishing pole. I saw that he'd caught a fish, so I guess he was functional at some level. I tried to get Jim to eat some lunch while I did, then went back to my fishing hole.

I returned to Jim about 5 o'clock with 4 fish on my stringer. Jim hadn't caught any more, but 5 fish would be enough for tonight. We packed up and headed back to camp with Jim following me like a puppy. When we got to camp, Mrs. Cooper was starting to get things ready for dinner while Mr. Cooper was sacked out in a hammock. I noticed Mrs. Cooper had a pot of coffee going on the coleman (perfect). The pot looked like it held 10 cups, so I figured 11 doses (1 per cup, one for the pot) of Dac would do the trick. It was easy to drop the Dac into the pot while Mrs. Cooper was busy elsewhere.

Then, I went and collected more firewood and built up the fire, so I'd have a good batch of coals. Then I wrapped each fish in aluminum foil, adding a pat of butter and some salt, pepper, and dill). I had to wait a little while for the fire to die down, then I moved the bigger flaming pieces of wood to the side and revealing a nice bed of coals. I laid my fish packets on the coals, cooking them for 5 minutes on one side and 3 on the other. By the time the fish were ready, Mrs. Cooper had the sides ready, so we all sat down to eat.

It wasn't till after dinner that Mrs. Cooper asked if anyone wanted coffee. Shit, Jim was the only one who wanted some. Shit, shit, shit. What to do? OK, I got it!. I snuck over to my backpack and pulled out 10 more doses of Dac, then continued my sneak into the tent where I'd seen Mr. Cooper take his bottle of rum. I found it in his ruck sack. I tried to estimate how many drinks were left in the bottle and decided to fuck it and put all 10 doses in the bottle. I snuck back out and meandered my way back to the campfire, pretending I'd gone down to the stream to clean up.

Mrs. Cooper was just finishing dishes, when (like clockwork) Mr. Cooper went for his bottle. It took about 20 minutes for the Dac to take effect. I noticed it first when Mr. Cooper giggled and pointed at the fire. I suspected that they were hallucinogenic aspects of the Dac were taking effect. Mrs. Cooper was wiggling in her chair like her butt itched, and Jim was just staring at the fire with a shit eating grin on his face.

Mrs. Cooper is who I focused on. I'd see her occasionally shift around and adjust her shorts, like they were binding her somewhere, or maybe she was trying to scratch her pussy, to ease the itching, by pulling her underwear tighter up into her slit.

"Mr. Cooper. You better get over here. I think your wife needs some help." I said, "Here Mrs. Cooper, stand over by the fire so we can see better. Mr. Cooper... Mr. Cooper, " I said sharply. It was hard to pull his attention away from the flickering campfire. "Mr. Cooper, you and Jim need to look Mrs. Cooper over for bugs. I'm sure I saw some climbing her legs and getting into her shorts. You better strip her down, so you can look everywhere. We sure don't want to bring bugs into the tent tonight." and with that, I let Mr. Cooper and Jim get to work. One good thing about Dak is that once you got a person focused, they drilled down with intensity. Jim had Mrs. Cooper's blouse and bra off in no time and was examining her boobs inch by inch. Not that Mrs. Cooper had much to offer in the way of breast flesh. She had small, pancake sized titties, that would barely fit a c cup, but the nipples stuck up proud with quarter sized areolas and pencil sized nipples about a half inch long.

Mr. Cooper was busy getting Mrs. Cooper out of her shorts and panties. Then, he started working on her bush, examining her pubic mound pubic hair by pubic hair.

"Here, I can help." I said as I went and got a sleeping bag from the tent. I unzippered it and spread it out next to the fire. "Mrs. Cooper. Lay down on this. We can all examine you if you lay down." I suggested, in my most helpful manner. She did and Mr. Cooper followed her down, using the opportunity to spread her legs and thoroughly examine Mrs. Cooper's spread and already leaking pussy. Jim took the head and was currently examining Mrs. Cooper's curly blonde short hair. I noticed that Mrs. Cooper was not a natural blonde. Her pubes were much darker than her hair. Where the top hair was golden in color, her pubes were dark brown, but kind of sparse. There were only wisps, accenting her pussy lips,

"OK, Mrs. Cooper we're done with that side. Time to turn over. But could you get your butt up in the air for us? Your pussy is hard to examine without enough light on it. There, that's it. Now face your butt towards the fire. OK, Mr. Cooper, lay down between her legs and finish the pussy inspection. Jim, you take the asshole. Here, Mrs. Cooper, you can suck on this to keep you occupied while they finish the examination." I said, unzipping and whipping out my already rigid member (it doesn't take much to get my 18 year old dick ready to go.

Mr. Cooper and Jim were busy with Mrs. Cooper's holes. Mr. Cooper had his wife's pussy spread with one hand while the fingers of his other hand probed the depths of her pussy hole. Jim was a little more tentative. He was touching his mom's pucker ring, but hadn't inserted a finger. I encouraged him to dig deeper, and then focused on Mrs. Cooper's pretty mouth and lips while my dick slipped in and out of the oval Mrs. Cooper had made of her mouth.

