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How My Family Ended Up Here Ch. 01

by My_own_vices©

This is part one of a series of stories about how a family entered a world of depravity one small step at a time. It will be told from different character perspectives as the story unfolds. There are a couple fetishes that will be explored by the characters. Hope it's enjoyed.


Part 1:

I couldn't believe what I had just done. I scheduled an appointment with a dominatrix and was driving to the meet up location for the preliminary "interview." I assumed she wanted to check me out before revealing exactly where her "dungeon" was located. My stomach was in knots and I kept asking myself whether I could actually do this thing. Yes, I was nervous about meeting a stranger, stripping out of my clothes, and being dominated for an hour and half. However, that was also what I was excited about. What scared me the most was the idea of being caught. I imagined some random sting operation that I would be caught in the middle of. Or, this lady might have some guy waiting to jump me, rob me, and I'd be forced to explain to my wife what happened.

I arrived at the meet up - a busy bar in a commercial area. I sat and waited and examined every face that walked in the door. I had seen some pictures of the woman online, so I knew who I was looking for, but I also didn't know how well the real thing would match the images, so there was still some doubt every time a blond woman between the ages of 30-50 walked in the door. I arrived about five minutes early, but after waiting fifteen minutes, I was still alone. Here's where the day took a strange turn...

As I sat waiting I got a text on my phone from my younger sister. The text simply said, "Need help right now. Text or call PLEASE."

My sister was a dramatic one from time-to-time, but she really wasn't one to send an emergency text like that and not really need help. I felt trapped for a second. Was I really going to pretend I didn't see the text so that I could meet with some random stranger and spend an hour getting cross-dressed and scolded? It's weird to get a text like that when you are in an unimaginable circumstance. What was I going to do if the dominatrix walked up right when I was on the phone with my sister?

I texted back, "What do you need?"

It probably came off as a little cold for me to text back an abrupt question when my sister could have been in actual trouble. The truth was that I didn't really have the mental capacity to think of a better reply that would still keep me available when the dominatrix arrived.

"Need a ride as soon as possible. Stuck at house with mom and dad and they are driving me CRAZY!!!"

My sister still lived at home with my parents and was around for the summer until she planned to go to college in the fall. She didn't have a car of her own because she planned to live on campus during her freshman year and my parents said they were only willing to help pay for living expenses. Right now, I'm sure she was second guessing the plan.

"I thought this was an emergency. Use mom's car." I texted back.

"Mom will be leaving to pick up aunt Jen and I can't drive dad's." She didn't know how to drive a stick shift.

I looked at the time. The dominatrix was running about fifteen minutes late at this point. Oddly enough, the brief conversation with my sister was sort of calming me down and in some ways I think it was helping me think a little clearer about where I was and what I was doing. I thought about texting the dominatrix to see if she was coming, but I figured I'd wait a few more minutes in case that would be breaking some kind of "protocol."

"This is an emergency ;)" my sister texted.

"Where am I supposed to take you?"


If you can't tell from the messages, my sister was that kind of cute -- almost bratty -- teenager who kind of teased her way around life. There was a nine year gap between us, so we almost had a relationship closer to an uncle/niece. By the time she was a "big kid," I was already going off to college. That being said, we had a pretty good relationship since I've stayed local. All throughout high school, she would visit me -- both when I was a bachelor and after I got married. I looked out for her and she was pretty open about what she was going through any given week.

I let the text linger for a minute and considered my options. The reality of life was kind of coming face-to-face and was making the date with the dominatrix seem less appealing by the minute. Before, I kind of dreaded the moment when she'd walk in the door and things started to get real, now I sort of just liked the idea of walking away from the whole thing. Picking up my sister and hanging out for a little bit actually sounded like the best way to "come down" from this very strange afternoon.

"Forget this," I thought to myself. I didn't know if I was being stood-up or what, but I figured it was fair for me to text the dominatrix at this point. I didn't want to upset her in case she was about to walk in the door, so I sent a text that I thought sounded polite.

"I'm here and ready when you are. Let me know if you're close."

