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Wedding Daze

by Ignoble©

Exhausted, dirty and dripping with sweat, Jeffery Edwards came shambling back into the house that morning.

Summer had descended and temperatures were on the rise outside, meaning the sensible people were sticking to the comforts of air conditioning. Jeff would have loved it if he could do that too, but he had been assigned the chore of keeping the lawn mowed and so he had no choice. It was work best done early to avoid as much of the heat as possible, but it still left him overheated by the time he finished his work.

Sitting at the kitchen table where she had been dealing with the bills, Donna looked up at her disheveled son with some sympathy.

"All finished?"

Breathing hard, he could only answer with a weary nod, wiping his brow.

"Thank you, honey. You can go and get cleaned up in a moment. For the time being, why don't you go and sit down for a little while, okay? It'll give you a chance to cool down and catch your breath. I'll bring you a glass of ice water in just a moment when I get done paying the bills."

"Thanks," he murmured gratefully, turning to make his way into the living room in search of somewhere to sit where he wouldn't get anything dirty.

When she came into the room a couple of moments later to deliver that cold glass of water, her son looked up and saw something that would change how he looked at his mother for the rest of his life.

Mrs. Edwards just happened to be wearing a simple sun dress that morning and she'd had the misfortune of walking in front of a window. The bright sunlight streaming in lit her up brilliantly and, without her even realizing it, turned her dress almost transparent, revealing that the only thing she was wearing underneath that dress was her birthday suit.

Jeff was absolutely dumbstruck and the young man just stared at his mother for the longest time, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. The woman might as well have been nude as he could clearly see a set of breasts that it seemed to him where the perfect size and shape for her somewhat chubby figure. He could even see the large, dark, oblong nipples that peaked each of those tits. Down below, he could also see the triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair at her crotch.

He had never thought of his mother as a woman before, never given so much as a moment's consideration to what might lie beneath her clothes. Normal people just don't think of their parents in that way, after all. It was a stunning blow to Jeff's psyche then to suddenly be able to see so much of his own mother and to realize that she was just as beautiful on the outside as he had always known she was on the inside.

With an effort of will, he managed to drag his eyes away from her breasts to look at her face as if for the first time. A few wrinkles had snuck there way in, but they only seemed to enhance her attractiveness, not detract from it. She had a shoulder-length mane of auburn hair, he noticed, that had yet to show any hint of gray. Her eyes were a sparkling green, clear and warm and ever so easy to get lost in. Her lips were full and moist, curved into that incredible smile that seemed to be a permanent fixture on her face.

God, was she gorgeous!

He was helpless to keep his eyes from dipping then - the need to see more of that wonderful body overwhelming. He loved it because it was not a bit like the plastic, surgically sculpted, silicon enhanced bodies that were so popular in Hollywood and the porn industry these days.

It was . . . real.

Donna was a little surprised to see the expression that had suddenly appeared on the eighteen year old's face and couldn't imagine where it had come from. She looked down at herself curiously but clearly could not see what had so captured her only child's attention.


The question went unheard, the distracted teen helpless to do anything but stare.

Getting no answer from her boy, Donna just shook her head and muttered something good-naturedly about exasperating teenagers before turning away to return to her housework. As she did, she never would have guessed that her swaying bottom was flirting with her son.

It was a defining moment for Jeff and he would never again be able to think of his mother as anything but a beautiful, sexy woman.

Suddenly, he was very attentive to her and could not help but flatter her endlessly. Over the coming days, he was always quick to volunteer when she needed help with something, always made sure that he had plenty of time to listen to whatever she had to say, and kept leaping at any excuse to buy her flowers and gifts. It was pretty shameless flirting really, but he never went so far with it that it would became blatantly obvious that he was hitting on his own mother. No, if asked, he would produce a perfectly innocent explanation for everything he said or did.

In his youthful inexperience and naivete, Jeff was convinced that he was being very subtle about what he was doing, but how could any woman possibly not notice when she was suddenly being lavished with this much attention.

