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The Molly Virus Ch. 02

by Sissyhalo©

There this absolutely hot girl at the frat party called Cherry.

She came with a bunch of hot chicks, but she, she is something else the classic blonde with these huge tits that have to be implants, they're too big, too firm for her to be going braless but those nipples are poking through amazingly.

I dance with her and she has me so turned on my balls hurt.

And her hands were all over me.

She passes me a card with an address.

"If you want a party that'll change everything come here..."

"Jerry, I'm Jerry."

"Cherry. We need more big black cocks in our group."

Yeah I'm a black guy, tall, basketball player yeah the stereotype but not inner city just a middle classed guy.

Still though, even though all the pussy I get I want Cherry.

"I'll be there."

She left and a few of us guys got these cards not everyone just five of us end up taking a cab to this really big three story rambling house that looked like it was part of one of those local rich farm places that have horses.

The place has money and there's a guy at the door taking cards and when he takes mine I'm sent inside and it's definitely a party but people are going off with others to private places.

A whorehouse?

Seems likely.

Cherry's waiting for me having a drink and her breasts are bared and she smiles at me.


"Cherry, nice place."

"Thanks, it's out of the way for me and my girls."

She walks over and we kiss and herb tits are awesome.

Huge, heavy, full...not a surgical scar on them as I feel them, fondle them.

A little liquid drips out of her nipples. Oh...I get it...I take a taste. takes like more.

I drink, suckle and feast on her titties getting higher and higher until I'm too high...everything gets blurry and vibrating all of it except for Cherry.

"Sorry Jerry but it's the way it just goes...I...I need to breed, make more of my girls and you're going to be one."

"I know you can't talk, can barely think right now and it feels like your brain's on fire and soon your spine and then your asshole. That's the virus, it's you feeling the infection, and you're changing. There's no cure either, I've looked."

I try to move but can't...and everything is tilting and swaying.

"The virus is going to change you, feminize you into something different, every bit of male cum will release all these feminizing things in you. It'll feel so good as you take it all inside you too...It'll drive you crazy unless you give in right now...just let go and sleep and listen to me...the virus makes you hypnotizable Jeri...but only for an hour listen...listen..."

I fight, I fight as hard as I can until it's just futile and everything is burning.

I let go and fall going deeper, going dark.

I wake up and things are foggy and was that a dream?

Oh...oh Cherry's sucking my dick like a champion...I'm sitting on a nice easy chair.

I loose my load hard and fast filling her mouth and then she comes up and kisses me feeding me my own heavy load.

Oh...oh...yum...what...oh...the taste! The taste is sending fireworks to my brain and I moan as I suck every drop out of her mouth.

She stands and pulls a thick cock from her panties.

Guides my head down to it.

What!? What the fuck am I doing?

But...that feeling, that taste.

What if it tastes as good?

I...I reach out taking it and wrap my lips around that head and the pre-cum hits my tongue and my brain goes off and pleasure hits me like a drug.

And I'm liking the texture, the feel of cock on my lips, on my tongue the taste of the skin, the whole thing gets better and better until I'm losing myself in greedily sucking Cherry's cock.

She moans and rides my face and gasps out an "Oh Jeri, oh princess!"

Then she fills my mouth and throat with her cum and it's so much better the eyes roll in the back of my head.

Cherry pulls out and I feel bereft I wanted more and she kisses me and I feel her pleasure shiver like I had when we cum swapped.

She tilts my head up and guides me off the chair. "Go baby, go have fun and party."

I pull my jeans up and walked out and was met by this really cute girl.

"I'm Quinn, come on we'll get a drink and then you can fuck me."

I'm still really confused by everything but Quinn's hot and worth fucking for sure and I nod and she takes me through the house to this lounge that's set up and there's guys and girls dancing and kissing and girls with girls dancing and kissing and in the corners there's girls sucking cock.

My mouth waters...that...that looks good.

And then I see girls sucking girls dicks.


And I see Mark Wilson sucking girl dick his eyes closed and this blissful expression on his face.

Quinn looks at me. "Drink Jeri?"

"Yeah...are all the girls here...? Are they?"

Quinn passes me a drink a whiskey by the look of it.

