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Impressions Ch. 07

by sadkins116©

This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


Sarah sat at the table, the conversation with Ann Winters bouncing around in her head. She was Siva's boss's wife and she clearly recognized her at the function last Friday. Although she didn't say it, the implication was clear; if she didn't show up she might tell Siva. Sarah's body was already starting to tingle at the thought of what she would be required to do. It was the first time since Master Cock had taken over her life that she felt almost normal. Now after the call, she was once again very aroused and in need of relief. Master Cock had kept her from orgasming last night. His demand for her to beg to be fucked to be allowed to orgasm was too much. However now sitting at her kitchen table, and being required to visit the Winters' house brought Sarah right back to where she was last night.

Sarah knew that it was just a matter of time before she gave in and started to beg. Then a thought hit her, Master Cock wasn't Ann Winters, and if she orgasmed while there, it would be the relief she needed. If that happened she wouldn't have to beg her Master to let her fuck.

Sarah stood and headed for her bedroom. Siva had left and she had no idea of where he was. She stood in front of her closet and contemplated what she should wear when, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, her master was calling again.

"Yes Master, how can your slave serve you?" She answered, knowing that it was the truth; she did want to serve him.

"Slave, so you are to visit Siva's boss and wife today. They want a repeat performance from Friday. Now what should a slut wear to please her new masters? I think because you are going to be performing like Friday, you should dress in your uniform." Master Cock said.

"Please Master, don't make me wear it again. It is still covered in cum and I haven't washed it. Please anything but that." Sarah begged.

"Slave you do not tell me anything. I tell you. You will wear the wicked Weasel, a tee shirt, and your heels, nothing else, not even a coat. You will have your ass plugged and wear your collar and leash. When you get there, you will call me and hand the phone to Ann Winters. I will explain that you are a slave and I am your master." He explained.

"Yes Master Cock, what will you tell them?" Sarah asked.

"Simply call me and hand her the phone. I will take it from there." Master Cock answered and ended the call.

Sarah turned and went to the trash where she threw the Wicked Weasel and pulled it out. It was gross, sticky and still damp. It smelled like cum and Sarah almost gagged touching it. She slipped off her clothes and started to wrap the suit around her body and soon was standing in front of her mirror staring at her body.

She wanted to be repulsed at having to wear the humiliating suit, but her body was already ramping up and her pussy was starting to juice. She slipped on her slut heels, grabbed a night shirt tee, and headed down the stairs. Siva was still nowhere to be found and Sarah really didn't know what she would tell him anyways if he was there. She walked to her car and drove away. Her GPS told her their house was about twenty minutes away in a very upscale neighborhood. The closer she got the more nervous she was. Sarah and Siva attended many events for the rich and politically connected. There was a fair possibility she would be recognized. They may not know her well but some could know her. She started to pant as her body seemed to be craving the potential humiliation.

Sarah arrived at address and pulled into the long driveway. It must have been a hundred meters long. She pulled up next to the house and knocked at the front door. She felt terribly underdressed and more like a servant. If she were back in India she would be shunned. She called Master Cock and waited for the door to open.

The door opened a bit and a woman stuck her head out and looked down at Sarah. With just the look she felt like all the people she used to look down upon. The woman's face showed her scorn and barked. "Go to the rear door, that's the servants entrance," And slammed the door. Sarah never felt lower. She had never been so humiliated in her life, not even Friday's adventure. Sarah lowered her head and took the long walk around the house to the back door.

Sarah knock at the back door and another woman, much younger, very pretty, and barely dressed as a maid. She simply grabbed Sarah's leash and pulled her into the room. Sarah was taken by surprise and stumbled after the young maid. Once inside Sarah started to speak, "Please hand..." But the young woman shushed her.

Sarah did the only thing she could but pointed at the phone and the large cock picture that filled the screen whenever connected to Master Cock. The young woman gasped, but nodded, took the phone and left the room. Sarah didn't know what to do so she just stood there, feeling very much out of place. The night shirt old, too small, wrinkled and had teddy bears on the front. The 5" slut heels left no doubt that she was a slut, and topping it off was the collar and leash marked her as a slave.

Sarah didn't wait long before the door flew open and in walked Ann Winters with Sarah's phone at her ear. She was smiling broadly as she walked up to Sarah's trembling body. Sarah could only look up to the frightening woman.

