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A Wife To Be Used Ch. 02

by TeddyBare53©

Chapter 1 ended with:

Margo wiped the cum out of her eyes and looked up at the group of men surrounding her. Her face had a happy, satisfied look and cum dribbled down her chin. She gasped slightly and said 'Thank you to all my new Masters'.

'Happy Birthday Slut' they all chorused.

'Well what do we do to her next?' I asked.

Chapter 2: The Submission Continues

The smell of sex and sweat filled the room, the anticipation that more was to follow gave a feeling of intoxication. I looked back at Margo as I heard her squeal. Kevin was hard again and had pushed Margo forward onto her hands and knees before feeding his cock slowly into her back passage. We had never tried anal before as Margo had shown no interest but Kevin was intent on changing this situation. Margo grimaced and clenched her teeth. "Ohhhhhhh" she moaned as Kevin's cock pushed through the tightness of the rim and now was freely fucking her arse. His fingers clutched deep into the flesh of her hips as he relentlessly pounded into her soft white fleshy bum. Kevin's cock and body slammed into her, the loud slap of flesh against flesh.

Margo's excited sighs were punctuated by the smack as their flesh crashed together. Kevin continued his merciless invasion of Margo's once virginal anal passage, blow after blow, his cock buried itself into he darkest cavern of her body.

Margo's eyes were closed and her mouth agape as Kevin brutalized her backside. This was all too much for Terry to handle. He approached Margo's face with his hard fat cock in his right hand, grabbed Margo's hair with his left hand and proceeded to slap her face with his hard thick cock. "Do you want to suck my cock bitch?" Terry asked. "Yes sir, please sir, may I suck your cock sir" Margo pleaded.

A swelling pride overcame me, watching my slut wife beg and whimper like a true submissive whore. My heart filled with a new appreciation and love for this woman, my used, cock loving submissive slut wife.

"Fuck her mouth Terry" I yelled with glee as Margo's lips parted and her tongue extended seeking his cock. Terry, not one to miss an opportunity, shoved his cock deep to the back of her throat, gagging her instantly while Kevin continued his anal brutality. Terry and Kevin finally got into a rhythm with both cocks disappearing to the hilt. Margo was almost purring, no not a purr but more like a low guttural animal noise emanating from deep within her, caused by the hammering her arse and throat were receiving.

"'I want to cum in her mouth" Kevin said to Terry and he withdrew his cock from her arse as they switched places. "Ohhhhhh Hmmmmmmpppp" Margo choked as first Terry's big cock rammed into her open anal passage then Kevin's slime covered arse fucking cock plunged into her open mouth, filling her nose with the stench, then her mouth and throat with the pungent taste.

'Yes...Yes...Yes...Yes!' Kevin roared as shot after shot of his thick goo filled Margo's mouth, forcing her to swallow his load of cum mixed with the taste of her anal passage. Terry was overcome with the intensity of the situation and exploded in Margo's once virginal but now abused bum.

"Ohhhh Fuckkkkkk" Terry noisily shrieked as his sweat covered head raised to face the roof, his eyes clamped shut, his hips bucked out of control, shooting his thick warm seed, deep inside that lovely arse of hers. Margo's entire body convulsed and shook as she was overwhelmed by the enormity of her orgasm, rocking, moaning, screeching, shaking, before eventually collapsing to the floor - used and spent and fucked into submission.

Jim and Cam jumped up and looked at each other before Jim blurted out "Pussy" followed by Cam "Arse." Jim then lay on his back next to Margo and commanded "Climb onto this, slut" waving his fat cock in the air. Margo dragged her well worn fucked body up and mounted Jim's prone torso, working his very thick, hard cock into her well-lubricated swollen pussy, Jim reaching up, tweaked her nipples between his thumb and fingers, making her squirm. Cam positioned himself behind Margo's dripping arsehole and pushed the bulbous head of his rampaging cock into the now yawning opening. Cam stretched it a little more to accommodate his girth then with a loud grunt and a forceful thrust, it disappeared inside Margo's arse, making a wet squishing sound.

Within moments, Margo was again in the throws of another earth shattering orgasm. Her head was thrown back, her body was covered in little droplets of sweat, her hair matted to her scalp and face, spit mingled with cum dripping from her mouth, then that deep, guttural hum escaped from between Margo's luscious swollen lips.

Noel stood over Margo, masturbating his cock. She opened her mouth wide to accept his big fat dick, sucking the head in first. I watched my whore wife use her cheeks and tongue to massage that hard cock, then, I watched in awe, in a single gulp, Margo swallowed Noel's cock all the way to his pubic hairs.

Margo looked like a slut, she fucked like a slut and she came like a slut. A degraded submissive fuck and suck toy, to be used in every way I desired and by anyone of my choosing. There she was, riding Jim's fat cock while Cam battered her arse with his monster dick, a face full of Noel's cock as he fucked her mouth again. Noel pulled his cock out of Margo's lovely mouth, making a plopping sound as it popped from her lips and shot his cum over her face, two, three, four, five huge globs landing on her nose, cheeks and lips.

My cock was as hard as a rock and almost bursting. I moved over her beautiful 50 year old cum covered face and grabbed two fistfuls of her perspiration and cum matted hair. Margo's eyes met mine; she smiled and mouthed the words "Thank you," I smiled then rammed my cock into that hot wet and accepting mouth of hers.

Jim and Cam were working her pussy and arse hard, as I heard them both heralding their release into my wife's very used body. The sheer bliss of Margo's achievements this night had made me a happy man and master of this wonderful woman, I drove my cock deep into her throat as torrents of hot cum sprayed deep into her belly, my release was so intense that my knees buckled and I had to steady myself with the grip I had on her head. As Margo swallowed the last of my cum, I raised her head by the chin, looked at her face, the face of a well fucked and completely satisfied woman and I whispered, "I love you."

Written by: TeddyBare53

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