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Step-son's Black Friend

by donnamwf50©

It had been about 3 months since I had begun having sex with my step-son, Jason. His amazingly large cock was pleasuring me regularly. My husband, John, had fallen into a secondary role. We still engaged in sex, both alone, and together with Jason, but his role was always subordinate. I was getting fucked more often than I ever had before in my life, and I loved it -- even though some days it was hard to get any strength in my legs, or avoid the soreness an 11" young cock can inflict. But the alternative was what I had before -- a rather dull sex life, nothing spectacular, with an average-hung middle age husband who sometimes suffered from erectile dysfunction and was a serial quick-cummer.

The "drawback" to having a sexual relationship with your step-son, is that at that young age, all they think about is sex, and once they know they have a free ticket, they'll use it anytime they can. Jason had gotten considerably bolder in the last 3 months. He would regularly grope me, fondle me, and hop into the shower with me or any other act that popped into his head at the spur of the moment. I was a free piece of ass at his disposal, almost 24/7. John usually left for work early, and not long after, Jason would crawl into bed with me and awaken me with his kisses and tit-sucking or sometimes just push his massive cock into my pussy, giving me a painful, yet arousing, reminder of our newfound relationship.

Don't get me wrong -- I fucking loved it. I'd never felt so wanted and desired in my life. And how many 50+ year old married women have a young stallion knocking down their doors to fuck them morning, noon, and night? No -- I was loving it, despite the physical exhaustion, the well-worn swollen pussy, sore jaw, aching nipples from his bites and pinches, and even some bruising from some of his more 'enthusiastic' times.

One morning, as Jason was eating breakfast at the kitchen table and I was drinking my coffee -- after one of our regular morning romps -- Jason was skimming his laptop and suddenly paused, then looked over the table at me. "Hey mom."

"Yes, Jason?"

"You like it when dad and I fuck you together? I mean -- getting two dicks at a time like that?"

I paused, looked up from my coffee, and gave him a soft smile, "I do, yes. It's great having the attention of two handsome men." I sipped my coffee and looked back down at my phone that I'd been scanning the latest shoe sales on.

"Cool," he said, and then returned to scanning his laptop screen.

I thought to myself, "What was that about?" Maybe he wanted me more to himself? Doubtful -- he already had nearly free reign to have me anytime he wanted, and took full advantage of it. Maybe he didn't like John's presence as much as I thought he was okay with it. I'd have to just see how things went and, if this situation was getting uncomfortable for him, perhaps we'd have to figure out how to repair it.

About a week later, John had to take a trip out of town for a couple nights. I drove him to the airport, and as he left the car he leaned over to me to kiss me goodbye. He kissed me passionately, his hand reaching down and up my skirt to finger my pussy.

"Don't let my boy wear this out too much while I'm gone." He smiled as his lips left mine.

I smiled back, "It's the monster you created, babe -- I can't help it if I love his big, thick, young cock in my mouth and pussy every chance I get." He smiled. I reached over to him and squeezed his crotch hard. "Besides, when the alternative is this little stick -- you can't blame me for wanting a REAL man inside me, can you baby?" I felt his cock stiffen as I spoke those words, knowing how much his beta-role turned him on.

"You are such a whore -- I love it." He laughed.

"I am... for him." I winked back. He leaned in again and kissed me deeply, giving my breasts a hearty squeeze before opening the door. "Gotta go or I'll miss my flight! Love you!"

"Love y-..." SLAM. The door closed before I could finish my sentence, and I watched as he ran off into the terminal -- likely with a little hard on.

I got home and made myself some coffee and surfed the internet for a while. As the day went on, I realized it was getting to be close to the time Jason would be home. I knew -- especially with John gone out of town -- that the boy would come home and want sex. Not that we didn't have sex when John was around, but I just could imagine he'd want to take advantage of an empty house and have his way with me. So, I went upstairs and picked out a sexy outfit -- hose and garters, and a blue and black bustier with matching thong -- to greet him with. I drew myself a bath and got in.

As I lay there, I thought about Jason coming home. How would he want it? Would he take me hard, or would he be gentle and romantic? Either way was fine with me -- I loved it no matter what. Although sometimes hard meant some painful walking the rest of the night or the next day. I started fingering my pussy in the tub. I closed my eyes, imagining sucking on his massive young cock, starting when it was fully soft and feeling it engorge in my mouth. I imagined my mouth stretching wide to take him in and suckling him softly and gently, until he was close to coming, then bobbing my head on the huge rod until his big load shot off down my throat. Before long, I was shaking in the tub as I rocked out a good orgasm. Afterwards, I laid there relaxing.