She looked up and me and took my dick out of her mouth. "I've never had anyone back there before," she said.

"Well, how's it going so far?" I asked.

"It feels mostly good, but I don't know. It also feels awkward having my son put his finger in me." she replied.

"OK. Well, I can fix that." I said. "Hang on." I removed my dick from Mrs. Cooper's face and went to get another packet of Dac. Now was my chance to see the effect of Dac the absorptive bowel membrane. I grabbed a pat of butter from the cooler on my way back, sprinkling the Dac onto the butter and mushing them together. Then I got Jim out of the way, telling him he should probe his mom's mouth. I pushed quickly softening butter up Mrs. Cooper's asshole, one finger's worth at a time. I went back to her head, looking over Jim's shoulder. "How's that?" I asked.

She nodded while she kept rocking her mouth onto her son's manhood. "Goooo" she said between her son's stabs. "All right then," I said. "Jim, I've got your mom's ass prepared, so you can now go finish your exam. I've found that my dick makes the best probe, though. Try yours and see."

Jim and I swapped positions, while Mr. Cooper was busy lapping away at his wife's pussy. Jim didn't even wait of go slow. He just slammed his dick in till he was flat against his mom's ass cheeks. Then, he began the in and out. I felt a vibration on my prick, and realized it was Mrs. Cooper trying to scream with my cock in her mouth. I looked down into her eyes and saw an animal fire building there. I don't think it was a scream of pain t more like a scream of ecstasy. Jim and I set up a rhythm. I would force my cock down Mrs. Cooper's throat, while Jim slammed his dick into her asshole up to the hilt. Then, we'd both pull out, and then re-compress Mrs. Cooper in the sandwich fixins we'd made of her willing orifices.

Jim started to look flushed, and he picked up his pace. I matched it. Mrs. Cooper moaned around my rigid dick. Slam, slam, slam, slam, and then Jim gushed, spewing his load deep into his mom's asshole. Mr. Cooper hung on to Mrs. Cooper by the waist as she bucked and moaned.

"Jim," I said "Pull out. I want to use that hole, too. Don't mess it up. Why don't you finish up on your dad? Or, better yet, get up front her and drop your load in your mom's mouth while I fuck her asshole for a while."

I really got off watching Jim shove his ass soaked prick into his mom's mouth. That is, I paid attention until I had my cock firmly planted in Mrs. Cooper's asshole. Then, it was all about getting my rocks off. Jim and I returned to out previous strategy, compressing Mrs. Cooper and the releasing her. "OK Mr. Cooper, there's one hole left. Why don't you fill it? I can tell your wife really wants to get stuffed as full as she can be."

Mr Cooper slid up underneath his wife, and planted his dick in her now gaping pussy. I had to back out, so Mr. Wilson could get settled in, then I returned to the stroke pace Jim and I were using. Mr. Cooper and I alternated. When he pushed in, I pulled out and vice verse. Then, we all picked up our pace. It seemed like we were in competition to see who could pump the fastest. Jim was the first to blow, he'd been close before we swapped positions. I was the next to unload. I made sure every drop of my cum was deposited as deeply as possible into Mrs. Cooper's receptive, and wantonly expanded asshole. I changed places with Jim told Jim that his mom needed some cleaning up. So, while Mr. Cooper was busy pumping his wife's pussy from underneath, Jim took position between his mom's ass cheeks and began eating out her asshole. This sent Mrs. Cooper over the edge. I looked down into her eyes, but the only expression I could see was one of total abandon, with her eyes staring but unfocussed on my limp member. I asked Mrs. Cooper if she would clean up my dick, the way her son was cleaning up her asshole. She's such a good little slut, she opened her mouth greedily.

Meanwhile, Mr.Cooper slammed his cock as deep as possible into his wife, lifting his pelvis off the sleeping bag. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," he grunted. After Mr. Cooper was completely spent, I had him crawl back to where his head was under his wife's pussy, and had him eat out his cum from her dripping pussy. I was getting hard all over again. So I began to push more forcefully into Mrs. Cooper's mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and impaled it on my prick. When it slowed down at the back of her mouth, I pushed a little harder and entered her throat. I made expansive thrusts, pulling all the way out till the head of my dick was between Mrs, Cooper's lips. Then, down to the back of her mouth with the extra nudge at the end to get it down her throat. I was getting close, so I picked up the pace. And after one last plunge, I drove and kept my dick buried in her throat, throat fucking her, till my spew shot down her throat to fill her stomach. Mrs. Cooper was coming apart at the seams. She wiggled and cried out, then. pushed her face as far into my pubes as she could, then more bucking.

I finished in her mouth and then withdrew to study her face. She looked like a rag doll. Eyes glazed, face muscles flaccid, sweat dripping down her cheek's and onto the ground. I doubt if Mrs. Cooper had ever been so thoroughly fucked in her whole life.

All in all, it was a good beginning to a looooong three day weekend.

Written by: That70sGuy

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