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The Dac Attacks Ch. 04

by That70sGuy©

The camping trip was a great success on several levels. Timmy was enthused that Dac worked on males. No more waiting till Dad was out of town. Of course, that meant we had to test Dac on dad, to make sure, but I was very optimistic.

I tested dad on Friday night after work. When, he got home, he followed his normal routine and headed for the liquor cabinet and poured his usual after work/before dinner cocktail. I was a little unsure about dosing mom. I was still being squeamish about the incest issues. It sure was hot watching Jim and his Dad double fuck Mrs. Cooper, but was I up for the same experience with my mom? The thought was incredibly hot, boiling at my brains, but underlying it all was a sick feeling.

But if Dad got real goofy, mom was sure to notice and there could be lot of trouble from that down the road, so I decided it was best to dose mom. I mean, I knew I wasn't forced to do anything with her, but I also knew me, and what was most likely to happen once my folks were both high on Dac. I was at the mercy of my hormones, my head throwing unwanted visions in front of my eyes. I guess the opportunity for sex (even sick sex) will win out in 18 year old males every time. At least, the ones I knew.

I dumped a dose in mom's coke when she set it on the table at her place. The timing for the Dac worked out good. We were just finishing putting the dishes in the dishwasher, when mom, I swear to god, put her hand right down the front of her slacks and began rubbing her mound.

I looked at her face. She had a far away, dreamy, and somewhat hazy gaze in her eyes. She wasn't focusing on me, that was for sure. I shook her shoulder a little to get her attention. "I could use some dessert. What about you?" I asked.

Mom said, "Sure honey. We've got some ice cream in the freezer, and I think there's still some chocolate sauce left in the fridge."

"Actually mom I was thinking you should be the dessert." I said, smiling sweetly. "But, since you brought it up, maybe we can combine both our ideas. Are you up for a little adventure?"

The far away look came back as she smiled, then giggled.

"I'll take that as a yes." I said. "Since the table's cleared, why don't you go get naked and lie on it. I'll be in with the dessert in a minute."

"But what about Arnie (dad)?" she asked.

"Why don't you give him a show while you undress. I'm sure he'll enjoy it." I said and thought a little deeper, then said, "Don't worry about him and me. We had a long 'talk', and he told me it was OK, if I saw you naked."

I grabbed the ice cream, a scoop, and the chocolate from the fridge. On the way out of the kitchen, I spied a bunch of bananas and grabbed one. Mom was just completing her striptease, as I got to the dining room table. I had her get up on the table and lie on her back. I seated dad at the foot of the table where he had an eye to pussy view between mom's spread legs. I began to scoop ice cream, planting the first scoop between mom's double D breasts, staring intently at her silver dollar areola and perky nipples.

The next scoop went in her belly button, and the final one topped her pubic mound. I applied the chocolate liberally all over mom's body, from boobs to pubes. I unpeeled the banana like I was a stripper. Mom giggled. I got dad moved back and then pushed the banana as far into mom's pussy as I could (there was still about 3 inches still sticking out).

"OK dad. Here's your spot." I said, getting out of the way and heading to the scoop between mom's boobs. I couldn't get enough of mom's nipples. So the first thing was to wrap my lips around one of them. I pushed mom's breasts together, which popped the scoop of ice cream up on top of her breasts. So I took a big bite of the ice cream. I gave mom a kiss, passing the ice cream to her.

"Here mom," I said "you deserve some dessert, too. "Now open wide," I said, as I grabbed the chocolate sauce into her open mouth.

"Hold on," I said, going back to dad's end of the table and moving him out of the way. The remaining banana was buried in mom's pussy. Dad had already eaten what had been exposed. It took a little digging, but I got a mouthful of banana and headed back, passing the banana from mouth to mouth. I let her munch while I stripped. Then, I climbed up on the table, straddling her midsection. I pushed my dick down in the valley between her breasts, and pushed the half eaten and melting ice cream out of the way with my dick. I grabbed the chocolate and coated my cock. Then, I grabbed mom's boobs and pressed them around my dick. The tip of my cock pushed ice cream towards mom's mouth with each thrust between her more than adequate cleavage. She licked the tip of my cock with each thrust, cleaning the head of any remaining melted ice cream and chocolate.

I looked mom in the eyes, and asked her if she'd had enough chocolate.

"There's never enough chocolate." She said, shaking her head. So I took that as a request. I alternated. Dipping in between her breasts, coating my member with more chocolate, then feeding it to her. Dad was still busy at her other end, eating the last of the banana out of her ice cream coated cunt. He licked her pubes, lapping up melted ice cream, then dipped his tongue as far into her pussy hole as he could get it to go, sometimes fishing with his fingers to scoop out the remnants of banana. I'd quit dicking chocolate into my mom's mouth now, and had grabbed the back of her head as I fed my dick in and out of her greedy mouth. I didn't want to cum yet, so I cooled down on the force feeding action. Gently sliding in and out of mom's puckered mouth. I looked down at the chocolate mess coating my balls, and the mess between mom's generous boobs.