"We're all this way yes Jeri, all of us."


I down my drink.

I should leave.

I should but after Cherry...after...I want...I want to suck cock.

I offer my glass to the girl behind the bar... Is she? Does she? "Another please."

She pours from an expensive brand and I down that one too and look at Quinn.

She's five ten, tanned, brunette, hazel eyes with nice C cup breasts, really pretty, legs for days...I want to see her dick.

I can't see it because of her short skirt but I want it, I want to taste it.

"Let's go somewhere."

Quinn leads me to the second floor and to a bedroom that's really girly and sort of sexy and she starts kissing me and she then slides down to undo my pants and pull out my cock.

"Oh...that's a big black cock baby."

She sucks and gets me out of my clothes and then out of hers as we make our way to her bed.

Her body is awesome and she's got a big cock too, seven inches at least and I want to have it.

But she starts sucking me off until I cum again and she looks so blissed out at that and she swallows slowly.

And she keeps sucking until she starts to finger me after taking lube out from her night stand.

Wait, what...Oh...oh that feels just...and they're all...they all have...yes...yes I'm going to get fucked, I'm going to get fucked in the ass. feels so good, so right when Quinn sinks that cock into me and I'm moaning and gasping as she fucks me and finds this spot inside of me that feels fucking amazing...I mean before every sweet inch of her cock inside of me felt good, great even.

But that took me to cumming...without cumming.

And not long after Quinn filled my insides with her cum.

Right over the edge of anything I've ever felt.

Eyes rolling back and then laughing and crying as Quinn came up and kissed me.

After that it got...intimate, intense as we fucked and sucked and I was getting it...getting her, that we were the same inside or I was starting to be more and more.

Then it was getting drinks, going to other rooms, sucking girl cocks, swapping cum, fucking the girls who loved my big black cock...meeting and finding the other guys there too.

Sucking each other off too, swapping cum, having us sinking into each other until it all just became this blur.

I passed out waking in Quinn's room in her bed with Mike Turner and me spooning into him as he slept like the dead his hand on mine as it was draped over his waist.

I swear I...I felt so good, this felt so right and close that I was quietly weeping.

Quinn kissed my shoulder. "It's alright Jeri, it's the cum making all those chemicals in your brain, go ahead and just ride the emotions you're more free than ever trust me sweetie."

I...That wasn't a dream?

That's when it all hits me and I start to cry and Quinn holds me and then kisses me until I'm calmer holding my face. "It's okay, it's're going to be okay, look at me, look at me I'm fine, I'm better than're going to be like me, like the rest of us."

"But...but...I never asked for am I going to live?"

"Cherry has it under control, we're legally trans and she's got half the town tranced to help us."

"Tranced, like infected?"

"Yeah...but no sex stuff past their normal..."

"But this doesn't freak you out?"

"It did, seriously it did...But Cherry's not the first Jeri, we're changing, mankind is changing and we're part of that."


"Cherry says genes, genetics, science, something got out some time and in a planet of eight billion people this and other stuff had to start sometime right?"

"But people...the governments..."

"Would kill us or have so we're living, building in secret."

"But why me?"

"Luck, choice...Cherry tries to pick people that'll help in our lives rather than just random."

"She does?"

"Yeah she's smart and older that she looks."


"She's our mother, our queen if you want to think about it that way."

"I...I don't know."

I feel Mike move and look over at him looking at us.

"Do we all end up looking like you Quinn?"

She nods. "Sometimes better, the virus it feminizes us but it's a virus, it mutates fat distribution, bone structure like it's reading our femme alters selves and starts making us towards that."

He's blinking. "I don't need my glasses. My eyes are fixed."

Quinn nods. "Lots of stuff, better health, we heal faster, we don't lose any strength either."


She shakes her head no. "Nothing like that, we don't get sick like humans do."


She shrugs. "We're not normal, we don't have a name for us either yet but yeah we're something else. We're going to be something else..."

"And we were chosen." I ask.

Quinn nods. "Better than just random chance right? Better than just people freaking out and killing us?"

Mike asks. "Are we contagious?"

"Us, no...Cherry is the one that infects us through her breast milk or breast honey."

