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A Landscaper's Debt Ch. 04

by Rocket1010©

Sounds filtered through the fog... Mistress... Obedience... Submission... Obey... Loyalty. Slowly Brad's eyes flickered open, seeing images on the wall accompanied by a soft soothing voice... Relax... Desires... Accept... Be Aroused. His vision became more focused as the fog in his mind began to lift. On the wall was the image of a man on his knees, his hands behind his back, and woman holding a red and black flogger in her hand while a voice soothingly whispered, "Respect." Turning his head, other images on the far wall with similar soothing sexual overtones filled the room. Another image of a woman reclining on a sofa with a man between her spread thighs flickered on a wall while the soothing voice whispered, Devotion... Worship". His eyes shifted to the third wall where a man was kissing a woman's foot before his lips moved up the inside of her silky calf and the comforting words reaching his ears, Relax... Enjoy... Submit... Be Passive."

Brad shook his head, trying to make sense of what he was happening. He thought it might be a dream as he wiped his eyes, trying to become fully conscious. But when he opened them the erotic images changed but the soft voice continued to fill the room. The freedom of moving his arms struck him, realizing his wrists and arms were not bound to anything. Memories of the previous night came back in fragments and now he tried to get his bearings. Then like a thunderbolt, he remembered the auction, the throng of women, a ride in a limousine, someone helping him out of the vehicle and then up some stairs.

Looking at the king sized bed he lay upon, he noticed it was covered with satin sheets. Feeling the silky material on his skin, he threw back the top sheet, seeing his naked body. 'Where in the fuck am I?' he wondered and then felt something around his neck. Reaching up, the soft leather collar with stainless steel spikes greeted his fingertips, remembering it being placed on his neck the previous night.

His mind cleared quickly as he turned his head in each direction taking stock of the room. Video players were mounted at the intersection of the walls and ceilings about twelve feet above the floor. The images they cast on the opposite walls were erotic with a soft sensual voice saying phrases. On the far wall was a door that blended into the surface of the wall.

Getting out of bed, he turned to look at the wall behind him, seeing similar images being cast on that wall too. A man was lying on a bench, a familiar woman dressed in a black bustier, holding a riding crop, was watching four women hovering over him. Brad's eyes widened when he saw the man's face, suddenly realizing the man strapped to the bench was him. Marie Colton was snapping her wrist and his body jerked in response to each hit of the leather tip. A voice was whispering, "Reward... Be Aroused... Obedience is Pleasure... Pleasure is Obedience."

Feeling a sudden urge to run, his eyes darted to each wall, seeing images and words projected onto the surface. The image of Anna and Lisa hovering over his cock along with Sarah and Joanna hovering over his face caused his mouth to drop open and utter, "what the fuck." Memories and sensations flooded his body as he watched them teasing him, enjoying him bound to the wooden bench, getting him aroused until he couldn't hold back his sensual explosion. And then there was the image of Marie Colton, stroking his cock in her gloved hand, women crowded around him, until he shot a large quantity of seed onto his chest and abdomen.

Brad looked at the door and hurried to it wanting to get away from the erotic images. But when he grabbed the handle and pulled it downward, pushing and pulling the wooden door, it didn't budge. He realized he was a prisoner in this bare room that only had a bed, video projections on every wall and windows mounted high above his reach on the outside wall. They were large enough to give the room some natural light but were designed so no one could escape unless they had a stepladder.

Turning his attention to the erotic scenes which were constantly changing along with the messages on the video. He closed his eyes but the sound of the soft sultry voice still penetrated his brain... Discipline... Devotion... Breathe... On your knees... Worship my feet... Please me... Obey. The words were nearly the same, and were being repeated as if someone was trying to brainwash him.

Returning to the bed, he sat down looking at the projectors mounted high near the ceiling, realizing there was no way to shut off the constant barrage of pictures and words. Scanning each wall, he was forced to watch the erotic videos of women and men in various positions while words accompanied each scene. In one scene, a man was shackled to a table while a slave girl sucked his cock. Behind him was a woman dressed in a blue latex body suit using a blue flogger on her and him... Enjoy... Give in to the pleasure... Accept... Be Aroused..." On and on it went with still pictures or videos along with soft demanding words.