At some point, I nodded off for a few minutes and was awoken by music. Jason was in his room, his stereo up loud with some tune he apparently liked. I hadn't heard him come in, and I cursed myself for having fallen asleep and not been downstairs to greet him "properly" as I had intended to.

I got out of the tub, drained the water, and toweled off. I shuffled to my room where I'd laid out my naughty outfit on the bed. I got dressed, checking myself in my full length mirror every few seconds. I fixed my hair and makeup, and looked one final time in the mirror -- giving myself a wink and lick of my lips. I opened the door and walked down to Jason's bedroom. The door was closed and the music was still pounding. Rap music. Christ. I really didn't care for that -- we'd have to change it before we "got into" anything.

I knocked gently on the door. No answer. I knocked again. "Mom, is that you?"

"Yes, Jason, baby," I purred as I turned the door handle and pushed it open. He was sitting on his bed, and I walked in further. As I got passed the door by a couple feet, I was startled by another voice coming from behind me to my left -- behind the door.

"Oh shit, Jay, you wasn't lyin!"

I turned quickly and was surprised to see a young man sitting there on Jason's desk chair, facing the room. He was young, black, and very good looking. He was staring at my body, my ass exposed from the thong I was wearing, and as I turned, my breast cleavage openly on display from my push-up bustier.

"OH MY GOD!" I panicked, thinking I had just done the inconceivable -- exposed our relationship to someone. Jason had one of his friends over and I just blew up this whole situation by showing up in his room ready to fuck. I expected to hear Jason exclaim something like "Mom what are you doing?" or show some sort of surprise at my exposure in front of a school friend.

Instead, I snapped my head back towards him and he was already standing up and coming towards me. "David -- this is my step-mom, Donna. Mom -- this is David." As he said this, he reached over my shoulder and flipped his door shut and then put his hands on my shoulders and turned me towards David. He moved up behind me and reached his arms around me and placed his hands under my breasts, lifting them even more than the bustier did. "Nice rack, huh?"

David just stared intently at my tits. Jason turned me around, exposing my ass to his guest. "And check out this beautiful fucking ass!" He reached around me again -- grasping my butt cheeks and squeezing them in front of his friend as I looked him.

Between gritted teeth and in a low voice I asked, "What the hell are you doing, Jason?"

He leaned down to me and kissed me gently on my lips. Then he kissed my nose, and then my forehead. I watched him intently as he answered.

"David is cool -- he won't tell anyone. He's... a gift."

"What do you mean a gift?"

"Mom -- you said you enjoyed two guys. Well, I thought you'd appreciate having two REAL guys -- not me, and dad's little dick."

I looked up at Jason's face -- he was about as sincere as I'd ever seen him. He actually was doing this FOR me. To please me. He wanted to give me something besides himself and make me happy. I felt my heart melt. I lifted up on my toes a bit to kiss him. Our lips touched softly, and our kiss grew in intensity. His hands were on my ass and I felt him squeeze gently.

"Holy shit," came the soft voice behind me. I opened my eyes as I kissed Jason and he opened his, and we both smiled at hearing the comment. I pulled my lips away from Jason and turned around to face David. He was standing now. He was a good 2 inches taller than Jason with silky, very dark chocolate skin. His hair was very closely shorn, and his eyes were pools of dark sensuality surrounded by his boyish face. His big shoulders were highlighted by his white wife-beater t-shirt which contrasted starkly against his very dark skin. His chest wasn't massive, but it was muscular. His upper torso tapered down into a slim waist and I could see he obviously had a solid 6 pack. He was wearing loose-fitting basketball shorts that hung down to his knees, and they were pulled low, like they often wear them, with the tops of his boxers visible above the waistband. His lower legs looked powerful, and his bare feet were dark and immense. He had to wear size 15 shoes or bigger.

"Hello, David. I'm Donna." I smiled at him. And while my voice managed to stay level and calm, my insides were raging like a bag of butterflies. He licked his thick lips as his eyes undressed me, up and down, and then he smiled, his pearl-white teeth in stark contrast to the darkness of his face. He moved forward slowly until he towered over me. He looked down, smiling, and said, "Hi mom".