"Breast honey?"

"She says that she can make others like her but it's complicated."

Mike asks. "She was made?"

"Yeah, and apparently she took off right after. Either she just didn't care or was killed off but Cherry was left learning how to be all of this on her own."

I lean back into the bedding. "This is scary."

Quinn says. "It'll be okay Jeri I promise."

Mike asks. "What about the infected she's tranced are they going to change too?"

"Really, really slowly but yeah and they'll get some of the effects...better health and all that."

"But they're controlled?" I say.

Mike says. "Jeri they'll have to suck on those breasts of hers and that means like most of these guys are cheating."

He's stroking my cock and i look at him and he's staring at it. "I don't care Jeri, I love this, I feel good, I'm getting better and..." He started sucking my cock... "The sex...I really love the sex and it's only going to get better right?"

He starts sucking my cock again.

Quinn says. "There's stuff to adjust to but it's better, it gets better."

I moan as Mike's really good or has gotten good at sucking cock and Quinn moves and gets lube and starts fucking Mike and the way he looks, the sounds he's making has me not just turned on but I'm jealous too.

I'm craving sucking cock and being fucked and filled bt good dick.

It's not long before it's my turn with Mike inside of me making me feel so great and Quinn gushing down my throat.

Pleasure floods me, fills me.

And we spend the day doing's the weekend and we just...just fall into it.

Meeting the others...drinking...laughing...ordering take-out...having sex with the others...feeling just feeling so happy at times I'm crying and the other new ones too.

And getting held, getting closer to the other new ones and the girls here too.

By the time Monday rolls around I'm back in the frat and I know that I'm different that I'm changing, been changed and the world looks different now.

Oh classes are the same but the first things I'm noticing is that I lose my body hair...but my head hair is growing faster or seems like it.

My facial hair is a little less each time I shave too.

Mike and I and the others become our hook ups during the day, sometimes we go out on dates with the girls from the house...they pay too, they have more money than we do usually.

There's always sex...and always a lift, a high as the virus turns cum and the chemicals in it to more stuff that floods our brains and our bodies.

And roommate is getting more and more attractive to me.

Thursday night...he's jerking it off.

And I slip out of my bed and put my hand on his cock.

"Jesus Jerry what the fuck?"

"I think you're hot...this is want a hot mouth?"

"You're gay?"

"...Yeah, and is that cool?"

" one can know..."

"It'll be our secret, i'll be a good lay."


I started sucking his cock and loved every second of that...and drained the spunk from him and kept going until he was hard again.

"Fuck me, fuck me Jack please?"


Jack does though...I used to be a guy...most of us will fuck any willing hole on the downlow.

I keep us quiet, never tell anyone that I'm sucking his cock every morning and every night and after that he fucks me and that's not counting the dates or the hook up with the others.

That...that's speeding up things...I'm losing weight and my bones hurts like the worst growing pains too.

Quinn says it's changing my skeleton.

That's scary...and I'm slowly getting a little hip.

Bigger nipples, and they hurt.

Basketball is getting weird, not weird but I'm getting better...I'm lighter feeling but just as strong and just as fast.

But showering...seeing those guys.

All that cock.

I get hard when I shouldn't.

Well normally, for a straight guy.

And I can't stop looking either.

Billy Thompson asks me after practice. "Jerry dude, wow uhm are you gay or something dude you kept looking at my cock all shower."

"Yeah or something Billy."

"Oh...well...I was just kidding."

"You have a great dick though, gotta be eight inches right?"


"I'd love to suck your cock if you'd be game."


I turn on the bench and take his cock in hand and hit the bathroom stalls and sit on the toilet seat and start sucking his cock letting it grow and I get really, really into it.

Guys can be led by their cocks really easily.

Guys really don't turn away hot wet mouths.

And moan in pleasure as he feeds me his seed.

Billy becomes another lover, another hard cock quietly fucking me on the downlow another thick heavy cum filled cock making me become femmy even faster.

Christmas break was fucked up...I went through withdrawals almost just aching for sex and cum and my body, my body is still catching up with all of the sex, all of the virus shifting things around.

Mom...knew something was up and I...I couldn't tell her the truth so I came out as trans.