Donna was a middle-aged woman who was married to a man named Adam whom she loved dearly, but who didn't seem as interested in her as he once had been. While there had certainly been other men along the way who had promised that she would be the center of their world, she found the very idea of having an affair not just risky but repugnant. She was determined to remain true to her spouse and to continue her gentle efforts to get him to pay her some more attention.

There was so little going on in the Edwards' bedroom by this time in fact, that she had taken to sometimes going without her underwear every once in a great while just to remind herself of what it felt like to be sensual and daring. She enjoyed giving herself this occasional thrill, but considered it a very private matter and did her best to make sure that no one, not even her own husband, knew that she did it.

When Jeff suddenly became very focused on her, she never did make the connection with her lack of underthings that summer day. Indeed, she would have died of embarrassment had she known that she had been caught red-handed by her son.

Given the prolonged romantic drought she had been living in, it should come as no surprise that she got a unique pleasure in how much attention she was now being paid. It was something she could revel in without a shred of guilt, too. Had this been any other man, there would have been the worry that he was trying to undermine her marriage, to lure her into an affair, but it was okay when it was her own son.

Donna clung to his kindness and flattery like a drowning woman clinging to a line she had been thrown. She would do nothing at all to discourage him.

Things continued in this fashion for a couple of months, ever so slowly building in intensity. Soon, they were sharing intimate little touches and brief, chaste kisses. They never did anything which actually violated the incest taboo, preserving the fantasy that they were doing nothing wrong, but they were certainly seriously testing it's limits.

Even so, neither of them could have ever imagined that things were about to come to a head at long last.

The spark was to be an invitation to the wedding of Adam's little brother, Frank.

Not only was the whole family invited to the wedding, but Frank wanted his brother to be the best man! The ceremony would be held in Frank and Adam's hometown which was a two hour drive away, but obviously there was no question about whether or not they would be going.

Since he would be serving in the wedding itself, Adam was asked to come a couple of days early so that he could help with the preparations, attend the rehearsal, go to the bachelor party and that sort of thing. Since that long a drive would be unpleasant to say the least, Adam and Donna decided to go even earlier than that, however. An extra day would give them a chance to find themselves a nice hotel to stay at and to relax for awhile before they had to get to work at preparing for the wedding.

The drive proved to be grueling, in fact, and all three of them were very glad when they pulled into the parking lot of their hotel. Financial considerations dictated that the three of them would be sharing a single room, but it had two beds and so that was all right.

The room was comfortable and the Edwards family spent a little time in unpacking, but they would not be remaining in it for long.

As soon as they'd seen the hotel's large and inviting pool, the family quickly came to the unanimous conclusion that a quick dip would be the perfect way to conclude a day like this. It had been ages since any of them had gone swimming really, but they had each thought to buy a new swimsuit on the assumption that whatever place they stayed at would have a pool.

Given the way she and her son had been behaving towards each other lately, Donna had consciously sought out a swimsuit that would not only catch his eye but make a statement. She had been taking a lot better care of herself over these last two years and it pleased her to show off the results.

Out of a sense of propriety, not to mention modesty, she had eschewed two-piece swimsuits. She had found any number of tiny bikinis that would certainly have knocked her boy's socks off, but there was no way she could ever have dared to wear them in public. Instead, she found herself a one-piece that she believed would still impress Jeff.

Interestingly, what her husband Adam might have thought of it was never once considered.

The impact it had on her son was far more powerful than she ever could have hoped for. A rich blue with a flower motif, the swimsuit had a low cut neckline and some hidden support to show off her cleavage, put all of her long legs on display, and had a back cut so low it came dangerously close to revealing the top of her ass. This was a suit that was certain to catch the eye of anyone with even the vaguest interest in the female anatomy.

It was the most revealing outfit that Jeff had ever seen his mother wear and it left the teenager almost as shell-shocked as he'd been that day she wore a see-through sun dress.