He began to wonder if Jacqueline or someone was going to show up or were they going to a keep him locked in this room? The pictures changed to a video of him on his knees by the pool crawling to Marie Colton and Jacqueline Bolivar. "They took videos of our sex," he hissed in a startled incredulous breath. The images of him kissing, licking, and sucking Marie's pussy while Jacqueline massaged Marie's breasts seemed larger than life as they filled the walls. And then the scene changed to him on the exam table with Dr. Brianna Stevens sitting behind him, her hands reaching around his torso, stroking his cock while they watched Joanna and Sarah kissing and pleasuring each other. "They took videos of everything?" he said wondering if he had been videoed other places like the shower when Marie surprised him.

He was still muttering under his breath when the door cracked open and he saw Jacqueline's face peering in at him. Her red hair was pulled back and a pony tail hung over one shoulder. "Ohhh good you're awake Brad." Her voice was soft and as if this was a normal occurrence along with an innocent smile. Her eyes darted from one wall to another and the smile on her face broadened. "I see we have been keeping you entertained."

"Yea... Real entertainment," he responded sarcastically. He saw the two men from the previous night step into the room, standing behind her, arms folded and guarding the door. They kept their eyes glued on Brad, ignoring the images projecting onto the walls. "What... Where am I? What are you going to do?" he stammered.

She watched him with a wary eye when he got up from the bed and approached her. One of the men had a remote control in his hand, placing a thumb on the button, ready to press it if needed. When he got to a few feet from her, she put up her hand. "That's close enough for now Brad." Surveying his nakedness when he stopped a few feet from her, she licked her lips. "Let me start by saying you are at my house and under my control. The collar you are wearing around your neck will give you a shock if you get out of line."

Brad's hand immediately reached up to feel the leather collar with steel spikes.

Jacqueline put up her hand and the man holding the control pressed the button sending a jolt of electricity to the collar. The three of them watched Brad's body stiffen from the sudden shot of electricity. "That was on low voltage Brad and it can be adjusted higher if you misbehave."

Anger seethed into his soul, his fingers curling into a fist. "What the fuck do you and Marie Colton think you're doing? Do you really think you can get away with this?"

Jacqueline held up her left arm and the burly man pressed the button again watching him drop to his knees. "That wasn't even on the highest setting," she leered putting her hands on her hips. "Like we said last night. You are free to go anytime and lose everything."

His face turned up to hers and anger rolled off his lips. "That's fucking blackmail."

"You can call it blackmail if you want but we prefer to call it freedom of choice. We're not holding you here and any time you want to leave, you are free to do so under the terms of the contract you signed. Which by the way is a perfectly legal document."

"Yea right. That contract was one-sided and you know it." Brad waited for an answer but Jacqueline just looked at him. He looked that the two men and then addressed Jacqueline. "I can leave any time?"

"Yes you can but I think you may want to think about what you're giving up and some of the benefits that come with servitude. I know you enjoyed our time together with Marie, Dr. Stevens, her assistants Joanna and Sarah, and of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention Anna and Lisa. So give it some thought. Anna will be here shortly to bring you to me or you can tell her you're leaving. The door will be unlocked and if you decide to leave before she arrives you may do so. I have taken the liberty of putting your clothes in a bag at the end of the drive near the main road. If you are here when Anna comes to get you, and you decide to stay, she will escort you to my training room. Remember it you are staying, you are accepting the terms of the contract."

As she turned to the two men, Brad yelled at her. "You don't leave me much of a fuckin' choice."

Jacqueline turned back to face Brad, a nonchalant look on her face. "Like I said you have a choice but I guarantee that once you make that choice you will have to commit to it one hundred percent. Ohhh and by the way, Anna will have the key for your collar should you decide to leave." She turned on her heels as if dismissing him, not waiting for an answer or a reply.

