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Layla Becomes a Fuck Doll

by chipmocha©

Content warning: This story contains graphic images that cover the topics of coercion and sexual assault. If these topics offend you, please leave the page.


"Layla, are you almost out? I need to shower too!" shouted Aubrey, Layla's dorm mate.

"Just one second!" she responded. Layla washed the rest of her body wash off her legs and stepped out of the shower. She towel dried her hair as she examined her body in the mirror. Layla had a small frame at about 4 feet 11 inches. She was half white and half asian, so her skin took a golden tone. She had long, brown hair all the way down her back and 34b cup breasts. It was orientation week and she was going to her first college party with her roommate.

Layla stepped out of the bathroom in her towel and Aubrey quickly rushed past her, towel in hand. "Sorry I took a while," she started, "I usually don't take this long I promise."

"No worries! I understand. Besides, we don't wanna show up too early do we?"

"No of course not." Layla felt a bit uncomfortable around Aubrey still. They had only known each other for two days and didn't know how to make small talk with her. "Hey, Aubrey." she called through the door.


"Are you gonna drink?"

"Yeah definitely. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, of course.." Truth was, Layla was nervous. She really hated the taste of booze of any sort. But she knew that she would really seem like a stick in the mud if she didn't have anything. "Maybe not too much though."

Layla dressed into a pair of white short shorts with a light green crop top. The two girls walked outside and began to read the directions off of Aubrey's phone.

"Okay..." Aubrey announced quietly "McKenna says we want to walk two blocks south, then take a right on Eastwood and it will be the first house on our right."

Layla and Aubrey found themselves outside of a mid sized house in the middle of suburbia. The two girls walked right in and recognized a few people from their dorms and their orientation groups. "I think McKenna is over there!" Layla shouted over the loud music.

The two girls walked over and met up with McKenna, a sophomore, who introduced them to her friends. However, Layla could barely hear her and was too nervous to ask their names again. She did notice that one of the guys kept staring at her.

"I think he likes you." Aubrey whispered to Layla as they attempted to stomach tequila shots at everyone else's pace.

"Could he maybe show me by not being a creep?"

"Layla give him a chance! He is an older boy. How often does that happen? You can be the cute 18 year old girl with the 21 year old boyfriend who buys her booze."

"Lets just see what happens."

Layla was beginning to get considerably drunk when she was invited outside. The small group sit around a fire pit as McKenna explained some complex drinking game. Layla leaned over to Aubrey and said "I don't really get this game."

"Just drink when I tell you to drink and answer truth or dare when you are asked."

"Okay whatever works then."

About ten minutes and a few shots passed by when the tall guy who had been staring at her all night asked if she preferred truth or dare.

"Truth I guess."

"Is it true that you sleep naked."

"Uh, uhm, I used to when I had my own room."

"Oh Layla I don't mind." Aubrey joked. The group laughed, but the tall guy gave Layla an awkward look.

Another ten minutes passed when he asked her again.

"Truth please."

"Is it true that you and Max stole your mom's debit card once?"

"What?" she responded in a surprised manner.

"He said that he bought some video games with it once but i'm pretty sure he just stole mine and-"

"How do you know my brother?" she interrupted.

"Layla, you really don't remember me?" All of his friends laughed. "Shut up!"

"No sorry."

"It's me, Dennis. Used to hang out with your bro..."

Layla's eyes widened. "Oh my goodness, Dennis! I didn't recognize you! It's been like three years and you have a beard now and- I'm sorry to be honest I didn't even know you went to this school! What are you doing here."

"Well." he added, clearly agitated. "I live here."

"Oh this is your house!"


Things got awkward and McKenna kept the game going. When the game came back to her again, she picked truth. Dennis asked "Is it true your dad would kill you if he saw this?" He showed her a video on his phone of her taking shot after shot just a while earlier.

"Yes he would! Delete that right now!" She tried to reach for it and he stuck his arm away.

"Actually..." McKenna interrupted, "Rules say you can't pick truth three times in a row. You have to pick dare."

"Okay," Dennis asserted. "I dare you to get down and suck my cock." All of Dennis' room mates cheered and hollered as Layla and Aubrey stared in shock.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Fuck yeah I'm serious. Here you are at my house, drinking all my booze and you don't even remember my fucking face?"