"Why don't we all take a break and have a swim?" I suggested, climbing down off mom. They both followed me like lambs as we headed out to the patio. "You all go jump in." I said, "I'll be there in a minute." I said, turning around and heading for the phone.

Of course I called Timmy. Fortunately, he was home and so was his mom. "Timmy," I urged, "Get your mom dosed and get over here quick." Mom and dad are hot and ready. Yeah," I said, "dad took to Dac like a duck to water." I hung up the phone and went out to the pool to join mom and dad. I sat on the side of the pool, and got mom to finish cleaning up the chocolate. collected on my balls. Then, I jumped in and swam a few laps. My cock was erect, and was acting like a rudder. Timmy and his mom showed up while we were in the pool. I greeted them as they stripped and joined us.

To Mrs. Cleaver, a big wet open mouthed kiss. Timmy got a wave. Then I grabbed Mrs. Cleaver by the top of her head and pushed her down under the water. I guided her mouth to my pulsing cock. She was a trooper, bobbing up to the surface for air, then diving back down to engulf my member. She wrapped her hands around my knees, hold herself down on the pool bottom while she slid my shaft in and out of her mouth. Mom was busy greeting Timmy. Dad was looking a little left out, so I called over to him. "Ya wanna fuck Mrs. Cleaver for a while dad? Let's go over to the hot tub. You can fuck her from behind while she sucks my cock."

It didn't take us more than a minute before we were spit roasting Mrs. Cleaver. Dad, from the middle of the hot tub, me sitting on the edge of the hot tub with my hands wrapped around the back of Mrs. Cleaver's head. Timmy and mom joined us, Timmy sitting on the edge beside me, while my mom pumped his cock with her mouth.

"Dad," I said. "Mom needs a little extra encouragement, too. Do you mind fucking her a little bit every now and then, too?" I'd noticed how Mrs. Cleaver picked up her pace while she was being fucked. I thought Timmy'd appreciate the extra attention, too.

"So I've been thinking about this incest thing," I told him. "It seems to me that incest is a bad thing because of the genetics." I said. "If a relative of yours gets pregnant by you, you're gonna make deformed kids. I don't know about you, but I think that's why I get an icky feeling in my stomach when I think about fucking mom." I explained. "So, I think that if I don't cum in mom's pussy, then she can't get pregnant, and then no fucked up kids, right?" I asked, looking at dad.

Dad was making small tidal waves in the hot tub as he tried to satisfy two women at once.

"I'm tracking," Timmy replied.

"Well... That still leaves two holes available..." I said. "I mean, I know I'll still be a mother fucker, but it's not bad, because there's no fucked up kids to be responsible for."

"So, we're mother fuckers, but in a good way?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said, "In a very good way. In a really, really good way" Smiling as I watched Mom's mouth work my shaft."

"Well, all right." Timmy said. "If we're gonna be mother fuckers, then let's be GOOD mother fuckers." Timmy said, disengaging from my mom's mouth and swinging off the edge of the hot tub and down into it, pushing mom out of the way. He pulled his mom off my dick and replaced it with his own, while directing mom's eager mouth in my direction. Dad and I began spit roasting mom.

"Hey wait a minute, Timmy. If we're gonna do this, we oughta be more comfortable doing it. Let's move the party to the bedroom." I suggested, sliding out of the hot tub. I grabbed mom and dad and we all dried each other off.

In the bedroom, dad, mom, and I returned to our former positions. Timmy and his mom were trying out sixty-nine on each other for the first time. I was fucking mom's mouth for the second time, though I didn't think the first time should count, since I'd been distracted, trying to control mom while I'd been waiting for Timmy to come over and finish her, completing our bargain.

Dad wasn't making tidal waves with water anymore, but he was causing mom's ass cheeks to "tidal wave" each time he pounded his dick into her pussy. I found that sight to be mesmerizing. At least I did, till I looked down at mom's luscious oval lips as they slid up and down my shaft. I could see that dad was getting close.

"Go dad go. Go dad go" I chanted. He grunted. "Cummon dad, let's give it to her." I said, picking up the pace in her mouth. Mom was in seventh heaven, moaning all over my cock, as she willingly accepted dad's pounding. Dad didn't last much longer. A few more strokes and then he was forcing his dick as far into mom as possible, hands grabbing her ass and pulling her close. Mom got real excited, and nearly had me cumming, as dad filled her pussy with his spunk.