Brad watched the two burly men walk behind Jacqueline like two well-trained puppies. Turning toward the bed, he sat on the edge of the mattress, fingering the collar around his neck and thinking about what she had said. He wondered what her training room was like and how Anna fit into all this. "So Anna has the key and all I have to do is remove this fucking thing and I can get out of here," he said to the empty room. Feeling the metal band against his skin, he fingered the collar until he felt the hasp and lock. A resigned feeling came over him with the knowledge he was really in a no win situation.

Contemplating what Jacqueline told him, he looked at the images scrolling on the walls and listening to the soft alluring voices. Two women were fondling a man who was bound to a wooden bench similar to the way he was at the auction. They were smiling, kissing his chest and running their hands over his body, touching his cock but then leaving it dangling while their fingers went searching other places. An enthralling voice whispered... Give in... Don't resist... Accept... Obey... Obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience. They were the same words used over and over for different scenes but they all had one common theme... SUBMIT.

Time seemed to stand still as he took in the suggestive images, feeling somewhat lost and slightly intimidated. When a scene appeared of him at the auction, bound and being fondled, kissed, and fucked by the slave women, he couldn't help but feel some of the sensations they brought out in him. He thought they would be repulsive feelings but instead they were more sensual sensations that coursed through his body. Was this really a life style he could live? Being a landscaper and slave servant to Mrs. Colton? Mixed thoughts flew around his head as the scenes changed on the walls.

Taking stock of his predicament, he concluded he didn't have much choice if he were to remain in the landscaping business. Yes he could leave and find a menial job that didn't pay much. Or he could leave the area but where would he go to start a new business? He loved landscaping and for all he knew the women had tentacles that would reach out and find him wherever he settled. And what about paying Marie Colton for the issues he signed in the contract? Like back wages and training expenses and all the other things in the contract. She struck him as the type of person who would surely track him down to get her money back. He couldn't remember too much more but the big issue is giving up his landscaping business. He wasn't sure if the two women could destroy him business-wise but he had a gut feeling they played for keeps.

Brad was watching the video of a woman, her arms stretched above her head, wrist enclosed by a pair of leather cuffs connected to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Her long red hair cascaded over her shoulders and when she turned, facing the camera, he saw Sarah, Dr. Stevens' assistant, staring into lens with half-lidded sensual eyes. With each hit of the flogger's leather straps, her body jerked and swayed, soft moaning sounds coming from her lips. Brad couldn't determine if the moans were of pain or lust as he stared at the dark haired woman dressed in a red bustier with black nylons and red stiletto heels landing blow after blow on her assistant's supple body. When she turned to the camera with a mocking smile on her face, Brad recognized Dr. Brianna Stevens, holding the flogger, applying expert blows to Sarah's body. He noticed the words scrolling along the bottom of the video... pain is pleasure... Pleasure is pain... Give in to the pain and feel the pleasure... The words continued to scroll over and over as Sarah's body danced and swayed with each blow.

"What the fuck is going on," he muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed in a trance-like state watching the scenes change. He was surprised to feel his cock begin to thicken and instinctively his fingers grasped his flaccid shaft, slowly stroking it. He felt his cock growing more aroused as the images danced on the walls. "Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad," he murmured totally enthralled watching and reading the messages on the wall. He didn't know how long he sat on the bed watching various scenes unfold before his eyes as he felt his cock grow very stiff, his hand moving methodically up and down its entire length. Hearing a noise he turned his head, seeing the door open, his fingers releasing the veiny shaft when he suddenly realized what he was doing. Trying to cover his erection, he saw Anna's smile and knew she could see his excitement regardless of how much he tried to cover it up.

Anna had a huge grin on her face as she walked to the bed, seeing Brad's predicament. His eyes took in the lavender collar with chains radiating from it connecting to a lavender silk bra that barely concealed her large curvaceous breasts. A gold chain hung around her neck with a single key attached to it. His gaze moved south to the lavender g-sting covering her sex and her long shapely legs covered by lavender nylons held in placed by a lavender garter belt. The ensemble was completed with spiked stiletto lavender heels and it brought a chuckle from him. "I see you didn't have any trouble picking out a color today," he quipped smiling at the dark haired Anna.