I sat there waiting and nothing came through. I told myself I'd wait three minutes and then send another text to let her know I was going to leave.

My phone vibrated and I assumed it was a text from the dominatrix. Nope, it was a picture text sent from my sister. She had taken a selfie picture of her rolling her eyes and my parents oblivious in the background of the picture. I responded by sending a picture of myself holding the almost-finished beer that I had been drinking and captioned the picture, "Life in adult world."

"WHAT!?! Drinking at a bar! Now you have no excuse not to come get me!"

She was right, and I decided I had waited long enough for the dominatrix. I sent a text note that I was going to leave and that I hoped everything was okay. Yes, I am a push over.

"Alright. I'm on my way." I texted my sister.

"Thanks, bro!"

Driving to my parent's house took about twenty minutes and I pulled over about a block away from the house. I texted my sister that we should say we were going to a movie and needed to race out the door. That way I wouldn't get stuck in a long conversation with my parents. She texted back for me just to wait in the car and she'd be right out. "Okay. I'm out front in 30 seconds." I texted.

When my sister came out I took notice of the fact that she was in one of her "trying to act like she didn't care what she looked like, but everything was intentionally sexy" outfit. She wore her dark yoga pants and a shirt that she tied in a knot just above her hips -- exposing just a thin line of skin around her waist. When I say I "took notice," I should probably explain that I knew my sister was an attractive girl. She was slim and had a great face. I never really felt weird about noticing it, because I don't think I had ever thought about her in a way that was very sexual. Yes, I stole glances when she would do something like uncross her legs in a skirt, or when she wore a bikini, but I never spent time fantasizing about her or dwelling on her. I'll admit, though, that she was only getting sexier as she grew up, and more recently I had "noticed" her quite a bit more.

She jumped in the car and closed the door. The moment she got in there was that rush of teenage girl perfume that filled the air and when she reached across the cab to give me a little hug I couldn't help but breathe it in.

"Check it out," She said as she lifted opened her purse in her lap and revealed she had a bottle of vodka tucked inside.

"Seriously," I said condescendingly, "You know I am not 18 and I don't get excited by stealing a bottle of vodka from my parents, right?"

"Shut-up," she laughed, "You may not care about the alcohol, but you love getting something for free."

She was right. I'm pretty cheap.

"My place?" I asked as I pulled out.

"Okay...don't take this the wrong way..." she paused for second, "I kind of just want to hang out with you. I mean, like just us and not with Shannon." Shannon is my wife.

I laughed a bit and said, "Okay, so..."

I think my wife and sister got along just fine, so I wasn't really bothered by the request. Sometimes siblings just want to hang-out with each other so they can be themselves.

"You're going to think this is crazy, but just think about it," as she spoke I was genuinely curious about where she was going with this. She had her "fun adventure" voice going. "What would you think about getting a hotel room and just hanging out?"

Funny enough, I knew exactly what she was getting at. She wasn't old enough to take to a bar - clearly she wanted to drink -- but she didn't want to have to deal with other people. What she didn't know was that I actually had about $400 in cash in my pocket (I had been taking money out of our bank account slowly so my wife wouldn't notice a huge withdrawal when I went to see the dominatrix), and it would probably be possible to get a place without needing to answer any questions about it.

Since I didn't respond right away my sister added the following qualifications, "We could hang out and I could tell mom and dad I am spending the night at Becca's house after the movie. If you wanted to, you could just head home after we hang out and I could stay at the hotel overnight. I could get someone to pick me up tomorrow morning."

I sighed and pretended I wasn't convinced of things. The truth was that I was already on board with the idea, but I just wanted to see what else she would say. I made little face to look like I was considering things.

"Come on. I leave for college in a couple weeks and we may not get a chance to do something fun together for a while."

"Are you paying for this little adventure?" I asked with a smile.

"Well...I only have the money that I've been saving for when I am at college, so..."

"So, you're actually asking me to buy you a hotel room for a night."

"Shut up! Don't make it sound like I'm just using you!" She argued back.

"I know, I know. I'm just having fun." I smiled again and paused for a second, "Let's do it."