I swear that hearing those words -- in this type of situation -- never fails to make me wet. Hearing them from this tall, muscular, black boy with lust in his eyes, only intensified my usual reaction. Sensing my approval, he leaned down -- taking his big hand under my chin and lifting my face up towards him, and placed his lips on mine. He tasted different -- I can't describe it -- but it was amazing. We lightly kissed a few times before he pressed down more firmly and in a moment our lips parted and our tongues were intertwining. My head was swooning as my open eyes beheld this young black guy face to face with me and felt his big tongue in my mouth.

As we kissed, I felt Jason's hands around my body, groping at my breasts gently, and his hot breath on the back of my neck. His tongue was soon licking my neck and down the top of my spine. As if choreographed, at the same time Jason moved his hands from my breasts, David moved his mouth down from my lips. He traced my neck with his long bright red tongue until he reached my cleavage. His tongue snaked in between by breasts, and as he went lower, his big black fingers reached under the edge of my bustier and pulled down, exposing my breasts and nipples to him. He wasted no time and immediately sucked my left nipple into his mouth and began suckling.

Jason and moved his hands down to my ass and was busy squeezing my cheeks as his tongue traced the crack of my ass. He knelt down behind me and spread my ass and pushed his tongue onto my asshole as he moved a couple of fingers forward to trace my pussy. I wrapped my arms around David's head and held him to my breasts as he sucked away. I moaned lightly, delighting in the attention. David sucked on one nipple for a bit, then moved to the other to give it equal attention. Jason's tongue had found my asshole and was busy lightly inserting it in while fingering my pussy. His breath was hot on my ass and pussy, and I couldn't help myself when I let out a long, "Oooooooooohhhh my godddd."

After a few minutes, I was picked up into the air. David had reached around and put his hands on my ass and he lifted me up and carried me towards Jason's bed. His mouth remained on my breasts as he moved. When we got to the bed, he slowly eased me down onto my back -- my head up by Jason's pillow. David settled in above me, continuing to suckle my white tits and pink nipples. I looked down at his beautiful black face, taking in the contrast of our skin, and it turned me on immensely.

Meanwhile, I could see Jason standing up and start removing his clothes. When he was naked, he came alongside the bed and just watched for a moment, smiling. I turned my head towards him and instinctively reached out towards him -- or more accurately -- his big hanging cock. He moved a little closer until I could put my hand on it, and once I had it in my grasp, I started pulling on it. His thickness swelled in my palm, and he grew harder. I pulled him towards the bed by his cock and he climbed up onto the mattress. When he was close enough, I pulled him to my mouth and began sucking on his engorged member.

"Oh fuck yeah, Mom, that's it." I opened my eyes and strained to look down to my chest. David was still sucking my nipple but looking upward and watching me suck Jason's cock. David's hand moved down and slipped under the edge of my thong panties and found my pussy. It was soaking wet -- drowning in my juices. He smiled with a mouthful of my tit as we kept our eyes locked on one another and slid his middle finger around my clit, wetting it. Then he pushed his index and middle fingers into my pussy -- deep. My mouth opened wider around Jason's thick cock as I inhaled in a gasp, "AAAAhhhhhhhh".

"Your mom is wet as fuck, man!" His fingers rocked back and forth in my pussy, making sloppy noises as he started working his hand more quickly. He quickly found my 'spot' as he arched his fingers upwards inside me, rubbing the roof of my vagina. I'm not sure if Jason told him where to find it, or if this kid was just that talented, but in a matter of seconds, I had to take Jason's cock out of my mouth lest I bite down on it.

"Oh fuck -- are you fucking kidding me? Already!?!" I exclaimed in disbelief. My back began to arch as I felt the damn about to burst as his long black fingers started flailing furiously inside my pussy. "I DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT! YES!! YESS! OH FUCK, RIGHT THERE, YES!" And a moment later I felt myself squirt a huge load. My back and body spasmed uncontrollably. No one -- NO ONE -- had ever made me squirt that fast, and the only other person to make me squirt at all was Jason.

As I lay there, out of breath, my chest rising and falling, Jason's hard cock in my left hand, I felt David move up my body. His tongue hit my breasts as he reached them and he slowly licked me, up between by tits, over my throat, up my chin, until he reached my mouth. He kissed me deeply -- our tongues wresting again. When he lifted his lips away I looked up at him and saw his big dark eyes looking at me. "How'd that feel, mom?"

I smiled, still breathing hard. "Fucking incredible."