"Well it seems you have yourself in quite a pickle. So now you're a slave to some mysterious Master Cock, and you're entertaining all your friends and neighbors. I never would have thought you were so versatile. Now I understand from your Master, you're not allowed to have vaginal sex. So no fucking. But he did say that everything else was available, so we can make do. Now let's see what you're wearing, take off that stupid shirt and throw it away.

Sarah could only nod and obey. She pulled the night shirt over her head and looked around for a trash can.

"Behind the door on the right," Ann barked, as she pointed at a door. "OOOHH you wore your suit. I love that suit. It's so trashy, and you haven't even cleaned it, perfect."

Sarah groaned and her entire body flushed. She opened the door and tossed her shirt away. She walked back to where she was and stood, staring at the floor.

"Okay slut, you're going to do exactly what you're told and you will not hesitate. Your Master never said I couldn't punish you. Now there is only two things I want you to remember, one obey, two don't cum. Have you got it?"

"Yes Ann," Sarah whispered.


Ann Winters smacked Sarah on both sides of her face and almost screamed, "You will never use my first name, ever. From this moment on you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Ann. I don't care where we are or who is around.


"Do I have your attention?"

"Yes Mistress, I understand." Sarah said.

SMACK, SMACK, Ann smacked both of Sarah's tits.

"You do not refer to yourself in the first person; you will now refer to yourself as, this slave, or this slut, but never as I or me." Ann barked again.

"Yes Mistress, this slut understands."

Good, now turn around and let me look at you." Ann commanded twirling her finger.

Sarah slowly rotated around allowing her Mistress a clear view of her nearly naked body. When she was facing away from her she was told to stop.

"Oh, I see your Master thought ahead and prepared your ass. Good that will save time. Continue turning."

Sarah continued until she was facing her Mistress again. Mistress Ann grabbed the leash and pointed at the ground. Sarah understood and dropped to her knees and followed her Mistress through the door. Sarah had never been in the house before and had no idea of where Mistress Ann was taking her. She just crawled behind her Mistress like a good slave. At the end of the hall, Ann opened a door and led Sarah into a small room. At the center was a small vanity and bench. Standing beside it was an obviously gay man smiling.

"Sit down slut, we want to fix your face. Sarah didn't resist and did as ordered. They had covered the mirror and she had no idea of what they were doing, but took almost an hour before Bruce, the makeup guy announced he was finished. Ann took one look at Sarah and gushed, "Outstanding, she looks perfect. Now let's finish getting her ready.

Bruce and Mistress Ann each grabbed an arm and rolled some sort of gloves over her hands and up her arms halfway to her elbow. Just before they finished rolling up the gloves, Bruce grabbed a tube and squeezed a small amount out and coated her forearm. He did the Same for the other arm, rolled the glove over the cream and squeezed tightly. He held on for almost a minute before letting go. Sarah looked at the gloves and found there were no fingers. In fact her hands looked like paws now.

Ann was starting to tremble, as with cuffs, her hands were now useless. Mistress Ann pulled Sarah off the bench and down to the floor. Sarah was now on her hands and knees. Bruce walked behind her and pulled her leg up so that her calf was against her thigh and wrapped something around them leaving her unable to walk. He did the Same thing to the other leg and now Sarah could only crawl like an animal.

She turned to look at Mistress Ann and ask what was happening when she felt another smack to her ass.

"Do Not Move Slave. I will tell you when you can move."

Sarah quickly faced forward and waited for instructions. She knelt there for only a few moments when someone pulled her plug out of her ass. Sarah groaned as her body was very aroused and she suddenly felt empty. She wasn't empty long however, because something else was replacing the plug. Whatever it was, it was much larger than her plug and it felt much heavier. Sarah was grunting and groaning as the object was pushed further and further into her rectum. Sarah was now panting as the object felt like it was entering her stomach and still getting larger. Finally it slipped into place and her sphincter grabbed it tight locking it in place.

Sarah still didn't know what they filled her ass with but with any movement the object moved side to side and up and down. Sarah's eyes grew large and the sensations were nothing like anything else she had ever felt. Almost immediately her body reacted and her cunt flowered, exposing her inner pink lips. Finally, Mistress Ann lifted one knee and Bruce strapped on some form of knee pads. They did the Same for the other legs and stepped back.

Both Bruce and Mistress bumped fists and congratulated each other at a job well done. Sarah had no idea what she looked like and kept looking forward afraid to move.