Dad pulled out and was sitting on the edge of the bed. I suggested he go take a hot tub and relax. I had other plans for mom. I took up dad's spot on mom's back side. She was patiently waiting for me on all fours. I slid into mom's previously used cunt. It was incredibly slippery. Then, as always when in this position, I pulled her ass cheeks apart, so I could see her bung hole. I pumped away, staring at mom's puckered sphincter as it expanded when I pulled out and contracted as I plunged in. I enjoyed the show for a at least a good five minutes.

After that, it was inevitable. I knew I had to have her asshole. I licked my finger and ran it around the circumference of mom's sphincter ring. Then, I teased it into the little hole in the center. I worked my finger in little by little, making small circular motions as my finger descended, massaging the muscle, getting it to relax.

Mom looked over her shoulder at me. "Ummmm sweety," she said. "I've never had anything up my ass before. Your dad didn't like it. He thought it was disgusting."

"Well, how about you? Now that you've got a new lover, what are your feelings?" I asked.

"Well... I'm afraid it will hurt." she said. "I never liked the doctor even putting his finger in there."

"Relax mom." I said. "I've been practicing. Ask Mrs. Cleaver if I did a good job giving her pleasure back there."

"Martha?" she said. "You and Martha have been having sex?" she asked.

"Uh huh, for longer than you and Timmy." I told her. "Besides. I have a magic powder that makes everything feel good. You'll see." I pulled out and had to go to the pool to get my pants and the packet of Dac in them.

Coming back, tearing the packet containing the Dac open, I positioned myself behind mom's waiting asshole. I pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy, hooking them, and pulling out a gob of dad's spent spunk. I smeared this all over mom's asshole, pushing some of it through the ring. Then I sprinkled the Dac powder onto the goo, and slowly massaged it all into mom's expanding asshole. I dug around for more goo and repeated the process, before lining the tip of my prick up with her now slightly gaping asshole.

I pushed. Mom's sphincter muscle resisted a bit, before giving in and allowing the head of my prick passage. "Oh!" she exclaimed.

"How ya doin?" I asked.

"Ooooo Kkkkkkk." she said tentatively. "I thought it was going to hurt, but it was just pressure. It's starting to feel good now. Just go slow."

I tried. I really did. I think I even made it all the way to the bottom of my shaft, before my lust took over. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed them on and off my rigid pole, plunging all the way to the base of my shaft, then back out till just the head was left in her ass. I didn't go spastic or anything. I kept up a reasonably good pace, but it wasn't frantic. At least not just yet. We up the steady and consistent pace for a good four minutes before I got another idea. I pulled out and lay down on the bed - flat on my back. I had mom crawl up on top and had her squat down on my cock as I lined it up with her gaping asshole.

"Lean back mommy." I said "I want to see my peepee in your asshole."

I didn't tell her, but I also liked watching the way her pussy closed and opened in time to her plunges onto my cock."

"Oh wow!" I heard. I hadn't been paying attention to Timmy. He was now standing next to the bed, up by my head, so he could see what I was watching.

"You like?" looking up at him. He nodded.

"Well, I've got something else I want to try if you're game. Why don't you fuck mom's pussy while I fuck her in the ass?" I suggested.

"Not sure I can help you out just yet." he replied "I just came in mom's mouth. Gimme a second." He began masturbating, trying to get his limp dick to come back to attention.

"Too slow. Go use mom's mouth for a while." I told him.

It didn't take too long, maybe five or six minutes, before Timmy had his full erection back.

"Swivel around on my dick, mom." I said " Keep me in you, but turn around." Mom did, and Timmy followed her, keeping his dick in her mouth as much as possible."

Timmy took his cock out of mom's mouth and kneeled down between her legs as she squatted on my member. Then, he slid into her used and seeping pussy. This set mom off big time.

"OH MY GOD!" she shouted. "FUCK ME!"

We couldn't do anything but oblige her. Timmy and I set up a rhythm. He'd pull out, I'd push in. Repeat... We went at it hard. I could feel Timmy's cock each time it slid by mine. I lost track of time, but it probably wasn't more than ten minutes (probably more like three), when we all started cumming. Timmy triggered the event. He let out a yell, and then slammed his dick home. I could feel Timmy's dick, as it jerked in mom's pussy. This set me off. I joined Timmy. I pushed off the bed with my feet and pushed my dick as far into mom's asshole as I could. I unloaded. This set mom off. She began bucking.

"OH MY. OH MY. OH MY Gaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" she wailed. Her legs were shaking, and she kept jerking. Even after we had all cum, she just lay there, sandwiched between Timmy and me, twitching.

Slowly, we rolled off each other. I got up, looking down at mom. "So how was that?" I asked.

She turned and looked at me through half lidded eyes. "We've got to do this more often." she said.

I looked over at Timmy. "Can we do my mom next?" he asked.

Written by: That70sGuy

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