It would have been an understatement to say that Donna was pleased and excited by how strongly her only child was reacting. With him so distracted with scoping her out, she leapt at the opportunity to ogle him right back.

She could see almost all of him as he was dressed in a pair of red swim trunks that didn't cover anything more than a pair of boxer shorts would and she was definitely impressed. He had the kind of firm, lean body that only an athletic lifestyle could have crafted, tousled brown hair, and flashing blue eyes. When Donna's eyes lighted on the front of her boy's swimsuit, she was convinced that she could see a bulge of pretty respectable proportions.

Jeff managed to drag his eyes up from her body in time to catch her checking out his. It was a startling moment for him to realize just what his mother was staring at, too.

Eventually, she forced herself to look up again and the two of them - man and woman - suddenly found themselves gazing deep into each other's eyes. The moment passed in silence, but a tremendous amount of information was passed between them nonetheless. Mother and son offered each other shaky and uncertain, but hopeful smiles.

There was a lot going on between these two in that instant, but true to form Adam didn't notice a bit of it.

When the Edwards family arrived at the side of the pool, Adam's attention was drawn immediately to a pair of teenagers who were stretched out on lounge chairs in barely there bikinis, working on their tans. Slowly but surely, trying his very hardest to make it look like he wasn't really checking out some girls who were each young enough to be his daughter, he angled over in their direction for a better look.

Donna and Jeff hardly noticed as he wandered away from them, however. As far as these two were concerned, the entire world had shrunk to just the two of them.

As they settled into the cool, clean water, the couple made a point of sticking very close to each other, wandering about the pool in slow meandering circles. They kept themselves at a respectable distance at first as they shared a quiet, intimate conversation and tried to sneak lingering peeks, but drew closer and closer over time as they orbited each other.

Weaving their way through all of the other people in that pool, just aimlessly wandering about with no clear destination in mind, the couple eventually ended up against the side of the pool in the deep end. With her back up against the side, the water level just beneath her breasts, Donna found herself all but pinned there as her son leaned in to her, their conversation by now so quiet that no one could have overheard it.

Jeff leaned in even closer anyway, raising a hand to stroke his mother's hair. It was an intimate gesture and one he had used with this woman many, many times before, but this time something new happened.

Sporting a serious erection by now thanks entirely to his mother, when he closed the distance between them this time his manhood was pressed into her hip. The way he moved against her made it clear to her that he was big - much bigger than his father, in fact - and from Donna's lips escaped what sounded like a surprised but not displeased, "Oh!"

Instinct told him to back off - this was his mom, after all. When he started to take a step away from her though, she was quick to stop him. Her hand came to rest on his hip and, if anything, she seemed to draw him ever more firmly against her.

They were surrounded by people laughing and yelling to each other as they played in the water, but Jeff and Donna were completely off in their own little world where it was just the two of them and a heavy silence reigned. Neither of them seemed to be able to find their voice and so no more words were spoken. Their eyes met again though, searching and questioning.

He leaned his face in close to hers, his breath hot on her cheek as his lips approached to within inches of her's. Her full lips parted in invitation, asking for the kiss he seemed to be offering. He hesitated though, eager but unsure, and settled for a gentle nuzzle of her cheek.

She whined in disappointment, but thought she had a way to encourage him.

The hand on his hip moved, boldly cupping that big bulge in the front of his swimsuit. His mouth happened to be near her ear and the shuddering groan he let out when she took possession of him sent a shiver through her. Thus encouraged, she rubbed and caressed him slowly but firmly through his trunks, marveling that he still seemed to be growing.

She got a kiss then, but only an impulsive and all too brief one close to her ear.

He let one of his big hands come to rest on her arm, trailing up it gradually as he savored the soft and silky smooth texture of her skin. Reaching her shoulder, he hooked a finger in one of her swimsuit's shoulder straps and pulled it down. He kept pulling it farther and farther down and soon one of her breasts was threatening to spill out into the open water. As she felt the material slowly drag across her sensitive flesh, catching on her very erect nipple, she slumped back heavily against the side of the pool as her legs threatened to give way beneath her.