"I like lavender," she said with a cutesy smile, walking toward him while glancing discreetly at the camera mounted near the projectors. 'If he only knew,' she thought when she stopped in front of him. "Hmmmm looks like you've been enjoying our little video and slideshow," she added with a wicked smile followed by a wink. Visions of his thick cock from last night filling her tight pussy, danced in her head and she felt the familiar tingling sensation in her pussy begin to grow. "Mistress sent me to fetch you unless you are planning to leave." With a slight sexy pout forming on her lips, she added, "I do hope you decide to stay."

"I'm... I'm not sure yet Anna. I feel as though I am being blackmailed into this. I thought I was signing a simple work agreement but I never thought it would turn out like this. Especially last night when I felt like a piece of meat."

Putting her hand on his shoulder, she glanced quickly at his erection while slowly rubbing his shoulder. "I know what you mean but if you were given the choice to do what we did to you last night. Would you have been willing?"

"No I guess not," he said trying to cover his semi-hard cock. "But now I feel I don't have a choice."

Moving to stand in front of him, she chuckled, "Ohhh you have a choice." Anna quickly dropped to her knees, pulling his hands away from his cock. Admiring the thick muscle, she whispered, "You have such a beautiful cock and I'm sure you can put it to good use..." Her voice trailed off as her fingers traced the outline of his member, watching it twitch. "Think of all the fun you can have," she added, wrapping her fingers around the growing muscle, squeezing it and slowly stroking it.

"What the fuck?... What are you doing?" He pushed her hands away from his cock. "Did that fucking bitch send you in here to tease me into staying?"

"No... No... It's not like that. Mistress sent me to fetch you. What I was doing was all on my own," she said meekly as she stood up.

Brad instantly felt sorry for his outburst and stood aware that this cock was at half-mast and pointing at her. Putting his hands on her shoulders, he looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry Anna. It's just that I'm so confused about everything and I don't know what to do. If I stay I give up my freedom and if I leave I lose my business and everything I worked so hard for."

Anna smiled, placing her hands on his hips. "I know the feeling. When I was eighteen, I left home for the bright lights of the big city. After a few months living with my best friend I met a man who I thought was going to be a friend and get me some modeling contracts. As it turned out, he was recruiting women for low budget porno movies. I did a few thinking that was the way all the models got their start. When I decided to back out, they blackmailed me, promising to tell my folks and the townsfolk about my porn movies. You see I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone."

Brad shook his head. "So what did you do? How did you get here?"

She let out a soft chuckle. "I got sick and went to see Dr. Stevens. She was recommended to me by one of the other girls in the porn industry." She looked away from Brad, memories flooding her brain. Suddenly remembering where she was, she turned to Brad. "I told her what I was going through and she introduced me to Mistress Jacqueline." She saw him look at her with interested eyes. "It is a decision I have never regretted. I enjoy my lifestyle and Mistress allows me to do some modeling for magazines. Mostly new clothes... That sort of thing."

"What did she tell them or do to get the people not to blackmail you?"

"I don't know and I don't care to know. Mistress has deep connections and I don't want to know. I signed a contract with her and when it was finished, I could have left but I came to fully enjoy being a servant to Mistress Jacqueline. Besides the fringe benefits are wonderful," she smiled glancing down at his flaccid cock and then placing her hand on his cock, slowly rubbing it. "Just a word of warning about Mistress' Jacqueline and Marie. They play hard and don't like it when they are crossed. But the pleasures... Mmmmm you'll see."

Brad thought about her story and looked at the key hanging at the edge of her deep cleavage. It was decision time and he was still arguing with himself. "What about the discipline the bitch talks about?"

Anna didn't acknowledge his use of the word bitch. If he stayed, he would learn soon enough what discipline was all about. Giving him a soft coy smile she told him in a sweet innocent voice, "Well... When we misbehave we have to be disciplined but the rewards afterwards are so sweet. The pain is tolerable. Mistress Jacqueline and Mistress Colton do not believe in beatings... Only enough pain to let you know you have crossed them in some manner. Then there is the pleasure that follows... Mmmmm... Yes the pleasure." Anna squeezed his cock, feeling it start to grow and then looked into his eyes, not saying a word but her mind was racing with erotic thoughts of bondage and pleasure.

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