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Sabine's Summer

by Sabineteas©

Sabine had just finished her second year of college and was off for the summer. Because her parents did not have a lot of money she had to find a job, which she did, at a local office.

After she had been there a couple of weeks she heard some of the other women talking about the boss. It seems that he had been offering some of the women $500 to undress in front of him. But he had not offered this to Sabine.

At first she was glad. She did not want to have to say no to him, but wasn't sure that she would be able to say yes, even that she wanted to say yes. Sabine was not innocent, she had had several boy friends and knew what men wanted, even had let some of them do some things. She wasn't a virgin, but had only had sex twice.

But, after another couple of weeks, while the thought of him asking her for that had gotten rather exciting to her, she came up with a plan.

There were times where some of the women had to work late and she volunteered for one of those nights. She had checked out an area away from the office and had brought some clothes that she had prepared at home.

She walked into the bosses office and closed the door.

"Mr. Adams, I have a question."


"Why, when you asked some of the girls here to undress for money, you didn't ask me?"

Her boss was somewhat shocked by her forwardness.

"Uh, because you are rather young for me."

"Don't you think that I would have wanted the $500?"

"Well, I suppose you would have but I still wouldn't have asked you because of your age, Sabine."

"Well, I have thought about this Mr. Adams. I would like to make you an offer, but we need to go somewhere else."

Adams, a mid forties man was even more surprised but also now interested.

"Let me change clothes and we can go for a short drive."

Sabine left him sitting there and went to ladies room and changed into her prepared clothes, a t-shirt with the neck and hem cut through, a bra with the clasp ready to pull off and no straps, a pair of shorts with the button really loose and ready to pull off and panties with the waistband and leg holes cut almost all the way through. She held a long coat over her arm and went and got Adams.

"This won't take long Mr. Adams and I think that you will like it."

She led him to his car and directed him to a church near a city park. A large park with softball fields on one side, camping far into the park and some walkways on the other side from the softball fields.

It was almost dusk, but still light enough for him to see. They parked, got out of the car and Sabine led him into the park, along the furthest walkway. They walked a good way into the park, still light enough and Sabine stopped him, led him somewhat off the walkway and hung her long coat over a tree limb. Then she led him away from her coat. She stopped and turned to him.

"You may not have noticed, but my clothes have been slightly adjusted, Mr. Adams. If you would just grab the neckline of my shirt and pull, you'll see what I mean."

Adams looked at Sabine, not really getting it.

Sabine stepped up to him, took his hands, placed them on the neckline of her shirt...


He did finally and her shirt tore down the front and then he smiled.

"Push it off me."

He did and it slid down Sabine's arms and fell on the ground behind her. She shivered. Her coat was 75 feet away from her and she knew what she was going to allow him to do to her.

"Just get a good grip and pull, Mr. Adams."

He smirked at her, grabbed the front of her bra and yanked. The clasp let loose, pulling the hooks out and her boobs bounced out into the open, nipples hard. Adams tossed the bra away and gazed at her bare boobs.

"You don't have to pay me the $500. Go ahead."

Adams grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled hard. The button popped off and the zipper peeled open. The shorts were very loose and slithered down Sabine's legs to her ankles. She shivered again, in just her panties, and stepped out of the shorts. Adams didn't wait for an go ahead, he just grasped her panties and yanked. The waistband snapped, then both leg openings, leaving him with destroyed panties in one hand and Sabine bare ass naked.

Adams tossed the panties behind Sabine and gazed at her naked body. Now that everything had happened that she had planned, Sabine was having some second thoughts. She looked at him and noticed that he was smirking and she had to force herself not to cover up, to just stand there completely exposed.

"This could have been done at the office, at work, Sabine. Why did you want to come here?"

"Ah, the thought of you doing what you did, in the open, it, ah, made me feel, ah, excited."

His smirk, smile, got even wider.

"Slip your shoes off and come here, Sabine."

She shivered, looked down at the ground and toed off her shoes.

"Not too sure that you should have done this?"

"Ah, no, not right now."

"Come here."

Sabine walked up to Adams, only looking up at him when she had reached him. He still had a large smirk on his face. His left hand reached out and touched her shoulder and then slowly moved down, eventually closing over her right boob. Sabine gasped. Adams squeezed it, rubbing her nipple while his right hand slid across Sabine's left boob, down her belly and eased into her pubic hair. She began to breathe faster and her legs involuntarily moved apart.