Mistress Ann walked in front of Sarah and knelt down. She patted Sarah on the head just like a pet and smiled. "Almost ready pet, just one more thing and you are ready to strut your stuff." She reached behind her and brought something down on Sarah's head and strapped it under her chin. Now Sarah was wearing some sort of headdress.

Finally Mistress Ann spoke again, "Open wide slave." As she grabbed Sarah's chin and pulled her mouth open. Sarah expected a gag of some sort but instead, Mistress shoved a tube down her throat and plunged and squeezed a liquid down Sarah's throat. Sarah gagged at the taste and the amount, but she had no choice but to swallow.

Sarah tried to speak but the only thing that came out was a grunt. She looked up at her Mistress in panic when her Mistress said, "Don't worry pet, I only paralyzed your vocal cords. You will be fine tomorrow. But until then I'm afraid you can only bark!"

Sarah gasped as Mistress Ann turned her around and let her look in the mirror. Sarah couldn't speak, even if she was able to. The shock shook her to her core. It wasn't a woman on her knees, but a dog. Her face was painted and gave her the appearance of a snout and whiskers were glued to her cheeks. The headdress was a pair of ears that stood up like a Shepard's ears and the gloves and knee pads looked like paws. Sarah turned a bit and sticking out of her ass was a long furry tail over a foot long. She tried to speak but the only thing that came out was a cross between a bark and a growl.

Sarah's body went into overdrive looking at her reflection. She hardly recognized the animal in the mirror and suddenly felt much more relaxed. Even if she knew someone, it would be difficult to identify her dressed as she was. She leaned over and nuzzled Mistress Ann's leg.

Ann loved every second as Sarah was accepting her new role as a pet. She smiled and grabbed her leash and led her out of the room and down the hall. The pair looked a little strange Mistress Ann dressed in expensive clothing and appearing as she should be a lady of wealth, and a human dog, crawling after her.

It was when they arrived in the massive yard with a crowd milling about that Sarah started to get nervous, or was it aroused. After the last few days Sarah couldn't tell the difference. Ann pulled her new pet to the middle of the crowd and announced, "Attention please, I promised you a surprise and here she is, our pet for the day. Some of you might remember her; she was the star performer at last Friday's function. I spared no expense to bring her to you today. If you notice, she is still wearing her suit from Friday, cum and all. I just added a few things to make it interesting. Now I only have one rule, well two actually, no vaginal sex, and no climaxes. Other than that you can do just about anything you want to our pet. Oh one other thing, she can only bark and grunt. I temporarily have her speechless. Please feel free to play, she can fetch, roll over, and is a bitch in heat. She still has her mouth and ass available. Just pull out the plug and go to it. If you don't want to hold it, just push it in her mouth."

It was only a second before someone grabbed Sarah's leash and pulled her out to the grass. Suddenly a large dildo was waved in her face, and a woman, who Sarah remembered from the restroom Friday night was saying, "Here girl, see the cock, smell it pet. Now go fetch!" as she threw it out in the yard and smacked Sarah's ass.

Sarah felt less than human but quickly dashed off as fast as her paws could carry her. She reached the dildo but didn't realize how large it was. It must have been 18" long and almost 3" across. She couldn't open her mouth wide enough to grab it in the middle and carry it. She had to push it up until she could push the end in her mouth before she could carry it. She was so humiliated rushing back to the lady, with over a foot and a half of cock sticking out of her mouth. It was so large and heavy; she dropped it a couple times bringing it back. She finally had to drag it across the grass to finally retrieve it.

The woman scolded Sarah for her poor performance. "You lazy dog, you took forever, and look at it now, the end is covered in dirt. Clean it off!" The woman ordered.

Sarah lowered her head and began to lick the dildo off, cleaning any dirt and grass from it. The woman again smacked Sarah's ass only this time it was with a paddle, causing her to grunt in pain. The woman again threw the dildo only this time towards a cow pasture. The dildo landed almost thirty feet inside the pasture near a herd of cows. Sarah stopped in her tracks. The dildo was very close to almost twenty cows grazing in the pasture. They looked huge and Sarah had never really been around cows much. In her culture cows were sacred but in America, they were nothing more than a source of food.

Sarah was frozen to the spot when the woman brought down the paddle again and kicked Sarah in the ass. "Go on pet bring me the toy and hurry up. If you aren't back in one minute I'm going to paddle your ass until you can't sit for a week."