"Yes!!!" My sister almost screamed and grabbed my face and kissed my cheek.

The whole thing was actually kind of cute and innocent except for the fact that my cock kind of twitched in my pants when she gave me the kiss. It happened so fast it was really more like a reflex than a sexual thought, but it did get my mind gong places for a second. It made me think about the dominatrix I was planning on seeing that afternoon. It made me look down at my sister's legs in her yoga pants.

We spent the drive telling jokes and I drove to a hotel that was near the airport. I went in to see if there was a room available and checked-in. I paused for a second when they asked for a credit card to put a hold on, but I figured there wasn't really any big issue if I told my wife I let my sister rent a room using my credit card. I wouldn't tell her I paid for the room, after all.

We got to the room and my sister laid across the bed and, of course, went straight for her phone. I took a glance at her ass as she lay on her stomach. Not a long glance, but it was hard to look away. I laid my keys and phone on the desk inside the room just to be more comfortable.

"Hey," I said, "If we are hanging out, let's hang out. I'm not here to watch you text your friends and check Instagram for the next two hours."

"Just checking the time, brother," She said sort of slyly, "And it looks like it's vodka-thirty."

She went to the desk and picked up two of the hotel glasses. She poured us each about a double-shot worth of vodka.

"Well, you're growing up quickly," I joked.

"I am eighteen now, right?"

She handed me the glass and we both took back the first drink straight away. In that moment, I felt very at home and very comfortable. I was looking forward to a fun time with my sister. I motioned that I was going to use the restroom and as I was closing the door behind me I heard my phone buzz. I figured it was my wife checking what time I'd be home or something else. I started to pee and felt my stomach drop. "The dominatrix!"

I finished up in the bathroom and opened the door to see my sister sitting on the chair and, just as I feared, she was hold my phone. "Who's this?" she asked.

She held up my phone and I saw the beginning of an unread message, "Sorry I missed you, baby. Sometimes Mistress gets delayed..."

I froze for a second and then tried to play it off like someone from work was sending a joke. "It's just a stupid joke from a friend."

My sister knew me well enough to know that I was bluffing. "Let me see it. I like stupid jokes."

"No. Let's just take another shot and hang out."

"Sure," she said as she could see I wasn't going to explain any further. She opened the bottle and began to pour more vodka into our glasses. "Aren't you going to open it and read it?"

I looked down at my phone and figured it would look less suspicious if I just read the message, chuckled, and then put it away. I swiped the message and entered my passcode. Right then my sister yanked the phone out of my hands and ran towards the bathroom. "Hey!"

I tried to grab her and I was desperate enough that when I got a hold of her arm I pulled her hard enough to throw her back towards the bed. I knew I was in a bad spot. She sort of fell onto the bed and turned towards me still holding the phone. I needed to get the phone back, but I knew that the harder I fought, the worse it would make things look. Even if I managed to get the phone back before she read anything, I would have some questions to answer.

"Look," I said trying to act calmly, "I need you to give me my phone and I can't talk about it. Will you just give it to me?"

Because the force I used to pull her was just past the "playful" level, she could tell there was a seriousness about my request. "Are you cheating on Shannon?" She asked, "Just tell me if you are."

"No, I'm not cheating on Shannon."

"Then what's so bad that you can't tell me about it?"

I was trapped. She knew it, and I knew it. "It's not that bad. It's just embarrassing."

"Oh." She said abruptly, "Then you have nothing to worry about."

She looked down at the phone and I felt resigned to let her look at it. The vodka had kicked in, and I think we were both a little less inhibited, but I didn't have a good play at that point but to surrender. She read the previous messages with a confused look on her face. Knowing that messages could actually paint a worse picture than the truth, I decided to spill it.

"Okay. Stop reading and I will tell you what's going on."

"Fine. But I am not going to close the phone until you've told me everything and I know you're telling the truth." She sat up in the bed resting her back against the headboard. "Oh, and something tells me we will need a lot more vodka for this. Bring it over."