She moaned hoarsely, bringing her face up to his to let him know just how much she was enjoying all of this.


The moment was ruined by the happy shriek of a ten year old boy who came running up the pavement very close to them and launched himself into the water, sending water sloshing over the mother and son.

For Donna, gazing about herself in awe as if realizing for the first time that they were not all alone here, it was like waking up from what could only be described as a very wet dream.

Pulling away from her son self-consciously, Donna ducked down low in the water to hide her almost exposed breast as she hastily put her swimsuit back into order. Well aware of what had so nearly happened between her and her only child, she marveled at herself over how she'd danced so close to that proverbial line without a second thought.

She looked around worriedly, assuming everyone there knew that she had almost fucked her own son right there in front of them despite the fact that nobody seemed to be paying much attention to her. Her eyes then lit on her husband and she saw that he was engaged in a conversation with a couple of teenaged girls and not paying the least bit of attention to the pool, but Donna was not fooled.

They all knew that she was some kind of sick pervert who wanted to commit the unpardonable crime of incest.

How could they not know?

She thought it might be a good idea to get away from Jeff for a while to let emotions cool and sanity return, but when she turned back to face him she could see for herself that he did not agree. He was still lost in the depths of lust and, with a gleam in his eyes and the smile of a predator, he was stalking towards her slowly but steadily.

She backed away anxiously, bumping into person after person as she staged a blind retreat, her eyes fixed on Jeff.

It was tempting to stop, to let him catch up to her. When was the last time her husband looked at her with the kind of hungry, feral look she was receiving now? It would be so easy to simply give in and accept what they both wanted so very much.

Unfortunately that just couldn't happen. Not ever. She was a married woman, but more importantly she was this young man's mother. The two of them as lovers would be completely and utterly wrong on every conceivable level.

If only he wasn't so devastatingly handsome - not to mention hung like a horse . . .

Letting out a throaty moan as her churning cunt demanded some attention be paid to it, Donna knew she had to get out of here before something happened that they would both regret for the rest of their lives.

Hurrying her pace, she made her way quickly to the nearest ladder to climb up and out of the pool. She glanced back over her shoulder and was alarmed to see Jeff was following and still had that same expression on his face. Normally, she probably would have judged it safer to stay out here among all of these people, but the way things were going she wouldn't have put it past her son to grab her and give all of these people a little show.

She seriously doubted that her husband would enjoy it very much - if he even noticed.

Taking a moment to glance in Adam's direction, she saw that her husband was by now deeply engrossed in conversation with those two teenagers. Had she not been so distracted by her own situation, she might have been mildly bothered by how much attention he was paying to them, but all she could think about right now was the youth pursuing her.

Looking back to her boy, she saw that he had reached the ladder and even now was climbing up out of the water. She stepped back, away from the edge of the pool, and watched with wide eyes as her only child faced her with his fearsome manhood tenting the front of his trunks.

For just an instant, Donna hesitated. There was a sizable part of her that wanted to throw herself to her knees in front of him here and now, haul out his erect cock, and suck him off. Her stomach even growled hungrily in anticipation of a hearty meal of his cum. She couldn't imagine why every female in and around this pool wasn't lining up for a chance to do the same as soon once was done, too.

Oh, she was in so much trouble!

Without giving any thought to exactly where she might be going, Donna turned and fled for the hotel, leaving behind her towel and a trail of wet footprints. Like a homing pigeon though, her feet were carrying her straight back to the family's hotel room.

Like those horror movie zombies that always slowly plod along after the madly sprinting hero and yet still somehow manage to run them down, Jeff followed at a steady, unrushed pace, stalking his quarry with his hard on leading the way. In a very real way, he was being pulled along by his erection and homing in like a guided missile on his own mother's hot, wet twat.

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