Adams chuckled and slid his hand between her legs, cupping her pussy and then slipping his middle finger right up inside her pussy.

"I don't want..."

"Right now I don't care what you want, Sabine, and you certainly are right about being excited. You are dripping wet. You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Ah, no, no I am not..."

"Good, very good."

By now it was getting dark, just the lights of security lights along the walkway letting the two of them see anything.

"Now, I want to test how excited and obedient you can be, Sabine."

All the while moving his finger inside her.

"See that light pole down there?"

Sabine looked where Adams had indicated.


"Walk down there and touch the pole, then walk back to me."

"I can't..."

"Yes you can, and I think you want to, Sabine. Go ahead and do it."

The light pole had to be at least 150 feet away. Sabine wanted to do it and didn't want to do it. Adams pulled his finger out of her, cupped both her boobs and squeezed them, rubbing his thumbs over her erect nipples, making her gasp again.

"Go on, Sabine, you know that you want to."

Sabine hesitantly turned towards the light pole, completely naked, outside, with her boss and began to walk. Adams chuckled. He watched his bare ass naked employee walk down the path, her ass moving, the ass crack clearly visible. He thought to himself, "I can't believe that she is actually doing this".

Then he gathered up the torn scraps of her clothes and her shoes and tossed them all into a large patch of brush slightly off the walkway. Then he faced Sabine and watched her walking, nude, a long way away from him. Adams did not really believe that Sabine would have done what she did, what she is now doing. It was a complete and total surprise to him, but one that he was really enjoying.

Adams watched Sabine walk up to the light pole, in a pool of light, and touch the pole, then turn and begin walking back to him. He still was chuckling as he observed the nude woman, seeing her boobs jiggle and bounce as she walked along. She finally arrived, shivering, slightly red-faced. Adams laughed.

"Come on."

He walked towards the exit and before that Sabine's coat. Sabine walked with him, naked, his right hand cupping and feeling her bare ass. She didn't tell him to stop.

When they arrived where she had hung her coat on a branch of a tree, Adams looked at her and smirked.

"Wait here."

Then he took her coat and walked off towards his car. Sabine stood there, surprised, shivering, nude. Would he come back for her? She didn't know for sure, was scared that he wouldn't and somewhat excited by what she was doing.

It seemed like it was forever, but Adams finally came back, without her coat.

"Let's go to the car, Sabine."

As Sabine walked alongside Adams, he casually reached down and over, cupping her bare ass and feeling it, from time to time running his fingers through her ass crack. The first time he did that she jumped and he chuckled. But she clenched her teeth and let him do what he wanted. It was arousing her.

They got to his Town Car and got into it. Adams turned on the car and then the interior lights.

"Show me your pussy."

Sabine felt her face heating, she knew that she was blushing, but there was something she wanted to tell him, needed to tell him. So...

"Ah, I want to ask you for something Mr. Adams. First of all, you don't have to give me anything for doing this. In a way, for me, it's better if I don't get any money or anything. And what I want you to to do is not refer to my parts like most people do. Call them tits. Call it my ass."

She swallowed. She looked down.

"Call it my, uh, cunt."

Adams burst out laughing. When he had calmed down, he reached over, pushed her face up so she had to look at him, and smirked.

"All right, Sabine, show me your cunt. Lean back against the door, put your feet up on the seat and let your knees fall apart. Let's see that cunt of yours."

Sabine moaned softly, closing her eyes and did as she was told. After she did it, she slowly lifted her ass off the seat and then opened her eyes, looking at Adams as he stared at her. She shuddered as she watched him extend his arm and thrust a finger up inside her. She gasped, but said nothing, just let him do it.

"Damn, girl, you are wet as hell!"

Adams worked his finger in and out of Sabine and to her horror, she felt her ass moving, pumping towards his knuckles. Adams laughed as she did this, watching her. After a few minutes of this, Adams removed his finger and turned off the interior lights. Then he drove off, back towards the office. But he couldn't resist a few words...

"Do you like being bare ass naked, Sabine?"

No answer came.

"Do you like it when I feel your tits?"

No answer.

"Do you like it when I feel your bare ass?"

No answer.

"Do you like it when I finger fuck your slut cunt, Sabine?"

Sabine whimpered, then...

"Yes, I do Mr. Adams."

At the underground parking garage, Adams parked and got out, motioning Sabine to get out of the car also. Adams stared at her, grinning.

"I like you naked Sabine. Get up on the trunk and show me your cunt again."