Her attitude helped ease some of the tension and gave me a minute to think about how I was going to frame this whole thing. I brought her the glass of vodka and as I handed it to her, she held it up motioning for a toast. "To my big brother. He can tell me anything and I'll only make him squirm a little."

She was always good at riding the thin line between adulthood and adolescence, and at this moment she shined. Somehow, she was getting me to reveal something about myself that I didn't think I could tell anyone, and somehow she was determined to make it fun.

"Okay. Here goes." I paused a moment, "I was going to see a dominatrix today when you texted me. Instead of seeing her, I came to hang out with you."

"A dominatrix? Like you wanted to be chained up and whipped and all that stuff."

I was relieved that she at least knew that much about what a dominatrix might be like, but I seriously wanted to end this conversation as soon as possible. "Pretty much," I replied.

"That's weird."

She didn't say anything else for a second and she took another sip of her drink. In a way, I felt like a weight had been lifted that her response seemed so subdued. I don't know what I expected her reaction to be, but this was about as good as I could have imagined. I took another swig of the vodka and just nodded my head.

"Why do you want to do that?

"Honestly, I have no idea." This was the truth. The thought of it drove me crazy, but I have no idea why it was a kink of mine. I felt the need to explain a little further, "I'm not really into all the chains, whips, and leather and all that. It's more just about being controlled by a woman."

The second I said that I kind of felt stupid. Here I was telling my 18 year-old sister about my twisted sexual fantasy. In some ways, I felt completely natural talking to her about it, and in other ways I wanted to run out the door. "Sorry," I said, "This is awkward."

"No. It's okay. I'm not, like, totally weirded out or anything...Just surprised, is all."

At that moment, I wondered about my sister's own sexual experiences. She didn't have a steady boyfriend during high school, and, to be honest, I sort of assumed she was still a virgin. Kids can learn a lot about sex these days just from the internet, so I assumed she at least knew something.

"Listen, let's change the subject. But, first I need you to promise you will not tell anyone about this. Seriously, I don't think I'm ever going to do it after today."

She leaned forward and held out her empty glass, "Pour." She said this with a smile and I obliged.

"Hmm." She quickly murmured after I put the bottle down.


"You do like taking orders."

"Shut up," I said and kind of pushed her shoulder.

"What, do I need to be wearing a leather suit and holding a whip?" She continued smiling slyly.

I could tell that the vodka was definitely hitting her and she was feeling pretty good. I was enjoying the little game, but I knew it had to stop pretty quickly or she would really think I was weird. "No." I answered in a way that was meant to sound like a reply but also a redirection. I picked up the remote control to turn on the TV and I was acting as though I wanted to move on from the conversation.

"Does a dominatrix need to be older?" She asked gently removing the remote control from my hand.

"You're not going to let this go, are you?" I shook my head.

"Nope." She kind of patted the bed next to her, and with a bit of a laugh she said, "Sit down, brother. Let's talk."

The way she was sitting on the bed was causing her shirt to rise a little bit up her midriff and more of her skin was showing. When I sat down next to her I couldn't help but feel my cock respond as she leaned forward for a second to sit up and straighten her back. I looked down at her smooth back and looked to where her back met the top of her yoga pants.

"What does my brother want a dominatrix to do to him?" She was still smiling and using her cute bratty tone.

"There is no way I'm going to talk about this." I replied.

"Did you want facesitting?"

"What!?!" I was stunned by the question.

"Right, you wanted her to put her ass on your face and, like, smush herself all over you?" She kind of wriggled her bottom on the bed as she said it laughing.

I really wasn't sure what my sister knew about or if she was just repeating words to see what stuck, but I went pale and she noticed.

"You did. That's exactly what you wanted." In that moment it was like she had just found my weakness and knew I was defenseless. "Are you an ass-man, brother?"

She was still smiling, and she asked the question in a way that I couldn't really respond. It wasn't that she didn't give time to respond, but rather she asked in a tone that warned me more was coming.

She leaned further forward in the bed so that she could put her hands forward and she was on all fours. "How about my ass, brother? Do you like your sister's ass?"

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