To the family.

Which blew up big time with some of the family mostly the outside family Aunt's, Uncles, those types the real churchy types actually and my brother...well he just stopped talking to me really but didn't really freak like the others.

Mom was okay after sort of talking to my sister who has trans friends.

Dad well he was concerned with my scholarship and I pointed out that becoming a girl isn't going to change my scholarship as I transitioned, it's illegal.

It really sucked though and it didn't as like I said Mom was okay with it and my sister Gwen was really supportive. I stayed close to home the entire break, I had enough going on that getting a beating from bigots or better racist bigots wouldn't have helped me at all.

But nighttimes...were lonely, and hurt, the aches my breasts, My hips, hands, feet even my face at times over the two weeks off...yeah I'm kinda calling her that.

All that sex came with endorphins that was killing pain.

I went through a lot of Advil and painkillers.

And by the time I got back to college I'd lost twenty five pounds from the last time I weighed myself but looked like I lost forty.

My face was...getting prettier, reshaping itself and especially my nose and lips I had full DSL cupid's bow lips and a pretty white girls nose...and my voice has gotten softer, more and more femmy.

And breasts...they were small but they've gotten past the breast bud stage.

And I'm slimmer looking.

And my ass is great.

Thanks to my sister I've a bunch of girls clothes now and I'm in a pair of cute jeans all tucked away and I'm glad to be back.

I'm getting stares and questions and I explain it all by saying I'm a trans girl.

Yeah some folks are assholes and other are good with it. It's college and 2026 people are more open about that stuff these days.

And of course there's some other trans girls that have come out after Christmas break too.

"Yeah we met at the start of the year, kinda a support group and things so we're doing this in solidarity."

I passed by Michael without recognizing her at first.



"Mike...well Maddison now."

" look stunning."

And she does too, blonde with blue eyes and just an angel's face and nice B cup breasts that she is showing off under a half sweater that has a V-neck showing cleavage and she's ripped...not like a bodybuilder but like one of those fitness models. Her hair's really taken off and gotten longer and she's in tight jeans like me.

"Thanks, I've been changing too...and pushing it."

"Pushing it?"

"Working out, I've got more energy like this so I've been pushing all the exercise that I could while I was off."

"Okay, I was sexless and kinda in pain most of my time off."

She nods. "Yeah, I had that and found myself some cock fast."

"Your parents freak out?"

She frowns. "I hope this works out because you girls are all I have."

I hug her and she shakes against me and cries.

Home didn't go remotely well for Maddy and her family who were way more conservative than she ever thought and that went to her taking off and staying here after literally hitchhiking all the way here.

In all that cold.

"It wasn't all bad though, Cherry took me in and we had Christmas there."

"But it still was a hell of a lot of suck."

We hug and hang out together meeting the other girls.

Mark Wilson is now Tara and she's getting to be pretty too but the same rate as me I guess but she's got great tits but my legs are better and so's my ass. But she's going to be a looker too.

Andy Dawson is doing the with an I think like me or just going by Dawson and she's cute...lost a bunch of mass compared to some of us.

"I like still weight the same but it's like my muscles shrank but they're still strong. It's weird being sort of smaller now."

Tara says. "I've been getting my guys to titty fuck me...the cum rubbed in makes my tits buzzed and they've been growing faster."

We're all interested in that to varying degrees.

Mardi Parker comes and joins us and she's a super hot raven haired girl and used to be a Steven. She's actually playing on the fact she's park east Indian and she's wearing the jewelry including the nose ring and all the earrings and a gold choker too.

Hot, and exotic looking...especially tucked into sheer faux leather pants.

We get a lot of stares before agreeing to all go to Cherry's to meet.

I head to my frat house and again more looks and stares as I'm getting checked out.

The head of the frat and a couple of guys with him and they stop me.

"Jerry what the hell's going on?"

I look at them. "I take it you heard things right?"

One of the guys says. "You are a tranny."

"No...a tranny Dave's a transvestite. I'm not dressing up I'm transitioning."

Eric the head of the frat says. "You're going to have to move out, I'm not meaning to be an asshole but it's a fraternity."

"I get it, can you give me some time?"

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