Sabine backed up to the trunk, used her arms to hoist her ass up on it and slowly spread her legs again.

"Christ you are wet! Pull your ass cheeks apart so I can see your asshole Sabine."

She did it, whimpering softly, but aroused by how nasty she was being, just because he wanted her do things.

"Your asshole is wet too Sabine. You must be leaking out of your cunt."

Sabine closed her eyes, not wanting to see him staring at her most intimate parts.

Finally Adams had her get off the car and had her walk up the three flights of stairs to the office floor. She was still naked, not knowing if the cleaners were in the building, not knowing if she was going to be caught bare ass. She was scared but aroused when she thought of being caught. Naked for Adams was one thing but having the cleaners see her, that was something altogether else for her.

As Sabine and Adams entered the office Sabine thought that she heard a vacuum cleaner running, but she wasn't sure. It made her stomach clench. Adams, instead of leading her to his office as she thought he would, led her to the conference room.

"Get up on the table, ass at the edge, feet up on it and beside your ass."

Nervously Sabine did as she was told.

"Close your eyes."

She did and heard the sound of a zipper. Then she felt something between her pussy lips, rubbing up and down them, initially somewhat soft but then getting firmer, harder. She moaned. As it rubbed downward it seemed to linger at her opening, teasing into it slightly, then back out. She thought that she knew what it was, Adams penis, but wasn't sure.

That went on for some time, then she heard the door to the conference room open, a gasp, and she looked to see a cleaning woman standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face. Sabine gasped...

"Oh my God..."

And then Sabine felt the thing at her pussy reach her opening and forcefully slid up inside her, then jerked several times inside her.

"Oh no, God no, I am not on birth control!"

The door closed. Adams was grasping her hips and she knew for certain that his penis was deep inside her and that he had just cum inside her.

"Why did you do that?"

"I don't cum on women, I cum inside them."

"I am not on birth control. I could get pregnant."


Sabine moaned and she felt him pull out of her, then a wetness trickle down between her ass cheeks.

"I told you that I didn't want sex, didn't I?"

"I don't think so, and it wasn't sex, I just put it in you. If I came it was involuntarily. Besides, you don't really think that I could watch you prance around in front of me naked without thinking that I could fuck you, did you?"

"Let me up."

Adams put himself away and stepped back.

"I need to go, I need to go now."

Sabine slid off the table and felt more of him slipping out and oozing down the inside of her thighs.

Adams smirked at her and let her go off, down the three flights of stairs to her car, following her, chuckling. She was still nude. She was not happy.

They reached his car.

"I need my coat."

Adams opened the trunk and got it for her, Sabine put it on and left for her car, sniffling, wondering if she was going to end up pregnant. Adams was completely pleased with himself.

Sabine drove home and played the entire evening over in her mind, calling herself stupid in her mind. She still felt more of him oozing out of her all the way home. Most of the night was spent awake, bemoaning how dumb she had been.

The next morning she debated going to work, but finally decided to go, dressed, make up on, nice clothes. She got to the office and worked hoping that the entire thing would be forgotten, but knew that it wouldn't.

Around 10AM, when most of the staff took their morning break, she was called and Adams asked her to come to his office. She didn't want to go, but she did. She was nervous and upset. But when she walked into his office, she was becoming somewhat excited once more.

"Close the door."

She did that and came to the front of his desk, sitting down in a chair. Adams looked at her, smirking again.

"Stand up."

Sabine did so.

"Take off your clothes."

Sabine swallowed nervously.

"I don't..."

"I don't really care what you don't Sabine. I've seen it all, I've been up that tight little cunt of yours and I want you to strip, right here, right now. I want you bare ass naked again and I want you to spread your legs so I can see that tight cunt and asshole of yours again. And if you don't, I've told Amy and Mary about last night and everything that happened and they would be completely happy to come in here and take your clothes off for you. I don't think that you want that to happen, do you?"


"Then strip. Everything off, even your shoes. I want you bare ass naked again, Sabine. And I am not going to pay you anything for it, no money, no extra days off, no perks of the job, just you getting naked for me, whenever I want, wherever I want. Because I want it and I think that you get off on it, don't you? Sabine, you are going to be my little naked employee for as long as you work here. And you are going to get off on it. I saw that in your eyes last night, that it turned you on, that you liked it. How wet that cunt of yours got without me even touching you showed that to me. Now strip, everything off, right now.

Sabine moaned softly, and her hands went to the top button on blouse, undoing it...

Written by: Sabineteas

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