Sarah took off as fast as she could. She crawled under the split rail fence and out into the pasture. The first things she noticed with the multiple piles of cow shit everywhere. She carefully crawled around them and slowly approached the herd. She was shaking like a leaf, her tail swinging side to side. Sarah was panting from the effort and sweating profusely. The closer she got to the cows she noticed that they now surrounded the dildo.

Sarah stopped, not sure what to do. The cows actually were ignoring her, but because she couldn't run, or defend herself she was frightened beyond any time before. She crawled slower now as she approached the toy. There was a large cow standing just right over the dildo. Slowly she crawled closer and finally she leaned forward and tried to take the end in her mouth. That was when she felt a hot spray across the back of her head and shoulders. She grunted as she realized the cow was pissing all over her. Sarah pulled back and shook her head when she heard.

"You have thirty seconds to get back here."

Sarah didn't want to get beaten lunged forward and grabbed the end and ran as fast as her knees could carry her, dragging the dildo across the field. This time she wasn't concerned about the cow pies as all she could think of was not to be punished.

She finally crawled up to the woman, her hair and upper body covered in sweat and cow piss. Her hands and knees caked in cow shit. Even the end of the dildo was caked with manure. She dropped it at the woman's feet and cowered afraid of what might happen.

The woman looked down at the nasty pet and walked away. "I'm not touching that, she's covered in piss and shit."

Mistress Ann walked over and grabbed the leash. "You are a bad doggie. You are a dirty dog. She took the end of the leash and lashed Sarah's ass over and over leaving her lying on the grass whimpering.

Mistress Ann pulled the dirty slave off to the side and turned on a hose. She directed the hard spray washing off the shit and piss from the pet. Sarah at first loved the water but soon it was starting to hurt, the high pressure water tenderizing her body. Finally the water stopped and again Sarah was pulled into another direction over to a barn. Sarah was shaking in fear as the cows had really frightened her. But once inside she breathed a sigh of relief. There were only a bunch of men standing around drinking beer. Sarah was relieved when she didn't see any animals, that are four legged animals, but there were a lot of two legged ones. They all turned to look at Mistress Ann leading her crawling pet into the barn. They knew what was coming, as they started to surround Mistress and her pet.

"Well boys, I see you are ready. I want to introduce my newest pet, Susan." Mistress Ann said and winked at Sarah.

Sarah took a breath when she heard the name she used on Friday. Right now she was praying the makeup was still on her face after the hosing down. She hadn't seen a mirror and had no idea if she was still disguised. Still she wondered why so many men were in the barn.

"So here are the rules, one no vaginal sex, two she isn't allowed to cum. If she climaxes, you will never be invited back. So pay attention, but I want her on the verge for the rest of the night. There is a selection of toys on the table to make things interesting. Other than that, no writing on her body, she has to go home to hubby. Oh don't break the skin. So enjoy the next two hours." Mistress Ann smiled, dropped the leash and walked out of the barn.

Sarah stared at Mistress's back and her jaw dropped. She was in shock. She was now basically naked and alone with what looked like fifty horny men. Just the thought of what might happen sent shivers up and down Sarah's spine. Each time her cunt pulsed and clenched begging for attention. God she wanted to be fucked.

She knelt there on the floor, unable to talk, unable to walk, and nearly naked. She did the only thing that made sense. She looked at the closest man, opened her mouth and licked her lips. The message was loud and clear. He stepped up to Sarah, and dropped his pants. His semi hard cock was the perfect size, just over seven inches and two and a half inches wide. It was the perfect size to suck down her throat and still breathe. She leaned forward and licked the tip. She felt him jump and smiled. The next lick covered the head as she savored his flavor. He was clean and smelled nice. As Sarah lavished kisses up and down his cock, making love to it as if it was a gift from the gods. She never in her life wanted a cock more than she did right this instant. Her entire focus was solely on the cock in front of her face, when she felt something touch her cheek. She glanced to the right and another cock appeared. It was larger and much darker, the veins pulsing with power. Sarah's mind latched on the other cock and turned her head. Now she wished she had her hands as she wanted both cocks. The men each grabbed an arm and lifted Sarah like she was a feather. Without touching the ground and Sarah was carried over to a bench. It was metal, about a foot wide and padded. They lay her down on her back. Her legs were pulled up and spread wide. Her ankles were cuffed to two arms and locked into place. She was fully exposed and available.

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