"Suck your boy's dick," he said with a nod towards Jason. It was a simple statement, but the way he said it, it was commanding. I happily turned my head back towards Jason and opened my mouth for his still hard cock which he pushed forward into my lips. I closed my eyes and began sucking him lovingly. I felt David trace his tongue back down my chest -- pausing to suckle and nibble on my nipples, before moving down further. I grew excited, as I anticipated feeling his tongue on my pussy any moment. But instead, I felt his breath over my pubic bone and short kiss above my pussy before I felt him get off the bed. An instant later, I saw his t-shirt fly off to my right, and then his shorts followed the same path a moment later. A few moments after that, I felt the right side of the bed sink down as David crawled up opposite of Jason, placing me in between them both. I turned, instinctively, knowing he was placing himself in a position for me to suck him. But as I turned, my eyes grew wide as saucers.

"Holy shit!" It just came out. I'd been fucking Jason now for about 3 months. His size -- to me -- had been the be-all, end-all; the biggest dick I'd ever seen, let alone touched, sucked, or fucked. He was the God of cocks as far as I was concerned. But now -- looking just inches from my right cheek -- what I saw astounded me. David was kneeling on the bed, and the foreskin-covered tip of his cock was a mere few inches from the mattress. It hung down like a thick willow tree branch from below his muscular abdomen. He was only mildly hard -- but he was a giant. And not only was he as long as fuck, he was thick. The base of it looked like the trunk of an oak, and as it extended downward, about 3 inches below the head, it grew thicker, and his foreskin draped over the head which looked as big as a small apple.

I laid there, staring, amazed at this magnificent black horse cock. Horse cock -- that was as close a description I can imagine. I had a friend growing up who had horses, and a few times we'd go into their stalls and, when no one was around, giggle while we reached underneath their loins and grasped onto their massive, thick dongs. This was about as close to that as I can imagine being. I reached out and wrapped the fingers of my right hand around him about mid-way down. My fingers touched, but barely. I doubt they would once this black pipe was engorged with blood. I pulled on it, ever so gently, and he let out a soft moan. I loved hearing that. I pulled a few more times and felt it throb. His thickness began to grow, and I started to stroke him more firmly.

"I think she likes," David smiled.

"I think she's scared shitless," Jason laughed.

David replied, "I think she's liking being scared shitless." To which they both laughed.

I couldn't say a word -- there were no words to convey what I was thinking. With an amazed look on my face, I lifted his cock upwards - Jesus it was fucking heavy as hell. How the hell did he walk around with this between his legs?! As I lifted, I saw the 2nd half of his monster show. His balls hung down in two sagging sacks -- each easily larger than the size of a golf ball -- and his sack hung down a good four inches.

"Fuuuck me." Again -- a mindless utterance from my mouth that just came out of nowhere.

"That is the plan, momma." David uttered in a low tone. Hearing his voice, his words, and holding that Olympian-sized black dick, sent a shiver through my body. "It tastes as good as it looks -- you should try it." Apparently, my awestruck gawking at his cock was getting a bit old -- the boy wanted some worship. I leaned to my right and placed it up to my face. I'm not sure why, but the first thing I did was press my face against it -- like some animal -- rubbing it on me. It smelled musky and was steaming hot against my skin. I rubbed it on my face, and rubbed my face on it. I let out several sighs as I did so. Looking back, I must have looked absolutely ridiculous -- like a child rubbing its birthday cake all over their face.

Finally, I stuck my tongue out and started licking his shaft, which by now was growing in hardness and girth. My fingers were slowly being pried apart as his dick filled with blood. My tongue ran up and down all over his immense dark cock. I held his heavy shaft up to my mouth and looked at his hidden cock head. His foreskin was closed over the top like a tulip, and I pulled it back. As I did, this bright purple head emerged -- in stark contrast to the rest of his dark brown cock. I'd never been with an uncircumcised guy before, let alone a black man, and let alone a black man with an uncircumcised horse cock. I stared at it in fascination as a grin came across my face looking at it. It was -- well -- fascinating. This huge purple head atop this monstrous black chocolate pole, and I could see a semi-clear drip come out of the hole and I leaned in and placed my tongue onto it. I wondered, briefly, if I could put my tongue in the hole -- it was larger than any other I'd seen on a cock -- but then tasted his precum. It was salty, and something else. I couldn't tell -- but it was different, and delicious. I opened my lips and placed them around his head and sucked on it. He was wider than Jason -- amazingly -- and his head was bigger. I drew back the foreskin even more exposing the full head and saw the slightly different colored rim around it. It looked like a comic-book penis -- massive in length, huge head and big rim. And I opened wide and wrapped my mouth around the whole head and held it there, sucking. As I did, I could taste more precum being drawn out of him and I moaned in delight at tasting this young stud's seed.

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