"Dennis I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"I don't care. I gave you a dare. Or do you want your mom and dad to find out you lost our little drinking game?" He asked as he flashed his phone.

"Dennis, no, I-"


Layla nervously looked left and right before kneeling in front of him. She began to unbuckle his pants and some of the guys "ooo"'d at her. She then pulled down his pants and took his cock out. The guys all cheered again.

"Fucking christ..." she whispered under her breath.

"I know, it's big."

"No fucking kidding." she said as she measured it against her forearm. "This thing has gotta be like 8 fucking inches. I don't think I can take the whole thing down my mouth."

"Just start already." someone called.

Layla grasped his cock and began to lick the tip of it. She wrapped her soft lips around his throbbing hard head and began to pump down, jerking him at the base of his cock. She would get about halfway down before she would gag. "Come on Layla quit fucking around" Dennis demanded. "I know you have done this before."

"Layla, have you done this before?' Aubrey asked."

Layla pulled off his cock for a second. "Only a few times to a few guys in high school. But never this big."

Dennis grabbed a fist full of her hair and forced her down. She began to gag and cough furiously. She then began to bob her head up and down quickly, hoping it would make him happy enough to stop. This passed for two minutes before he said "Fuck this if you can't take it all the way I'm gonna have to use something else."

"What do you mean?" she asked nervously."

He picked her up and shoved her a bit against a low brick wall and she bent over it. From behind, he began to pull her shorts down. "Wait, no no no no no, Dennis stop! No!"

"Be quiet!"

"Dennis no! I'm still a virgin don't you dare fucking-"

"Don't I dare tell your fucking parents? Jesus it's your first week and you are already drunk get it together." With a forceful tug he pulled both her shorts and panties down, revealing a fresh, pink pussy. He pushed down on her back with his hand as she struggled and began to slide his huge cock into her.

"Please, no, it hurts!" She called, but he ignored her. "Please, I will suck your cock. I'll deepthroat too. I promise."

"But your fucking pussy is so tight." he added.


"The little slut wants a cock in her mouth!" called one of the guys from behind. He walked over to the other side of the short brick wall she was leaning against and pulled his cock out.

"Wait! No! This is what I meant!"

He slapped her face and eased his cock into her mouth. Tears began to stream down her face as she gagged on his cock. Dennis smacked her ass until it began to sting and turn red. The other guy only lasted a matter of minutes before unloading her mouth. He pulled out and she immediately opened her mouth and let all the cum fall out. "You were supposed to swallow!" He shouted.

"She didn't swallow?" asked another guy.

"No she just spit it all out."

The next guy walked up and slipped his cock in her mouth, her third cock of the night. At this point, Layla gave in and allowed Dennis to pound her and allow each guy to use her mouth one by one. She knew that it was helpless to resist and she was going to be a fuck doll for them all until this was over.

Dennis brought her over to the couch inside, kneeled, propped her legs on his shoulders, and rammed her pussy while the guys fought over who gets to fuck her mouth. Layla stroked each of their cocks hoping they would cum faster. Crowds began to circle around and take pictures.

After about three guys (she had lost track) came in her mouth, Dennis began to shout "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" He rammed her pussy deep into his balls emptied into her velvet pussy. He filled her to the brim with hot cum and finally lifted his body off of her. Layla lay there for a while and felt all the cum inside her swish around her body. Finally she stood and put on her clothes as everyone watched before waddling out of the house.

Drunk and filled with cum in both her stomach and pussy, Layla dragged her bare feet across the cold sidewalk down the dark street. Her vision shook violently as all the tequila finally began to set in. She collapsed to the ground. Conscious, but unable to speak or get up, she lied on the floor with cum dripping from her shorts.


"Here, get up."

"What?' she muttered."

A strange figure tried to get her up on her feet and failed. Finally he simply picked her up on and began to walk towards a car. He put her in the back seat.

"Who are you?" she slurred.

"Don't worry, it's Martin. I'm in your orientation group. I'll take you to my dorm and get you taken care of.

He started the car and began to drive.

Written by: chipmocha

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